Big Brother Recap 2/16/08
High School by day, red light district at night in the compound!

Sheila is the first up at 9:15; she pretty much lounges by the pool until 11:30 when Alex got up. Soon after that Big Brother woke the house up for another fun filled day in the compound.

Jen and Amanda exchange notes on their night, Amanda was still griping...about Alex "touching her inappropriately" last night and then she got up and left after, according to her Alex made a point to say into the microphone that if they are not going to be attached to each other in the house then it they should not be allowed to be attached to anybody else in the house.
James and Josh discussed Amanda's story of Alex touching her crotch. James said it turned into a drama thing. Both agree Alex is not the type to do that. Josh said at least go for the breasts. James said she's trying to stir it up. Josh said something about Parker not being God and his attitude being horrible .Josh says he feels sorry for Alex because his partner is f*cking his game up .Telling story about Adam sleeping and Parker woke him up and told him I need you to swear that you're not going to evict us, and if you do you're the biggest liar on TV. Josh then told James that He and Sheila decided to throw the last HOH because they wanted to lie low.

Nat corners James and Adam a bit later and tells them that she is annoyed with Amanda, that she has no plans to use the VETO that one of those teams has to go. James tells her to stay focused to the goal. Adam then responded that the guilty party always has something to say and that the house is so: high schoolish” right now. (IMO- very elementary or middle schoolish!) Meanwhile Amanda has gotten to Josh and Sharon too, they discuss how she annoys them and how she has to go to, and Josh hopes that Nat does not crack under the pressure to use the VETO.
A bit later: Nat pours her soul out to Matt about how she thinks he is avoiding her because of what Allison said about her wanting a relationship with Matt outside the house, he says don't believe what anyone says unless it comes from his mouth, she leaves and he winks to the camera and gives a huge smile. Man he is Americas PLAYER.

The houseguests do speculate that the season will be short due to the couples twist and the marketing of the show.
Josh and Sharon whisper about the eviction. They think it will be so much fun to see the reaction when Jen and Parker go home .Josh talking about backdooring someone next week they want to see what Chelsea will do. Sharon suggests that after POV, if everything stays the same, they should plant the seed that Jen and Parker might go so Amanda won't blow up so bad. Sharon listed all the people Parker is aligned with She says it's going to be the start of the whole show....Josh says it's going to be crazy. Sharon says everyone is afraid to get targeted because Amanda is so wacko. Josh says Amanda is crazy. They laugh about how crazy Amanda is. Josh wants James and Chelsea to win HOH next week and do the dirty work. James comes in and asks what they're talking about...Sharon says "you"...then says about all the craziness that's going to go it's in their best interest for Parker to go down. Sharon worries that the vote might be 2-2. Josh says there is no way.
After some alcohol later Nat decides to show the group some stripper moves around a pole and how to give good lap dances. After more alcohol they put some bubbles in the hot tub Nat and James get completely naked and get into the hot tub. Nat tells James to stay away from her with “that thing” that she has not seen one in a long time (lol like two days ago!).

Meanwhile the others get ready to settle down for the night, Sheila asks Parker and Matt to rank the girls by numbers. Parker responded that all the girls were a 6 except Jen who would be a 7 and Amanda a 9. Matt said Amanda was the hottest but he does not rank women with numbers. Parker then said that he has had sex with two white women but never had a relationship with white women. He also said he would not hook up with Amanda in the house because of Adam and that he wouldn’t have sex in the house. Parker said he was glad Amanda was not his partner because he would have to sleep in the same bed as her and he might be tempted and his mother would be watching!
In another room, Jen is pissed and tells Ryan that everyone knows they have had sex in the house.
And in the HOH: Alex gets out of bed and got dressed, into pants and a sweatshirt. He left the room and went outside. Amanda followed him outside. She tells Alex that he can't sleep out there. She tells him that he can't sleep out there. He tells her he'd rather her get the room. Parker was walking around the house....looks like he was finally getting ready to go to bed. Alex is telling Amanda that she opens her mouth too much. He is wondering how everyone knows that he tried to make a move on her. Parker was peaking out the window to see what is going on. Alex said that anything that he had for Amanda is gone...she says K and storms off into the house. Exclaiming to Parker that Alex is an *****. She told Parker that Alex said she dresses like a slut. Amanda is wondering if Parker is going to talk to Alex. Alex comes into the house and said to Parker she’s nuts and she is going to ruin my game. Referring to Amanda. Amanda is coming out of the room; she is hid on the floor listening to what Parker and Alex are saying to each other.

Meanwhile Nat finds her way under the sheets to satisfy Matt once again. She stays under there for awhile, takes the top position for a bit. Once it was over Matt said he was going to clean up and goes out and brags to Alex and Parker that he just got more action and he has not even had to kiss her! Alex tells Matt that he should go talk to Nat even for only five minutes that he needs to talk to her. When Matt is telling the boys about his bj, Amanda had crawled over from outside the HOH door to behind the upstairs couch...They asked if Nat swallowed, Matt said yes, Park & Alex are just saying how that's amazing. Alex says I would have taken that, Matt said you can have her, Alex quickly said no, no, no. Parker says he's put his life in Matt & Alex' hands. They say it's a done deal. Matt was telling the boys how Nat has to do the deed from the side. in case Sheila wakes up, the guys are impressed. Matt says obviously they know (pointing to the BB and the rest of the world). Parker says he's jealous, Matt says he feels blessed. Parker said Nat will want Matt every night, Matt said he just turns over. Parker says, I wish I had that!. Now they're talking about how Parker walked up to the bathroom when Jen & Ryan had sex. They just said they don't care, who's watching @ 4 in the morning. The guys laugh and say you'd be surprised!

By 4:30 am all hamsters were fast asleep in their assigned beds! What will Sunday bring, more he said she said? More poor poor me, or more rumbles under the covers for the lucky houseguests?