Who will survive…This POV means final three!

10:45am-5:30pm BBT

10:45am BBT BB wakes the HG up for the day.

Sharon is the first one awake this morning, she gets up uses the WC and crawls back in bed. Then Sheila & Adam shackled make their way into the kitchen so she can get her coffee. Adam lays his head on the bar while she talks and complains.
Ryan eats cereal at the bar and snickers at them. Ryan is called to DR. Sharon soon joins them and they talk about BB letting them sleep in. There is just general morning chit chat as Sheila eats her morning bagel, Sharon feeds her furrrriends, and Adam continues to sit at the bar with his head down on the counter. Sheila makes herself look even more suspicious by bringing up the “pre-existing” relationship and saying BB wouldn’t lie so the pre-existing “are you guys” (talking about Sharon and/or Ryan).
Ryan comes out of DR and joins the “pre-existing couple” conversation for a few then BB calls Adam & Sheila to DR. Ryan asks Sharon as soon as they leave if Sheila has been talking smack about him. Sharon says “if she was, I don’t remember”…Ryan heads to HOH talking about how he is ready to “kick some ass today” pertaining to POV comp. All 4 feeds are on Sharon eating a bagel and looking anxious then we get flames. When feeds come back Sharon & Ryan are talking about the “pre-existing relationship”. They throw around everything/everyone except the GP. They that it must be Sheila & Matt. They then doubt that Sheila found BB on Craigslist. Sharon starts talking about being in a van with Matt in PL, Jen said she saw Matt’s ex in PL…guess BB didn’t want her. Then they say it must be Alex. BB really got them going on this one folks. Ryan heads back up to HOH. Within seconds Sharon goes up to HoH and says that they meaning S/A must be on the block together so they have to campaign against each other and they will find out who the “pre-existing relationship“ because it will come out if they have to fight against each other on the block…Is Ryan buying this? Ryan thinks it’s Sheila and not Adam. Sharon wants PV so bad…she is scared of Adam and wants him GONE. Sharon goes down and stares at the memo wall heads straight back up to HOH and tells Ryan about Josh telling her that Sheila said she couldn’t say if she was related to Matt. WHAT is this girl doing? Does she want Sheila or Adam gone. So now it’s Matt again. Ryan replies with a bunch of yeps and I think he wants her out of his room. Sharon is then called to DR.
There is a brief shot of S/A in bed, she has covers over her head and sounds like she is crying…what’s new?

Ryan takes a nap in HOH, Sharon showers and heads to her bead to read the Bible. Adam & Sheila converse in sauna room about her son, being a mother, etc.. Ryan soon joins them and talk turns to the movie premiere he and Sharon won and how hot Cameron Diaz is. Adam says if Sharon wins POV he (Adam), is going home. They all agree on this point.
Talk then turns to evicted HG, how hot Jen is, how much Ryan misses her, etc
S/A head to boat room so Sheila can get dressed. Sheila starts talking about how she has to go #2 and she can’t while being shackled to Adam. Sharon laughs as they walk past arguing. Adam tells her he’s gad she finds it (them being chained) amusing.

In the boat room we get about an hour or so of Sheila talking about her ex, George and addictions…she drones on and on until Adam (and myself) are almost asleep, then Ryan comes in. Sheila continues to complain, Ryan laughs at her misery, Adam fidgets with everything he can get his hands on. Irritating Sheila to death. Ryan says he can’t wait to rip Jen about the name of the evicted “Sexy Six”. Ryan said the “Fugly Four” prevailed.
Adam chimes in with “She’s effin retarded dude”, talking about Jen. Adam says he needs to get changed for POV so the shackled couple heads to the pink bedroom. Sheila is such a LEECH, she starts digging through Adam’s lotions and body washes. Adam tells her it’s expensive so of course she ask if she can have it. Adam tells her no. Sheila then tells him he is stingy like Natalie…uhhh Earth to Sheila…NOBODY owes you NOTHING lady!
Sharon is STILL in her bed reading alone when Ryan walks out of boat room. She declares she has read the whole Bible. Ryan seems to be avoiding her, walks on by telling her great, that’s good.

After getting dressed A/S head to kitchen to get something to eat. Sharon is still in bed and Ryan is either in DR or HOH…he’s not on the feeds anyway. Sheila fixes her usual yuppie meal and they sit at the bar eating and talking. Sheila says she hopes she can go to Memphis in May, she’s gonna see if her brother will fly her out…Adam caught this one and said “make him pay for it uh?“ NEWSFLASH: Sheila is a leech! Meanwhile, Sharon is laying in bed with covers pulled up to her chin, eyes wide open, knawing on her mouth and like it’s a bone.

Back in the kitchen Ryan, Adam & Sheila are eating off her yuppie plate when Adam starts to twist and turn, pulling Sheila all around the kitchen. Sheila gets mad and runs to DR. “BB he’s abusing me with the shackle”. Then she plays the “poor me” card until Adam apologizes. Sheila tells Ryan he’s different when he’s not in front of you…calling him out, I’d say. Sharon makes a brief appearance to make a sandwich. She laughs at A/S being chained together. Adam finally convinces Sheila to go to the sauna so he can lay down. Sheila puts on the “I hate Adam” persona for Sharon.

4:10pm BBT
Waiting for POV
Adam & Sheila in sauna room. Adam is asleep and snoring. Sheila is deep in thought. Ryan in HOH napping also. Sharon not on feeds, assuming she’s sleeping too.
Sheila starts getting a lil stir crazy: pokes at Adam, wants to know what time it is, tries to wake him up…he totally ignores her, she starts talking to BB ‘cause there is no one else to talk to. She says she is chained to the most boring person ever. She finally wakes him and she begins to complain right away…uugghh Then she starts bugging Adam saying please save me Adam, look me in the eyes Adam, swear on something Adam…Adam tells her she’s good. (I dunno about Baller sometimes). Adam pretends to be asleep, the camera zooms in on his eyes. He’s trying to ignore Sheila.
Ryan wakes up in HOH and has a snack or two or three or four…He comes down and goes into pull out room whispers something in Sharon’s ear…didn’t catch it, then lays on the couch that was J/C bed to read the Bible. Then FLAMES.

5:17pm BBT-Flames
5:23pm BBT-Trivia/POV Comp Root for your fav out of the three!!!
6:46pm Feeds are back…Ryan won POV

6:45pm-12:00am BBT
Sharon is in BR alone, Ryan in WC, Sheila & Adam in kitchen all seem happy except Sharon. Ryan just confirmed he won POV. Sheila & Adam are not chained together anymore. Sharon & Ryan join them in the kitchen, all talking about the comp. Something to do with evicted HG. Ryan is called in DR. Sharon & Sheila sitting at the mini with Adam on barstool. More talk about the comp amongst the three. Sounds like the one Dani won last year. After listening to how bad Adam did…wonder if he threw it…I don’t know if he would be that confident. They talk about how Ryan holds the power and can do whatever he wants. Adam & Sharon sit at the table staring at the memory wall. Sheila (Ms. I‘ve just seen BB channel surfing) asks Sharon & Adam how the final HOHs work. Puh-Lease Lady we al know you are probably a feedster. How do the HG not call her out?! They ask BB for the cards back. Sheila wants Tylenol PM…She needs a good nights sleep, she’s a 46 yr old single mother who needs her sleep…nnnkayyy, KNOW THAT!

Ryan comes out of DR walking all cocky and looking in the mirrors. He starts pre-paring some chicken to marinate. Adam is making tuna salad. Sheila asks Ryan what he’s going to marinate the chicken in…Ryan sorta snaps back “Don’t ask so many questions Sheila”. Then he tells her not to ask him about “game “ today. You can tell she gets a little pissy with him. Adam & Ryan have general conversation about friends, working out, making pasta salad. Sheila is cleaning the cabinet by the fridge…The ants are back…Why doesn’t Sharon name them? The boys are preparing supper. Sharon is in DR.

Sharon comes out of DR and within seconds Sheila asks her to help her carry some things to the storage room. When they get in there, Sharon tells her not to stress…that she’ll figure this out. Sheila says “Well I know he’s not gonna put Adam up” Sharon: “You never know”. Sharon almost gave it away that she’s seen talking to Ryan. They head back in the kitchen. Ryan heads up to HOH and lightning fast Sharon runs up there and tells Ryan: He (Adam) winked at her and told her (Sheila) not to stress” ….I’ve been watching and I did NOT see this. Ryan just says yea, yea, yep. She gets the hint and leaves quickly.
She joins Adam & Sheila back in the kitchen. Sheila is called to DR, leaving Adam & Sharon awkwardly quiet so she begins to talk to her fuurrriends.

When Sheila gets out of DR. She heads to the sauna room where she lays down then arranging nail polishes. Ryan is in HOH looking at his pictures. Sharon and Adam are in the pull out room with Sharon telling another…ding,ding,ding…Jacob story. Ryan comes down and as soon as he hears that she’s telling another Jacob story he says verbatim: “Oh, God” yet he hangs out ‘cause Adam story telling abilities far outweigh Sharon’s. Sadly after a few minutes Sharon takes back over telling the story. Long before the story is over, Adam, Ryan and a lot of feedsters feel really, really sorry for Jacob! Adam escapes saying “To be concluded”….Ughh, lets hope not. They all head to kitchen to prepare supper.

8:50pm lockdown over HG allowed back outside. Sharon gets in the hot tub. A/R fire up the grill. Sharon begins the conclusion to the Jacob story. Gooood Loooorrd! Ryan walks in for a minute and comments to Sheila in the kitchen “Uhg, another Jacob story and they always turn out to be an hour long” I feel for ya Ryan. And to top it off, she tries to think of another story to tell when she FINALLY finishes the 1st one. No one encourages her. Ryan & Sheila cook chicken, Adam cooks cabbage and Lil Ms Sharon sits in the hot tub waiting to be served supper.

Ryan comes in for a minute to grab something from the kitchen. Adam is setting the table. Adam says “It’s you and me and two dun broads” Ryan laughs and says “Yea man we gotta talk later” and goes back outside. He comes back in and tells Adam “Bro, I need to know I can trust you” Adam tells him he can trust him he’ll vote whoever out. Sheila, Sharon doesn’t matter to him. Sheila comes in and BOOM convo over…to be concluded. This is the first inkling I’ve gotten from Ryan that he will be loyal to Adam…Now the question is…Will Adam be loyal to Ryan.

After their sit down dinner, Adam & Ryan go out back to have a smoke. Adam promises Ryan that he will boot Sheila. Ryan tells him he has to understand that he has some trust issues so he needs to know for sure that he can trust Adam. Ryan tells him that Sharon tells him that A/S have something. Adam tells him Of course Sharon’s gonna tell ya this shizznick ‘cause she wants me outa the game. They agree they want to go F2. Adam tells Ryan “There’s no way I’m gonna eff ya over a biatch”. Ryan says he thinks it would be better to take Sheila but it’s hard to trust Adam won’t take her to F2 if she stays. So he might want to keep Sharon. Adam tells him “Dude, what I did with James, I’ll do with you…without you I’m effed…I’ll owe you big bro” Adam tells him “I’d rather boot Sheila this week so you can trust me bro…that way we’d be even dude, no reason to mistrust me man…me and you to the end dude, that’s it.” Adam then follows up with “I’d rather boot her (Sheila) this week than have to do it next week”. Sharon comes out and BOOM convo over. Sharon gets in hot tub, Adam & Ryan start a game of pool, Sheila’s inside cleaning the kitchen.

Shortly, Sheila comes out and joins Sharon in the hot tub. Adam & Ryan go inside and have another “trust” conversation about Adam & Sheila. Ryan tells him Sheila is not deserving and they can smoke Sharon. He also tells Adam “I don’t mean to threaten ya dude but if you don’t do this I will not take you to F2 if I win” Adam tells him he will definitely vote Sheila out ‘cause she has he votes in the end anyway. They talk about how they can beat Sharon in the HOH comps. Adam thanks him and tells him he’ll have his back to the end. They head outside to workout.

Meanwhile in the hot tub, Sheila is working Sharon for a vote just in case…she is so transparent. She’s a 46 yr old single mother who has been through a lot…Know That…NnnKayyy Sharon, Just Know That! Poor Sharon stuck there listening to all Sheila’s confiscated scenarials ;-/

After their workout, Ryan and Adam converse in the kitchen again, pretty much confirming everything that was aid earlier. Adam said”Will & Boogie almost did it man” Ryan: “Yea but we’re pulling it off this year”. Ryan warn Adam “Sheila’s gonna be up yur azz dawg” Adam: “We’re gonna be friends forever, Aw man I could tear up bro”. They talk about as long as Sharon drops out 1st on next HOH they are golden. They head out to smoke…Adam is down to 4 cigs. Sheila & Sharon still in hot tub. Sheila notices the boys talking low over at the pool table and calls them out “Why are you guys whispering?”.

Uh-Uh She-la iz going to FREAKKK

The boys head back inside to play a game of chess and talk game…the same talk. They do come to the agreement not to tell the girls anything until Wednesday. Adam admits to being a “softie” and tells Ryan that he’s a tougher guy. Adam says it will be better to do it this week so when it got down to pick a F2 it won’t be like I should pick my partner, it would only be harder then.
Sheila walks in on their convo and may have heard Adam saying “Sorry you gotta go, Peace, Bye”. She walks on by to change clothes. Sharon is inside now too, talking to her baaabbbeeees then she heads off to shower. Sheila comes in complaining she has a headache and is cramping and could use some…ding,ding,ding…TylenolPM. Oh, and she’s blaming her constipation on Adam. Gooood Loorrrrd Woman!

11:40pm BBT Sheila heads to bed the boys tell her “Goodnight Sheila” as she passes the chess game in progress. After washing dishes, Sharon talks to her fuuurrieeendsss, tells them goodnight, and heads to bed. She tells the boys goodnight and gets tucked in. Feeds show Sheila in the boat room, in bed, reading her letter from home and looking at her picture mug. 11:59pm Sheila gets up and turns her light out…she’s tucked in.

12:00am BBT

The boys talk about Sharon being shady. Ryan says there is definitely something up with her. Adam “We boot out Big-Shel, then Sharon”.
12:08am BBT The chess games is over and the boys head to the kitchen to make pasta salad. They laugh and joke about how Sheila is going to go into a rage and punch somebody. Ryan says she will cry to BB that she isn’t going to vote for either of them. Adam says she’s gonna be so pissed she will probably kick the door open on eviction night. Adam says she was digging at her coochie all night with her gross yeast infection. He says he feels bad for her poor kid…You aren’t the only one Adam. They talk about how she blames everybody for everything bad that happens to her. Adam says she’s always telling him he doesn’t have a backbone “Well here’s my backbone bitch…Your outa here!” They are laughing and having a good time. Then talk turns to beating Sharon in the next HOH which will be endurance. Adam says “As soon as she drops out we’re good bro”…Adam asks Ryan what the geyser is in Yellowstone while they are in the kitchen and Sharon hollers from the bedroom “Old Faithful”. They cannot believe she was listening or could hear their conversation. “The Mole” Needless to say, talk turns to anything but game immediately. They continue working on their pasta salad.

They talk about Parker, Jen and other evicted HG. Ryan said that they were both underestimated in this game. Adam tells Ryan Jen wouldn’t have lasted in this game. Ryan talks about the racist thing…he said he doesn’t think Jen mean to do it. They discuss what they are gonna do tomorrow: Cup of Joe, Lay out, Eat Pasta Salad then Workout…in that order. Yea, we’ll see guys! They are in the best of moods. They laugh and say they are on vacation. Ryan reminds Adam “I do this favor for you, you return the favor on Wednesday” They talk about Sharon and how it would not be a good move for either of them to take her F2 ‘cause she would have the votes. Ryan warns Adam that Sheila will be extra nice and cry to him but do NOT let her get to him. Ryan heads to HOH for bed. Adam goes to bed also. Ryan listens to some music, flips through the spy cam, has a snack. Adam is tossing and turning in bed. I think he is really a good guy and is struggling with what he has to do. Sharon is tossing some too, which is unusual for her. BB must have given Sheila some Tylenol PM, she’s out like a light.

1:12am BBT Adam gets up, goes to WC, checks himself out in the mirrors, brushes his teeth, stares at the memory wall (while Ryan watches on spyTV) then back in bed.
Ryan then gets up, looks at all his pictures in HOH, brushes his teeth, gets in the shower…then we lose feeds of HOH room. Hmmmm

1:32 am BBT Remaining HG in bed. Adam & Sharon are tossing.
1:40 am BBT Ryan goes to downstairs WC to get what looked like peroxide. Goes up to HOH to bed. He then gets right back up goes down to get Adam up. When he walks by Sharon’s bed she asked him what he was doing so she obviously wasn’t sleeping. Adam gets up with Ryan and they head BACK to the kitchen for snacks. Sharon lays in bed listening to them chat. Adam starts talking about working for Donald Trump and we get FLAMES. There is a lot of talk about the preparation of their pasta salad and their big festive day tomorrow.

2:30 BBT All Hamsters tucked in their beds.