Big Brother Recap April 19, 2008
As the days click bye in the compound, speculation and anticipation mount

Big Brother let the houseguests sleep in today till almost noon. They called a lockdown 15 minutes later so that BB could get the ants out of the guinea pigs cage. It was a pretty slow day, they worked out, laid out in the sun and ate a lot. Shelia cleaned the bathroom (that is about as exciting as it gets most of the afternoon).

Ryan did tell Sharon that she had nothing to worry about, that Adam was onboard with their plan (to vote out Shelia). Shelia did manage to corner Adam and put on the pity party and why he had to keep her (she is a single mother you know). She told him that she could win HOH next , that it could be something she is good at (like what cooking or cleaning?). Adam said that she will just have to trust him and Ryan and to lay low. She again told him that she saved him and has been protecting him this whole game and that she wanted to go to the end with him, that he had just as much chance as her to win the whole thing. He deserved it as much as she did (again for what Shelia, for cleaning? Cooking or back stabbing?). She also told Adam that Sharon at the end with him he would win, but against Ryan she would win and he should think about that and keep her.

Sharon does try to influence Ryan to use the POV and remover her and put up Adam. She thinks he will be more pissed if Adam wins and boots him out. Ryan keeps telling her not to worry that he is voting out Shelia.

Well all the houseguests except Shelia napped for like three hours. Sheila just roamed around t the house saying she was bored.

Sharon and Shelia chat and both BS each other. Sharon tells Shelia that neither of the boys owe her anything and she expects to go, while Shelia agreed and said it was so obvious that the boys want to be final two with each other. (At this point both believe that they are staying, Adam having the vote Sheila believes that he will vote out Sharon, while Sharon believing that Adam will vote out Shelia).

The night ended with the boys playing chess and Sharon and Shelia both saying they are going to be evicted. Shelia did tell Sharon that Adam threw the POV competition and they guessed it was because he felt safe. Both are real anxious for tomorrow and the POV ceremony.

What will tomorrow really bring? Will the POV ceremony actually happen? Will someone be evicted right after it? The boards are full of speculations because Julie said at the end of Wednesdays show that she would be back Tuesday for the eviction (will that be live?). When will the final HOH begin? Julie also said that on Wednesday that the final HOH piece will be played out and crowned. So when will all this begin? Or did Julie just flub her lines again? The houseguests don’t even know! Until then we will watch them sleep, eat and play chess! Oh what fun!