Can’t Get Ya Outta My Mind…Adam & Ryan about Jurors
Worrying, Wondering, Pondering…

2:30pm-5:00pm BBT
I suppose BB let the boys sleep in due to their late night filled with anxiety after the Jury Questions….sounds like Josh & Sheila were the most bitter.
After sleeping in, Ryan is the first one up for the day. He’s on the hunt for something to eat. After a few he heads outside to play with the BB golf clubs, lay out, think, worry, want a cig, wait, etc. Adam is still in bed.
2:52pm BB tells Ryan to exchange his mic. Adam pops his head up for a second after hearing BB, lets out a sigh and lays his head back down. I guess he doesn’t want to start the day of “nothingness” in the BB house. Ryan heads back outside to lay out.
He doesn’t lay out long, he’s very restless. He heads inside and hollers at Adam that the lights have to be on and turns them on. Baller asks if BB said so. (They didn’t, Ryan is just bored to death). Adam said he had a bad headache and couldn’t sleep so Ryan heads back outside.

3:10pm Adam gets up after tossing and turning a bit. He heads out back and tells Ryan it’s hot and heads back in to poop, make some coffee. They plan on working out a little later.
When Adam comes back out the first thing he starts talking about is how Sheila ripped into him on jury questions. Adam said Josh was probably getting her all pumped up. Ryan said he can’t stand anyone in the jury except Matt. Ryan tells Adam Josh hates him…Adam says “That dude hates me man, Why does he hate me?” Ryan says “He’s just childish, dude”. They talk about random things while Ryan lays out and Adam eats. Then they begin to bash the jury again…I guess the evicted HG were pretty vicious during Q&A.

They talk about “Hoops” calling Ryan out on winking at Adam across the living room. Mommy (Sheila) being a biatch. They say Josh & Sheila hate Adam. Adam said he ripped Chelsea & Josh but he held back a lot. They say James is probably sleeping while the rest of them brew and stew over having to vote for one of them. Ryan says he is NOT looking forward to going with Sharon to the premiere…He wishes it was Adam “Put a blonde wig on ya, man”. After weighing out the votes a while, Ryan says he doesn’t care. He tells Adam that he knows he is walking out of there with at least 60K so whatever. Adam says he’s walking out with 50K and a bike. Then they start talking about taking a vacation after the show and other general chit chat.

Before long the convo turns back to the votes and where they think they will pan out. They close the convo with “It’s a toss up, Dude”. Then they lay there in silence. I would assume their minds are racing. They have nothing else to do but play and replay the jury questions in their minds. Ryan says he’s gonna workout because he has nothing else to do but think about the azzholes in the jury. He pumps the bar a few times then…BOOM DUNNN… He lays back down and begins to talk with Adam about the jury AGAIN.

Adam said he told the Foundation that he works (worked) for that he was going to donate money so he wouldn’t lose his job by coming on BB. Hmmm I reckon they fired him a little too soon. If he wins the 500K…they will be sorry. I don’t see him donating any $$ when he finds out they have fired him. He talks about his job a few then…back to the jury Q&A. Adam said “Chelsia pulled out the race card again”. Ryan said that was more Jen and he was pizzed off about it but he still loves the girl(Jen). They get tired of laying out and thinking so they decide to work out.

After getting a cup of “jo” they head out back and work out and are able to not talk about votes and/or jury.

5:00pm-10:00pm BBT

The guys head inside after working out to get some grub. While preparing some chicken, Adam busts the first jury comment in a half hour or so, saying All of them are just bitter, mean people. Ryan said Josh was the worst by far. More talk of how they could hear them all laughing…it sounded like they(the jury) was having a party.

They eat their chicken sandwiches outside on the couch, enjoying the weather. Ryan tells Adam that Sheila destroyed him (Adam). Adam says that might cost him his game. They talk about how Sharon is the most boring person in America. Adam can’t wait to see his family. They say they had to hold their tongues to try and win the big $$ but both are happy to be 50K richer. They wish at the end of Q&A they would have said in unison “Don’t Hate The Player, Hate The Game…BOOM”.

Later, Adam changes into a wife beater and house shoes and declares “Hank is out for the night, Dude”. Ryan says he can’t wait t work out with Hank. Both are laughing. Adam lays down to read the Bible. Ryan heads back outside, drinking “jo” and sitting on lounger in deep thought.

A little while later Ryan joins Adam in the pull-out room and tells him “no sleeping”. Ryan lays on the other sofa bed and they begin debating who will vote for who. They are going by %‘s…Matty 50/50...Sheila 60/40 for Adam…Chelsia 50/50...James 60/40 for Ryan, etc… Ryan then heads outside to work out alone, leaving Adam in deep thought on the sofa bed. Before long Adam has pulled the covers over his head and appears to be asleep. Ryan, on the other hand, is very restless.

After his nap Adam joins Ryan outside. They have a nice workout session. Both are able t keep jury convo at a minimum. They talk about life outside the BB house, how they can’t wait for Sunday. After a while Adam heads back to bed to read leaving Ryan pacing restlessly around the house and backyard. Before long, Ryan gets some bubbles and puts them in the hot tub then goes inside and tells Baller he needs to look at the hot tub and the need to tell DR about it…just to get Adam up. Adam gets up, looks at the hot tub, doesn’t seem impressed and heads back to sofa bed to read.

Ryan begins jogging around the yard. Ryan is frikken bored to death…KNOW THAT! Nnnkayyy Yew don’t really need to knew he’s bored but, ya kinda dew. It’s just a scenarial…Oh, I kinda miss Sheila ::smack:: Did I just say that? Please bare with me folks the feeds are SO boring today.

Adam finally gets up after Ryan comes back in to inform him the bubbles in the hot tub have collected and killed millions of bugs. While netting the foam and bugs out they have a convo about going into business together no matter who wins. Adam tells yan the ins and outs of designing, manufacturing, cost, mark up, etc…
8:40pm BB gives them a riddle:
The rich don’t want it…The poor don’t have it…If you eat it you die…Greater than God??…More evil than?? They can’t figure it out but it does give them something to think about other than jury.

They guys play a quick game of pool, then head inside to make a pizza. While in the kitchen they discuss the votes again….neither has an idea…I don’t either. Adam says he thinks Ryan might win due to the fact that the jury brought up him (Adam) throwing comps. Adam tells Ryan he thinks Ryan deserves to win if he wins. Adam predicts a 5-2 for Ryan. Ryan says he was thinking the exact opposite. They both talk about things they wish they could have said to the jurors. Ryan says Josh is pushing for him (Ryan) and he really doesn’t understand why. Sheila is telling Natalie that Adam can’t stand her, that Adam said he was never going into business with Natalie or was never ever going to visit her after the show. (Adam NEVER told Sheila these things that I heard). So Sheila is straight lying to Nat in SH and that has Adam worried. Ryan wonders if the “roast” aka Q&A hurt or helped them in anyway or if everyone already had their minds made up. I would think Sheila is campaigning her azz off in there…which way…who knows?!

Ryan gets the clay and starts playing arts and crafts while waiting for the pizza to cook. Soon after, it’s ready to eat. He does call Adam out about being up against him since he is donating so much to the kids and then Ryan adds If your even going to do that, you could be BS’ng Dude…Adam just laughs. While eating pizza they go over how each juror will vote AGAIN ending the convo with “Who the F knows Dude”…ain’t that the truth!
After eating Adam leaves to go lay down and read, leaving Ryan to play with the clay at the bar.


Ryan soon joins Adam in the pull out room. They talk about the votes again…
Ryan says Sheila will vote for Adam because of the Autistic Children. Adam says Sheila might vote for Ryan because his mom is a single Mom. But he did win a lot of luxury prizes. Ryan says all anyone will remember is that he took 10Gs from a Single Mom.
Ryan: I think I'm losing and that's it. But I didn't get evicted from this b1tch,
Adam: That's the truth. You wanna play chess?
Ryan: Nah, I think my days of chess is this house may be over.
Adam: I understand, I am Baller Fisher, like Bobby Fisher.

Ryan comes to the conclusion that he’s getting the 50K and starts pacing saying he has accepted it. Adam suggests they go in the DR and hang out…seconds later…BB announces “The dairy room is temporarily unavailable”. They laugh and say “These heads don’t want Hank up in the DR”. They are eating candy at the bar just general chit chat and joking around. Ryan says he and James were the biggest bums for smoking Adam’s cigs…Adam says James should vote for him for giving him cigs. They are both feigning for a smoke.

Soon the both end up laying on the pull out sofas. Ryan wants Hank aka Adam to get up and party. Adam tells Ryan to check the storage room and if there is beer…Hank will come alive otherwise he is buried in the couch. Ryan checks…no such luck. So they both are now laying on the sofa beds talking. Adam said he’s intestines are I’d up…his stomached is hurting and his butt is on fire. Ryan tells Adam he’s gonna win 7-0 for voting Sheila out ‘cause no-one likes her. Adam predicts Ryan’s win 5-2 again. Ryan wants Adam to workout again but it doesn’t look like Adam is going to move anytime soon. Adam says it’s his luck, he knows he’s not gonna win…That’s just his luck…He says he’ll get 2nd. They are so bored they are asking BB if they can begin to tear the BB set down. BB: “Ryan, STOP that”.

They are really feigning for cigs and begin to search for cigs behind the pull out sofa. They look outside. They then post in the sauna and start talking about who would win if F2 were Sheila and Sharon. Ryan then tells Adam he (Ryan) should have kept Sheila. He feels now that he might have had a better chance at the 500K if he were up against Sheila rather than Adam. Adam tells him “Your gonna win 4-3 Bro”. Adam says they are gonna vote for you and tell me they are sorry at the wrap part. He said it would be a hard decision picking one of us wouldn’t it. They both head outside. Ryan plays with the golf clubs while Adam cleans the hot tub some more with the net. Then, being Baller, he “vaults” over the hot tub with the pole…and BB gets on to him. Not only are they feigning ciggys they are bored to tears in there.

They both sit at hot tub with their feet in the water discussing the votes again. Ryan then starts playing with the clubs while Adam watches. Adam tells Ryan how sad it is that he’s going to that bad azz after party with the most boring person ever. Adam cannot get over Josh and how much he hates Adam. Ryan talks about how many ways people may vote: strategic, personal, who lied the most, who was cocky, etc.. He says “Ya just never know man”. Adam heads in to shower.


BB must have told Ryan the answer to the riddle. He taunts Adam about knowing the answer until Adam gets pizzed and walks away. Ryan hollers at him “Hank, Hank…I’ll tell ya the answer if ya shave my neck” Adam says “Ok”…The answer to the riddle is: Nothing
Adam guessed it earlier when BB first told them. Adam is a smart cookie. While shaving in the WC Ryan brings up the votes again and after a few minutes he kinda raises his voice and says “Lets effen quit talking about it”. Adam reminds him “You’re the one that brought it up, Bro”…Ryan: “I know, Dude”. Adam walk out of WC and stares at memory wall before laying back on sofa bed to read the Bible.

Ryan gets out of the shower and after checking himself out in every mirror possible, he comments to Baller that his back has doubled in size since his work out yesterday…MMMKayyy. Ryan then says he isn’t sleepy at all. Adam tells him that he’s tired…That’s code for :Leave ME Alone! Ryan then lays on the other sofa and sighs loudly a few times…That’s code for: Pay Me Some Attention. After a few minutes Adam puts his Bible down and says “Talk to me Oil”…This is why I have loved Baller since day 1...If he sees someone hurting, he is compassionate. Even if it incontinences him, he will go out of his way to try and help. :::runs away from haters:::

They begin to joke and laugh and before long who would have guessed…They are in the kitchen eating snacks. Conversation consists of little “game”. Ryan cannot wait to see Jen. How they do it up big, late night. Ryan confessed to Adam that he as “in” with Team Pullout through Josh and Sharon. He asks Adam if he was surprised at that. Adam wasn’t surprised.

After midnight snacks, they are back on the sofa beds discussing votes. They cannot stop thinking about for a second. Adam said something like he wish they both could win…Ryan then said something like halving it, we could make that happen…Adam then said “We can’t, not possible, it’s in the contract. They stop talking about it. Adam starts talking about a booger on the camera. Adam starts playing zoom and not zoomed in with the camera…I think everyone at the BB house is bored, even the people behind the walls.
Conversation consists of their big plans for tomorrow: Abs Class, Beast Workout Sessions, Jo, Etc…

1:59am Ryan cut the lights and laid down. They immediately start talking about how great it was that James congratulated them…Sheila told them they sucked. Adam starts laughing hysterically at nothing…Ryan asked him “What’s wrong with you, Dude?”. Ryan says if Adam can’t make Sheila laugh then no one can.
2:22am Adam comes back from WC after looking and posing in all mirrors. Both are in their beds in the frilly bedroom. They joke and laugh, discuss working out, sex, teets, etc…A little after 3:00 Adam says to BB “I need some TylenolPm” because they can’t go to sleep.
They continue to laugh & joke. Both are in good spirits.

Sunday cannot come soon enough…BB should do a two hour finale with more SH, more Q7A footage, etc…
And Then There Was………………BB10