9am-12pm BBT

House guests get wakeup call at 9a.m. and they are on inside lockdown. All house guests doing their usual grooming rituals and not saying much of anything. Allison is the first to start in by telling Josh that Jen said Allison looks like sh#t and doesn’t have a good body. Josh reassures Allison the votes will be 3-1 and not to worry.

On another feed, Parker goes to HOH to talk to Amanda about votes. She tells him that Adam/Sheila will vote to keep Parker and Jen. Parker then tells Amanda that he is off strike with BB. They hug.

Feeds switch to Ryan and Sheila discussing morning sickness (Jen apparently got sick) and Ryan says Jen is on birth control.

12p.m.-2p.m. BBT

Parker confronts Allison about saying things about Jen. They discuss what has been said in DR about Jen making fun of Allison’s out and we get flames. And then continued argument between Allison and Parker about what's been said. Parker getting onto Allison about what Allison has been said. Allison says she never made a speech about staying that she only has a speech ready where she has to tell why she should stay.
Allison tells Parker that it's pathetic and juvenile that Jen makes comments about her body and her clothes. She says she doesn't like Jen at all, but that she doesn't make comments about the way Jen looks or dresses. Sheila jumps in and says she will protect Allison cause she got bum deal. Parker says “I know you’re not gonna give me your vote, Sheila” and she “you don’t know that”. Sheila again says it shows what kind of person Allison is, that she kept the Ryan/Jen thing from her.

Someone is crying in the Sauna. Allison and Chelsea run in .Sheila is crying over something said in DR. We then get FLAMES. Feeds come back and Allison is saying to Chelsea that she can’t believe she fell for it (meaning Sheila’s tears).


Sheila tells Jen that she has a great man. Jen cries says she doesn't want to talk about it. Sheila and Jen talk about how things get twisted in the house. Sheila says that everybody knows somebody has got to go to break up that. Sheila starts to cry to Jen about Allison being the only one that has been there for her. Now they are both crying. Jen is saying now they will have each others backs through the whole game.

Allison tells Ryan that Sheila’s tears are fake. Feeds switch to Matt and Parker and Matt reassures Parker that he and Jen have the votes to stay.

2:45p.m. BBT

PICTURE TIME!!!! Everyone is at peace for the moment and are mugging for the HOH camera.

3p.m.-5p.m. BBT

Lockdown is over

Josh and Amanda talking the Spa Room and they both apologize for their actions to each other. Amanda wants to make an alliance and Josh says his vote is still on the fence.

Tuesday 2/19/08 Quick Show Recap

Neil goes home for personal reasons and Josh chooses Sharon to come back into the house. Amanda and Parker get massages from each other, much to Alex’s dismay. Jen and Ryan have sex in the downstairs toilet stall while an amused Parker listens.

Veto Competition is held and Natalie and Matt are chosen to play and Josh is chosen to host. The name of the game is In Sickness and in Health. The girls are strapped to a spinning heart while the boys have to spin them. The first one to make 300 revolutions while the girls hold a button in win. Allison/Ryan are the first ones out. Then Amanda/Alex (Amanda took finger off button) are second out. Jen/Parker are the third out, leaving Natalie/Matt the POV winners.

Alex tells Amanda that if they are not going to be physical with each other, they shouldn’t be physical with anyone else in the house. Amanda gets mad and runs downstairs and tells Chelsea and Parker.
POV Meeting begins. Veto is not used. Nominations remain the same.

5p.m.-12a.m.12a.m. BBT

Amanda and Alex cook dinner and everyone sits down for a civil meal and they go around the table wishing both teams luck.

Josh and Sharon decide that Jen/Parker have to go this week and then Amanda next week.
On another feed Natalie asks Matt for some “partner time” (ed.we all know what that means) and he says he wants to be alone. Natalie then says that she is done…D-U-N. Natalie later complains to James that Matt doesn’t want to get to know her. Natalie and Alex are later in the sauna and Alex exercises while Natalie talks.

On another feed, Amanda and Parker are in the HOH and Amanda told Parker that the votes should be 3-1 in his favor. They chatter and playfully wrestle around. General chatter on all feeds for awhile.

Allison tells Matt and Alex that she and Ryan would be the best pair to bring to the final two. Meanwhile, Josh eavesdropped on the whole conversation and thinks Allison is turning on them. He's now telling Adam and James about it. They all agree that Parker and Jen have to go this week but next week may put Amanda/Alex and Allison/Ryan up on the block.

Amanda and Alex sleep in same bed deciding that they will stay on their own side as Amanda comes to bed in the tiniest pair of underwear. House guests are winding down and so will I. Bueno!!