Ah…..another peaceful day in the Big Brother house as the house guests awaken to “I Wanna be Sedated” by the Ramones(ed. one of my personal favorites). Paranoia is the word for today, girls and boys. No one is campaigning (ed. yeah…right). Allison is trying HARD to persuade everyone to evict Amanda and Alex. Josh is absolutely livid and is trying to control his anger.

Inside lockdown. Josh tells Amanda and Alex they need to cut a deal with Allison as Matt and Natalie already have.

Quickie show recap

Alex confronts Amanda after the nominations and blames her for putting him in this position. Matt confronts James about going back on his promise and nominating him. Alex promises revenge on James in the DR.

Time for the Veto Competition! Amanda/Alex, Sharon/Josh, Chelsea/James are the participants while Adam is the host. The game is Big Brother Communication Breakdown, a puzzle game in which the couples have to sift through peanuts to find different lengths of cords to attach to a series of telephone poles. Sharon/Josh win the veto competition and the house guests some news from outside. McCain takes Republican lead. Obama is winning over Hillary. Britany may get visitation with kids and the cryptic message The Hudson River Virus is threatening those cut off from the outside world (ed. which would have freaked me out…LOL).

Allison and Sheila have an argument. Sheila feels betrayed and used for saving Allison last week and now Allison won’t give her the time of day. Then they cut to Allison jogging in the BY and all at once she goes to DR complaining of her throat closing and tongue swelling. At the same time Amanda was complaining to Natalie about needing some sugar because she is hypoglycemic. She faints and goes into a diabetic seizure and they both are rushed to the hospital only to return later. They are both fine now. Show ends.

After the show the feeds are on Amanda telling Josh that Matt said he got a BJ in the house and wanted Allison to give him a BJ before she left. Josh is hatching a plan to get A/A to stay during the dinner.

Josh, Sharon, Chelsea, James and Amanda decide that Allison needs to be told this. They get Alex in the HOH and convince him to talk to Allison about Matt’s comments. She turns it on him quickly and calls Ryan and then Matt to the room while everyone abandoned Alex. It was uncomfortable to watch. Allison, being the tough cookie that she is, brushed it off, while Matt squirmed and double talked. It looks as if it’s gonna be Adios to Alex and Amanda.

Later Allison talks to Amanda and tells her that she adores her now and wishes things could have been different the first few weeks. Amanda tries to strike a deal and Allison says that her vote is up in the air, but it doesn’t look good, folks. No Bueno.