Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house? And who will be the next HOH? Another Wednesday in the Big Brother house and this is these are the questions that will be answered today.

It is 9:30am do you know where the Big Brother houseguests are? They are behind the flames getting woken up for the eventful day that's in store for them today.

As per usual on Live show day the feeds are in and out for a great deal of the day.

Before the HOH lockdown Sharon feeds her “furrrrends” their breakfast and the big hamsters grab coffee and food. Then they are told to go to HOH for their routine HOH lockdown.

After the HOH lockdown the houseguests are free to continue prepping for the live show (which they have decided is endurance, so they are dressing the part). James takes Sharon around and shows her all the things he's noticed that have gone missing etc. For her reference in further competitions. She brushes it off and goes back to bed.

The ants are back in the BB house this season with starring roles, while the houseguests clean and prep.

(ed. Not a ton of stuff going on before trivia :( )

The Live Show!

So this episode was action packed. The first bit was a segment about the nominees and their compaining etc. Though it made it seem like James actually had a shot of staying. Natalies lying was another major involvement.

Next we see the Jury house and Matt, Chels and Josh. It was a nice segment to show their reactions to who came into the house with them.

We also get clips of Sharons family and saying how religious she is and how loving and caring she is. Her dad does NOT want her to bring the guineas home with her (ed. Lol)

The nominees are given a chance to plea one last time for votes. Sharon says the same thing she's said that past 3 or 4 times on the block, and James says that there is lots he could say but won't, peoples minds are made up, they are going to do what they are going to do.

Next is the vote. Ryan votes to evict James, Natalie votes to evict James and Shelia also votes to evict James. (ed. big surprise) James comes outside to Julie and meets with her for the second time. Sees his goodbyes. Natalies isn't very nice but isn't as nearly as harsh as she made it seem she made it. Shelias' was sucking up for jury vote, saying he reminded her of her son. Sharons was saying she'll get Nat. Adams was saying he shouldn't have been so strong when he came back he should've held off.

The HOH competition... is endurance :)

The houseguests must hang inside a glass box with no bottom. There is a bar and chain at the top, and glass surrounding that they can use to stay up, the houseguest to stay up the longest wins HOH.

Within 5 minutes Sharon is out saying she'd hurt her back yesterday. After around 2.5 hours Ryan drops after trying to make deals with Shelia saying that if Nat and Ry drop Shelia puts up Sharon and Adam. She says thats the plan anyways. Ry goes down hoping that plan is intact. After 3 hours and some Natalie contemplation Nat decides to hop down so Shelia can get pictures and a letter. But the deal is that Shelia nominates Sharon and Adam. (ed. Shelia will probably backdoor Natalie anyways). Shelia is the new HOH, just in time for her 46th birthday!

Shelia says she chipped a tooth on the way down from the box though. Natalie cooks steaks as a celebratory dinner, as they all weight in on how many more HOH's there are left. 2 then 3 part final 3 competition.

After dinner they fold up James' pull out couch to make a sitting area.

Its time to see Shelias' HOH room! She gets photos of her son and family, one of her penthouse photos. She also gets makeup, wine and Coldplay CD. Ryan reads her letter for her and its her son saying he misses her and loves her and is being taken care of. The girls are going to have a slumber party tonight and drink the wine.

There is random chatter through most of the night, nothing too important to relive.

Who will Shelia nominate? This is the question we will get an answer to today on the live feeds. Check 'em out.