BB wakes the remaining houseguests up a little after 10:15 am playing only 3 songs which makes Natalie upset because she wants more. Sharon says good morning to her babies while James gets up to exchange batteries and head back to bed but BB is tricky and calls an outdoor lockdown. Sheila tells everyone that she hates that the bathroom is so far from her room because she finds she holds “it” when she needs to go, but doesn’t want to get up in case BB wakes the houseguests up.

After the lockdown is over, James begins playing golf in the backyard, while Natalie whispers to Sharon that she is the target for the others next week. She laughs it off and says that she has heard that Natalie is planning the same thing. Sharon thinks that the boys are going to keep Sheila until the final three and that they talk trash about her behind her back but nice to her to her face. Sharon wants to take Adam out because he is working with Sheila and Ryan.

Sheila asked Natalie what was up and Natalie says that James said that Natalie was the next target, but Sharon hadn’t told her that. She calls Sharon a mole and says that she isn’t telling her anything. Sheila tells James that she is mad at Adam for leaking information to Natalie. Sharon, Sheila and Natalie realize that Adam tried to work James for a vote if he makes it to final 2. They talk about if it is a Fast Forward week, which boy they would vote out.

Natalie is getting annoyed because she is trying to figure out who the mole is. Sheila is annoyed because she is getting blamed, but what she doesn’t know is that fifteen minutes ago, Natalie was blabbing all to Ryan. Natalie leaves to read the bible and Sheila complains to Sharon that Natalie thinks she is stupid.

The girls find themselves in the bathroom together and Natalie admits that the boys are trying to get her to put up Sharon and Sheila if she wins HOH. Sheila is amazed that Adam has money after Sharon tells her a story that he said if he gambles away all his money, he’ll have his mom fly him home. Sharon shares the entire story of her relationship with Jacob to the other two girls. Afterwards, Natalie gets on her soapbox and says that “God opens up your eyes to the light and you can see the signs before you were blinded by the darkness.” They then switch topics to soap operas, Discovery Channel and how Natalie loves Extreme Makeover Home Edition but it makes Sheila cry, so she doesn’t watch. Sheila loves the idea of doggy day-cares in every office building so that owners could visit their animals on breaks (is she insane? Not every office building has a CHILD daycare, let alone a doggy daycare).

Ryan begins driving the remote controlled car around the backyard, piping into the girls conversation every once and a while. Sheila asks him how his neck is feeling (sore) and says that her son dropped her while play wrestling two years ago and she drove herself to the hospital.

Everyone outside as an outdoor lockdown is called around 3 pm. Ryan tells Adam that the girls have been scheming. Natalie tells Sharon and Sheila that as long as a girl wins this week, it’s a done deal. Once the lockdown is over, James stays asleep in the boat lounger, Sharon lays alone and the rest go inside. Adam seems worked up and wants to go off on James and Sharon because he thinks James is giving her information. Ryan says that Sheila better not believe (Sharon) over us (he and Adam). They plan to take Sharon out next. Natalie tells them to keep quiet because she doesn’t want Sharon to know that she is playing the girls as well.

Sheila joins Sharon in the hot tub and Sharon asks her if she trusts Natalie 100%. Sheila replies no. Sharon tells her that maybe they’ll drag Natalie to the final three and then take her out. Sheila tells Sharon that she can’t win HOH now because she’d have to put up one of her won. She wants Sharon to win and to not put her up. James comes over after waking up and going inside to make food. He says that he plans to poke fun at Natalie all day tomorrow and Sheila tells him to go ahead. Sheila says that she thinks that Natalie will put up the other two girls if she wins HOH and James agrees because she wants to keep the guys. Sheila says that she will never turn on Natalie but Natalie will turn on her. James offers to keep Natalie up all night on Wednesday so she’ll be a mess for the HOH competition.

The houseguests (minus James) eat dinner around 6:45. James eats outside alone and then plays with the cars. Ryan goes up for seconds. Sheila isn’t happy with the rice because it’s not DUN all the way. They talk about movies around the table. Ryan washes the dishes after everyone is done while the girls relax. Sharon heads toe her bed to read the bible and Ryan goes outside where James is. James says he wants to clear up some things and asks if Adam tossed the veto competition to let Ryan win. James tells Ryan that Adam told Natalie everything. Ryan admits that Adam didn’t want the confrontation and that is how he played the veto.

Ryan heads up to HOH and tells Adam that Sharon and Sheila want to go after them. Adam tells him that he’s got Sheila covered and will make out with her if he has to. Ryan says he’ll be pissed if Sheila and Sharon are in the final two. Ryan leaves to run in the backard.

Sheila heads up to HOH telling Adam that Natalie is the true threat because she is playing both sides and is lying to one of them. Adam tells her not to listen to James because he is saying a bunch of stuff and Sheila tell shim not to worry that James knows he is going. In order to get her attention that the coffee is done, James flashed the spycam.

Ryan and James begin to play chess while Adam and Natalie talk game outside. He tells her that he is sick of Sharon and that James doesn’t want anyone to win but Sharon.

Sheila and Sharon are completely onto Natalie now. They talk about how she has set herself up on both sides if anyone but her were to win HOH. They realize that Natalie has been the mole. Sheila figures out that Natalie is trying to get the other two girls before they get her. They plan to pretend with Natalie and hope they get HOH.

The two girls head out to the kitchen where James and Ryan are. Sharon seems to be riled up from all this talk about Natalie and James asks if she is going to call them out on it. Sharon answers maybe. As the night progresses, James eggs Sharon on to call Natalie out because right now, he has her back and soon he won’t be there. He tells her it won’t matter anyway because Natalie is coming after you anyway and that she is in a lose-lose situation. James wants to hide Natalie’s makeup. He tells Sharon to be careful of Sheila because she goes back and tells everything they say.

Natalie and Adam are outside by the hot tub and Ryan joins. Ryan reports what Sharon and Sheila are doing and Natalie is going along just egging the two boys on that James is the mole and that he is stirring up the pot before he goes. The three of them get pretty riled up about the other three in the house.

Sheila tells Natalie and Ryan that James hasn’t really been talking smack and that he knows he is leaving but just doesn’t want to. Later on, James tries to convince Ryan over a game of chess to keep him using the argument that he would be able to take out Natalie. He mentioned that he did keep both Ryan and Sheila and voted out Matt and that screwed him. Ryan tells him that if he were to vote for James to stay that he would need to make sure someone else was on board as well. James says that Sheila would be. James also reminded Ryan that the girls could team up and that the two boys would be screwed. James said that Natalie thinks she is Slick Rick and playing everyone.

After the boys chess game, Ryan heads up to HOH and tells Adam that there is nothing that would make him want to keep James in the house. Sharon heads up to the HOH to vent because she is pissed that she is being called the mole by Natalie when she thinks Natalie is the one that made it all up. The boys head downstairs for a smoke and Adam and Ryan are confused as to who to believe. They both agree that Ryan needs to win HOH. Ryan says he’d put Natalie and Sharon on the block to let the fight it out.

Sharon and Ryan talk in the sauna for about 5 minutes. She tell him that she is pissed and is going to go balls to the wall to take Natalie down. She says that if she wins HOH, she is going to put Sheila and Adam up saying she wants to break up the couples and then will put Natalie up to get rid of her. Ryan and Sharon both head to bed.

James is the last one awake and he is tossing and turning constantly. He gets up and heads outside to get in the hot tub, leaves the hot tub after 25 minutes to take a shower. Once out of the shower, he puts on a pair of tighty whiteys and goes to play golf outside. He goes inside to get fully dressed and makes some food and heads outside to grill the burgers he put together and eat. He mentions that he wishes he was trashed and signs a little to himself. He eats a burger and lays on the couch in the bathroom. He heads back to bed around 4 am.