BB wakes the HG at 9:31 this am….up and at em, it’s POV today! Today is huge, it’s epic…today is monumental (what‘s monumental mean?)….KNOW THAT, nnnnkayyy.

9:30am-12:15pm BBT

Sheila & Sharon are the first ones up this am. In the kitchen there is just generalized chit chat between them. Ryan, James & Nat get up shortly after and begin stirring around. Sheila, Sharon & Nat are soon in the WC, with Sheila & Sharon sitting on round chair watching Nat get ready. Nat had a dream she won POV and is convinced it’s a sign she’s gonna win…Boom…Dunnn. (Love Nat, but still ROFLMAO). Ryan & James sit in kitchen together rather quiet and somewhat tense. There is talk between them of how long F2 is in the house. Adam comes down from HOH to join them in the kitchen.
10:39am BB calls James to the DR.
James tells Adam good morning on his way to DR. Adam asks if he feels better today and James says “Yes, and you?, Adam replies he feels better too.
10:58am BB calls Sharon to DR
When Sharon leaves the WC, Natalie said if Sharon won POV she will leave it the same because she will do anything James just like she sacrificed herself for Josh by gong on the block for him. She feels she will be able to talk Ryan and herself (Nat) to vote for her to stay over Shelia. Shelia is shocked saying 'that is freakin' unbelievable. Last night Natalie and Ryan did tell Sharon that they would keep Sharon over Shelia but Sheila has no idea. They talk about Chelsia and how her parents must be embarrassed. Sheila says they gotta be sayin to her “What the hell were ya thinking”. (Did Chelsia ever think?)
Meanwhile, Sharon is out of DR and her and James are in their beds. James ask Sharon if Nat will use the POV if she wins. Sharon tells him Nat will pull Sheila off. Sharon then asks James if he will use it on her if he wins, he shakes his head no…back to silence…Sharon reads and James lays in bed quiet and deep in thought. (He will SO use the POV on her if he wins…JMHO).
Nat goes up to HOH, where Adam has been all morning. She gets 2 strawberries for the GP. She tells him to drink a protein shake, give it his all today…”Get your game face on” then leaves to feed the GP. She starts talking to the GP and James & Sharon can hear from their BR. Sharon makes a face at the GP baby talk. James sits up and tells her “Sounds like you”. (Do ya think Sharon realizes how annoying she has been sounding?)
Everyone is anxiously waiting and wondering…Hamsters and Feedsters.

12:15-2:27pm TRIVIA/POV Comp

2:30pm-5:30pm BBT

2:27pm Feeds are back and Sheila & Nat are hugging and crying in the WC, Ryan joins them and he and Nat do a happy dance together. Ryan has won POV!

Nat leaves WC and goes into red room where James is standing (looking kinda lost). She tells him she’s sorry that she tried but it just wasn’t her game. (She’s working a jury vote here). There is some joking around in the kitchen between Ryan, Adam, Sheila, Nat & Sharon about the “Charlie’s Angels”. Adam & Nat have a quick chat in the sauna where Adam tells her “now he’s gonna go, no moping around…nothing” and Nat tells Adam she’ll put up Sheila & Sharon if she wins HOH next week, telling Sheila she’s just the pawn.
Meanwhile James is lying on his bed. Adam walks in there and says something to him. "you too" I think I heard. James telling Adam thank you. "I'm so happy. It makes you a better person." Adam loves James as a person. They hug. Adam: I had to do it. I did the right thing. James is okay with what is going to happen. Sheila needs the money. She just needs to work for it. James: we'll figure it out. James heads into kitchen.
All HG are in the kitchen eating and there is general talk about the comp. (sounds like questions about what day did such and such happen).
After eating Ryan and Sheila talk in the boatroom. Sheila: he did it to me. He put me in that position. Ryan isn't going to say anything yet. Sheila: I just hated what he did. Sheila: he didn't want to do it. Are you frickin' kidding me? Ryan saying James would've let Sharon win bc she would've kept herself on the block. Ryan: do you think he will put him up? Sheila: he better. He's not going to put Natalie up. He wouldn't be stupid. You or I have to win HOH next week. Ryan leaves.
Ryan and James play a game of chess. Ryan asks James how he is doing. James says Ok, just disappointed in myself. That’s all ya can feel ya know? Ryan replies with a “Yup” and I think those were the only words spoken throughout the entire chess game.
James goes into bedroom lays down next to Sharon. He says it’s do or die and that Sharon is going next. James says he has already been evicted his cherry is popped now he can be more relaxed. Sharon says she will figure things out. James says you better. He says it is cool he can go spend 2 weeks in sequester with Chelsia. Sharon says it will be like a vacation. Then she talks about last season when they showed the sequester house.
Meanwhile Adam and Ryan are talking in the sauna room: Adam says they are good as long as they don’t go on the block together. Ryan says they are good for next week, he is gonna win HOH and put some bitches up. Adam says its a wrap. Ryan " its getting down to it man, nothing but air time" talking about all the time they have gotten on the air, how much time they are on TV during the week.
Adam and James have a private convo in the dining room sitting in chairs looking at the memory wall as they talk I didn’t catch much of it but James said something about Ryan and “talking him into it” (don’t think it’s gonna happen Jimmy).


We lucky feedsters get to hear Sharon’s story about Jacob “splitting” her about 4 times along with her annoying screeching laughter. (Is it just me??)

Sheila, Adam Sharon, James in hot tub. Sheila complaining about josh attacking her and telling him to not bring her family into it, just to put her on the block and evict her. Sheila says she always looks at the good in people until they show her something different. Adam calls her out on it and reminds her that she hated him at first and saw nothing good in him at first. Sheila says she's apologized to him a million times. James asks Sheila how it makes her feel that he f'cked with her the way he did. Sheila admits it doesn't make her feel good because it's very disrespectful, she says she thinks he's a little sh*t, but she doesn't hate him. She even wished him good luck before the POV and she meant it. Sheila says this is one of the hardest things she's ever done in her life. Adam says at least you'll be here for your birthday. James says he hopes he ruined Matt's B-day. James says Nat has balls because of the card she made for matt. Sheila says she thinks everyone talks behind others backs except Sharon (If Sheila only knew).
James says to Sheila that she needs the money and that he is ok leaving before her. Sheila thanks him, and goes on about wanting to win something. James urges her to try and win, cause she needs the money more than him. Sheila says it really bothered her seeing him being isolated, it made her think “ What if that were my son?” (hmm thinking jury vote).
Just general chit cat until all leave except Ryan & Sharon, then game talk begins bigtime.
Sharon wants to be prepared if one of them win HOH and there is a double eviction. Ryan doesn't want to think ahead just deal with this next HOH. She explains that there will be no time to think once if there is a double eviction, that once it happens there is no time to discuss its just wham wham. They both want to put up Natalie and Adam but they need to really think about who is the biggest threat to go home. What will be more important to eliminate mental (Adam) or endurance (Natalie). They're not sure but Ryan think Natalie should maybe go first but do not underestimate Natalie is those situations as well.
Sharon plans to start planting info and thought into both the girls heads while they are sunbathing for the rest of the week so that when it does happen and there is not time to talk and compare info that they will automatically think that Adam deserves to go up because of what happened this week with NOT putting James up. They both think they can use that and that Adam has lost trust with all his side.
They also talked about what she thought about him (Ryan) not using the POV on Sharon since James will go up and be voted out. Sharon is perfectly fine with that and agrees it is best to not blow their cover. They are still good to go to the final 2.
BB gives them 2 bottles of wine around 9:30 and all houseguests seem to be in good spirits, jovial and social. James has even rowed his boat ashore off the island he was isolated on and seems to be having a good time.
Sheila prepared chicken & pasta for the house and everyone is in the kitchen/dining room. There are a lot of random conversations. Nat does not know what “pedestal” means: James says "Is this game, are you kidding or do you not really know?" She really doesn't. Everyone pretty much explains it to her, gives the 'admiring people' definition and James uses a pepper mill as a visual aid. She finally GETS IT!
Ryan & Adam have a quick convo outside. Baller begs Ryan to trust him again and he promises that he will put Jimmy up. Ryan says its good between them and they head back inside for more house conversation. They discuss past HG, what type of personality each has…either A or B, what the girls want to name their babies, etc…
Then the conversation turns to Nat and the whole BJ conspiracy. Boy, Nat does a good job covering this one. She pleads her case and says Matt was a liar and that he even lied to her, his own soul mate. She also says that Matt lied to her about being the vote to bring Jimmy back. She says of course he’s gonna lie to you guys about that. I’m amazed, I think she has them somewhat convinced that it never happened. James, Sharon & Sheila have already gone to bed and when this conversation ends Ryan, Adam & Nat head to bed as well. Ryan & Nat say they are gonna get some good sleep. Adam heads to HOH. That’s about all folks.

Will Jimmy really go quietly?
Who will Ryan use the Veto on?
Will Adam put Jimmy up if Vet is used?
Ah, day to day in the BB house……….Sweet Dreams Hamsters!