10 am- 2 pm
Josh was the first one to wake up and get into the shower. Sheila was next and Josh told her that he is even madder today at Amanda and they trash talked Jen and Amanda. Alex woke up and cleaned up the cushions on the floor. He went to make pancakes and the handle of the big frying pan fell off. Alex finished breakfast and headed outside.

Meanwhile, Parker woke up and headed outside to lay on a towel in the sun. Josh and Sheila lounged on the lounger, and Alex joined Parker. No one talked to one another. Parker headed inside and noticed that Matt is up. He told Matt that they tried to get him to go to the Diary room and he refused. Matt was then called and after he got out, Sheila was called in.

Jen and Ryan were in the same bed and she was visibly upset that the cameras wouldn’t leave them alone because she flipped the bird to the camera and Ryan had to keep stopping her from trying to have sex.

2 pm- 5pm
Amanda woke up and had breakfast outside while talking to Alex. He told her that he thinks that Parker and Jen are going home and that they have to make new plans. A few moments later, Parker told Amanda that “they” (BB) better hope that he doesn’t have to come back because if he had to come back with Jen he wouldn’t do it.

Most of the other HGs woke up and had the M&M pancakes that Alex made. Amanda and Allison talked in the SR and Allison said she called out Jen as to why she didn’t go up and talk to Amanda last night if they were supposed to be so tight. Amanda and Allison hugged and said they aren’t mad at each other. Allison told her that she’ll talk to Josh later about being rude to Amanda. Amanda apologized to Josh at the sink saying that she realizes that they say things in the heat of the moment and that she forgives him, he says thank you.

Outside lockdown called at 3:30. When they came back in, the HGs had a scale that Alex asked for. They all weighed themselves. Natalie and Amanda were being nice to each other just before the lockdown and talked about dyeing their hair, but after while Natalie was talking to Sharon and Josh she was acting snobby about Amanda. Josh, Allison and Sheila discussed how they want to make it to the final 3. Allison and Sheila continued to carry on the joke that they are a lesbian couple to Chelsia. They then told her that Parker has been threatening everyone to vote for him to stay.

Parker told Natalie that wherever Amanda is, that is where he wants Natalie to be so she can break up conversations.

5 pm- 12 am
Jen made homemade soup and mentioned that the smell of garlic gets her “going” to Ryan. Amanda continued to bring up the argument from the previous night- this time to Adam. She said that it was only Chelsia and Joshuah that were saying anything, and that everyone else was just laughing. She then compared herself to Britney Spears and how everyone talks about each of them so it must mean they like her.

James told Chelsia that Joshuah told him about Allison and Sheila being lesbian lovers- but Chelsia had already told him. Chelsia said she doesn’t really believe it based on some things they have said.

Parker, Sharon, and Matt slept while the others ate the soup Jen made. Alex and James mentioned that they read the blogs saying a transvestite was in the house and they thought it was Natalie but Matt tested the waters and they know it isn’t.

Shelia complimented Adam’s strategy by flying under the radar and she thinks it is good to keep people thinking that she doesn’t like him much so they don’t think they see eye to eye like they do. Allison told Sheila that Ryan was planning on proposing to Jen at the finale.

Natalie and Josh talked about how the vote is going to be 4-0 to get Jen and Parker out while in the sauna.

Parker told Sharon that he took her advice and is just watching people and listening, he isn’t saying things. He is trying to be less dramatic like she told them to do.

Allison told Josh that she knows she isn’t going to win because no one likes Ryan, but she wants to push the right people to the end, and later that night, reiterated it to Sheila who started to cry when told. Allison told Sheila that she wants to tell Josh the truth about them not being lesbians if they get HOH and if he has a problem with it, he can be put up on the block with Amanda and Alex. Josh dropped the “bomb” to Sharon about Allison and Sharon being lesbians and tells her she can’t tell anyone.

12am- 4 am

Parker and Jen talked about being ears and popping into conversations and then leaving and not talking. Parker is frustrated with Chelsia and wants ask her why she is running her mouth but they both agreed not to say anything. Jen wants to work on Adam so the vote will be 3-1 instead of 2-2. Jen said her heart goes out to Amanda for the fight last night. Parker told Jen that it is good they have Natalie on their side because she’s good at breaking up conversations. If they stay, they want to put up Chelsia and James.

Natalie, Adam, and Matt played pool while a helicopter flew overhead and honked at them.

Parker vented to Sharon and Alex about how Sheila and Allison are two walking enema’s because they are kissing his butt and that they are playing Joshuah.

Adam, Allison, Chelsia, James, Ryan, Matt and Josh were being hyper in the bedroom and Matt said that he’ll give his vote to Allison if she and Chelsia kiss. BB zoomed in for the action and they laughed it off. At the same time, Alex was in the living room hosting a “talk show.” Jen and Sheila were interviewed. Jen, Parker, Sharon and Amanda watched on the couches.

Ryan and James were outside smoking and talking about if it is Monday or Tuesday and the schedule of events (eviction, HOH, etc). James then gave Natalie a massage in the Sauna room.

Allison and Sheila talked about Jen calling Ryan racist on national tv. Matt crashed Allison and Sheila’s conversation and Sheila told him that Allison will make out with him for his vote. Allison denied it and said that she doesn’t want to make Natalie jealous. Matt said that Natalie doesn’t like him like that. Chelsia came in and played “airplane” with Matt and he playfully bit Chelsia and Allison. They continued for a bit longer and Chelsia leaves to go to bed and Matt does the same. Matt told Chelsia to “come lie with Daddy for a minutes” and she replied by calling him a baller. Matt got up out of bed to find someone and Chelsia hopped in bed with Natalie. Matt came back and sees the two girls together, and they told him to get in the middle, but instead he got in bed with Adam. James take the girls up on their offer and along with Chelsia, they played with Natalie’s boobs and talked about lap dances and other things of the sort. Sheila got out of Diary Room and Adam got called in so Sheila climbed into bed with Matt. Matt rolled over onto Sheila and she yelled out “you have an amazing body, but I don’t want it on me.” Parker announced that “that’s not all that would be rock hard on Matty” so she apologizes to Matts mom. Matt gets back into bed with Natalie who asked him to cuddle and he said no.

Parker jumped into bed with Sharon for a little pillow talk. Parker finally decided he isn’t on strike anymore after talking to Sharon.

Parker told Adam to “lay the pipe” on Sheila as he returns to bed from the DR.

Back in their own bed, Chelsia told James about some of the crazy things she has done but shut the conversation down when talking about how many people she has been with because her dad is watching.

Everyone quieted down and goes to sleep except Parker who goes out to get a glass of water and watch the hamsters. He then went into the DR for the first time since the end of his strike.

Adam got up for a cigarette and looked at the memory wall for a while and headed back to bed.