Big Brother Recap April 12, 2008
Shelia’s Birthday and Nat can’t breathe without someone commenting that it was against someone else!

The houseguests were woken up at 10:00 am. Sharon was the first person to wish Shelia a Happy Birthday. As if we don’t know, Shelia is 46 today (yes and still a single Mom too).The houseguests all get along during breakfast, very jovial conversations and happy because it is Shelia’s birthday and they are going to have a party for her.

The houseguests mainly do laundry, lie out and swim. All seem to have gotten along most of the morning,

At about 2 pm. Adam sends Sharon up to HOH to distract Sheila and keep her from coming downstairs. Shelia was dying her hair so Sharon’s job was not very hard to do. Meanwhile, Adam, Ryan and Nat decorated the backyard with streamers and set it up for Shelia’s birthday party. BB gave them a small cake, ice cream and Shelia a gift bag. Once they were ready the told Sharon to bring her down. Sharon then told Shelia that there was going to be a lock down that they had to go out. At this point Shelia was washing out her hair dye. So she combed it out and went outside. He group sang for he is a jolly good fellow (no copywriter laws on that song but there is on Happy Birthday I guess). Shelia of course cried. She opened her bag and it contained letters and cards from her family. She got a letter from her Mom, Sister and Son (who asked her to say Hi to Nat because she was her favorite). Shelia’s Mom told her she watches every show. She did get her coffee mug from home with pictures of her son and kitty on it, a cross from her sister, some body lotion and the letters.

Ryan and Adam discuss how they are going to call out both Sharon and Nat tomorrow on their lies. They can’t wait to cause some drama. They call it the calm before the storm.

After the party, Sheila then talked non stop to everyone but Nat how much she hated Nat, how she lies and how she had to go. She acted very obsessed with it all day. Sharon fed the fire with telling her and twisting Nat’s words throughout the day.

Shelia talked to Ryan about getting Nat evicted. Here is part of the conversation:
Shelia: Why did she not want Adam to know that she was making deals with me?
Ryan: It was probably. please protect me.....She's gotta go
Shelia: I know...she could win some of these physical comps in the end
Shelia: She's acting really rude to me. it’s dumb
Ryan: Because she thinks Adam and I aren't gonna vote her off this week and she's gonna come after you next week.
Shelia: I don't wanna do this to her Ryan, but she wants to just start fights with me. That girl hates to loose!...She has to win!
Shelia: Nat said "I deserve to go home if I loose to Sheila"
Shelia: I want her out of her Ryan
Ryan: She's going don't worry
Shelia: They're gonna be celebrating when she walks in to Sequester
Sheila telling Ryan she loves him and that she has him.
Ryan telling Sheila that nothing is going to change about this
Shelia: If Adam makes it a one to one vote that's gonna be terrible
Ryan: I know you don't wanna break that tie...but that might be good for you!
Ryan: The people in there might say "Go Sheila"
Shelia: I want us to be the F3...and I don't wanna do that to Sharon...but we have to stick together and this has to go through.

Ryan and She hug....says they will handle business tomorrow

Adam and Ryan meet in the bedroom after this conversation, Adam exclaimed that they are calling the shots and that the “bit$%#s” have to go. Ryan said that Nat was pissing him off talking crap. He was pushing for Nat to go. They decide that they are going to find quotes from the bible to explain to Nat that she is going.

Sharon and Nat have a conversation outside. Sharon leads Nat to believe that the boys will never vote her out and that James said that he will vote for Adam at the end of the game and if Adam is not there then Sheila because if she gets tot eh end she deserves to be there. Nat said she never knows anything could happen at eviction time. She then said that if she does not win HOH then she knows she has to win VETO to stay in the house. Sharon could not wait to go tell Adam and Ryan what she said. She ran right in to the bedroom where the boys were still looking for verses to say to Nat.

Shelia told Sharon that she is afraid one of the boys will give Nat a pity vote and that she will have to break the tie. She said that Sharon should not worry that she will send Nat home.

Shelia continues her crusade about Nat. She puts her down for getting men’s attention,. for her cooking dinner all the time and for her snappy answers to questions. Nothing Nat does is right and Shelia constantly talks behind her back.

After dinner Adam and Ryan had this conversation:
Adam: Wednesdays a big day dude.
Ryan: I know
Adam: Sharon can't win HOH dude.
Ryan: Nope
Adam: What does it matter you know? But I'd rather get her out then Sheila.
Ryan: Yep
Adam: Sharon said she’s the best person to have at the end because she won't have the votes. Thats bullsh**.
Ryan: She already has three votes guaranteed.
Adam: So why keep her?
Ryan: Exactly, I don't want to. I'd like to get Sharon out next week that would be the best scenario. Then final three we get Sheila out.
Adam: If we keep Sheila F2 she'll win the money. I don't know who would win out of me and you, it's a toss up.
Ryan: Probably you.
Adam: Who cares
Ryan: Maybe me who knows, I'm down for final two with you dude, whatever.
Adam: That's it, the bros.
Ryan: Natalie would probably be my best shot at winning in the end, but I don't care I want her gone this week. She would be a harder obstacle to overcome to get to the F2.
Adam: Yeah, lets guarantee you at least 50K
Ryan: What are you leaning towards more right now before our sit down? Getting rid of Natalie?
Adam: Natalie
Ryan: Of course. First she's saying she wants to get rid of you, then she says she wants to get rid of me.
Adam: We have to find out all this bullsh**. I am saying f*** Natalie anyways.
Ryan: They are probably all bullsh** us. We get rid of Natalie this week and we are 2 on 1 for HOH.
Adam: All we have to do is win HOH and POV and we are set.

Shelia made an “Alex” doll out of Alex’s picture that Nat painted and some pillows. They propped him up and put a coffee mug near him. Then they called the boys in and they all laughed and said Shelia was obsessive (the only true statement out of any of their mouths in months IMO).

All the houseguests had a fun time n the HOH drinking beer and wine and just talking about the fun they have had in the house. The were making fun of each other. Just a fun time with no game pressure.

Shelia told the houseguests that she has a date with Evil Dick. Here is the conversation:
Nat: Did you see how he was looking at you?
Sheila: No, he was smiling at me...
Shelia: Yes, we have a date
Nat: Tell US!
Shelia; No, it's personal!!
Nat: Please!
Shelia: I can't tell you til the end of the show
Shelia: he wanted me to keep it quiet
Adam: I don't believe you!
Shelia: You'll see at the Wrap Party!!!
Adam: No, he's digging some young stuff right now
Shelia: Yeah, and I'll kick him to the curb
Shelia: The truth of the matter is....I've been in the house for 2's been like a year with you people....I have a respect for Evel Dick....a yearning...Let me tell you why...

Shelia: But...I respect ED b/c ...I even told you Nat...that before Dick showed up....If he talked smack about you he told you to your face and that's what I liked about his game play....B/c I don't like how people talk smack behind your back...don't be a hypocrite (look who just said that the one who constantly talks smack behind peoples back)

Shelia: When you've been in this house and deal with people 24/7 have to be a Dick
Nat; No, you don' don't have to be a Evel Dick
Shelia: That was his strategy and I understand...If you don't understand that...doing what we do in this house out..
Nat: I don't think you should have to stoop to that level
Shelia: You don't think talking smack about someone behind their back is bad?
Nat: Well, we're still here....those other HG's are not
Shliae: Well that's his strategy...he had to be that way
Adam: You gotta be how you gotta be
Shelia; I just think he (ED) Played a smart game

Ryan and Shelia have a conversation later. Is stressed and needs Nat out. She said she can beat her physically so she needs to go. She rambled on and on. Ryan could not get a word in. Then Shelia went on and on about Nat being washed up that she will never be famous. That all she does is flaunting herself around in her bikini. (But she does to talk smack behind peoples back). Shelia then told Ryan to work on Adam that she does not want anyone giving her a pity vote, she does not want to break a tie. She then said that it would make Ryan and Adam look bad if they didn’t do as she wishes.

All houseguests were tucked into their beds by 3am.

What will Sunday bring? Will Ryan and Adam really call both girls out? Will they quote bible verses to Nat? Will Shelia ever stop talking smack about Nat? She is 46 now maybe she will grow up some!!!. Will Sharon stop playing Nat and twisting her words to the others? Will Nat get a clue and figure out they want her out? Time will tell!