The POV ceremony happens, and a huge late night fight breaks out.

10:30 - Noon

The houseguest's get up around 10:30, and Joshuah announces that the POV ceremony is at noon.

Parker and Matt discuss Chelsia and James' vote. Matt tells Parker he needs to go talk to James. Parker says he doesn't want to kiss anybody's ass. Matt told Parker that James is on the fence, but Chelsia wants Ryan and Allison out. Matt says he doesn't even know how to campaign. Parker says I don't either. Parker is concerned about campaigning because he got onto Allison for it. Matt told him just an inside trader tip buddy.

Parker asks James and Chelsia where they stand in the boat room. James says he would like to vote Parker out, due to personal reasons. They tell Parker one wants one one wants the other. Jen now in the conversation. Parker tells them he doesn't campaign cause it makes him feel as if he is talking sh*t, about people. He told them to do what they feel and hopefully they make the right decision whatever that maybe. Chelsia said that the first few days the drama was created everything that happened.

James had asked that if they didn't vote for the other would Parker and Jen be after them. No reply.
Jen and Chelsia discussing Sheila and Adam keeping their word. Chelsia says in front of Jen after Ryan and Allison gets evicted she wants their bed.

Around the feeds, we see houseguests showering, primping, eating getting ready for the POV ceremony.

Parker explains his ratings of the girls last night. He says he rates white girls on a different scale. They have to be *really* hot to rate high and he's sorry he offended them by giving them all 6's, last night.

Chelsia tells James when she gets married, she wants to be married on the beach. She does not want a wedding dress, and she wants her husband to be in white pants and flip flops. James wants something simple, only a few friends. Wants a sunflower in the brides hair. Then James says who knows, maybe just take a flight to Iceland, and get married. Chelsia says she has been to Iceland.
Parker enters talking about Allison, and how she is hurt she is a 6. He tells Chelsia again she is a 7.

Parker tells Matt in the kitchen about his discussion with James. He tells Matt what James said about personal reasons. And that Chelsia said. "We never agreed on that." Matt assures Parker that Chelsia wants him to stay.

Parker and Amanda talk in the HOH room. She tells him how she pretending she was sleeping up on the edge last night. That she heard everything they said last night that she heard the part he said when a woman makes up her mind she makes up her mind. She said she heard him be honest about trying to do something with her and got denied. She wanted to know how Allison and Sheila knew. They said probably Natalie. And Amanda said I don't think it was maliciously. Amanda said she thinks Alex is finally like seriously starting to get it. Parker says James and Chelsia definitely have got to go. She tells Amanda that James said he was on the fence, because he has never had a verbal argument with Ryan or Allison. Amanda bringing up the BCBG shoes and how Chelsia doesn't like girls like that. Parker says James has to go, he is disgusting. Amanda tells Parker she is seriously so tired. Parker says they have got to go. Amanda says yeah they really need to go, he's weird. Parker tells Amanda, Matt said you really need to talk to James. He said he told Matt he hasn't campaigned. He tells people if he starts to talk to people and starts doing that it leads to drama. He confronted Allison on that so he says he cant do that. He says she told then whatever their vote is he hopes they make right decision. Amanda thinks eviction is today Parker doesn't because no one had been told to pack. Amanda said she is 180 percent on Sharon. Parker said if he does get evicted he hopes he can come back. Parker says he's not so sure about Sharon she is awful quiet. He doesn't think Sharon likes Jen. Amanda and Parker discuss the votes. Parker says, "We have to get HOH next week." Amanda says "Then we will be good, till the end." Parker says that Mr. James is the only one that worries him. He would put James up in a heartbeat. Says he would tell them nothing personal, y'all made it personal. He doesn't think Matty is gonna use the veto.

Flames for about 20 minutes.

Adam, James, and Ryan in backyard. Adam discussing someone rolling their eyes all the time. Adam says he will have the last laugh on someone. Adam says Parker is a sucker if he doesn't think hes going home. Adam says so I guess hes not going to use it. Josh says he's not, he's keeping it as is. Adam says that will be a min of him going off man.

Parker asks Sharon if she would put him up, and she tells him no. Parker can't believe Sharon is like that. She said life's to short to hold grudges. Parker tells Sharon her points go up when she dresses up. Sharon telling Parker how she does her hair. Sharon said shes not here to be all impression and stuff. No one is gonna get famous. Sharon said she tried out as a joke. And somehow she wound up there. It was supposed to be a joke. Parker said he saw it on Craig's List. Parker says the people in line with him said he was going to get on.

Amanda, Parker, Sharon discussing what happened last night. Amanda tells Sharon about going in, Natalie was in bed, talking in bed, with Alex, and that Alex came running down the stairs, saying nothing was going on. She tells Sharon about Alex calling her names. She said he is mad about whats going on with Parker. Discussing how she was being told what she can and can't wear. Sharon says what does it matter. Sharon says she is just sitting back and watching stuff she is not gonna have any. Sharon speculates that everyone may be sequestered.

Flames for a few minutes.

Sharon recapping her conversation, to Joshuah, that she had with Amanda and Parker. Josh says all sh*t is going to break loose. Josh tells Ryan that Parker is nervous, and freaking out. Joshuah tells Ryan they are not using the veto. Sharon tells Josh when Parker leaves Amanda's going to wig and they can't wait.

Amanda says you cant say anything to anyone here. Amanda said she told Allison, and Allison told someone, and now its around the whole house. (Amanda told everyone.) Josh told her the whole house is aware there is something going on between her and Parker. She said well nothing has happened. Amanda said hooking up with someone on the show is not something she intended. Sharon said you can't get emotionally attached something happens. Amanda says this is not real life you don't meet someone in real life, and then an hour later, sleep next to them. Amanda tells Josh and Sharon about Alex telling her that they could not have physical or emotional contact with anyone else. Amanda says Parker is cute, but she told him he needs to chill out. Amanda says that she thinks after this nomination, Parker will calm down. They talk about Jen and Parker being mad at each other. Because of the situation with Jen and Ryan, they cant wait to get out and see the show. And see what they cut and edit.

Flames for a few minutes.

Noon - 9 pm
Parker tells Jen, in the boat room, he really wants James out of there. Jen said they really need to talk to Sheila and Adam. Back from flames. Jen and Parker discussing what they will say at the ceremony. Jen says, "We would really like a second chance. We really got to work on Adam and Sheila thats what we got to do. Parker says they need to get James out of there. Red flag that James would vote for personal reasons. Jen says she is ready for it, she will be.


Allison tells Ryan, in the lounger, no one has seen anything else. She doesn't know what to believe in this house, anymore. Allison says she likes to have mature conversations. She's not really into getting in and getting down and dirty about everything. Discussing who will say what at ceremony.. She tells Ryan if he wants to speak, seriously thats cool too. Allison says Sheila blows everything out of proportion. Allison says two days ago, Jen came up to her in the kitchen saying the only reason Ryan doesn't want her with Parker, is because Parker is black, and that either Ryan or Jens family uses the N word. Today she said five of them were in the bathroom why everyone got matched up. Allison told Ryan he is exactly like her type of guy. Allison said people will totally turn that around on Ryan about the Parker and the black guy thing. She said she told Sheila that Ryan would never be like that. Allison said she doesn't understand why if his girlfriend really wanted him there, why she would say something like that. Allison tells Ryan she understands that he wants to spend time with Jen. But everyone else is getting to know each other, and they are in a weird position. She said when Jen is gone, it will be much easier, for her. Allison asked Ryan how confident Jen is. Ryan said I don't think she is real confident. Allison said she heard from Matty that Alex doesn't really want Parker there. Allison said unfortunately. Jen just went out too strong too fast, that she tried to tell her. She said it doesn't matter now, but could have been different.

Matt and Parker in the living room discussing James, and Parker reiterating James has got to go.

Sharon tells Chelsia, Joshuah, and Natalie, in the backyard loungers, that Parker said he would put up James and Chelsia. Sharon said she told Parker she wouldn't put him up. But laughed and said they won't be here, of course I won't. Sharon said shes already been kicked out once she knows what it feels like.


While primping, Natalie and Allison talk about someone calling Natalie a slut. Natalie tells Allison not to worry. They're whispering. Natalie tells Allison to look surprised, clueless. Natalie is complaining about someone copying her, wanting to put on a bikini whenever she does. Allison not talking about someone lying to her. Natalie says, "I'm not going to sink to her level." "Don't pretend you're my friend in the beginning, then talk about me." She is talking about someone to Allison. Natalie leaves the bathroom, while Allison continues to primp.

Sharon comes in the bathroom and she and Ali agree that there will be so much drama. Sharon says "she" will cry her eyes out that Allison and Ryan will be there together. Allison tells Sharon, talking about Jen and Ryan, "I am everything that he is looking for in her that she disappoints him on."

Sheila is in kitchen, talking about her son, changing who she was, for the better. She says she was extremely selfish, until she had him, she realized this is what life is supposed to be about.

Natalie and Josh talking in the bedroom, they are discussing opinions on Parker. Joshua is talking about Amanda asking who he was voting for, he said he told her he couldn't say. Natalie says she's going to be the entertainment. Joshuah says the stripper things will make people like them and not Amanda. Natalie says everything that she says she's done, Amanda says she does it better, she's not competing. Joshuah says it's high school. Natalie says she can't take a joke. They are talking about Mexico, and Amanda saying that "Bueno" is hello, they say it's "Hola". They ask why she doesn't speak Italian, since that's what she is.

Ali and Sharon are making something to eat. Sheila has joined them and they are talking about being on slop. Sheila didn't know how long Chicken George was on slop, and says "bless his heart" when they told her that Marcellas gave Chicken George his slop pass. More talk about slop...Sheila had said that the only way she will lose weight in the house, is if she's on slop.
Josh tells them that he and everyone in his family are wearing the same bracelet for him. The girls think that's really sweet.
Natalie tells the kitchen group that the ate her mother's chocolate laxatives when she was a kid. She thought it was just chocolate. Sheila says she accidentally ate dog food once, and her family still picks on her about it.

Ryan and Jen discussing Allison. Ryan likes Allison could hang with her, Jen said she couldn't, she tries to hard to be a goody two shoes.
Jen telling Ryan about her ex-fiancee , Chad. She says she is so glad she didn't marry Chad.
We then get the guinea pigs for about 10 minutes. When the feeds come back, we see the houseguest's sitting on the sofas, waiting for the POV ceremony to begin. They then get an outdoor lockdown. Everyone but Matt and Natalie are on lockdown, in the backyard. The houseguests are sitting in various places around the BY chatting. We then get flames until a little after 3.

Feeds are back with Jen telling Ryan that it's okay, "It finally set up that one of us is leaving" This means that Matt and Nat did not use the POV, and left the nominations the same.
Jen and Parker are in the Boat room. Parker states he is so mad. Jen, says we knew they wouldn't use it. Jen has told Parker not to sweat it they will win HoH and then can lie back and relax a bit. Parker says he is just not in the mood anymore, earlier he had said to talk. Parker is visably in a pretty bad mood, and seems to be stressing. Parker says he should go exercise and get his spirits high. Jen says they shall overcome. Jen leaves the room and tells Parker love you.
Josh telling Ryan, him and Allison are safe, now. Jen and Parker are going. That their little alliance, Jen, Parker, etc., is falling apart. Josh says even Natalie is even coming more over to our side. Sharon's in the hot tub, as well. Josh tells Ryan that Nat has been coming more and more over to them. Sharon tells Ryan she wants Parker gone. He said your friends with them. Discussing how Amanda and Alex is on everyones radar. Calling Amanda a bitch, and next week, she's on the block. Jen joins the conversation and talk turns to the blue water, in the hot tub and the grass.
Parker and Amanda talk, in the boat room. Amanda saying they signed up for any situation. Parker said he had it tough that Amanda didn't have to hold anything secret like he had to. Parker tells Amanda at least she knows he keeps his promises and holds true to his word. Cause in this house thats all you have. Parker keeps saying hes really really angry. Parker talking about how many times a day she says things. Parker tells her its very unattractive to be reminded of faults everyday, you dig. Amanda says she sucks. Parker tells her she doesn't suck. Parker says the people there are so nosy, mind your own business. Amanda tells Parker she was mad that he didn't come in the hot tub last night. He said he didn't want to go up in there with James nasty as*. Parker gets down in the floor over Amanda gives her a hug and you could just see his backside and then you hear a kiss. He tells her he knows she is not ready for anything else yet. He says thats ok, in due time.
Natalie is telling Josh, Sharon and Ryan, at the hot tub, how Amanda has pretended to be her friend, from day one, and it turns out she's been backstabbing her. Amanda approaches them, and sits on a chair by the hot tub. She asks them "So, guys, do you think we'll be able to have three days without drama?" they say "What?" and she repeats the question. They all say yes, for sure...
Sheila and Joshuah in bedroom, talking about couples needed for the votes. Joshuah saying we can all have a good time, after that.
Random housework, lounging, and chit chat around the feeds, for about 30 - 45 minutes.
While making dinner, Joshuah is rolling burgers, and says "it feels like I have been here for an eternity" Joshuah tells Sharon that they are the safest, because they are playing both sides. talking about getting Chelsia and James out next. Joshuah saying it will get tricky, and that is when they have to start winning competitions. Sharon leaves kitchen.
James tells Chelsia it looks like they will be put in the position.
Allison says she was talking to Ryan, on who the biggest threat was in the house, and Ryan said Parker. Second biggest threat is Alex and Amanda. she says this right to Amanda. Natalie stares at Amanda when she talks and Allison says she does not blame Amanda for what she did because she would have done the same thing (putting up the "couple").
Sheila and Sharon talking, that it was so stupid that Jen and Ryan told the truth, they could have stayed quiet. and no one would have known about them being a couple. Sharon talking how Jen is a backstabber. Sheila says don't tell all the women here they are a 6, if you want to stay in the house. Talking about Parker and his mouth. Saying Parker wanted Sheila to start a fight with him. Sharon say Parker thinks if you vote against him, he still has the votes. Sheila says thats why he is on Matt's ass. And Adams. Sheila says that Parker said there is only one good looking woman in the house, and that is Amanda. He told Sheila that she was probably an 8 when she posed for Penthouse. They are cracking up. Talking about how Amanda looks on camera - they are cracking up. Sharon says she has everything just hanging there. Sheila says she might be Italian, but I am Italian, too, she is wide. Sheila says there is not one guy in this house I would do even if I had gone without, for YEARS. She had thought Alex was attractive, until he said how much he wanted Amanda. Sheila says even when I was a Penthouse pet, I didn't dress like those girls, even when I had that rocket body, and the face. Talking about Amanda with those shorts all up in her ass. It is what it is, says Sheila. Sheila says that Jen told her that Ryan really hates that she with a black man. Talking how Jen pulled the race card.
Feeds switch to Natalie & Parker in the sauna. They're talking about how the partners scenario in general, is so crazy. Parker says he doesn't blame her for not using the veto. Natalie says she hopes it's 2/2 and Amanda/Alex have to make the decision. Parker reiterates that he wants James gone soon.
Now Sheila is telling Allison about how Parker can't expect to call them sixes, and have their support, even after he apologized. Allison tells Sheila that Amanda asked her why she wasn't campaigning. Sheila goes back to Parker's six rating, says if he was smart, he would have answered with "Sharon is hot" "Allison is hot" etc.
Parker & Natalie are re-hashing the argument between James & Parker, that James claims to be basing his vote on. They discuss the possibility of another twist Natalie says she'll sh*t a brick if everyone else in the house really knows each other. Parker must have said something nice when Natalie/Matt didn't use the veto, she said it made her feel better. Natalie saying it's too early to use the veto. She said if it was later in the game "Damn Skippy I'd pull you off." Parker saying that he still thinks they'll be the final 3 couples (Nat/Matt, Jen/Park, Amanda/Alex).
Feeds switch to Sharon & Joshuah, in the kitchen. Joshuah saying that because Alex & Amanda can't play for HOH, that it's a prime time to get them out. Sharon says what about POV. Josh said "oh crap."Amanda joins them from outside, & strategy talk stops.

Parker tells Natalie that they'll be okay, they just have to win POV next time. Parker says he asked Jen, in front of everybody, if she would vote Ryan out, should they make it to final 4, and she said no. Parker says that ticked him off, even though Jen changed her answer after she thought about it. Natalie says everybody better stick to their word, she tells Parker that he has Natalie and "Matty"'s vote, for sure.
Sheila tells Amanda that what Allison and her usually talk about is stuff about their lives because they've gone through so much. Amanda says she's gone through stuff too. Amanda asks Sheila if she knows about James and Natalie getting naked last night. Sheila says she missed it. Amanda complains again about Alex not liking it when she wears her short shorts. Sheila tells her not to mind it, that Alex is a prude and is just mad that Amanda rebuffed his advances. Sheila tells Amanda she may be 45, but she's not rigid and is curious, and still wants to learn. Amanda tells Sheila she looks great. Sheila says she still could use some botox on her forehead and waddle. Parker and Natalie walk in the room, and convo changes to what they would name their kids.
Matt tells Alex "You have to win HOH". Alex says "I will, if you want me to" (Alex says this in an "as if was that easy" tone). They both chuckle. Matt says "they love drama" Joshua comes in, and Matt repeats "they love drama...they're waiting for Joshuah to snap". Then, they're joined by Chelsia talking about how Sheila went nuts a few days ago, and threw a cup at Adam, and how Adam yelled at Sheila "What did I ever do to you?!" and Sheila yelled back "You know what you did! They're not retarded because they want to, the have a disease!" then slammed the door. Matt & Alex thought it was a great show, to watch.
Natalie in backyard, talking to Adam and James. She tells them how Amanda is always one-upping her. Natalie says every time she talks bout something she has or has done, Amanda has done one better. Natalie tells them about Amanda asking if they could go three days without drama. Natalie says what nerve, considering it is Amanda who's starts all the drama. James says they'll just have to play it by ear, they know who has to go. Natalie says Amanda is seriously trying to be her friend, that she's actually forcing herself on Natalie. Natalie says Amanda keeps telling her what to do, and she doesn't like that, because she's not 5. Natalie says Amanda keeps trying to create drama in the house. Adam and James agree. Chelsia joins the "Amanda is a bitch" gabfest...and it goes on for awhile, until Sheila joins them too, then the conversation changes to weather and, almost immediately, James, Natalie, and Adam leave.
Sharon, Josh and James talking about how many days till eviction. James talks about someone telling Ryan he's going home. Joshuah goes "What?" James says they're getting so cocky telling people who's safe, and who's not, as if they know.
Jen and Allison have a heart to heart. Jen says she hopes to God that America sees that the reason she's on the block is that she wouldn't vote Allison and Ryan out. Jen says how horrible would she be if she voted her boyfriend out the first week. Allison tells Jen not to worry, that she sees everything, knows everything that goes on in the house. They both apologize, for being not nice to each other. Jen says they're the only two who will understand each other. Allison says there are so many people that are hard to read, Allison says she can't believe they'll have to wait 3 more days. Jen agrees, she says she wishes they'd at least know what is being shown on TV. Jen asks Allison if she's going to take advantage of any endorsements that come out of this. Allison says "yeah, if they come, yeah" Jen says she hopes Ryan and herself get endorsements together, because that would be so cute. Allison agrees. They both say they miss their families and "it's so tough" "so weird". Allison says she doesn't care if Jen and Ryan sleep in the same bed. Jen says she already asked, the day after Valentine's and was told no by BB. Allison says she has to go check her laundry and leaves.
Amanda asks the others (Parker, Jen, Ryan), in the bathroom, if they heard what Adam said. They say "no", so Amanda says Adam told her "the way you eat...You're turning me on" Amanda says she then thought (or said) "I'll stop eating then"...Amanda doesn't get much of a reaction from her audience.
Matt says "You have to keep your hos in order", In response to Alex and Adam asking about Allison. Matt says Allison is into hi. Matt asks Alex whats up with his boo, and Alex says Amanda is into Parker. Matt says hell, pass off Natalie, and all boys talk about how they need sex and Matt says Allison is not his type and from waist down shes not bad but Matt promised he wouldn't sex anyone and if his ex seeing he didn't sex anyone, it may help him, at home. Adam says yeah end of day I gotta go home and people will say you slept with that nasty ass.
Adam assures Matt and Alex he will keep word and vote out Allison and Ryan but Sheila may pull last minute change, on him. Matt and Alex say they will understand, but all think it would be funny if Parker and Jen leave. Say Parker might leave after turning the girls against him, for calling them all 6's. All guys say when chick is standing there you at least give them a 7, are you stupid Parker. Then all agree Jen has bangin body, and if her boyfriend wasn't there, they would be all over that. Matt says he told Allison if she was as smart, as she said, she was then she could switch this, in her favor.
Jen tells Sharon and Parker, that Sheila said she told Allison, that she would vote her out. Sharon says that has to suck that your only friend in house is voting you out. Assuring Jen and Parker that they have her vote, and will be 2/2. Parker says he has beef with BB, says he hates them, that hell, set the house on fire.
Amanda tells Alex she knows James is voting out Parker. Alex says "I think Jen and Parker are in for a shock."
Sharon tells Parker and Jen this is like a high school sleep over, you cant get a ride home from.
Matt is telling Parker and Jen how he is blowing smoke to Allison. How she is so smart and hot. Even says don't listen to Parker, your not a 6, your a 9. They are all high fiving and laughing about how stupid Allison is, and how great Matt is. Matt whistles, as Allison walks past, and says "Too easy, too easy" he says Sheila would be a challenge. Parker asks if he would do Sheila, and Matt says, "I'm not having sex I have respect. I am not sexing or kissing anyone, but if they wanna give me pleasure, I'll let them. My mom's friends watch this show, and I don't want them to say, your son is banging women all over. But they can say all these girls are going down on him, then says "Sorry, Mom " says he will mac on any girl who is leaving swing votes. Says he is trying to win without lying but what he says to women is different he will tell them whatever they need to hear.
Allison and Sheila bagging on Matty saying that he is cute, but neither would ever be with him.
Matt is telling Natalie, that he is flirting with Allison, to have her on his side, cause she's not going home. Natalie says thats fine, as long as you don't totally hook up with her. And Matty says, No, no way, she's like a 4, and Natalie says what am I, and he says, I don't rate girls, but shes a 4. Nat says "Oh, I know Matt thats why I have been leaving you alone all day do all the flirting you need."

9pm-early the next morning....

Alex and Matt talk in HOH room. Matt thinks Parker/Jen are going home. Alex suspects it too. Alex says if he goes home, it's because of that bitch (referring to Amanda). Alex says he'll talk to Josh/Chelsia/Sharon later tonight to ask them what he should do.
Amanda started something with James, about Matt. Matt talked to James, and cleared it, then went upstairs, and told Alex to check his girl. Says she is in center of all drama, and Alex says into camera "Hear me, BB, if I lose this game, its because of that bitch."
Jen says if she stays, tides are gonna turn.

James and Alex have a heart to heart. James say Alex is amazing, but Amanda is a sh*tter. Says straight up, most people in house hate your girl. Alex says I told her all the time, to keep her mouth shut, why should she always open her mouth. Even says he was gonna have all couples come up to him, and tell him who he should vote out, and why, if there is tie, cause they did for the house. James says vote out Jen and Parker, that is a triangle that doesn't need to happen (Parker and Amanda), and Alex agrees.

Natalie is very upset, with Amanda. Natalie says she is "livid" because Amanda is telling people that James said he would put up Alex/Amanda and Natalie/Matt if he got HOH. She says she's making things up and Chelsia, Sheila, Jen, and Allison are agreeing. Natalie thinks Amanda might be trying to break up her and Matt. Natalie implies that if she wins HOH next week, that she will put up Amanda/Matt. She says Amanda is trying to make her and Matt a target, that she thought Amanda was her friend. Chelsia is now angry about what Amanda is said too. Natalie and Sheila agree that Amanda is causing drama, that isn't even there. Sheila thinks Amanda must like it. She says she thought she was a drama queen, but Amanda....Talk about how Amanda is trying is to turn Natalie against James/Chelsia.

Chelsia confronts Amanda about what she's been saying. Amanda denies saying it. Chelsia storms inside, and wants Natalie to confirm. Chelsia goes back outside, and yells at Amanda. Amanda denies it. Chelsia is VERY angry. She says the stuff Amanda says about James is the same as saying it about her, because they are partners. Amanda admits she said James said it. Chelsia points out that it's a partner's game. Now Alex is getting involved, seems to be actually taking Chelsia's side, about how partners reflect on each other. Joshuah tells everyone that Amanda called Natalie a slut last night. Now he calls her a horse-faced whore. A c*nt. She says everyone hates her. Even her partner hates her. He says he would slap her if he was a girl. Josh outs her on the whole "fingergate" episode. He yells at her. Calling her a c*nt. Says he loves Alex, but hates Amanda, and is coming after her, if he gets HOH. Joshuah says how much sh*t Amanda has been talking, about Alex. He brings up the molestations/rape talk. Amanda denies it. Joshuah is screaming and splashing water, calling Amanda a c*nt again. Joshuah goes inside. Alex now yelling at Amanda, too. How everyone hating her affects him. It's mayhem in the backyard a lot of yelling.Alex is trying to get things under control. He's saying the nominations were for the best of the house. But he says everything is changing, because of all the stuff Amanda has started, is changing things. He tells her to just keep her mouth shut, for once.The fighting is still going on, in the backyard. Everyone is yelling. Amanda thinks she hears or hears someone say something that is about her dad. What was said, was Chelsia said something in reference to getting a noose, and hanging herself, and Joshuah said, "Yeah Like your father." amanda flips out and runs into the hosue crying. Chelsia is saying she didn't say it. Amanda is inside, upset and saying how wrong it was to bring up her dad. Denying calling Natalie a slut. Allison is hugging Amanda.

Meanwhile in the backyard, everyone is talking about how crazy it was,and how it was long overdue. Chelsia comes in, and says she's sorry, for saying the noose comment, says it wasn't about her dad, just an expression. Chelsia says she didn't mean it like that (about her dad). Allison says she doesn't think Chelsia meant it like that. Amanda is in the kitchen, crying, and denying saying everything. Now saying she only said she didn't want to look like a slut when everyone was getting naked. Chelsia points out that Amanda walks around, with her butt hanging out in booty shorts all the time.
Things calm down. People are still rehashing the fight, but there is way less anger. Allison seems a little upset by how violently Josh reacted. Natalie is still mad about Amanda calling her a slut. Allison is saying how she tried to console Amanda, but Amanda pushed her away.
Now, Parker and Alex are starting to fight, about something. Parker thinks Alex has somehow screwed him in the game. Parker is inside yelling about it. He's upset about how the tie vote would go. Amanda and Alex not agreeing what to do.
Joshuah and Alex hug. Joshuah says he can only take so much. Parker says it's not good. They're not acting like civil human beings, but one of the girls says it makes for good TV, though.
Alex denies the "fondlegate" scandal.
Outside, Allison confronts Jen, about what she meant, when she said, "the tables will turn next week."
Allison is telling Matt, about how much the whole fight bothered her, and she felt bad, for Amanda.
Josh says the internet is going nuts right now, it will be on Youtube. "the crazy homosexual going off on a girl."
Allison tells Natalie and Sheila how insulting it is, that Jen is making comments, about what she will do, when she wins the next HOH.
In the kitchen, Alex is apologizing to Chelsia, for his partner. Now the group is laughing about Chelsia, clapping, and pulling down her pants. Chelsia tells Joshuah not to say anything else, when Amanda comes out. He says he has nothing left to say. Now wondering if Amanda will DOR. They don't think Jacob would come back. They don't think Amanda will actually DOR.
Alex is upset, saying Amanda put us all in the position they are in. Parker is still upset that Alex made a comment, about the votes, during the fight.
Natalie says, in the sauna room, that even her and Matt are voting, for Parker/Jen, to leave.
Josh says his outburst was not planned. He just couldn't control himself.
Jen and Sheila feel the father, comment by Joshuah, was a little too far, but its hard to not talk about your private life, and they realize it will get used, against them.

Alex calls a kitchen meeting, to talk, about what happened. Natalie admits that Amanda told her to come upstairs, then came up, and acted angry, that he had Natalie in the room, with him. So, now, it comes out, that Amanda set that all up. Alex clears up that nothing happened, but he's pissed. He also brings up, how he got a massage from Sharon, and Amanda got angry, about that, too. Alex says it seems like his own partner is trying to set him up, she flips when he talks to other girls, but she does it with Parker, and he tried to convince everyone, that he raped her. The response is good, from the houseguest's. They are with Alex. Parker says, yes, he likes Amanda, but right now hes just "chillin" "I'm staying away, right now, cause shes obviously trouble. This is the first time I've heard these stories. The reason why I didn't defend her, was because you guys knew more than I did. If its the truth, let the truth come out." Whole house, minus Amanda, is getting story out, about Alex, Amanda, and the touching incident. Chelsia says she hopes Amanda's reason for being in house, is to grow as person, because she is a beautiful girl, but need to be pretty on the inside, and maybe the house can help her do that. Sheila saying Amanda is really young, and wants everyone to love her, and when you're young, you do stupid things, so it all may not be intentional.

Amanda finally comes out of the DR, after an hour and a half. Josh announces she out. She comes in the kitchen where everyone is very quiet. She says good night to people. Joshuah responds with, F*ck You. Everyone tells him that was uncalled for. Amanda goes up to HOH and starts crying. Alex is heard saying he never wants to be alone with her again. Amanda comes back out and announces that she has a picture of her dad for the people who know she didn't talk sh*t about them to see. Jen goes up. Amanda denies talking about people. Jen tells her that it will all blow over. Amanda says America will see Joshuah, saying she should kill herself, like her dad, and she cant wait. Jen tells Amanda, "I have to tell you as a friend. Alex is scared to go near you." Sharon says she tried to stand up, for Amanda, and Joshuah told her if she didn't shut up, he'd turn on her. Amanda keeps referring to Natalie getting naked last night, saying "I wasn't the one naked last night" Amanda says Natalie is, "You know.. kind of clueless." Sharon giving props to herself, about how she's playing the game with integrity. Amanda says she could call out everyone. They talk about James being naked.
DR told Alex he's allowed to sleep in HOH bed or living room. He goes to HOH, and gets pillow and clothes, for tomorrow. Matt and Alex went into HOH bedroom to get Alex' stuff and Amanada runs into the tub and closes the door. Matt goes into HOH bathroom and says to Amanda "Just so you know, I never said sh*t".
Amanda tells Parker and Jen that Alex said they would be in for a surprise, on Wednesday. Parker keeps asking who he said it in front of, and she says I cant trust anyone. I told Matt something, and all this happened. She keeps bringing up that she didnt get naked, and that Josh had so many sexual partners. That she is not a slut. She also says BB wont let her go home.
Sharon saying that she had Parker and Jen's backs, but after Josh thing, tonight, they will have to talk.
Jen says "the only thing we really got going for us is that no one likes Allison."
Sharon going off again about how she keeps her mouth closed and it's the best thing to do.
Amanda crying about dad, again, that no one in there knows her pain, they didnt have to pick out dad's casket.
Sharon is telling her she's a good person, and is doing good things. Keeps saying karma is going to come back on her.
Amanda says shes stuck with white boy. Jen defends Alex, saying he was a big guy, and asked to talk to you.

Alex talking in the living room, about Amanda. Alex says Chelsia understands this game, that it's not a single person game, and she and James work as a pair. Amanda does not get this game. Now they're talking about where Alex has to sleep, and he says he was told he has to sleep on the floor.

Joshuah says Parker is upstairs, consoling his girlfriend. Sharon is replaying for Joshuah everything, Amanda said in HOH.

Jen says Amanda was strong, until Joshuah talked about her dad. James says was low blow, but she's been taking jabs, too. Matt says that was low blow. They feel bad, the whole house hit her. James says the whole house had a reason.

Amanda brings up Josh saying she's ugly "Does he think that bothers me?"
Amanada tells Parker, that she only likes black guys, and is mad they set her up with a white guy.
Jen says Amanda was murdered, out there, but all agree it wasnt there place to defend her.
Amanda talks about Chelsia pulling her pants down pretending to be her, and then reminds Parker how she was wearing a thong last night.
Amanda says "I cant believe I didn't say anything." Parker says, "You should have. I don't know why you didn't."
Parker tells Amanda, she should throw milk, in Josh's face, tomorrow.
Amanda tells Parker, that Chelsia tried to apologize. She says she came in, and tried to say she was sorry, after, but Amanda said "Don't even try to apologize."

Matt and Jen talking about Alex/Amanda. Matt talking with Jen about the situation, with Amanda, and how he was talking to Alex, about the "rape" situation. Matt says He was touching her like that, and she was pretending to be sleeping. All she had to say was back the f*ck up. She might not like Alex, like that, but she loves that he liked her. Jen and Matt in bedroom. Jen says Chelsia likes me, I know that. Matt says earlier today they were going to vote for you. Jen says even if I have to ***** make a deal that says, hey keep us, we win HOH, next week, and I'll put up Alex and Amanda, because in my defense, they put me up why shouldn't I put them up. I don't trust James.
Matt says no, but I think you should try to make a deal with them tonight. Jen says Parker thinks we should wait until tomorrow. Thank God, Sharon doesn't hold a grudge. Matt says seriously you are lucky! At least you got one vote, I won't ever go back on my word.

Jen, Matt, Adam, and Natalie in the bedroom, talking about Amanda, saying Natalie is a slut. At first, Jen is trying to defend Amanda, saying that what she said, wasn't that Natalie was a slut. That Natalie was there, in the hot tub, when she said something. Then Natalie reminds her, that other things were said, and after she left.
Parker walks in the room and Adam says "Whats up Slut?" to parker. Parker comes to Natalie, defending Amanda, saying "She never called you a whore" and then we get flames.

Jen & Allison in storage, talking. Allison is scolding Jen, for not portraying herself, on this show, as the good person, that she is. Because Jen and Amanda made fun of Allison's mismatching bathing suit. Jen defends herself saying she is not the only one who goes into the DR, to make fun of people. Allison says, "Absolutely, but that doesn't mean you have to be that person too."

Sheila and Allison talking in bedroom. Ryan comes in, and Allison confronts him. Allison is yelling at Ryan, because he didn't tell her, that Jen was talking about Allison's outfit in the DR. Allison says "You're supposed to be my partner, and you didn't tell me, that is so sh*tty. That is f*cked up, Ryan." Ryan tells her "I told them that it wasn't right, that it was ***** mean and hateful." Allion says, "And that's your girlfriend? Wow I would love her too she's ***** hot, she is ***** GAY, she is the ***** queerest girl here." Ryan says, "She is my girlfriend" Allison says "You are also in a game, and I am your partner!" Ryan says, "Good for you, to ream her, I was proud of her." Allison says, "I was very tasteful and then she came in here and told everyone." Sheila asks "When did the song happen? What was the song?" Allison says "She said she has made fun of me in the DR, several times."

Natalie and Matt backstab their former alliance, and say they want to make a new alliance with Shiela and Allison, and Matt says he is washing his hands of Alex, Amanda,Parker, &Jen. Matt says he knows Parker & Jen are going home, and he does not care.

Alex is trying to explain the game to Amanda. That she opens her mouth, when she not the center of attention, and she's ruining their both game. they make new rules.
Amanda and Alex's New Rules
1. Amanda needs to drop the Daddy Card.
2. Be Ears, don't speak about anyone. Amanda points all they all talk ***** and Alex says they do but they're waiting for you to say something and twist it. Let them do all the talking. Amanda ask if she can talk to Alex since she will not be talking to anyone, and they agree he will listen to her bitch all the time.
3. Try to make up with Josh,
4. If Amanda likes Parker, Alex doesn't care. Just don't hide, and give everyone else to gossip about....and don't play stupid 12 year old games.

Alex, Amanda, Jen & Parker come to the agreement that the others are trying to break them up. Them being Matt, Natalie, Jen, and Parker. They're not playing the game, but Joshuah is, he's being ears, sitting around listening to everything and everyone, holding the information against people. They're going to try to sway votes, for Jen and Parker tomorrow. Alex is going to sleep on the floor, and they'll start again, tomorrow. Alex says "I know they're not liking Amanda, but maybe we can cut a deal with Joshuah. Obviously, he likes me, he made my bed outside. Joshuah does feel bad about the Dad comment and he will apologize about it, but that's it. I don't know why he exploded, he doesn't say much, it wasn't even about him." Amanda is crying. Alex says "I'm going to bed, and the lights are going to go off until you go to bed, so go to bed."

Someone spilled water all over Ryan and Allison's bed. They're trying to figure out the culprit. Matt asked if Ryan thinks Jen did it and Ryan said I wouldn't put it past her.
Jen and Ryan are fighting about the water incident. Jen thinks it's ridiculous that they think she pour the water on the bed, she was with Alex, Parker and Amanda. She claims shes not that immature, and she can't believe that Ryan would think she was pour it on his, bed of all people. Now Jen and Ryan are fighting over what Sheila said. When Jen & Parker leave, she is going to tell Ryan something HUGE, about how Ryan has an issue with Jen dating a black guy.

Adam & Ryan Smoking Outside they think it was Parker who poured the water on Ryan/Allison's bed. Sheila and Allison hinting to Parker about Ryan being racist, in the bedroom. Jen comes outside, and she asked what's going on and Ryan doesn't want to talk about it.

Ryan says he does not agree with interracial relationships, but he's not a racist, he even has a black friend. Jen telling Parker that Ryan is not a racist he just does not like white people dating blacks.

Ryan and Jen kissed and made up. He talked to Allison, and they are fighting again. Amanda is there in the mix. Trying to keep mum. Alex is trying to sleep.

Ryan says "This is bad, I look horrible." Amanda says, "No you don't" Ryan says "Jen said I use the N word and I'm a racist." Amanda says. "Aww, I don't think Jen would do that. Is everyone hearing the drama back there? Did everyone hear, Josh and everyone. This is the thing, this is what the game does. People twist stuff." Ryan says, "I don't want to be betrayed like that at all, I don't know if Shelia is saying that. I don't know." Amanda says, "I'm sorry."

Amanda saying goodnight, for the third time, but instead of heading upstairs she goes towards the bedroom, hears screaming and RUNS back to Ryan and tells Ryan to hurry up there's lot of screaming going on. Ryan runs off to the bedroom. Then she runs back to Showering Sharon. Amanda says "OMG they're fighting and it's not about me. It's not about ME! It's not about Me! Big Brother you're so right, tonight is no longer about me."

Flames....cut to the Bedroom Fight

James, Chelsia, Joshuah, and Adam are all listening, Gloating about all the drama they have caused. Josh is celebrating getting rid of Jen, and soon, Amanda.

Alex is up on his bed in the living room. As Amanda is walking back to the room, she stops to tell him "She's been ears" He tells her go upstairs to sleep. She kisses him on the cheek and proceeds to the washroom with Sharon to floss her teeth.

Allison tried to bait Amanda into singing the infamous song about her. Amanda almost bites. After first saying yes, says no, she's going to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

Parker talking to Ryan about the "race" issue, Parker says he does not care if you don't agree with interracial relationships.

All 4 Feeds on Adam and James in the BY smoking. They are rehashing the day and talking about strategy. They both think they are in a pretty good position right now.
They are talking about possibly throwing the HoH competition so that Allison can have it. James says that he thinks Joshuah hurt himself by taking the low road tonight with Amanda. That he sticks out, some, now. They think there's at least one more twist. James is talking about the 4 colors on the cube in the piggy cage. He thinks it has to do with 4 different relationships in the house. They agree to keep their eyes open, and exchange information.
Now they are looking at the Memory Wall and whispering about the placement of some of the photos. They are whispering about a possible twist with Natalie and Matt, that they possibly know each other too. "Somethings fishy with this house," says James. Adam and James in kitchen, eating. James says there is something creepy about the house. Like it's Cabin Fever

And finally, they all are sleeping!!