Big Brother Recap September 9, 2006

Questions, Delusions and it is a wrap!

Erika got up at 9 am while Boogie slept in till almost 1 PM. Erika cleans up the house some, listened to music and paced the house. Erika talked out loud she said she was protecting Boogie and took out the puppet master Will. She kept saying how good she was, how smart she was etc. (was she trying to convince herself or us?).

At 1 once Boogie is up, Erika is all over him. He apologizes to the internet for sleeping so long. He tells Erika that after they listen to her speech all he will say to the hjury is… just vote for the better player! Erika hangs all over him, she talks about how she can’t wait to go to Aruba with him (the trip he won) and how she will have to buy a crib for the baby!

Mike does some sprinting in the backyard to let off steam. He just sprinted back and forth.

At about 7:30 we get an audio leak from the jury members entering the jury pool area. We hear Howie, Danielle, Will and James.

At 10:30 the feeds return. Erika seemed up set with Janelle and confused about what others asked her. Boogie told her he really didn’t’ understand her speech! Boogie was a little mad that he was called out on some things and wondered where the jury had the right to ask those questions (they are the jury! ). Boogie was upset with Danielle asking him about throwing competitions, he believed she had no right since everyone threw competitions.

They agree that Janelle is sitting on the fence and believe the voting will come down to Chicken George. Erika again goes in to a rage saying she took out the two strongest players (Will and Danielle).

They talk about how pissed Janelle was. Boogie asked Erika if she would have taken Janelle to the final 2 and she replied no she was always taking him.

They talked about Howie and how Janelle might influence his vote. Erika believes Boogie might get Howie’s vote. Boogie does not believe that, he believes that he insulted Howie’s manhood and that Howie will want revenge.

They both believe James’s vote is a mystery. Erika kept saying the voting will be close like 4-3 and it could go either way.

They got some wine, Erika wanted to get drunk. They seemed a bit obsessed with Janelle calling her all kinds of names like jealous ho and bith^& etc.

Boogie tried to tell Erika nicely that the jury seemed to be favoring him that the underline theme was how she floated into the end while others did the work. He said that her game style was to attack from the back and people did not like that.
It seems that Janelle told Erika that her game style was to kiss ass and throw competitions and that she had no respect for that game play. Erika took that comment hard and really kept repeating it and calling Janelle names. Erika told Boogie that she was forced into floating, that she had no one in the house to align with. (however, she either called or met up with everyone before going into the house!).

Erika believes they will all vote emotionally. Erika asks Boogie about Chicken George. Chicken George asked Boogie if he was going to propose to Erika on the final show, Boogie said “No” , he told Erika that he had to tell the truth on that one. Erika said “That’s OK you can do it at another time” (this girl is delusional, wait till she watches the show and his diary rooms).

Boogie tells Erika about the LOD. She seems a bit shocked. He explains it was to get information from the season 6 (through James). Erika said that she is so glad she is responsible for getting Danni out and Will out (get over it Erika). She accused Boogie of withholding information from her, she said she always had his back again and again.

Erika then claimed that she knew it all, all the alliances and what was going in the house. She also said she was never really afraid of Danni the night she went nuts, tthat she is strong and that she just played along for a good story line!.

Erika told Boogie that she believes she ahs Chicken George’s vote because he never asked her a question. Boogie said he disagreed with her and that he only asked him a fun questions and he thinks he has his vote. Erika then went on and on about how if she loses it is because he has Will at the jury house buying him votes and that she is the one that deserves to win. She said she thinks she has it because she took out Will. (Why can’t she remember that Janelle took out Will). She then goes on and on about what a bad player Janelle was, that she was manipulated and how much a better player she was. That if she had brought Janelle she would have won. She thinks he r DR and game was much more superior then Janelle’s (she is delusional this one). Erika said she is the new Will, that she did it all herself (unreal, she did nothing the whole game had a conversation with Janelle and Janelle did much of the talking and figuring and now she thinks she is the new puppet master!). She said she would have smoked Janelle if it was her two in the final. Boogie tells her no she wouldn’t have. She said the jury members are bitter, bitter, jealous people!

Erika again lies and said she told Janelle that Boogie wouldn’t take her to the end because she (Erika) was a much better player. (I heard her several times on the feeds that Tuesday telling Janelle she did not know who Boogie would take but it would be probably her (meaning Janelle). She said Janelle is bitter because she got taken by a girl. She then told Boogie that she told Danielle to her face that she did not deserve to win her season that she was not the better player (lie upon lie, goes to prove that if you lie so much you start to believe your own lies).

Boogie comes clean about some of the things he said about Erika. He said he never called her a Ho (another lie). That he was upset about Will’s eviction. Erika tells Boogie that she protected him the whole game even against Will. She said that she took out the brains of Chill town. This did not sit too well with Boogie, he said go home and watch your Tivo! (She will be in deep depression once she does).

Erika again said she would have smoked Janelle in the finals.

Erika then went to bed. Boogie talked to himself a bit and said that it was a wrap. He then headed to bed.

What other delusional things will Erika contrive tomorrow? She is really hung up on herself and believes the master floater should win. Boogie believes he played the game and should win. Erika still wants a baby and a marriage proposal while Boogie deserves the win for putting up with her for the 5 days in the house alone!