BB wakes the houseguests up earlier than usual on this lovely Monday morning at 8:30 am. While Ryan and Adam remain in bed, Sharon feeds her beebees and Sheila tries to clean herself up in the shower.

Sharon asks Sheila what she thinks Ryan is going to do regarding the use of the veto. Sheila says that she thinks their fate lies in Adams hands and that Sharon has a better chance with Adam than Sheila does.

Ryan joins Adam in the pink bedroom and begins to read the bible as Adam falls back asleep and starts talking. Ryan laughs at him before going to watch Sharon pack up her stuff. She says that she is a pro at packing now.

All the houseguests play that popular game of laying in bed and bore the live feeders for an hour or so before Sheila gets up and starts to pack her belongings. She states that she doesn’t know how the BB game is played because she has never watched it before. Sheila and Sharon whisper to one another about saving each other if one of them gets off the bock before flames interrupt the discussion.

When the feeds return, all the houseguests are on a lockdown in the boat room. Adam is laying on the cursed bed, Sheila is laying in her bed, Sharon is in the chair and Ryan is sitting against the wall. Ryan joins Adam in the cursed bed and they talk about how it is safe as long as you don’t sleep in it. Lockdown is called off about 45 minutes later and the houseguests begin to get ready for the Power of Veto and Eviction Ceremonies.

Adam goes back to lay down and Ryan, Sharon and Sheila sit in the kitchen to have lunch. Sheila says that she thinks that it is all going tohappen today- POV, eviction and HOH. Ryan joins Adam in the bedroom to lay down and read some of the Good Book. BB calls another lockdown in the Boat Room.

The houseguests begin talking about relationships and how it is all about maturity of the person and not the age. Lockdown is over after another 45 minutes and Adam goes to eat. Ryan asks Sheila if she is going to talk to Allison after the show and she says yes, if she’ll talk to her.

Ryan joins Adam in the red room after he finished eating. Ryan says that he isn’t threatened by her and that the boys have this. Meanwhile, Sharon and Sheila talk about how the next HOH won’t get the room or any special items. They rehash that everyone has won HOH at least once.

The houseguests again play their game of let’s lie in bed and let the live feeders suffer. Every once and a while, someone will pipe in with a story or comment. Sharon mentions there was a bounty on her fathers head while he was in Afghanistan because he wanted to start a girls school there. Sheila mentions that she thinks she stepped on glass and that it is stuck in her foot.

Feeds go to trivia for about 1.5 hours before coming back and Ryan, Sheila, and Sharon dressed for competition. Adam was shown in bed reading the bible. Sheila goes to lay down in the sauna room, Adam begins pacing in the pink room and then goes back to reading the bible. Sheila gets up and goes to the room with Ryan and Sharon and they talk about the movie that Sharon and Ryan got to see.

Ryan gets up and heads to the other room where Adam tries to convince Ryan to keep Sheila. Adam says that Sheila will drop out and then he’ll drop so that Ryan can win it, but Sharon is due for a win. Adam swears he’ll take Ryan over Sheila. Adam says that he’ll have Sharons blood on his hands and that Ryan will be free of the crime. The boys shake on it and Adam says that he is saying what he feels and in his gut and he wanted to bring it to the table. Ryan says that God forbid if she does beat me and then you would be playing against her. Adam tells Ryan to get all pissed off at him when he votes Sharon out and throw his hands up at him. Ryan says that he trusts Adam and Adam replies that is why he came to him with this and he isn’t pulling a fast one on him. They need to be on the same page from now on. Adam says he can’t stand Sheila and that he feels bad because Sharon thinks she is staying.

Trivia comes on at 5:50 pm and continues until midnight when BB:After Dark shows pre-recorded stuff from earlier today. Feeds come back at 10 pm BB time and Sharon was evicted. Sheila is shocked that Adam kept her and is talking to Ryan in the kitchen. She says that she earned the HOH that she won (Natalie didn’t throw it to her) and she lost a tooth during the comp. She and Ryan begin some arts and crafts that BB has given to them. Adam comes out of the DR and exclaims that he had a good session.

Adam and Ryan start tearing pillows off of Sharons bed. They found an earring of Allisons and a lighter. Sheila asks them what they are doing and they just tell her that she’ll see. Sheila apologizes to Adam for treating him badly. She asks for his forgivness and he replies that they still have a couple days. Sheila and Adam are primed to go head to head tomorrow because Ryan won part one. They talk about how Natalie wouldn’t have been able to deal with that competition which had to do with water and boogie boards.

Ryan says that he is going to get a BB9 tattoo and Sheila mentions she wants one on her ankle. They are all making bracelets at the table and Sheila is amazed at how good the boys are. Self centered Sheila thinks that Adam likes her because she reminds him of his mom. Ryan thinks that Sheila and Adams mom would get in a fight. Ryan says that he doesn’t want to be called Rye-bread anymore because it breaks his balls and he doesn’t like it.

Sheila mentions that the gym she goes to has tv’s and Adam jokes that she probably watches lifetime. She denies and says she watches MTV and VH1. Adam hugs Sheila and tells her that he kept her dream alive for the both of them. They laugh at Ryan who has fallen asleep on the floor. Ryan gets up and they talk about how Alex was a stupid player because he didn’t campaign at all. Adam mentions that he thinks Sharon would have done good in the competition but not as good as Ryan or Adam.

Adam tells Ryan that he held up his part of the deal by dropping as soon as Sheila did. They think the votes are going to be split and that Matt will be the deciding vote. All the houseguests head to bed around midnight to dream their little dreams of winning BB9.