Big Brother Recap April 5, 2008
James’s lame attempt to stay and one couple still intact and thriving!

Big Brother woke the houseguests up at 10:00 am. All seemed in a decent mood except James who got up and then went back to bed. They eat breakfast, the DR told them their outside toys that they won in the Food/Luxury competition would be there today. They were excited about that.

After a discussion about coffee, Adam referred to coffee as “Joe” and Nat never heard of that. She went on and on how she never heard of that, and how did it get that name, and that none of her customers would call coffee “Joe”.

Nat then goes on and on about Matt and how he lied to her. How she is going to slap him when she sees him. She said he lied about trying to hook up with Chelsea and Sharon and about her giving BJ’s.

Sharon tells Nat that James is ready to go, he just wants to enjoy his last days here. He is ready for a vacation with Chelsea.

At lunchtime the group has an outside lockdown. They all eat, except James who had to get out of bed; he just slept on a lounge chair. Adam grilled them burgers. Once the lockdown was over they find their outdoor toys on the kitchen table. They got Oversized golf clubs and tennis balls, real golf putter and putting green a remote controlled truck and some “topic” cards. (Pretty lame considering they were expecting a trampoline and pool floaties.).

They played and discussed some of the cards, like what would you name your boat etc. James did play this with them.

Ryan and Nat discuss why James has not come t them and ask to stay. Ryan said he is done and content on leaving, Nat thinks he is waiting for the last minute.

James and Sharon briefly discuss campaigning. James said the DR wants him to campaign but he hates these people and all they will do is yes him to death and then flip and put him out anyways. Sharon thinks that the only one they might be able to convince them to put up is Nat because she is such a heavy competitor. James agreed. James does not think Ryan will get rid of Nat, but Sharon thinks she will because he wants to bring either Shelia or herself to the end because he could win against them. James tells Sharon to keep playing that angle (that they can win against her).

The houseguests all seem to get along. The house is boring most of the day, people nap, snack and Adam loves the remote control car. James did make the comment that he was going to call people out on everything they say. Sure enough, Sheila leaves the room, Nat said if I lose to her (meaning Shelia) then I deserve to go home. As soon as Shelia returns James and Adam tell her what Nat said.

Sharon and Shelia have a secret discussion. Sharon tells Shelia that since day 1 she has had her back. She also tells her that Nat wants to have a secret alliance with James that she believed nobody would believe that they were aligned. Shelia then said Nat believes she has this game won with the boys.

Ryan had to see the doctor because of a pulled muscle in his neck. The doctor told him to ice it down and not to do any physical activity for 48 hours.

The boys kept bring up the BJ’s to Nat. Telling her things Matty supposedly said. Nat kept stuck to her story that it did not happen and Matty got evicted because he lied to everyone. James kept bringing it up all day just to bug Nat. At one point, James said to Adam he had a huge choice to make tomorrow (meaning replacement for POV) and Nat looked annoyed at James and James commented by saying I can’t blow Adam but you can for a favor!

At one point in the evening after a few glasses of wine, Adam and Shelia had this conversation. Sheila asks Adam, why would you put me up instead of Natalie? Adam says because you would be safer on the block than Natalie, Sheila says because cannot sleep she's a strong player? Adam says yeah. Sheila thinks about it. Then she says maybe I'll win this thing without winning any competitions, have you ever thought about that? Or maybe I'll just win the very last HOH, that's the only one I really need to win.

Adam says, you start telling me you're going to put on the block. Adam says I put you on the block during a week where there was no way you were going home. Sheila says I don't wanna win right now. I don't want to evict anybody; I want to win HOH at the very end of the game. That way I won't have to put anyone on the block or evict them.

Sheila says there's no way that we'll be up on the block together. I just don't know what's going to happen; there are so many stronger players in the game than me.

Sharon and James discuss how to make Adam put up Nat instead of himself. She is a tough competitor, will win at end and people are intimidated by her. James approached Ryan with the possibility. Ryan admitted that he was afraid of him (James). That he did not think Adam would go for it either. Ryan says he wouldn’t care if Natalie got put up. James states he doesn’t have the balls to go up and talk to Adam about it right now. And Ryan says it would be a tough bargain. James says he would make some good deals, but he’s pissed a lot of people off and people are not big fans of his. Ryan says he doesn’t wanna use the Chelsea card against J because he gets the Jen card used against him a lot.

Meanwhile up in the HOH Natalie told Adam and Sheila, they're going to try and get you (Adam) to put me up instead of him (James). Adam said I already told him I was cannot sleep putting him up. They can see Ryan and James talking in the kitchen on the HOH spy screen. Natalie says James is probably trying to get him to not use the veto. Sheila is not happy about that. James told Nat that if James leaves the house, it's going to be worse for Nat because everyone will be after her then, since she's such a strong competitor. Sheila says oh yeah right, no one is coming after you Natalie! (ed. LOL)

Natalie relaying her conversation with Sharon earlier while they were tanning about trying to get Adam out, and the girls vs. guys scenario.

Sheila says James said earlier to her that he can't wait to see who turns on who first in Sheila's group. Sheila says give me a break, we know what's going to happen, it's a game.

Natalie is imagining what James is telling Ryan right now, Dude, now that you're hurt you need me on your side, because I'm a strong player, bro.

They say they can tell that Ryan is talking game with James because of his body language.

After everyone left HOH and went to bed Adam and Shelia had this conversation.

Adam crawls next to Sheila in bed, she says they went through their sh*t, since day one, but she truly believes out of any one in this house, that the two of them are going to be the final two, even if she doesn't win anything, maybe she'll set a record for that.

Sheila says the bottom line is that we are the last couple standing, and everyone watching this game sees that the couple that everyone hated is there in the end. Opposites attract. This is the season of love. Why every couple would be split up. BB has never done a season like this before. Why couple us up, for what reason? We have been through the f*cking ringer. Adam says we've dodged a lot of bullets.

Adam says James told him, you gotta look out for Big Sheila. She says whatever. Sheila says she knows Natalie is going to say to him, that she wants to go to the end with you. Sheila says Natalie already feels like she's won this game. She's 17 years younger than me. I'm smart, I'm a woman. I'm not a betting person, but after Sharon's gone she will try to get with you or Ryan to try and get rid off me. Know that.

Sheila says I don't know if I told you this, but Ryan told me he was a stronger competitor in this game than you. Adam says really? But Adam says I think I can beat you at the end Sheila. Then he says if not, he'd be happy with the 50 thousand. Sheila says Natalie or Ryan is going to try and turn you against me. I guarantee you, she will want to go to the end with you, not with Ryan because he's a nice guy and people would vote for him.

Adam says James told Ryan he was going to Back Door Adam because he didn't vote for him to come back into the house, until James realized it was Matty that didn't vote for him.

Sheila says you gotta know, they are going to come to you, and you can't let them know what you are doing. Its f*cking perfect. James thinks you hate me and that I hate you. Sheila says Adam is Ryan’s boy. She doesn't know if Adam could win over Natalie. Sheila said people might not want to give me the money because I haven't won anything, I DON'T CARE. (ed. LOL)

Sheila says his noms were ballsy, it was a gutsy move. Ryan just HAS to use the veto. Adam says we can trust Ryan. Adam says I can trust you, Sheila says till the end. We've had each other's back.

Sheila says don't buy into the hype. I'm naive, I'm gullible. But I'm the master of flipping this house. By the way Adam, stop calling out my game plan in front of people. Adam says they think it's a joke, but it really happened. Adam said people are going to come up to you and try to start stuff, but don't believe them. They think it might be a double eviction, but Adam says Sharon is delusional. They think the golf clubs might have something to do with a competition.

Adam says so you think Natalie will have my back before Ryan’s? Sheila said yes, you need to trust me in this game. Just remember who you want to see at the end of this game with you, Adam says you. Sheila says me too.

I don't think I have a chance against Natalie at the end of this game, but who knows? Sheila says that's when I want to win HOH, at the end so I don't have to evict anybody.

You will be at the end of this game Adam, I guarantee you, and you’re strong. You go to the end and kick *ss. I'm definitely jumping ahead, but I'm looking at the end of this game. Till death do us part, Adam says, we were true to us till the end. That's the f*cking love story. I hate you Adam, and I know you didn't need to do this show, that you have an amazing life out of this house, that you would do amazing things with the money. Everybody else has thrown their partners under the bus. But everyone watching the show on the internet and on Showtime, they see that we're the only partners that are still together.

Sheila says, listen, some of it's real and some of it's fake, but I hope that Miss Hooters girl doesn't change what we're doing here. Don't let her manipulate you. I'm a machine. I'm better than Allison. Sheila says if I decide I don't want someone to be in this house, you're NOT going to be in this house anymore. With my last breath I'll just go to the floor saying they have to leave this house. Don't mess with me.

Sheila says I WANT people to think you and Natalie are hooked up, so it takes the focus of me. But don't let her manipulate you, she's smart and Sharon's smart too. Give me the end, I'm already gone through the hell of not seeing pictures of my son, and getting a letter. Don't make me put people up on the block, I can't do that.

Adam and Sheila still think there were other secret couples in the house, Sheila says she knows there were. Adam says who, but she won't tell him till they are out of the house. If someone tells me not to say something, I'm not going to say it.

Sheila: I know tomorrow's a big day for you, so goodnight. Adam says goodnight and Sheila leaves to wash her face downstairs.

What will tomorrow bring? How many times will the BJ incident be thrown in Nat’s face? Will James pull out a wild card? Will the DR step up someone’s game? Will Shelia ever shut up? I do hope Ryan’s neck is better it looked painful.