It's The End of the World As We Know It!

Here we are boys and girls....the FINAL TWO!

BB is being awfully nice to the boys. They slept until 12 noon. Talk is stimulating with discussions ranging from food to dreams to the beebees being depressed. They lay around, eat, work out and lay around some more. They are both dragging and suffering from nicotime withdrawls pretty bad. (ED: It is pathetic really)

They find out that the jury questions are at midnight. Both boys rest up for the questions and speculate what questions will be asked. Ryan and Adam primp and pee for the umpeeth time preparing for the jury. They are both tense, restless, and stressed out. Ryan plays some pool while Adam practices his speech in the mirror. He plans on pulling out the autism card and using that to show that he plans on using the money to help other people. (ED: I wonder how he will feel when he finds out he was fired?)

The jury questioning took approximately 1 hour 20 minutes. When the feeds return the bros talk about the questioning. Based on their reactions, Sharon was somewhat bitter. They said that “hoops” came out. Sharon, Shelia, and Josh were basically pissed and James, Chelsia, Matt, and Natalie were levelheaded. They both think that James is a good person and would have won the game had he stayed in the house. Ryan continues to deny that he had a deal with Sharon for final two. (ED: Someone *cough-Sharon* must have thrown Ryan under the proverbial bus)

There is a brief feed leak and Shelia can be heard ranting about favors and truth referring to Adam. Adam starts ranting about Shelia and how he carried her in the game, not the other way around. They both talk trash about the jury members and say that their only competition was James. Both boys are worked up and Adam is against spouting trash and being vicisous. (ED: He uses the N-word. Ruh-roh here we go again CBS!) Ryan isn’t saying much, just letting Adam go on and on.

Ryan goes to bed and Adam wonders around the house. He washes his hair in the sink and grabs a bite to eat. Adam returns to the bedroom and Ryan wonders what the jury is shown in the sequester house. Adam gets the rule book and says that they are shown all nominations ceremonies, veto meetings, evictions and group events, but they will not be shown any private conversations or Diary Rooms. Adam continues complaining about the jury members- especially Josh. They are both restless and can’t sleep. They continue to go over the jury questions and talk about how everyone is bitter and hates them. Adam says that he hates Shelia and wonders if he can still get his check if he spits on someone. (ED: What a nice guy.) Adam is up and down the rest of the night and is really wound up. Finally, after 5 am he falls asleep.


This is it folks. The end of the line for me! It has been an interesting season and I would like to thank those who sat through sometimes mind-numbing hours to capture every waking moment in the BB9 house. You guys rock my socks and keep us all in the know.

I for one can't wait until Sunday to see what everyone has to say and ultimately crown this season's winner. Who will it be? The "boy-next-door" Ryan or the often-goofy Autistic-lovin' Adam?

Until next season *cough-July*~ I'm outta here!