Big Brother Recap September 6, 2006

The KISS that sealed Janelle’s fate!

The three houseguests slept in today until about 1:30, then finally BB woke them up. Janelle was the first up. Janelle and Erika do their morning routine, while Boogie lays back and observes. Both girls greeted him with Good Morning etc, Boogie just chose to sit and watch rather then participates in any conversations. Janelle is still looking for her gloves. She really needs them for the next competition. While Boogie was in the DR Janelle told Erika that she is nervous about the next competition, that last years second part of the HOH was really hard.

When Erika goes into the Dr Boogie talks with Janelle. Janelle tells him that she will take him to F2 because Erika is too well liked people in the jury house (not). Boogie said that it was just wrong for Erika to be in the finals when Chilltown did all the work in the game! Boogie also told her not to let Erika get in her head anymore Janelle responded that she made the decision to evict Will not Erika.

When Erika returns from the Dr she asked Boogie Erika “Are you still shocked or are you over it?”
Boogie replied “I'm still shocked. We've been in here so long, it's just harder to process. You know what I mean. I just don't picture the game without him. This is the first time there's been a game going on and he's not in it. That was a ***** run. But, it makes for a great show. I'm sure the f'ing viewers are pleased with what they're watching. “

They were so busy playing cards and doing nothing (lots of silence in the house now), that they all had to take naps. By 3:30 all were napping.

Once they woke up Erika gave a shout out to Jokerette! We got flames for it so Jokerette must be really famous and well known in LA! Janelle also gave a shout out to Taylor form JU!

They briefly talk about the jury’s face when they see Will walking through the door! They hope they catch it all. Erika thinks Howie will freak out. Janelle wonders if Will was really her friend, she said he used to play cards with her for hours, talk to her and Howie etc. Erika said they were very good and that the whole thing is interesting. Janelle also replied that they were very good.

Erika and Janelle discuss CT. They said there were a lot of signs they never saw. They figured out that they fueled their hatred for each other and that they wanted them to eliminate each other. Janelle asked Erika if she thought Danielle was part of chill town too? Erika said yes, that she tested her when she was HOH. They also figure out that James was part of chill town too. Janelle then said that they have to win this HOH because they have a lot of members of the jury’s votes. They figure out operation double date! They call it the couple alliance. They figure out that CT never thought they would get together and compare notes. They rehash everyone and figure out that almost everyone felt safe because they were part of CT, but now only they remain.
The girls feel played and stupid. They discuss burning chill town shirts once Boogie leaves.

Later while waiting for the second part of the HOH competition to begin Boogie whispers to Erika that he was going to take her to the end with him because Janelle had too many friends. Erika encourages him to beat her. Pumps him up and said “I know you can beat her”.

Erika then tells Janelle that Boogie told her that he was NOT going to take her to the finals. She told Janelle to do her best.

They talk about Will and how he is in sequester. Janelle comments that she misses him. She said she would have taken him to the final two if she never figured this whole thing out. Boogie said he was surprised Will didn’t try to mend fences with Erin on live TV. He believes he really had feelings towards Janelle. That he didn’t know what to do.

Boogie had his hair all done up in little ponytails for the competition (it really looked quite bad like a little girl got into her Mom’s hair stuff and didn’t know what to do with it).

We had flames from 9:44 to 12:18! Wow what a long competition. Once the feeds return we hear MIKE won part two of the competition and he won a car!. Janelle commented to Erika that the producers must really wanted him to win it because he was a full two minutes faster then her. The competition had to do with arm strength. Janelle said it was geared for guys that she did not have the upper body strength.

Boogie told Erika (while Janelle was in DR) that he was taking her to the final 2. HE said Janelle had too many friends in the jury house. Erika said she was taking him too. She then asked Boogie to throw it to her so she could evict Janelle. Boogie said no way.

Erika then got called into the DR. Janelle asks Boogie what he is going to do. Boogie told Janelle that he has to think about it. He said he thinks he could win against Erika.

After dinner they got some wine and just sat back and relaxed. Erika and Boogie asked questions about last competition. Erika felt confident that she could win it.

Erika talks with mike in the red room. She calls him out on how he played her. He denies it and said that he swears on his mother and grandmother that he will take her to F2. He said he protected her. He also said that wants to take her. Erika said that she wants to go to end with him. That she always wanted to. She still rats out Janelle. Boogie tells her to do what is best for her who she can win against. He lays it on thick. Boogie tells her Janelle not a trustworthy person not worth sitting with at end. Janelle does interrupt them and asks Erika for help dying her hair, Erika replied in a minute. Boogie tells her that she is the “bad ass” of reality TV. That he is and always will be her friend. That he never said mean things about her or laughed at her (ya check his DRs Erika). Erika said she still wants to have her baby???? Then they KISS. Boogie then said it is a dream comes true!
Boogie claimed all the lying he did he did for both of them, to advance both of them in the game. Boogie said he will call Janelle out on things tomorrow.

Later Erica talked with Janelle and told her that her and Boogie really didn’t talk about anything (lier). Janelle helped her study for the next HOH.

All were in bed by 5:45

Will Erika go back on her word to Janelle? Will flirtation really carry Boogie? Will Boogie actually win this???? Who knows! Looking like maybe the show might end with more lies! Tonight will tell!