House guests awaken to the song “I’m Too Sexy” at around 8:30 BBT and the HG’s slowly go about their usual morning rituals. They are excited because they are supposed to have a “Luau” this afternoon and are speculating about what BB is going to supply for them. Over breakfast, Sharon and Sheila tell Adam that Natalie is taking Ryan to Final 2 with her and will put them up. They all agree that Sharon and Sheila need to step up their HOH game Wednesday. They change subject to Sheila’s Birthday Saturday as Natalie comes out of Bedroom.

Everyone starts heading outside for the day as James grabs a bag of flour and stuffs it in his suitcase. He’s planning something for Natalie and said the DR was encouraging it but cautioning to watch her eyes, saying that he got lucky with Sheila.

Later when everyone is outside sunning themselves, James walks out in a towel and drops it to reveal a fully nude body and lies next to Natalie on the lounger. James says “I got a whole afternoon of nude time with you guys” and everyone but Natalie laugh. He keeps making remarks for Nat to touch it, while others are egging him on. Nat runs in and tattles on him in the DR and they tell her he can be nude but can’t sexually harass her.

Sheila and Sharon try to work Ryan, telling him that they would not put him up. They are scrambling to throw Natalie under the bus before HOH Wednesday because they know that she is going to put them on the block if she wins.

Everyone slowly moves into the house as the party countdown has begun. The doors close without BB announcing lockdown and everyone speculates about this.

Adam and Ryan are playing chess and a still naked James is watching them. The girls have been given scissors and are trimming their hair. James is called to DR and apparently asked to put his pants back on.

We get flames and then when we come back everyone is outside looking disappointed. They have burgers to grill and fixins and snacks and no alcohol (ed. LOL). They grill their burgers and comment how this is the best party ever.

Quickie show recap

Shelia, Ryan and Natalie are unhappy with Adam with his choices for eviction. James tells Ryan that he won’t use POV if he wins. Ryan, Natalie and Sheila are determined to win POV now. After speaking to Ryan, Sheila, and Natalie, Adam admits “I’m a moron”. James conforms to Natalie that he won’t use POV and Natalie makes a deal with James that she won’t use POV if she wins it.

In the hot tub, James tells Sharon pf his deal with Natalie and Sharon said not to trust Natalie and that Nat just said that so he would not put her up when he won the Veto. Later that evening in the dark of the bedroom, James talks to Sharon and they pledge support for each other since they are alone in the house.

The Veto Competition begins and everyone plays. Players have to search for numbered rocks in response to questions of days asked by Giant Tiki Statue. The closest one to correct answer wins round and the farthest is out. Nat is out first. Sharon out second. James out third. Sharon out fourth. Adam throws the competition to Ryan so he wins Power of Veto.

Natalie, Sheila and Ryan jump around the bathroom celebrating the win. Sharon informs Sheila that Natalie told James that she would work with him. Sheila tells Ryan that she has his back and James asks Ryan not to use the Veto. Ryan asks James if Nat made a deal with him and he tells him yes.

Veto Ceremony is called to order and Ryan takes Sheila off the block and Adam replaces the nomination with James. End show.

After the show we come back to Natalie sleeping and Sharon working the heck out of Adam. Sheila says Nat knows that Adam/Sheila are still a couple. She asks Adam to swear that he doesn’t have a deal with him and he does. (ed. lying)

James, Sheila, and Adam are in the HOH and James is asking for a sympathy vote from Sheila. James goes on to tell them how Natalie has been trying to cut a deal with him from the start. Someone mentions Nat being a Seahawks cheerleader and Sheila says no she isn’t. Someone said she was and Nat just didn’t correct them and the boys are shocked that she would do that. Meanwhile they are watching Nat on the HOH screen eating pizza and James is making fun of her.

A little later James and Sharon enjoy a sauna together while Natalie cuts Adam’s and Ryan’s hair. Not much from James tonight. I am disappointed. Tune in to Wednesday’s Live Eviction (ed. maybe a double eviction?). Bueno!!!