8:00 am
Big Brother wakes the hamsters early to get things ready for the first live show tonight. They begin to stir but not too enthusiastically. Sheila, Amanda and Alex are the first ones we see. Natalie predicts the mean BB voice is coming and it does, "Houseguests, I said it's time to get up for the day!"

There is some concern between Josh, Chelsia and James regarding Natalie's vote. Jen pulls Josh into the sauna room to remind him that she's counting on him keeping his word.

9:00 AM
Parker vents to Sharon in the SR because Josh was campaigning against him. He’s not happy with James either. Up in the HOH he expresses the same to Amanda as she is changing. In a gentlemanly gesture, he blocks a camera from seeing her changing (ed. While we get a full view from one of the cameras behind the mirrors anyway).

Chelsia, Natalie and Allison are primping in the bathroom mirrors as they discuss their nervousness about the live show.

The BB voice confusingly calls out a couple names before it settles on calling Joshuah to the DR. (ed. Guess its nervous today too).

Natalie expressed her displeasure in front of everyone about Matt not spending time with her. She says she’s done! D-U-N! In the storage room now, Natalie gives Matt heck about not talking game with her ever. She gets emotional and cries a little. Allison was present for this and takes the opportunity to drive the wedge further after Matt leaves. It didn’t take long for Matt to realize leaving them alone was a bad idea. He comes back in and Allison leaves. He apologizes to Natalie and says he needs to work on his game talk with her and gives her some pointers on not trusting the others.

Lots of fireplace flames today (ed. Typical of live show day).

11:00 AM
Uh-oh, the flames have turned to trivia. It’s going to be a long one :-(

12:30 PM
Feeds are back briefly, but all we see are houseguests primping in the bathroom mirror. Looked like Ryan was waiting on Allison so they could go to the DR. The feeds stayed out until after the show.

Wednesday Show Summary (They covered a bunch of territory!)
Julie reviews that the Jen/Ryan reveal resulted in their pairs being on the block. Next Julie sets up the clips for the ‘Big Fight’. Amanda was shown gossiping to pretty much everyone about pretty much everyone. Pretty much no one was happy about it. And, it leads to Chelsia confronting her. Before they work it out, Josh explodes on Amanda with so many blanked out curse words I had to check the sound on the TV. Chelsia makes the comment about giving Amanda a noose and Josh chimes in with “just like her father”. The defiant Amanda breaks down at that point.

Jen is shown saying that Ryan is racist to Sheila. Next we see the ‘he said/she said’ involving Sheila, Allison, Jen and Ryan where Jen repeatedly denies saying it. Just to punctuate it for us, CBS shows us again that Jen did for absolutely sure say it.

Julie talks to the house guests. Asks how Sheila is getting along with Adam and vice versa. They joke it up pretty good. Julie talks to Jen and Ryan. They pledge their love to one and other. Julie asks the whole group if they are sure there are no other real life couples in the house. I saw three hands; Natalie, Alex, and Sheila (I could be wrong).

Next is the traditional talk in the HOH. Amanda says all is forgiven concerning the big fight. Alex says he draws strength from his Father’s passing. Amanda didn’t intend to share her Father’s suicide with the others but let it out at a time when everyone was sharing, but doesn’t regret it. Julie asks how they are doing as a team. Amanda says they had a good talk last night (that apparently we didn’t get to see on the feeds).

It turns out the informal looking taped DRs with each of the voting couples were the official votes. Kinda threw me since we never heard “We vote to evict…” Julie announces that the votes are in but allows the nominees to make one last plea (very odd since the votes were already cast). Ryan, Allison, and Jen gave the standard ‘we loved being here and would like to be here longer’ speech. Parker basically said ‘Whatever’. Julie announces a 3-1 vote to evict Jen and Parker and a hug-fest followed.

Julie calls out Jen for spilling the Jen/Ryan twist. Jen agrees it could have been handled better but she still would have told Parker. Julie calls out Parker for telling the other house guests before Allison could burn them. They get to see some good bye messages and leave with 5k each from the Power Couple Comp.

The Hoh comp “Big Brother Democracy” was opinion based questions on what they thought the majority of couples would respond. The kicker being that whatever the most popular answer was, would actually happen. By the end of the game the house guests are relegated to:
- No hot water for 72 hours
- The women must wear their bathing suits for 24 hours straight (on Sunday)
- All drinking cups removed from the house for a week
- They get a Margarita party
- Washing machine will be removed for 2 weeks.
- The women have to cook dinner for their soul mate for a week (ed. Hmmm, wonder how they would have worked that if Neil was still in the house).

Chelsia and James win HoH. Amanda and Alex are shown reluctantly handing over the keys.

6:00 pm – Feeds return
Alex, Amanda and Sharon are in the Blue boat room. Alex is sure that he and Amanda will be nominated. Alex thinks the house is going to be against them.

Elsewhere, Allison tells Josh about the lesbian relationship being made up. She wants to come clean so no one thinks she’s with Sheila. She doesn’t like how Sheila is playing and the crying freaked her out yesterday.

Next Josh and Chelsia discuss Alli and the fake lesbian relationship. They are not happy to be put in the position of keeping a secret and it wasn't even true. They also worry about how this will reflect on them with the other houseguests.

Shortly after Chelsia tells James the girls have to be with them now because of the lesbian lie. They have no choice. Chelsia says worst case scenario Alex/Amanda win PoV and Matt/Nat go up as replacement and go home. James points out that Matt/Nat could win and take Alex/Amanda off. Chelsia says that just can't happen. It just can’t.

7:00 PM
The HoH room is now open and Chelsia and James are very excited. Chelsia got a pink and black binky from her house, lots of pictures, Nine Inch Nails CD, bunches of candy and her favorite wine and beer. James got ramen noodles, cream soda, pictures and bloody mary mix with liquor. Everyone but Natalie came to see. Things settle as they bring their clothes up to the HoH. Natalie wakes up and finally checks out the HoH too. She takes the opportunity to assure them she and Mattie won’t put them up if they keep them this week.

Down in the Kitchen Sheila is getting very loud about her frustration with Adam, wondering if she’s the only one that sees that he’s a jerk. Allison says Adam told the others that Sheila forced him to vote the way they did. Sheila feels she’s been thrown under the bus! Shortly after Adam and Sheila are in the bathroom arguing loud enough for the whole house to hear. He eventually just walks away leaving her fuming.

Amanda and Allison try to convince Sheila to join the rest of the women with ‘cooking dinner for their men’, so she doesn't get in trouble. Sheila says she will and will add Arsenic to it. Sheila continues yelling, "How dare he get in my face and say they're gonna come after [her]. WHO'S GONNA COME AFTER ME?!!! WHO?!!!”

Adam and Sheila continue their disagreement. Adam tells Sheila she is nuts and Sheila responds that anyone watching the show will see he is the one that is nuts (ed. Don’t think a game of rock, paper, scissors is going to resolve that one).

Back in the HOH, James and Chelsia go over some strategy. James talks about putting up Adam and Sheila because they are unlikely to win anything. Chelsia says she loves Alli, but she’s not here to make friends. James says, “You take care of the broads, I'll take care of the guys.”

8:00 PM
James and Chelsia are working well together making plans. Chelsia comments, “I would love to have random sex”. They can hear the drama downstairs and James really doesn't want to go down there. Chelsia says they have to. They laugh about how they're getting drunk before going down (drinking out of bowls as well). James says he will cuddle with Chelsia, but he would never try to take it further. James reads instructions, "Nominations will occur Thursday". They realize that's tomorrow. Chelsia burps loud and long. She asks James if it bothers him and he says no. He tells her that he really likes her. They appear to be getting quite drunk. They fill their bowls one more time and go downstairs.

Everyone sits down for dinner. They do the wave and Amanda said a prayer.

9:00 PM
ShoToo crawl reads: Tonight the house voted out Jen and Parker by a vote of 3-1, Natalie and Matt were the only couple to vote to save them, Chelsia and James are the new HoH couple, During the HoH competition the houseguests chose to sacrifice hot water for 72 hours, No drinking glasses for one week, Women have to cook for their partners for the next week, No washing machine for two weeks, and the women are to wear bikinis for 24 hours on Sunday, Allison and Sheila went “back in the closet” regarding their pseudo-lesbian relationship and came clean.

Allison is shown in the sauna. She stays in there for a very long time.

Up in the HoH, James and Chelsia have a make out session. Chelsia keeps things from going too far. She’s worried about the cameras and when they do take a break she yells 'Daddy, I'm sorry' to the cameras. James tries to get her to lay back with him, but she’s sitting up drinking out of her bowl, looking pretty smashed and resisting James at this point until she is called to the DR. When she returns she sits in a chair still drinking from her bowl.

Out back Alex is running laps screaming "Showtime!"

Cut back to HoH with BB voice saying, "James...James...?" He is not responsive and we get flames. When we come back, Chelsia is back on the bed and they are kissing again. It’s not long before Chelsia passes out this time. James eventually turns out the light and goes downstairs.

James talks to Ryan and Adam about the lesbian stuff. Ryan says he just found out. James is trying to figure out why they did it. Adam suggests they figure it out when James is not so drunk. They agree that Operation Condor (targeting Alex and Amanda) is a full go and the most important thing now and they discuss who should go up against them.

10:00 PM
Inside Matt said they should get to know each other better. Sharon tells Alex, Josh, and Matt about her dad being in the military. The others take turns ‘sharing’ stories too.

Outside drunk James wants the guys to decide amongst themselves who else should get nominated. He offers to talk anytime and they should n**ger knock on his door to wake him up if needed (ed. I’m not going near the Discussion Forum after that one!). They say they will put their women in check. They head inside.

Natalie offers to give James a massage. He takes her up on it and they head to the sauna room. After a good rubdown, Alex comes in the sauna room and points out that James is drooling while getting his massage. Everyone laughs. James barely moves but manages to tell Natalie, Allison (still in the sauna) and Matt that he made out with Chelsia.

We were all amused when Matt wants to know if the guinea pigs pee. He really wants to know. (ed. And he hasn’t even been drinking). Alex lets him know they do.

Elsewhere Sheila lectured Adam on what he says and how people get hurt. She is explaining her strategy to him and he’s not getting it (ed. Neither am I). She tried to enlist Ryan to say he understands as he walks by. He says he does (ed. taking the easy way out).

11:00 PM
We learn that Jen left Ryan a pair of her panties. Everyone laughs. Amanda makes cookies and serves them to everyone there.

James is still out cold on the sauna table when Amanda checks on him. She attempts to wake him up several times but he does not move. She runs to the others worried about James, saying he is breathing but does not respond to anything. They all go try to wake him up, including Adam giving him a firm spank on the butt. They decide to carry him up to the HoH, but before they get him off the table, we get flames on the feeds and guinea pigs on ShoToo (ed. An appropriate BB intervention).

When the feeds return we see Josh is in the HOH covering Chelsia up. He goes down to the sauna room where we see that James has been moved to the little bed in there. Josh covers him up too.

Sharon and Amanda talk in the boat room and may have struck some kind of a deal. They agree that they have to break "them" up, meaning Sheila & Allison. They pinky swear. Amanda says "Don’t tell anyone". Alex busts in and scares them.

Sharon goes to work on Josh saying she’s worried about screwing people over and not winning in the end. She doesn’t want second place for screwing everyone in the game. She and Josh should go up as pawns. Josh is not so sure that’s a good idea. Amanda joins them and says it would be smart to break up Sheila and Allison. They run through a bunch of scenarios. Amanda and Alex give Josh and Sharon kisses goodnight and leave. Allison then joins Sharon and Josh in bed and gives reasons why Sharon and Josh should go up against Alex and Amanda. Josh continues to be unimpressed with this plan.

Several of the guys, mostly Matt and Adam, have a girl bashing session outside.

Everyone headed to bed by 1:00 AM. It seems BB wants them well rested for tomorrow. Matt rejects some cuddling advances from Natalie. Sheila says she tried to sneak in some Tylenol PM in her make up bag but BB found it and took it out. All goes quiet until…

5:00 AM
Chelsia is up and goes to find James. She tried to wake him up, but he was barely responsive. She gave up and went back to bed. Not long after, James gets up and goes up to the HoH. He remembers someone waking him up, but didn't know it was her. She is all wound up and can’t get back to sleep. He tells her Natalie gave him a massage and he passed out. Chelsia said she threw up from the tomato juice. They hear something from behind the walls and James says, “Can you turn the speakers off!? I promise to hook up with Chelsia if you turn the speakers off!” Chelsia responds “Ewwwww!” They joke around a bit and say they shouldn’t be getting wasted too much. All goes quiet again.

Who will end up getting nominated against Amanda and Alex? Will Chelsia and James respect each other in the morning? Will we get to see anything more than a few minutes of people primping on the feeds before the next Wednesday’s live show?

Thanks a ton to the updaters for keeping it all straight!