BB 9 Recap For Thursday April 3, 2008

9 AM – 12 PM

Ryan and Shelia are the first ones awake this fine morning, closely followed by Natalie and Sharon. Shelia, Ryan and Sharon eat breakfast and discuss missing seafood. Sharon feeds the piggies some carrots. James and Adam are the sleepyheads this morning. Adam finally gets up with a yell and a weird fish face. They all talk about coffee and Alex. Ryan and Alex tell Shelia that Alex said he would rather be paired up with Shelia than Amanda. They really pump her ego before they tell her it was a joke. Natalie denies that she had oral sex with Matt. They all tell her that everyone will know for sure when they watch the feeds when they are out of the house. She claims they only made out. (ED: the girl is delusional!)

James finally wakes up and joins everyone in the kitchen. Shelia and Natalie whisper smack about him and say they don’t know how Chelsia slept with him. Shelia and Natalie think that James is going home this week. James and Sharon talk about the physical competitions. James thinks he dominates the house physically, and states that it is a shame that he won’t be around at the final “balls to the wall” physical challenge at the end. He also says that Ryan is intimidated by him. Sharon agrees with him. James has it out for Adam and can’t wait to get him evicted.

Ryan and Adam share more male bonding time talking about getting girls and drinking beer. Natalie and Shelia also bond and talk about their families and Chelsia. Natalie says that Chelsia talking about her selling things on Ebay and crushing her eggs made her more mad than her ranting about Natalie’ abortion. (Ed: She is a strange, strange girl).

12 PM – 3 PM

After leaks of Eminem and the brief images of the food competition involving a lot of mashed potatoes, the houseguests return to the house. During the food competition, they won a grill. James and Adam share a somewhat heated conversation about upcoming nominations. James is trying to talk Adam into not nominating him. Adam states that he was thinking they would work together from now on. Adam points out that after he won the POV’s that he always came back with an attitude. He rants on about how he has never screwed Adam over in the game but Adam has screwed him over (ED:IMO he is digging himself a nice hole). James does most of the talking while Adam just sits there and tells him he has to do what is best for him in the game. When Shelia enters the kitchen the conversation stops.

Before the nomination ceremony, Ryan and Adam talk in the HOH room. Adam informs Ryan that he is thinking about not nominating James this time. Upon hearing this, Ryan goes ape sh!t and calls Natalie up there. They both insist that he nominate James and call him an evil doer that must leave the house. Natalie tells Adam that if he doesn’t nominate James that God will not protect him anymore. (ED: And you are the all-knowing huh Nat?) Adam tells them he is considering Shelia and Sharon. Natalie and Ryan think that if James isn’t nominated that one of them is going home. Especially if James wins the POV, since he will be forced to nominate one of them. Natalie becomes really paranoid and is trying her best to bully Adam into nominating James. She keeps talking in circles about signs from God and how Sharon is the mole of the group. Ryan tells her “Screw the signs from God dude!” (ED: LOL! So much for Team God huh?). Natalie gets really worked up and won’t let Adam say a word.

3 PM – 4 PM

Sharon and Ryan talk in the kitchen. Sharon tells Ryan that she can’t beat Natalie in the end.

Finally, Natalie leaves Adam in the HOH and James enters to try one last time to sway his decision. James again reiterates that he hasn’t screwed Adam over in the game, even though Adam has several times. He points out how if he wins POV that is plan is totally screwed. Adam states that either way his team will be mad at him and he thinks that James is coming after him. James says he is with him 110% and seems to sway Adam a little. Adam tells him that his entire alliance is begging him to put him up, but he has been arguing against it, but James has a hard time believing it. Adams only reservation seems to be that aligning with James will mess up his alliance with Shelia. James promises that he won’t use the POV on Sharon. Natalie comes back in and says that she keeps hearing her name. (ED: Nice one Nat- they weren’t born yesterday) Adam finishes up his conversation with James by telling him he has made some good points and Natalie takes this as an opportunity to light into James.

Natalie calls James out for lying to people. James retorts and says he hasn’t lied to Adam- he has to Natalie and they have worked it out. Natalie then throws Shelia under the bus and calls her a mole (Ed: I thought that was Sharon?) Natalie admits to James that he is the only threat to her in the house. James gets irritated and tells Natalie that he is talking to Adam, but Natalie keeps yapping. Adam says that he doesn’t have a problem putting up Shelia and Sharon, but it isn’t fair to Ryan and Natalie since they haven’t done anything to him. Natalie comes back at Adam and tells him that it will be a waste of an HOH if Adam evicts one of his friends.

Upon hearing his name, Ryan enters the HOH room in to defend himself. James fills him in on what they have been saying. Natalie again chimes in and says that she has to go head to head with Ryan and James for HOH and she is a warrior. Ryan gets angry and points out that he has been with Adam since the beginning and James re-entered the house seeking revenge. Ryan calls him a f*cking liar and a hypocrite. James again points out to Adam that he has never screwed him over in the game. James starts crying and Adam gives him a hug and tries to comfort him. Adam starts crying too and tells James that he has never said anything bad about him and he threw the Drink POV for him. Natalie softens a bit and tells James that she likes him as a person. Adams tells James that he won’t nominate him but he can’t use the POV if he wins it. James says that he never wants to be in a do or die situation again and he promises not to use the POV. They hug and Adam says “F*ck them all. If they want you out of the house let them do it!” James promised not to come after him, even when they start cutting deals. James and Adam bond and throw out scenarios. James wants to get the POV and not use it, thus gaining trust with Natalie and Ryan. James says that he isn’t afraid of anyone in house and complements Adam on his strong mentality before retreating to take a nap.

4 PM – 5 PM

Natalie and Ryan talk in the boat room. Ryan is pissed off and Natalie throws Adam under the bus saying that she knew Adam couldn’t be trusted. Ryan calls Adam spineless for not putting Adam up and they conspire against Adam. They plan on giving him the silent treatment. Ryan wants to blackmail him. Natalie wants to talk to Adam again before nominations, but he is in the Diary Room. She is going to point out to Adam that Sharon could win the POV, and then what will he do? She keeps bringing up what Matt would do if he was here. (ED: He’s not so SHUT UP ALREADY!) They make fun of James for crying. Natalie points out that Adam likes to stir the pot.

Elsewhere in the house, the two unsuspecting females talk about it being an easy week for them. Shelia talks about James’s blowup at her and speculates that she and Sharon will be nominated. Sharon doesn’t believe her. (ED: Listen to the woman!) Sharon goes on the “prowl” to see what is up. She asks James what is going on in the house. He tells her about not using the POV. Sharon asks him if he is trying to get her out and he tells her yes and explains the conversation with Adam without giving her any details.

After talking to James, Sharon goes looking for Adam. Ryan and Natalie are still talking but Ryan has calmed down. Natalie says that they won’t vote Shelia out since she hasn’t won anything. Sharon returns to Shelia to report her findings. Sharon tells her that she is going up against someone, but she doesn’t know who. Shelia says she will be hurt if Adam nominates her and she won’t leave quietly.

5 PM – 7 PM

Outdoor lockdown is called in preparation for the Nomination Ceremony. The nomination ceremony took awhile. When the feeds return it is Shelia and Sharon on the block. Shelia and Ryan are pissed. James tells Ryan that if he wins POV he can take one of them off. Adam says that if James doesn’t win POV that he will backdoor him. Natalie proverbially struts around the backyard saying she already has the POV around her neck. Natalie tries to keep Shelia and Ryan calm and tells them they need to concentrate on the POV. Ryan, Natalie, and Shelia talk trash about Adam.

Adam, James and Sharon talk about the nominations. Sharon understands that it was what Adam had to do. James tells him that he wants to be friends outside of the house. Adam says that everyone knew ahead of time what he was going to do and that the it is everyone for themselves for the POV this time. Adam acknowledges that they are going to isolate him now in the game. He says that he want s everyone to be scared so that they will be on their toes and play hard.

Sharon joins Natalie, Ryan, and Shelia and tells then that she heard Adam tell James that he didn’t want to nominate James because he didn’t want to ruin his friendship outside of the house (ED: damn this girl is good at playing both sides!) They all agree that Adam and James are working together now. Natalie is unusually quiet during the entire conversation.

Lockdown ends and Adam fires up the grill. James and Adam continue to talk about the other housemates. James says that it is ok if he goes home and he and Adam will be friends for life (ED: you say that now…) James asks Natalie if she wants a steak. Sharon and Ryan plot in the Storage Room. Sharon is going to talk to James to see where his vote lies and Ryan has to talk to Adam and find out who a replacement nominee will be if the POV is used. Sharon joins Adam and James outside and Adams asks if they are trashing him inside. Sharon assures him they aren’t and Adam enters the house. Sharon and James exchange pleasantries. Sharon lets James know that she isn’t mad at him and understands why he did what he did. When she says she hopes that she has James’ vote, he doesn’t say anything.
Elsewhere, Adam and Ryan talk. Ryan lets Adam know that he feels betrayed by Adam’s nominations. Adam tries to justify it stating that everyone gets screwed in the game by someone eventually. Ryan tries to throw James under the bus by telling Adam all the things that James has said about him, but Adam says that he already knows since James confessed to it. Adam tells Ryan that he isn’t working with James and that since James would be playing for POV regardless of nominations it really it a moot point and now everyone will play harder. Adam states that his ultimate goal is to clear the air in the house.

Ryan and James talk about the POV. James swears to Ryan that he won’t use it. James tries to win Ryan over after Ryan complains about Shelia and Natalie. They “kiss” and make up. Shelia rises from the bed and chews Adam out for nominating her. She tells him that she would have had his back no matter what happened in the house. She warns him to keep up the act of being on James side until he can backdoor him. Natalie joins Adam and Shelia and goes on about her going home. Adam keeps telling her that James won’t use the POV, but she doesn’t believe him.

7 PM- 8 PM

They all have an all meat feast and talk about the food competition. Ryan tells Adam that Shelia won’t have his back anymore and that he knew that James would get him with the tears. He thinks Adam got conned by James. Adam admits to Ryan that it was BB that pushed him into not nominating James (before getting flames on the feeds). Adams said he told the Diary Room that he wanted out so that he could go talk to the houseguests, but that BB kept drilling him on the pros and cons and wouldn’t let him leave. Ryan keeps pointing out that Adam screwed himself if James lied to Adam and uses the POV to control the votes since one of “them” will have to be nominated. Adam realizes that he might have just screwed himself in the game. Adam tells Sharon that he thinks James will use the POV to save her, but Sharon thinks James will keep his word. Adam tells her that if he wins he will take her off and backdoor James. He is really regretting his decision right now.

Natalie regrets voting James back into the house. Adam tells Natalie he messed up and she agrees with him and asks him who he will put up if James uses the POV? Adam said he would freak if that happens, and Natalie uses this to her advantage pointing out that she wins competitions. Adam again blames it on the Diary Room.

8 PM - 10 PM

Sharon finds a slug in the hot tub and Ryan makes fun of her for calling it her friend. James joins her and again tells her that he won’t use the POV if he wins it. Sharon lets James know that if she leaves than he gets nothing. (ED: I am assuming that she means he won’t get her vote) Team God talk about how Sharon and James are in the hot tub together. Adam returns from the Diary Room and completely changes his attitude toward the nominations from earlier in the evening. He seems fine with his decision now.

Natalie, Ryan, and Shelia talk about their options and promise each other their vote if one of them is the replacement nominee. Shelia is still really mad and takes every opportunity to throw both James and Adam under the bus. Adam joins them in the kitchen and he laughs when Natalie tells them that Team Christ had better pray to win that they win the POV tomorrow. Natalie threatens to Drop On Request of James wins the POV because she isn’t going to let an “evildoer” win.
Adam, Natalie, and Shelia talk in the kitchen. They are saying over and over that James needs to leave. Adam keeps telling them over and over that he messed up but not saying much else. He tells them that this may be the fire under everyone’s butt to get them to try harder. Shelia agrees that his intentions might have been good, but he is making them get rid of James the hard way. They give James a lot of credit and compare him to Superman with superpowers. (ED: scared much?). After Adam leaves the conversations, Natalie goes to Ryan and she is furious with BB because she thinks that BB is favoring James. Natalie prays that they will win the POV, the lights flickers and Adam says it was God. (ED: LOL!)

10 PM – 12 AM

Adam asks for Ryan forgiveness, but Ryan stops him and says that he understands that the Diary Room put him up to it. Ryan jumps in on “the game is fixed for James” bandwagon. Adam says that if James goes back on his word and uses the POV that he will send him home. They continue to trash talk James and get really worked up.

James and Sharon are still together in the hot tub. Sharon takes the opportunity to tell James all the information she has on the other houseguests. Sharon thinks they have turned another page with their conversation last night, but she doesn’t want what she has said to him to leak out to the others. She informs James that Natalie does not have his back and has been lying to his face the entire time.

James and Sharon join the others in the kitchen. Sharon feeds her Beebe’s strawberries. Shelia is in the Diary Room. Natalie, Sharon, Adam, and James realize that they don’t have any food to feed the guinea pigs since they didn’t win veggies and fruits. The mood of the house has lifted somewhat and everyone exchanges casual banter. Everyone takes turns in the Diary Room. James says that he would rather work with people than against them. Natalie tries to offer James a deal. If he doesn’t use the POV, then she won’t nominate him if she wins HOH.

Sharon eavesdrops on a conversation between Natalie, Ryan and Adam. Natalie tells them what James said about making a deal with Adam about not using the POV if he wins it. They say it is put up or shut up time. Adam play fights with Natalie over his ice cream. Everyone is laughing and having a good time.

12 AM – 1 AM

Ryan and James go to bed. Natalie and Adam have a heart to heart and Natalie throws Shelia under the bus saying that she has to go soon. Natalie tells Adam that Matt told her to only trust Adam (Ed: She has said the same thing about Ryan). Adam says that he is still one step ahead of James. They rehearse Adam’s POV speech and they want to know if Adam can nominate himself. Adam has a cigarette and then joins Shelia in the HOH. He asks her to scratch his back and she complains that her ex used to make her do that all the time and she hated it. Shelia tells Adam all about her ex and how he isn’t the one for her. She tells him that he did the right thing, though she won’t admit it to everyone else.

Sharon prepares for bed, tells the babies goodnight and is done for the night. Shelia leaves the HOH and does some chores downstairs before retiring for the night. Adam lays alone in the HOH reading the Bible and picking his nose. He is the only one up and is a little restless. After saying a prayer, Adam too is asleep.

Nighty- Nite everyone!
Will James make BB history by winning four POV’s in a row? Will the house turn once again after the POV ceremony? Things are heating up in the house- can’t wait to see what happens!