BB wakes up HG's and tells them to go to HOH. While locked in HOH, there is only idle chatter...Parker talks about the movie Carrie, Shiela talks about Frank Sinatra, Natalie talks about how good she is at following BB rules (not singing and doing her movie line bits). Lockdown is over and they all head downstairs.


All houseguests are getting ready for POV comp they are all wondering what the weather is like and what they should wear. Allison is stressing the comp and worried that Ryan might throw it for Jen. Ryan asks Jen if she wants him to cook her breakfast, she says sure bacon and eggs, he asks her if she wants oatmeal (slop). It was a kind gesture but I never saw him cook her anything. Amanda continues making her rounds and telling everyone that will listen (or pretend to) how Alex is so jealous over her. She also makes no bones about the fact that she wants Allison gone. Matt and Natalie are playing in POV with Josh hosting. Amanda, Alex, Parker and Jen are very confident about the comp knowing that their “side” have the odds of winning in their favor. Meanwhile all that seems to be on Matt’s mind is another “notch in his belt” and he proclaims that he’s gonna get “something” from Allison before she leaves. (what a pig).

11:15am-1:05pm FOTH


Matt and Natalie won POV. From listening it seems the girls had to sit on something that spun around while holding onto something ( a button?). Allison and Natalie have battle wounds from the comp, both girls have sore raw spots on their shoulders. Matt is walking around all cocky (surprise, surprise) and feels even more confident that he can “work” Allison for his pleasure now that he holds POV. After the comp Ryan and Jen lay in bed talking and Jen tells Ryan that they (Parker & Jen) are strong and that things are going to continue to work in her favor. Ryan sheepishly says “ I dunno “bout that” but never lets on about how half the house feels.
Sheila, Allison and Sharon talk in the bathroom about how they do not trust Jen at all. Allison informed Sharon that during the HOH comp (The one with questions about your soul mate) that Jen was purposely giving Allison the wrong answers. Shelia said she doesn’t trust anyone. Matt tells Allison that he is not using the POV but Sheila is very hesitant to believe him but Allison tells her that she has to believe him it’s all the hope she has at this point. Shortly after the convo about believing Matt, Chelsia comes in and tells them that Natalie promised they were not going to use the veto. 2:17 indoor lockdown is over.


Lockdown is over. James, Sharon and Josh chat in the hammock about Matt not using the POV and how they all need to just let the “other side” continue to believe they are voting Ryan and Allison out so the house can be peaceful. Josh sums it up saying “Let them think they have the votes”. Sheila works out. Natalie plays with a bouncy ball and Sharon joins in. Amanda and Jen sunbathe acting like they haven’t a care in the world. Sheila works out.

In the bathroom, Matt tells Allison is leaving things the same. He told Allison he had her back. Allison gives Matt her word she will never put him up ever. Matt said he hates to say it but he has a feeling Parker and Jen are going to go. He cant stand Jen. Allison asks Matt just to be honest with her. Allison says she is giving him her word she will have his back. Matt tells Allison maybe they can snuggle later. Allison said that Natalie was so mad when she was in his bed. She tells Matt that Natt told her that they were going to be dating after the show. Matt says "What.. no chance in hell thats happening." Allison leaves and Parker comes in. Matt boasts about what Natalie did for him last night (BJ) and how he’s gonna “get” Allison. Of course Park and Matt find it all hilarious. Parker is working Matt to use the POV for his guarantee of safety but Matt tells him Natalie doesn’t want to use it and reassures him they have the votes and even if it’s a tie Alex and Amanda would vote to keep him and Jen. Parker then moves on to Adam to secure his vote but Adam tells him he’s not sure what Sheila wants to do yet.


Sheila and Allison are back in the bathroom Amanda came in, piled on the circle chair so no game talk. Allison gets ready, they chat about each other’s rent.Allison’s apartment is a little over 500 sq ft and she pays 1700.00/mo in Boston. Allison runs on the Esplanade each day - she lives in the Back Bay of Boston Sheila as 2BR for just under 1500.00/mo.
Amanda leaves and Josh comes in and says “it’s a done deal” 3-1 Jen & Parker leaving. Sheila says she hopes it all works out. Josh says it will as long as eveyone keeps their mouth shut.
Jsh says until the end of the veto ceremony, they have to be quiet...after that "all hell can break loose."
Alex comes in the bathroom and they change the subject.
Now Sheila and Ali are alone. Ali says she can't stand Alex. Sheila seems surprised that Ali thinks Alex is a schemer.

Feeds switch to the kitchen with Jen, Amanda and James checking out the halibut - caren Amanda asks if she was in DR for a long time, Jen says she was napping, James worried that there might not be enough food for everyone
Jen says she can't shower every day cuz the water dries out her skin. Then we have Parker& Amanda in bed again, she asks if he's mad at her, he puts the blanket over their heads and says "stupid camera"Parker tells the camera "you can't use any of this *****"
Amanda tells him to stop
Parker says he's still mad at them for f**king him over
Parker to cam "WTF are you looking at?" "Nothing interesting going on in this f**cking room"
He goes under covers again, and tells her to look at him, she's peeking under the covers, close up of her ass and they're giggling.

Sharon and Josh are in the hot tub talking about how the week needs to unfold. Everyone needs to keep quiet and switch votes at the last minute to shock the “other side”.
Josh says it's so done, it's so f'g done, it's not funny


James teaches Josh how to play chess as Ryan watches. Sharon is having a strategy talk with Nat. Sharon tells Nat she wants to talk with her later about the vote. She says that she spent all afternoon talking with Parker and that she knows for sure that if they keep him and Jen in they will all get backdoored eventually. She says that everything she does is "strategical" and Nat seems to be agreeable to what she is saying. Natty says she just wants to stay as long as possible. Josh heads to bed for a nap and asks Allison to wake him up before BB after dark.
Allison is back in the bathroom with Ryan and telling him how bad she wants to be in the house and how she is willing to play dirty if need be. She tells Ryan “I’ll do anything”. Matt comes in all cocky and informs Allison that she only has 2 more days to hook up with him. (hold your breath Matt).

Josh is up and ragging on people in the hottub and making Sharon (and myself) laugh hysterically. Josh says I gotta get these bitches out. First Jen, then Mr. Ed (Amanda), then he says it gets tricky, maybe Adam & Sheila. He says Nat is no problem, she just wants to make cappuccinos.

Nat was talking non-stop to Amanda & Parker in the sauna, telling them that she thinks she & Matt are meant to be together, but doesn’t want to get involved in the house. Nat goes on about how it was so hard lying next to Matt when they both know how badly they want to kiss each other. She also states that "it's so hard not to kiss Mattie" and how they stare deeply at each other from across the room & Matt has to look away b/c it's too much for him. (can you say…delirious).

Between the hours of 9:30-10:00ish there was some graphic sexual talk in the hottub. Josh likes it to get a lil rough, Natalie talks about oral and how she squirts. She also shared something about sucking water into her vagina and then squirting it back out (yep, on national tv…she said it). Alex said he was “grossed out”. Then the group all want to see Nat perform her little trick. (Ewww)

It’s a slow night. Alex and Mattie are playing pool, Parker, Amanda, and Nat in hottub Amanda says she's a ring girl, works for Hawaiin Tropics & is on a Chapstick (when she was 15 lbs lighter). She was also a ring girl as was Chelsia. Natalie continues to gush and gush about Matt to Amanda.

Matt talking to Sheila in the bedroom; said I like you're little friend, Allison.
Sheila said, "of course, she's beautiful."
Sheila said why not, you two are attracted to each other, you & Nat aren't attracted to one another. Matt corrects her and tells her that Nat is in love with him.
Sheila seems astonished, said the only reason I wouldn't be with you because I'm the age of your mother. I wouldn't be with anyone in this house b/c everyone's so young.
Sheila asked Matt if he likes Alli, he said yes. She asked him if Nat has tried anything, and Matt avoided the question, said "don't you see her with me in bed at night?"
We get flames for a minute after Mattie talking about stuff from home (he has recently been told in the DR about something from home that he's been forbidden to discuss someone from home) and come back to Sheila saying she understands b/c had she not had time to say goodbye to her son she wouldn't have left.
Alli says someone told her you have to go to the house completely single so someone she'd been dating off/on for 12 years basically told her f-you, and Matt said "same with him." (Cryptic, I know, but we get the pic)
Matt says are we gonna be back in our house 3 months later having not won & ask if it's worth it based on what happened with people we care about.
Matt says he's been dreaming about his ex/significant other since he's been there...
But he chose to come to the house for some reason, he also said he doesn't believe in chance.
Sheila said she's here to make the publishers in NY to recognize her book. Now talking about dating Scott Baio & going on shows where he was working & stuff.
Alli, Sheila & Matt still talking, Alli says she questions her decisions on a daily basis..Matt says him too, b/c he's lost his love, he's not worried about his friends b/c they're cool w/ him being there, talking about them, etc, but his boss was his ex' father, so "that's gone."
Sheila says it's like she's away filming a movie, but it never f&cking ends.
Matt & Sheila both say they're not gonna read the blogs when they get out. Matt says he can only imagine the names that people are calling him Sheila says she's worried that she's going to be betrayed as a b*tch b/c of how she treated Adam in the first few hours.

Amanda is still going from houseguest to houseguest telling them how much in love with her Alex is…blah, blah, blah…me, me, me.
Matt says he's sweet talking Alli; Amanda & Park are telling him to "take her in the bathroom"Matt said, after he "does" Alli, he'll go in the DR and say that's 2 for America. Then she'll be evicted & he'll say bye-bye and now they're determining who will be his 3rd conquest.
Park, Amanda & Matt said whoever is the next target to get out, that Matt will "conquer" them right before they're evicted.

Meanwhile....Jen & Park in bathroom. Jen says, "Mattie will convince Nat to use it (the veto) on them"... Park says, but that heifer has been opening her mouth, trying to get them to not use it (referring to Alli)
Park says whenever Alli opens her mouth a plague comes out.
Park says Alli was crying and that he'd be crying, too, if he knew he was leaving.
Park & Jen just smack talking in general. They're pretty cocky, Jen says she feels badly for Ryan b/c he has to stay in sequester alone with Alli.

2:30ish am
Matt, Natalie, Sheila, Adam, Josh, Sharon, James, Chelsea & Alli are all in bed but chattering back and forth. In the HOH Alex & Amanda share small talk before lights out and when she gets in bed she wiggles ALL around half-naked (almost screaming with her body language “Touch Me, Please Pay Me Some Attention). Alex turns over and faces the wall and that’s all for the hamsters tonight.