Big Brother Recap September 7, 2006

The last victim thrown under the bus- Janelle! Everything is lovey dovey now in the house!

Boogie and Erika were the first two up this morning at around 10 am. They have a discussion; Boogie admits to Erika that he said some bad things about her. Erika asked him why he didn’t trust her, why didn’t he tell her that Will was telling her the same things that he told her. He said he didn’t want to see her freak out. He said he was upset, that he is over it and he is taking the best person to the final two, Erika asked him why he called her a snake. He back peddled and said he only said things when he was mad. Janelle enters the BR and they stop talking.

Janelle grabs her blankets and pillow and heads out back to go back to sleep during their lock down. They head outside and notice a prota potty so they know it will be a long lockdown.

Erika whispered to Boogie that she was going to throw the final part of the HOH so he could evict Janelle. She again asked him to promise to take her to F2.

Giving many opportunities throughout the day Erika never tells Janelle that she is going to throw it. She pretends like they are still good friends.

Once let backing they all start packing. Erika any chance she gets whispers with Boogie and makes all kinds of promises etc. Meanwhile, she tries very hard to avoid Janelle. Janelle does tell Erika that she can’t let “Him” win because of all the stuff he has done to them. Erika said done to “You” Janelle asks her if she knows what Boogie would do if he won the HOH tonight. Erika actually told her that he would bring her (Janelle) to F2. (her lies run into each other).

Janelle does give Boogie a haircut. It came out pretty good. Boogie made the comment to Erika that his hair cut came out good and then finished the statement with is there anything that girl can’t do? Erika said no.

Janelle asks Erika if she knows what she will say when she wins to evict Boogie. Erika avoided the subject completely and went outside.

With less than hour to the live show Janelle said to Erika “Please win tonight” Erika just walked away. Janie j said our moms are watching and praying — Love To Watch BB, They are talking about who Boogie will take and if Erika wins should they tell him something on his way out the door. Then Erika said - well first I have to win it.
Minutes before the live show Erika leans over to Mike and gives him a kisson the lips. He wished her luck.
The Live Show
First we see Julie and the recap of Erika wining the first part of the HOH. Then we saw Will enter the jury house. That was the first time Marcellas actually smiled! Marcellas also like that Janelle dedicated Will’s eviction to him (he said even though Howie was also named in the same dedication!). James being James had to comment and say that the speech was purely for jury votes on Janelle’s part (he is still being a sore loser!).
When we return Julie starts the final HOH competition. Erika smirked after she answered a question wrong so it really looked like she threw the competition. Boogie won, evicted Janelle but still wanted her vote, telling her what amazing player and women she is. He even promised her fee champagne at Dolce’s. !
Janelle talked to Julie (as we see Mike and Erika smaking away in the house). Janelle said she trusted too many people and that CT really controlled her when she put up Marcellas.
Julie announced after that there is an American Choice prize up for grabs for someone in the jury house. $25,000. So text in your vote and the winner will be announced on the live show.

After the feeds return the tow of them have to go outside for lockdown. Erika tells Boogie that Will’s eviction speech that Janelle said was all hers, that Janelle couldn’t come up with that herself. (let the smack against Janelle begin, nine minutes after she was booted!). She also said Janelle was pretty easy to maneuver. Erika also thanked Boogie into talking her into doing All Stars. They share champagne and fruit!
Erika requests the HOH room so they can sleep together again. They also hope Bb will either give them some clothes or do some dry cleaning for them. (Boogie’s chill town outfits must need cleaning).
Boogie confesses to Erika all the prizes he has won, the 10K, Trip to Aruba, plasma TV and the car. He said Will won the 5k. Erika batted her eye lashes and said , you will take me to Aruba right! (Gag Erika is like a girl totally in love with the guy she was slamming and hating on just 48 hours ago).
Erika gloats how she had to make Janelle believe she would have voted him out when she wouldn’t have. How she believed in him always. Boogie said it was good TV bad vs evil etc. Erika bats her eyelashes more and said we both deserve to be here. Erika said her mother is freaking right now ( I would be too if my daughter swore on my life then had to backstab and lie to someone to win a frickin game! I would be really proud of those morals I instilled in her! )
They talk about the other house guests. Howie freaking out when he sees Janelle, Danielle and her sunglasses, Allison. Kaysar, and putting Marcellas on slop. They think it was a great ending!
Erika briefly talks to herself and said she can’t believe she got all she wants, first to get rid of Will and now she has Boooogie! Her strategy worked great, she pats herself on the back!

Both when finally let outside head to the hot tub with their alcohol. They kiss and kiss some more. Erika keeps going on and on how popular they will be like Rob and Amber from survivor (wait till the see the CBS popularity pole she will be disappointed). She keeps trying to hang all over Mike and tell him how good he is and how he is going to win, he is so smart etc (enough to make you gag, it is like she is begging for sex or something!). Mike keeps trying to give shout outs to his friends and family.
Boogie puts some mattresses on the floor and they head to bed around 11PM. They keep reflecting on the night, Erika keeps saying she got them out (Will and Janelle). Boogie tells Erika he is exhausted and Erika accepts that and said we have four days to decompress! They cuddle and Erika tells him again what a great game he played and how good she is and how deserving she is etc.

Both asleep by midnight!
Tomorrow will be real fun, they will gloat, gloat some more and Erika will tell us how good she is etc! (Maybe it is time I cancel my feeds I can’t stand this mushy I am great stuff any more! I miss Janelle and Will!)