BB9 Daily Recap February 13, 2008
You name it and it happened today! Holy Cow!

8:00 am
Things have quieted down from the night before. Sheila is the first one up and takes a shower. She goes to the kitchen to clean up while she makes some coffee. No one else gets up so she enjoys some alone time with her coffee.

Alex and Amanda eventually stir. They decide to stay in bed and spoon though.

9:30 am - Good morning houseguests, it is time to get up for the day.
The houseguests come to life with bathroom and kitchen activities mostly.

Matt and Parker go on pillow patrol and literally pummel a couple houseguests that have ignored the wake up call. They are enjoying themselves.

Jen ripped a nail wrestling with Ryan. (ed. Ouch!)

The Houseguests are on an inside lockdown and speculate what BB is building out back. Some think there will be a food comp, but no one is sure yet.

11:00 am
We learn that Chelsia tried out for last season and she made the top 20. She thinks she would've been stuck with an enemy last year because BB recruited her.

Natalie used to go to Starbucks but won’t go back after working as a bikini barista. She wants to invest in her own coffee place where the baristas would wear mermaid bathing suits. (ed. That visual just seems problematic to me, what with the flipper and all).

Throughout the day Matt tells anyone that will listen about not wanting to lead Natalie on. He thinks she has the wrong idea and he just wants to be friends.

We learn that Amanda tried out for last season and BB called her to try for this season. Alex thinks this happened to several of the Houseguests.

Matt, Alex, Neil, and Josh are all around one bed in the boat room. James is also in there on the other bed. Matt is not going to try to put out in his relationship. Josh talks about Neil being shy when they cuddle. James asks if he is a virgin. Josh said he would have sex. “It’s a TV show, its all about people watching ya… don’t have time to be shy.”

Elsewhere Sheila says she would totally hook up with Alex. She hates her partner, Adam. He cried yesterday. Natalie makes some snide remarks about Matt. (ed. Could this be the beginning of some subtle strategy with this pair? Probably not.)
Sheila says she would hate to have Natalie's partner. Amanda says she’s not attracted to Alex and he hasn’t really tried to hook up with her. Ryan lays down and Jen straddles him. Appears to be doing his nails. We learn Sheila dropped out of school in the 8th grade to pursue acting and modeling.

Meanwhile, Chelsia and Neil urge Matt to talk to Natalie. He finds her and says we have to talk in a few minutes and kisses her cheek.

Matt talking to Parker says that he signed a contract stating the prize would be $500,000 and no splitting money with partner.

Sheila tells Natalie, Jen and Ryan how she got into Penthouse and how her mother found out because the guy her mom was dating was a Penthouse fan. We learn she did a movie with Shelly Winters (ed. ‘Ellie’), She’s been on David Letterman. She and Letterman have the same birthday. She was also in Spring Break, and in European Vacation she was a pig in the poke girl that gave out the prizes. Natalie shares that her family found out she was a stripper when her uncle saw her pulling out of the strip club parking lot.

Nominations Today is showing on feed one.

According to Amanda, they moved in on Thursday night. Sharon/Jacob were evicted late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.

Parker tells Matt he and Jen are back on the same page. Says anger brings out the worst in people. Matt said “like last night”. He tells Matt he talked to her last night and she said Ryan gave his blessing if she needed to vote for him to leave. They are talking about Parker and Jen going up against Allison and Ryan. Parker says he felt a lot of guilt having to evict Sharon and Jacob when he knew the secret about Jen and Ryan.

1:00 pm
Jen tells Amanda, “I’d have to vote Ryan out to earn you guys' trust. Actions speak louder than words. Obviously Id rather be with you than Natalie and Parker wont choose between you two”. She said she will give them her word if she’s not on the block that she will vote Ryan and Allison out.

Later Parker and Amanda are in the boat room working Sheila in case they are on the block against Ryan and Allison. Sheila said she told Natalie last night that there is no way in hell she is voting out Parker and Jen. She also talks to Jen right after that and agrees to keep her word if needed.

1:30 - We see a brief game of air hockey without the air on the kitchen table.

Next we see Allison working Sheila for her vote.

Then up to the HOH room Allison tells Jen that she has to go in order for her to have a shot or Allison has to go for Jen to have a shot. Amanda said she doesn't think there will be POV this year.

2:00 pm
Sheila and Ryan chat. Allison joins and they work Sheila for her vote too.
Josh walks by and tells Sheila to shut up because she is going around making everything worse. She gets pissed and argues back with him as he leaves the room.

Shortly after Joshuah lets Sheila know that was to make people think he was going against the grain. Joshuah said they need to keep the drama going to make people think they are hating on each other. He wants the other half to think he is a swing vote.
He lets Neil, Ryan, and Allison in on this plan as well.
They all get quiet and listening to Jen talk in the other room about people not wanting to admit they owe her and Parker.

Feeds go to the bathroom where Jen is telling Matt and Chelsea she knows she will go up this week. She is telling them that Ryan told her he no longer has her back.

Right after we see Jen and Ryan arguing that they are no longer working together.
Jen says she can't play this game while he is here. Ryan says the game won't be fair until one of them has gone. She storms out and tells the others, "Don's put me up...I'm voting him out. Ryan is campaigning against me. I can't play this game with him here."

Later Amanda reassures Jen and Parker that Ryan would go if it’s a tie and she and Alex would save Parker and Jen if they win veto. Sheila and Adam would be the replacement.

Long FOTH for Nomination ceremony

5:00 PM - A Brief Summary of the Show:
The story line was continued how Sheila and Adam are not getting along. Next we see Ryan cozying up to Allison as Jen watches from a distance. Jen’s following DR reveals a severe level of jealousy.
Alex and Amanda are shown as the happy couple.
Some questions are answered when we see that Jacob decided to stir things up. He tells Jen that people are calling her BB partner a snake. She immediately tells Parker who confronts Jacob. When Jacob won’t reveal who said the snake thing, Parker literally wakes up half the house to call a meeting. No one admits to saying anything and Jacob develops a nervous twitch. Sharon, realizing her pair is now public enemy #1, tries to deflect things by fingering someone. But despite a 1 in 12 shot, she unfortunately picked Ryan, Jen’s real life boyfriend, so when Parker wants to target Ryan for eviction, Jen spills the beans to Parker. Ryan can’t leave it at that, so he tells his BB partner, Allison. They make a feeble attempt at an alliance, but don’t get your hopes up for a final four here.
Next we got to see that Adam is quite the snorer. Of course, Sheila is un-thrilled about this.
There were no surprises at the taped eviction ceremony where Parker and Jen evict Jacob and Sharon. No Veto, No Vote, No interview with Julie, No goodbye messages, Nothing! They just leave as the most uncelebrated players in BB history. (ed. Shhh, don’t get ahead of yourself).
Next was a taped HOH comp where everyone including Jen and Parker got to play. Season 8 Jessica and Eric were brought in to host. It was an amped up Newlywed Game where the couples had to guess their BB partners answers. Amanda and Alex are the winners.

5:45 pm - Feeds back and it is confirmed Jen/Parker and Allison/Ryan are the nominees.
Matt tells James the house will be a little less on edge if one of the couples go.

In the HOH Amanda has a melt down about some missing belts. She’s yelling and panicked and wants BB to review the tapes. Parker eventually found the belts in a drawer. All is right with the world again for Amanda.

Alex and Parker talking in the hallway outside HOH room. Parker says he is really hurt. Alex says he is sorry (for putting him up).

Chelsea is in kitchen saying she is going to eat before the food competition just as BB shows us a storage room freshly restocked with a ton of food. (ed. I do love irony).

We then get to watch a large group in the living room playing charades.

7:00 PM
Chelsia and James in the boat room in bed with Allison telling them Sheila is play acting that she is going to vote out Allison and Ryan.

Allison leaves and Chelsia and James think there is another secret couple, maybe Amanda and Parker. Chelsiea wants Amanda and Alex out bad. James joked with Chelsia that he and Neil were a couple. Chelsia made him swear that wasn't true and told him he almost gave her a heart attack.

Amanda, Alex and Matt in the HOH room where Amanda says she has been flirting with Adam and is going to keep flirting with him to sway him.

Jen and Ryan are in the bathroom chairs snuggling when we learn that Jen needs to push her tampon back in but aware that the camera is watching. Ryan reaches down and does it for her (She’s wearing pants). The whole incident prompted a string of ‘Ewwwwws’ in the Discussion Forum.

Elsewhere Amanda tells Sheila that she will have to put her and Adam up if someone comes off with POV. Sheila says she's fine with that.

Lots of scheming on all feeds until just before 8:00 pm when we get a long FOTH for no apparent reason.

9:00 pm - Feeds come back and ShoToo begins with people crying everywhere. Plus there is a feed focused on Sharon on the couch. Yes the previously evicted Sharon is back in the house! We are quick to learn that Neil has left the game it would seem voluntarily due to a personal issue. (ed. Hold on to your hats, this is going to get wild!)

The ShoToo crawl reads: Season 9 of Big Brother is under way with a couples twist where 16 singles are paired with a soul mate and must play as pairs. Amanda and Alex are the HOH. Nominations for eviction will air Sunday night. Natalie and Amanda have formed an alliance. The exes, Sharon and Jacob were the first couple evicted.

Amanda and Natalie bring Sharon up to speed and Sharon is shocked at what all has occured so quickly. They go up to show her the HOH and Amanda tells her that everyone had to swear with the holy bible that no one else previously knew another house guest.

Sharon is going a mile a minute to corner pretty much everyone with an impressive sell job that Jacob really heard Ryan say Parker was a snake but because of the Ryan and Jen secret, he was left looking like the guilty one. She got the pieces to fit very well. Meanwhile Jen and Ryan are out on back couch oblivious to all of it.

Sheila tells Sharon she went into the DR screaming a few days ago and they had to talk her out of leaving.

Parker tells Sharon he has Sheila thinking he’s mad at Alex for putting him up. He also tells her about his King Parker display from last night.

10:00 PM
Alex offers to let Josh watch him shower now that he has no gay guys in the house to look at.

Sharon and Josh have their first strategy talk. Josh tells Sharon her first allegiance need to be to him. Josh explains getting rid of Ryan hurts the alliance he’s made and she keeps pushing how Jen should stay. Sharon keeps saying she’s playing for Jacob too and Josh says he’s playing for Neil. They kind of resolve to wait for Veto to make any decisions.

Sharon leaves to the sauna room with Amanda. Jen finally makes an appearance and hugs Sharon and apologizes. Sharon plays it off.

Everyone sits down to dinner. They all join hands and do a wave around table twice then say grace. In mid bite, Josh just breaks down sobbing and eventually takes his plate and leaves the table. He goes for a cry in the Sauna room followed closely by Chelsea to comfort him.

11:00 PM
It dawns on Josh he can have some alone time in the Water Closet and goes to collect his thoughts.

Sharon and Parker work each other against Jen. Sharon ranting about how screwed they all are, evaluating who got it worse.

Hot Tub Time – Amanda tells Joshuah that she will take him to final 3. Josh says he was crying hysterically for 20 minutes in the diary room. Amanda floating around flirty in front of Josh until she eventually gets on his lap. She’s trying to convince him to get "them" out. (ed. Assuming Ryan/Ali but not 100% sure). Chelsia, Natalie, and James join in the hot tub

Alex, Adam, and Matt are playing pool, James is watching.

Sharon corners Ryan with a sob story about missing Jacob.

Shortly after Parker is massaging Amanda in the sauna room while Sharon watches. Lots of trash talk about Jen. Parker comments about the camera zooming in on the massage and says "They are loving this". (It’s posted in Media if anyone cares to see a little more of Amanda than one would expect).

1:00 AM
Allison and Ryan talking in the store room: He promises that he will not throw the Veto.

Then Joshuah and Allison are talking in bed. Joshuah is extremely upset and crying again. He's upset that he couldn't say goodbye to Neil and he seems really skeptical about Sharon. He was getting really close to some guy named Chase when he was back home and he was semi-expecting Chase to walk through the door instead of Sharon. He started crying again when he started talking about Chase.

2:00 AM
Joshuah shown in DR asking for Tylenol because of a headache.

Parker with Sharon goes on an anti-BB rant saying they'll have to use plastic silverware soon. If the show was any longer they'd kill each other and it would be the first reality show death. Parker said he wanted to kill himself and Amanda got really upset and walked off while Parker apologized. Parker feels like an ass and Sharon says to let her sleep on it.

Feed switches to the Occupied sign on the WC door as Parker approaches and we hear heavy breathing from ‘somewhere’. We hear Jen say "did you already?" or something to that effect as Parker cracks up and walks away. We hear Ryan and Jen laugh and say give us 15 seconds. Parker lays on the loveseat and laughs as Jen and Ryan come out of the WC. Jen says "don't tell anyone" and "they won't show that on the internet will they?"
They say one of us is leaving, so what the heck. (ed. I haven’t checked but I’ll bet this can be found more than once in the Media Forum).

Everyone goes or has already gone to bed and the house goes quiet.

How will the new Sharon/Joshuah team work out their strategy dilemma? How will the ‘I hate Jen’ Alliance get rid of her without getting rid of Parker? How come the Guinea Pig cam wasn’t on all day? Did they not sign the waivers?

A special Happy Valentine’s Day to all, especially the updaters!