Thursday, April 10th BB9 Recap

10 AM- 1 PM

BB wakes the remaining houseguests up with music this morning. Ryan and Shelia are the first ones up, as usual. Shelia is in a great mood. She compliments Ryan coffee making abilities over a breakfast of yogurt and says he has surpassed Alex. Adam is slow to rise and BB tells him to wake up more than once. Natalie complains that the house has a huge ant problem. Shelia and Ryan clean up the cabinets in hopes that it will help with the ant problem. Adam and Natalie both discuss not wanting to be nominated in the Storage Room. Adam pouts and refuses to give Shelia a hug. He insists on acting like a baby, and pretends that she isn’t talking to her when she tells him that they are getting beer tonight. Everyone except Shelia becomes mesmerized by a 3D puzzle on the back of a cereal box. Natalie figures out that the image is a skateboard. Adam is really grumpy from not smoking. He is wearing a nicotine patch.

Sharon and Adam do some laundry. Ryan told Adam that he would take Adam off the block if he won POV. Adam voices his concerns about Natalie and warns Ryan that she will push him not to use it. Adam and Shelia discuss nominations. Shelia informs Adam that she has to nominate him. Adam pushes her to nominate Natalie but she says she can’t. Shelia confirms that she “sorta” made a deal with Natalie. Adam continues to act like a baby. Shelia tells him to stop acting like a baby and goes outside to complain to Sharon and Ryan about Adam’s behavior.
Everyone is outside and apparently it is a warm day at the BB House. Ryan and Sharon discuss getting rid of Natalie. They hope that she doesn’t win the POV. Sharon has a plan to get to the final two with Ryan. An indoor lockdown is called and everyone complains about having to go inside. Talk amongst the houseguests’ returns to the ants, Broadway plays and nose bleeds. Ryan and Adam play chess.

1 PM- 3 PM

Ryan and Adam continue to play chess. The girls talk about Vegas and talk about opening a free roaming pet shelter. Everyone is antsy to get back outside. Once the indoor lockdown is over, everyone makes their way back outside. Ryan is sunbathing, Shelia is swimming, and Natalie is in the hammock. Natalie and Shelia talk about the HOH competition. Natalie says that her secret is that she used her skin to stick to the glass so her muscles weren’t as sore. Shelia wishes she would have taken off her shoes and socks. Shelia and Natalie agree that the best people in the house are still there.

Natalie is called to the Diary Room. While she is gone, Adam gives Shelia a hard time about nominating him. He says he got all messed up at the last minute and got conned. Shelia told him at least he has a heads up. Adam again tries to get her to nominate Natalie, but Shelia refuses stating that it is in her best interest not to nominate her. Sharon reminded Adam that everyone gets to play for POV tomorrow. Adam is really upset about being nominated (ED: tit for tat Adam) and Sharon and Shelia try to get him to see that his nomination is the best for her and to do right by Ryan for what he did for her last week. Sharon says it is the best case scenario for him to go up this week since he has the votes to stay and whoever wins the POV (except Natalie) will promise to take him down and vote Natalie out. Ryan, Sharon, and Shelia all agree that it is the same position that Adam put Shelia in last week. Shelia reminds Adam that everyone is out for themselves at this point in the game. Shelia is playing dumb with Natalie and encouraging her so that she doesn’t know that she is a target. Shelia tells Adam that she understands that he is nervous about being nominated, but he needs to chill out and stop being angry over the nomination. Natalie returns from the Diary Room. Sheila is next and all game talk stops.

Natalie lies in the sun while Ryan and Adam play golf. Adam notices smoke coming out of the fireplace and the houseguests alert BB. After a brief interruption in feeds, everyone is back inside the house (ED: possible lockdown?). Shelia returns from a long Diary Room session and is updated on the fire outside. She is visibly upset over the upcoming nominations. She informs them that it is time and makes Ryan promise to take Adam down. Shelia says that Natalie is her biggest threat and Ryan seems a little surprised at the statement since he thought that they were close in the house. Ryan agrees that Natalie is a tricky girl and promises to take Adam and Shelia with him to final three. They agree that if Natalie wins the POV, that the nominations will stay the same and they will take Sharon out.

Shelia and Adam talk in the HOH room. Shelia updates him on the new plan. If she or Ryan win the POV than they will take Adam down and put Natalie up as a replacement. Adam is still stressing and discusses getting Sharon out of the house. Shelia again states that Natalie is a huge threat and will hold it against her if she nominates Natalie. By nominating Adam, she is keeping their alliance safe for another week.

3 PM – 5 PM

Sharon and Natalie grab some last minute sun before the nomination ceremony and talk game. Sharon says that it was a better move to throw the HOH and then win the POV this week. Sharon really works Natalie and tells her not to worry if she is nominated because she would have the votes to stay. Natalie admits to Sharon that the main reason she threw that last HOH was so that she could play for it next week.

Shelia and Natalie hug and talk about the nominations. Natalie tells Shelia not to nominate her or use her as a replacement nomination because the guys will target Shelia next week. Shelia pretends to be stressed about the nominations. Adam continues to pout. Shelia and Ryan really lay it on thick about how it must suck for Adam and that he put the whole group in jeopardy last week. Team Christ will play for the POV and send Sharon packing!

5 PM – 8 PM

The nomination ceremony is over. And the nominations go to….Adam and Sharon are on the block! The houseguests make fun o f Shelia’s use of “slim pickin’s” during her nomination speech. Natalie goes up to the HOH to strategize with Shelia, but is quickly interrupted by Sharon. Natalie is called to the Diary Room and the rest of the house conspires to get rid of Natalie. After Natalie returns from the Diary Room, everyone but Sharon hangs out in the HOH room. After Natalie and Ryan leave the HOH, Adam and Shelia have a heart to heart. Shelia tells him that he or Ryan have to win the POV. Adam tells her that if he wins HOH next week that he will put up Ryan and Sharon. (ED: For some reason I don’t believe him) Shelia tells Adam that Natalie has said that she plans on using the POV so that one of the boys goes home, but she will talk Natalie out of using it by saying that they need to get rid of the mole in the house.

Everyone is eating dinner. Adam is called to the Diary Room, and when he returns he says he thinks something is going down tonight. Sharon is mad at Natalie for calling her a mole since she has always been nice to Natalie. Sharon thinks that it is Natalie’s week to go, but Shelia tells them to be careful since that is what they thought about James too! Shelia, Adam, and Sharon speculate what the competition will be if it is tonight. They think it might be another luxury competition like the movie one.

Natalie, Ryan, and Adam talk about what kind of beer they want to get. Adam tells them that the Diary Room told him not to drink tonight. Adam thinks it is going to be some type of golf game, and Natalie thinks it is going to be something very physical. Adam and Ryan fake needing coffee so that they can talk in the Storage Room. Adam again tells Ryan that one of them has to win it because he thinks that the girls are playing them for fools.

8 PM – 11 PM

Ryan tells Adam that Natalie is acting weird and wonders if she is on to the plan to backdoor her. Adam agrees and says they are screwed if they don’t win the POV. Ryan joins Shelia in the Storage Room for a little conspiring. Shelia tells Ryan that Natalie would rather have Ryan on the block then Adam. Ryan has concerns about Sharon, but Shelia assures him that Sharon wants Natalie out too. Shelia tells Ryan that he needs to trust her more than anyone in the house and it will be her, Ryan, and Adam in the end. When Natalie entered the Storage Room talk immediately turns to beer. Shelia tells Natalie that something is going on because BB doesn’t want her to drink anything or take an Advil. Natalie warns that t is going to be an all-nighter and gets herself pumped.

Everyone is jacking themselves up on coffee. Sharon is quietly reading the Bible in the bedroom. Natalie takes another opportunity to try to throw the boys under the bus to Shelia. When Shelia calls her out and asks what about Sharon, Natalie tells her that Sharon needs to go first and then the boys. Again, Natalie is pushing Shelia to nominate Ryan if Sharon uses the POV. Natalie says that if anyone other than Sharon wins the POV, then she is ok going up since she knows that she is safe. Natalie says worst case scenario is if Sharon takes herself off and she is up against Adam. Shelia reminds Natalie again that she owes Ryan for taking her off the block last week. When questioned about her mistrust of Ryan, Natalie skirts the issue and brings up that Sharon thinks Adam should go up. Natalie emphasizes that she does NOT want to go up against Adam. Natalie keeps going on and on about winning HOH and POV next week and securing herself and Shelia in the final three. Shelia strokes her ego and tells her that she thinks Natalie will win anyway.

Adam and Ryan play chess and complain about Natalie. Adam takes a shower and the guys are pumping themselves up for the HOH competition. Adam conspires to take the girls out first while Ryan walks around the house counting things. Adams thinks that the competition will be something involving golf since BB like to recycle stuff from past seasons. Adam is really pumped up and is dropping the F bomb a lot. The girls talk and laugh about all the pranks that have been played on Shelia.

The TV Screen confirms that the POV is tonight. Shelia tells Sharon that Natalie is begging her to use Ryan as a replacement nominee. Shelia tells Sharon that Natalie can’t win the POV and that if Natalie is up against Sharon that Natalie will go home. Shelia complains about the POV being that night since she is still worn out from the HOH competition. Natalie talks a mile a minute telling childhood stories.

Shelia is called to the Diary Room and everyone gets pumped up and prepared for the POV competition. There is a lot of nervous energy in anticipation of the competition. Sharon whispers to Ryan, but as soon as Natalie enters the room she starts talking about what to wear. Sharon leaves to get a sweatshirt. Talk turns back to wondering that the POV will be. Shelia returns from the Diary Room, but has no information for them.

11 PM – 4 AM

Everyone waits for the POV. Natalie says that she couldn’t believe the Dick was in the house until she checked. Then she went into her numbers thing again – “…8 letters, Evel Dick!” (ED: What a dork!) Shelia returns to cleaning, and Sharon talks to her beebies. Natalie continues to bounce off the walls while everyone else just chills and waits. The houseguests get restless and threaten BB that if the competition doesn’t start soon that they are going to bed. They start calculating the minutes and seconds that they have been in the house.

4 AM- 6 AM

After four hours of trivia, the feeds are back. Adam won POV! From the various conversations, the competition was some type of morphing activity. They each had 30 minutes to complete it or they were eliminated. Apparently, it involved photos of the guinea pigs. Shelia tells Adam that he did so good. Adam is obviously happy and can’t stop grinning. Adam tells Sharon that he was really stressing and Sharon tells him that he needs to start listening to her because she told him he would be fine. Natalie is unusually quiet.

Ryan and Natalie share a hug. Shelia tells everyone that she is going to bed, and Adam gives her a hug goodnight. Natalie is beating herself up about the POV competition. Adam wears the POV around his neck and says that he is safe. (ED: rubbing it in are you Adam?) Natalie takes the opportunity to remind Adam that she promised not to vote for his eviction. Adam says that that they should make it a split vote and make Shelia decide, but Natalie is strongly against it and says that Shelia will vote her out. Adam and Ryan start laughing and telling her that they are only kidding her but she is going to be nominated. Ryan says that Sharon’s campaigning is annoying, and Natalie knows that Sharon is going to try to bury her but she says she trusts her alliance.

Sharon talks to Shelia in the HOH. Sharon warns Shelia that Natalie is going to cause trouble because of the deal that they made during the HOH competition. Shelia tells Sharon that Natalie has been belittling her and telling everyone that she was going to put up Ryan and Adam. Ryan mentions that Sharon made some lame excuse to go up to the HOH room to Natalie and leaves to “break it up”. Ryan tells Shelia that Natalie has said she is coming after Shelia next week, but Shelia said she won’t have time. Sharon thinks this is hilarious. Ryan tells them that Natalie isn’t going to campaign because she is so sure that she has the boys’ votes. Ryan promised Shelia that if Natalie is the replacement nominee that she will go home.

Natalie stares at the Memory Wall for a little while, and then heads upstairs to the HOH room saying that she is bored. When Natalie enters, Sharon says she is tired and is going to bed. Natalie tells Shelia that she knows that she is going up but that she doesn’t want to go home. Shelia assures her that the boys have her back. Natalie chants Moley, Moley, Moley over and over again before retiring for bed.

Natalie still dwells on the POV competition and that she didn’t win (ED: sore loser?) Adam returns from the Diary Room. Ryan and Adam rejoice over his win and recap the POV again. Adam is pumped and twitchy. They talk about how Natalie sincerely thought that she had won the POV. Adam gets some water from the kitchen and returns to the bedroom. He remembers that his sheets are still in the dyer outside. BB took pity on them and provided them with the clean and dry sheets from outside. Adam drops Sharon’s sheets on her bed (she is in the Diary Room) and heads to his own bed to make it up. Ryan yawns and they share a laugh over the boys sleeping in the pink room. Adam says it feels like sleeping at Grandma’s and that is always a good place to be. Adam is still pumped up and says he will have problems falling asleep and can’t wait for his speech. The boys are like kids at a slumber party. They will yawn and be quiet for a few minutes and then start talking again. Most of the conversation is about the POV competition.

6 AM- 8 AM

Adam wakes up and goes to the bathroom to blow his nose. He passes Sharon and tells her that her sheets are on her bed. Adam lies down but has a hard time falling asleep and is congested. He decides to have a beer and goes into the kitchen where he opens one and takes a big drink. After some settling in, all houseguests are asleep…except Adam. He is very restless and Ryan snoring probably isn’t helping. FINALLY everyone is out!

Will Shelia follow through with her plan to nominate Natalie as a replacement nominee or will Natalie talk her out of it? Will Team Christ finally be torn apart? Will they have a luxury competition? I can’t wait to see what happens next week! Double eviction anyone?

Thanks so much to all the live feeders out there that keep everyone else in the know on a 24/7 basis. You rock my socks!