Big Brother wakes the house guests at around 8:30 a.m. BBT as Josh dresses in the red unitard ,blue gloves, and goggles and dances around to the wake up music. Everyone gets up eventually and goes about normal morning rituals with normal morning chit chat.

Sheila is in rare form today, even for her. She and Nat are talking about how James is a bitter man and even if he won he would still be bitter.

Later Josh goes to Natalie’s HOH room and tries to strike a deal with her. Josh is convinced that he has Ryan’s vote. Josh just wants her to break the tie. Josh repeating how she needs to do what is best for her. She says again how she will keep Josh if it is 2-2. She wants to talk to James, she is not going to get screwed over by him again. If he did break his word and go after her then she would win POV and get him back. Josh saying James wants to restore her trust but she says it's hard. She had to put them both up. Josh saying how he would 100% put Shelia up. Josh reassuring her that James would make a deal with her. Josh saying you want Sharon in the jury house. Josh saying if you do keep me next week and I do go then you have my vote in the final, I believe you are a deserving person. Josh is breaking down the votes for her in the Jury house and this seems to sell Nat. Josh swears on the Bible that he will throw HOH (ed. what good is that going to do her?).

Sheila is in Adam’s ear campaigning for Sharon as she scratches his back in the Sauna room. They have a fake fight towards the end of it, winking at each other all the while. Ryan passes Josh in the hall and tells him that Adam and Sheila were talking and he heard “bible buddies”.

Sheila and Nat are in Sauna Room and Josh comes in. Josh says why you are campaigning for Sharon it’s not your fight.
He says if he gets sequester he will make sure Sheila doesn't get the vote. Josh says don't campaign against me. Sheila says I am not. She says she will keep her mouth shut.. He says he is gonna follow her around all day. He tells her that she is trying to flip s#$t and that he is gonna flip that s#%t upside her head. She said that he just threatened her and ran off to DR.

All is kinda calm for HOH pic time and working on Matt’s Birthday Card that Nat is making. My sound is fading in and out but Sharon, Ryan and Sheila are playing the card game BS.

Quickie Show Recap
James mourns Chelsea as Josh expresses his worries to Sharon and Ryan. Sheila gives James a pep talk in the Sauna and tells him that he is going to win POV (she said she has a gut feeling).Sheila later gives almost the very same pep talk to Josh in the Kitchen along with Natalie and Ryan. James overhears the conversation and comes into the Kitchen and tells them that he feels the whole house is against him and he is on his own. Sheila later says she feels better now that James knows how the house feels. Adam runs to James and tells him this. James hops out of bed in his underwear and runs to find Sheila outside for a very heated, in your face confrontation. James then confronts the rest of the house, losing his voice and telling everyone he is playing alone and has no one in the game. Big Brother shows James in the DR crying, complaining that he is alone (ed. I am sooo surprised by this and I find myself feeling sorry for him…WOW).

Veto competition is next and Natalie, James, Josh, Ryan, Sheila and Sharon play while Adam hosts. The name of the game is Big Brother Boardwalk. There are random objects scattered around yard and you have to guess the number of objects in each item. You can guess and then fold as you see the others answers. The closest to the correct total get 1 point and others who didn’t fold are out. James plays this VERY smart and folds the first 3 rounds until there are only Ryan, Sheila, and himself left. James ultimately wins the Veto (ed. of course).

James does a happy dance in his BR, while Josh breaks down and cries in the Boat Room. Sharon goes to him and tells him it will be OK. Later Sharon, Sheila, and Josh cry together in the Kitchen because they know that Sharon is going up against Josh. Sharon runs off to Bathroom stall and Sheila follows her and gets the infamous pep talk while Josh goes to HOH room to talk to Natalie. Nat tells him if he gets 2 votes that she will break tie and keep him. Josh then rallies James and Ryan’s votes and they agree that if Ryan and James vote for Josh to stay, Josh will keep Ryan and Nat safe for 2 weeks.

Veto meeting is called to order and James uses it on himself and gives a (sort of) inspiring speech to Sheila telling her that she needs to win a competition and SHE CAN DO IT! Nat names Sharon as replacement nominee. End show.

As I come back to computer the BS players have changed to James, Adam, Sharon and Sheila.. Ryan is lying on bed and reading the Bible. Natalie wants to learn card game and joins in.

Nat and Adam have pizza for dinner and you can actually hear stomachs growling. The card game finally breaks up after hours and hours. Sharon and Josh head off to pick out clothes for tomorrow and to pack. I think James is gonna bleach his Mohawk. As Natalie applies the bleach s-l-o-w-y, they are talking about the deal to keep Josh.

I am now watching BBAD and the ticker that runs across the bottom says that Natalie doesn’t want to break a tie and is telling Ryan and Adam to keep Sharon. I am so confused at this point, but I guess that is what the Producers are going after to keep the ratings. Tune in tomorrow to see if Sharon or Josh walk out the BB Door. It’s 2 a.m. here and bed time. Bueno!!!!