BB Recap for Thursday, April 17th

And Then There Were Four

9 AM – 12 PM

BB wakes the houseguests. Ryan is the first awake for the day and manscapes in the HOH bathroom. BB immediately calls an indoor lockdown. Everyone wakes up, eats breakfast and exchanges small talk. Shelia and Sharon discuss how Natalie was in shock over the vote yesterday and they take the opportunity to trash her in various ways. They think that Adam believes that he will have the votes if he makes it to final 2. Shelia is shocked that Natalie let her give her a hug because she wouldn’t hug the person that evicted her. Sheila believes it is not favoring well for Adam in the jury because he voted for her. They believe that Natalie will tell everyone in the sequester house that it was Adam who gave her the vote to stay(ED: Which he did) Sheila thinks that Adam is thinking way too ahead about the jury votes. Sharon tells Shelia that she knows that it was Adam that voted to keep Natalie by the wink and nod that he gave Natalie when he came out from voting. They both agree that the worse thing Natalie did was walking around the house preaching, but not acting very Christian-like. Sharon says that he will make sure that everyone in the sequester house knows that Natalie said Josh was going to hell because he was gay. They wonder how BB portrayed everyone and Sharon says she can’t wait to get home and watch the tapes. After about an hour of this, Shelia ends the conversation and heads to the shower.
Adam stresses out because he never told Natalie that he voted for her to stay and thinks that it will mess up his game in the end. Everyone speculates what the next competition will be. They all hope that they get a seafood feast and talk about the 30 minutes Margarita party. Ryan and Adam tease Sharon about checking out the soccer team while watching Jacob at soccer practice. Shelia tells Sharon that she doesn’t have to defend herself, but she tries to anyway and says that she didn’t start dating Jacob until later. Sharon reminisces about the beginning of her and Jacob’s relationship (again). They ask Sharon if she misses Jacob and she says no, but Shelia thinks she does. They make her repeat a statement saying that she misses him.

Sharon names the slug in the house cammo and Ryan says he is like a Navy Seal for infiltrating the house. Talk turns to OJ Simpson. Shelia signed autographs with him once. Shelia says she did not hook up with OJ, but she dated Ron Darling for 4 years and he was a nice guy. Shelia says the best parties were in NYC in the 1980’s but that she doesn’t miss it since she has already done it.

12 PM – 2 PM

Ryan informs Shelia that he has to nominate her but that she will be ok since Sharon and Adam are trying to go after each other. Shelia says that she knows. Ryan won’t confirm who is going up with her, but throws Sharon’s name around quite a bit. Shelia reminds him that the POV holder gets the vote of who goes home. Ryan tells Shelia that he hasn’t forgotten what Adam did with James, but that Adam is his boy and has forgiven him. He says that Ryan never keeps his word and messed up when he told Natalie that he voted for her to stay. Shelia defends Adam and keeps pushing for Sharon’s nomination. Ryan is confident that Shelia isn’t the target this week and if he wins POV he will pull her off the block.

Shelia and Adam talk strategy. Shelia asks him if he plans on taking her to the end, and he says “till death do us part”. Things get heated between the pair when he accuses Shelia of throwing his name to Ryan as a possible nomination this week. She tells him that she didn’t and storms out of the room.

2 PM- 5 PM

Competition is over. The houseguests take turns taking showers. Sharon and Ryan won the competition. Adam and Shelia have to be handcuffed to each other for 24 hours. (ED: that should be interesting) It was a luxury completion and Sharon won a Beverly Hills shopping spree package. Sharon and Ryan get to meet Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.

Adam and Sharon talk about random things in the bathroom as Sharon showers and puts on makeup. Sharon brings up that Natalie was worried about losing the jury votes to Shelia. Sharon speculates that Adam and Shelia won’t be chained together a full 24 hours since they have to compete for POV.

Ryan tells Sharon that she can probably talk Adam into saving her if he wins POV tomorrow. Sharon thinks that something is amiss, but Ryan swears nothing is going on. They both speculate that Adam and Shelia are the other couple since Adam still insists on keeping Shelia around even after everything that she has done and said to him. Ryan tells Adam that Adam has to use the POV the way he wants him to if he wins it. His plan is to keep Shelia on the block since she has more votes in the jury house.

Shelia cooked fish. As they eat, Ryan jokes with them that Adam and Shelia used to date because of the way they act towards each other. Conversations turn to random chit chat and basic game talk. Shelia complains about being chained to Adam, but then leans over and whispers that it is a blessing to him before going back to complaining. Shelia, Adam and Ryan go outside. Shelia asks Adam to wear a Nic patch while they are chained together. There is a TV in the backyard.
Adam and Shelia really play up being miserable about being tied together, but when no one is listening they whisper to each other. When Sharon is around, Shelia makes it a point to complain about the things that she hasn’t won but then tells Adam that she is glad she hasn’t won them. They agree that anyone but Sharon needs to win the POV. Shelia tells Adam that if he wins POV he needs to keep her, in which Adam does not respond. (ED: Trouble in paradise?)
BB calls a lockdown for the nomination ceremony.

5 PM- 7 PM

Sharon and Shelia are nominated for eviction. Something must have happened during the ceremony, because Adam is determined that Shelia go home. Shelia cries in the boat room. Adam and Ryan talk about Shelia in the kitchen as Ryan cooks. Adam calls Shelia a con artist and an actor.

Shelia and Adam are chained together. While Adam and Shelia are in the Diary Room, Ryan and Shelia talk about the nominations. He tells her that Shelia is the target this week. Sharon throws out the possibility of getting Adam out this week, but Adam says that he wants her safety this week and the nominations should stay the same. When Adam and Shelia return from the Dairy Room attached to each other they are laughing hysterically. Adam and Shelia wonder how they are going to shower and use the bathroom over the next 24 hours. They are all joking around and laughing. Shelia says that she liked having to wear the unitard more than being chained to Adam. Shelia says that she wishes Adam was Alex right now. Adam tells Shelia he is going to run a mile and then go swimming so that Shelia has to do it too.

Ryan listens to music in the HOH room and watching Shelia and Adam on the spy screen. Shelia tells Adam about old wives tales and her grandmother. She also tells him that she is upset with him for voting to keep Natalie. They try to talk to Sharon, but then decide to lie on the bed. Shelia tries to take a nap while Adam reads the Bible.

7 PM – 9 PM

There is a lot of random conversation. Sharon tells Shelia that she is going to get Shelia a present. Adam discovers he can slip his cuff off his wrist. Shelia talks about the yeast infection rumor and how everyone freaked out when she had to wash her clothes in the sink (ED: I would have too!) Ryan and Sharon prepare to receive their movie prize.

After a brief break in the feeds, the feeds return to Adam and Shelia untied and getting into it again. Shelia tells Adam that he wants everyone to like him and that she really cares for him, but she doesn’t think the feelings are mutual. Adam vows to vote to evict Sharon. It appears that they made a deal in the Diary Room; no movie in exchange for being released. Shelia tells Adam that she wants people to tell her things to her face and she acts like she doesn’t like him so that no one will know that she really does. Shelia tells him that it is time to get his hands dirty in the game is he has to and he needs to keep her. Adam told her he would save her. Shelia admits that she has been fake crying in order to keep up the façade that she is upset about being chained to Adam. She gets upset again and tells Adam that she regrets how she treated him the first few days they were in the house. Adam tells her it’s ok. Shelia goes on and on about how she isn’t the same person on the outside of the house and she has to control her temper and be outside her comfort zone. She makes him agree not to let Ryan and Sharon get to him. Shelia again points out that he has the votes in the jury. They both recognize that if Sharon wins that one of them is going home.

9 PM – 11 PM

Adam keeps trying to listen to the movie and gets reprimanded by both BB and Shelia. Adam and Shelia continue to discuss the ramifications of the POV. He tells her that he is going to tell Ryan whatever he wants to hear, but will do what he wants to do in the end. Shelia is called to the Diary Room. While she is gone, Adam rests with his head in his hands at the kitchen table and then lies down on the couch in the living room. All is quiet in the house. Adam is restless and begins to read the Bible.

After reading for awhile, Adam gets up and has a snack. The movie ends and BB calls an indoor lockdown. Shelia informs Adam that after they do personal things that they need to put the cuffs back on. Sharon tells Shelia she would have liked the movie. There are mustang cars in the backyard. Ryan thinks they will be in a lockdown until the morning. Ryan decides to cook something to eat. Sharon and Shelia talk about what the POV competition might be. Sharon says she needs to laundry. They all discuss that there are only 13 days left. Shelia is called back into the Diary Room. Ryan, Sharon, and Adam talk about the movie and other random things. While Shelia and Adam are in the Diary Room to get re-shackled Ryan and Sharon talk about them. Sharon still thinks that there is something going on with them. When they return, Ryan is called to the Diary Room and conversation returns to the movie.

Everyone is winding down and preparing for bed. Shelia is trying to sound frustrated with him, but Adam keeps laughing. They get into bed and are talking and giggling. BB announced that the lock down is over and Adam wants to go back outside. Adam tells Shelia that she looks hot in the handcuffs.

11 PM- 6 AM

Ryan is out of the Diary Room. Adam picks on him about how drunk he was last night. They talk a bit about the POV and possible outcomes. Ryan says that if they win it, it will be up to them what to do with it. Shelia continues to act like she is mad at Adam and would vote him out. Adam says that Ryan and Sharon were scheming hardcore outside. Shelia again reminds Adam of all the votes in the jury house. Just as they are settling in to go to bed, BB calls Shelia to the Diary Room.

Ryan and Sharon continue to discuss Adam and Shelia’s relationship. Sharon takes the opportunity to throw Adam under the bus again. She tells Ryan that Adam told Shelia that he trusted Sharon more than Ryan. Sharon is really pushing Ryan to use the POV to save her and nominate Adam so that they can break up the remaining couple. Sharon thinks that Adam threw the POV. They both agree that Shelia will always choose Adam over them. Ryan agrees that Adam is shady.
Ryan, alone in the HOH room, goes over possible relationships in the house. He keeps repeating Shelia’s name. Elsewhere in the house, Shelia and Adam are still talking. Both feel bad about how it went down with James. Shelia then starts talking about other houseguests and celebrities dating habits. She is being really chatting while Adam is trying to go to sleep. Shelia is restless and can’t sleep. They both struggle to get comfortable. Shelia is miserable and pissed because she is the only one awake.

Fed up, Shelia disconnects herself from Adam and says she is getting some aspirin. She continues the whine and cry about how cruel BB is to her and she always looks out for everyone else and they don’t return the favor. Eventually, she weakens and falls asleep.

Who will win POV? Will Adam and Shelia be able to pull off being the last couple standing? Will Sharon’s seed be planted in Ryan’s brain thus getting rid of Adam or Shelia? Who will be Final 3? I for one can’t wait to see.

Thanks to all the live feeders who keep this thing going. As the season comes to an end it must be difficult to sit and watch just a few people all day every day. Thanks for all you do!