Show Recap

Julie welcomes the viewers to the first ever Winter Edition of Big Brother and tells us the title will be “Till Death Do You Part”. We see what appears to be a woodsy cabin style house. Julie calls the ladies to the front first. Natalie, Jen, Allison and Sheila are selected to go into the house first. They scurry inside only to find the bedrooms are locked. Sharon, Amanda and Chelsea are told to enter and find the other ladies and are told of the locked doors. They look around at the quotes on the wall and speculate.
Julie let the viewers in on a couple of secrets.

1. Exes Sharon and Josh are in the house together. They have not seen each other since a painful breakup.
2. Jen and Ryan is a current couple and are in “cahoots” unbeknownst to other house guests.

The men are called to the front and Ryan, Adam, Parker, Alex and Josh enter first. Finally Matt, James, Neil and Jacob enter. Introductions were made and Julie told of the couples twist. The pairs are: Alex and Amanda, James and Chelsea, Natalie and Matt, Jen and Parker, Josh and Neil, Jacob and Sharon, Ryan and Allie, and Sheila and Adam. Sheila pisses and moans about getting “stuck” with Adam and he calls her “Ma”.

Next we go outside for a Power Couple competition called Falling for You. One person is horizontally harnessed over a bed and their partner has to hang on to them and the last couple to fall wins Parker and Jen are the last to fall and win the competition plus a $10,000 bonus because the picked up and held onto the heart pillow. Julie then tells them that they have a matter of hours to decide which couple goes home. End show.

9:00pm BBT- Feeds go live. Boy do they!

The very first thing heard was Parker shouting “Jen you are a B@#&H!” We are in the HOH Room in a heated meeting between Natalie, Matt, Parker, Jen, Amanda and Alex. The wine appears to be flowing freely with tempers to match. The group knows that Jen and Ryan are couple and everyone in the group wants to put up Ryan/Allison. Parker has loud, very explicit concerns that Jen won’t put up her BF. There is much confusion as everyone is talking at once. It appears that Parker and Jen sent Jacob and Sharon home and now Alex and Amanda are HOH. The six in the HOH meeting now appear to have an alliance.

Jen says that she won’t put Ryan up but would vote him out. Parker questioning her loyalty to him "You would have my back in this situation... your not true to me"
Jen- I never said I was gonna do anything. Parker- I’ve heard people saying you would never vote him out. None of us get to see anyone we love what makes you so special? Parker storms out of room and goes outside finding James. He tells James that he will not vote against Matt and Alex and swears he will throw every comp just to spite Jen and she is only safe now because of him.

11:00pm BBT

Everyone appears to be drunk and having issues. Parker goes to talk to Jen. Jen admits that if it was her alliance or Ryan she would vote out Ryan but they aren’t to that point yet and she doesn’t have to vote him out yet. Parker keeps pushing that no one in house likes Jen cause obviously they all were saying nice things about people at dinner and no one said anything nice about Jen. Parker points out that that is a good indication that no one likes her. Jen says she was forced to make so many decisions and Parker should have held back and not attacked her. Parker says he doesn’t care he has his expenses paid for. Parker apologizes to Jen for calling her names and says he was just furious.

Meanwhile (yes…the other house guests) Natalie is having a booze induced crying jag, telling Sheila that her Mom is a schizophrenic and her Dad isn’t around and she basically had to raise herself.. Somehow this leads to a hot tub party. (ed note:???)

11:20 p.m. BBT

Neil, Josh, Chelsea and Natalie are in hot tub and Amanda, Sheila and Alex are around it. Chelsea and Natalie choose to get in with bras and g strings. More Natalie talk about her hard upbringing until one of the guys complements her boobs. Then her mood changes to happy. Allison comes out to hot tub totally drunk and everyone tells her to slow down on the drinking. Ryan comes outside and informs everyone that he and Parker are cool now. Jen and Parker are having a private conversation to try to iron things out.

12:30 a.m. BBT

Alex and Amanda head up to HOH room for a bubble bath. Alex in board shorts and Amanda in black bra and g string. Much flirting and little strategising. These two have amazing sexual chemistry. The bubble bath ends and they shower separately and go to bed flirting all the while.

1:30 a.m. BBT

Everyone is either in bed or heading to bed and so am I. Goodnight.