You Made Me Promises Promises.

8:50 AM – 10:00 AM

Wow! What a night last night! The morning starts off with BB apparently waking everyone up since we lost the feeds for a few minutes. Allison, Ryan, Sharon, and Alex talk about Allison growing up overseas. Everyone is milling around the house trying to wake up and performing ADL’s and getting called into the Diary Room.

During breakfast, everyone was telling James and Chelsia how drunk they were. They were scared for James since he wasn’t moving. They also warned him that they thought about pulling a prank on him (shaving his Mohawk) but decided against it. James complains that he is hung-over. Chelsia informs them that BB said it would be a few days before they got liquor again. Everyone is drinking coffee out of bowls. There is lots of talk about a food competition and they wonder if they will still get the Margarita Party even if they are on slop. Natalie tells everyone to go for the big ticket items like meat, cheese, etc and not the condiments. Everyone seems really drained from last night and are having a hard time getting motivated.

Natalie and Adam think that their clothes and other stuff are disappearing. Adam and Shelia almost get into another argument in the bedroom, but Shelia walks out of the room before anything could start. Adam shows the world that he isn’t shy and changes clothes letting everyone know what his mama gave him :)

Matt causes a lot of flames since he insists on singing – grr!

10:00 AM –11:30 AM

Everyone is in the kitchen hanging out except for Matt, Adam, and Ryan (Natalie calls them the “Boys Club”). The BC exchange random banter about Natalie and the weather. Josh and Sharon sneak off to the Storage Room for a little strategizing. Josh wants to know if they are being put up. He seems really stressed about being put up. Sharon wants to volunteer as the pawn, but Josh is against it. He thinks it is too big of a risk.

Elsewhere in the house…James and Chelsia talk about different game plans. James is thinking about forming an alliance, but Chelsia doesn’t trust anyone in the house (ED: smart girl!). Josh joins them in the HOH and they talk about having to keep Allison and Shelia’s secret or the house will think that they betrayed them. They think it is shady of them to use sexuality as a way to advance in the game. Josh still has doubts that it isn’t true. Josh tries the throw Adam under the bus and tries to convince James that Adam is playing both sides. All three think that the next ones up should be Matt/Nat and Amanda/Alex. Josh and Chelsia have a laugh over what Amanda said about the blow-up with Josh. James and Chelsia think they have control over Allison since they saved her and are keeping her secret. Josh continually bashes Amanda and Alex. (ED: Another attempt at diverting attention away from him?) James thinks that Adam, Shelia, and Allison are playing dirty. James and Chelsia gave their word that they wouldn’t put Matt/Nat up if they got HOH, but they are trying to find a loophole to get out of it and nominate them anyway. James really wants to put up Matt and Natalie. Josh continues to add fuel to fire and pushes to put Matt and Natalie up. Josh also throws Sharon under the bus and says that she is freaked out about being put up and doesn’t know what to do with herself in the house. Josh tells James and Chelsia that Jen left Ryan her dirty panties and Shelia has a yeast infection. They enjoy several jabs at Shelia’s expense.

11:30 AM –1:30 PM – Food Competition

1:30 PM –3: 00 PM

It must have been messy since all the house guests are lining up for the cold showers. There is lots of talk of fish and fish guts.

Sharon and Chelsia talk about options in the HOH. Sharon is going over different scenarios and says the worse case scenario is Amanda and Alex getting POV and taking them off. Chelsia still isn’t sure about using Josh and Sharon as a pawn. Sharon is trying to keep Adam and Shelia in the game to secure the vote at the end.

Natalie, Matt, Ryan, and James give each other high fives as they make a pizza saying they make a good team. Natalie and Sharon decide to boil water so that they use it to take hot showers.

Alex, Amanda, Shelia and Adam are on slop. Alex asks Amanda to take a shower because she smells like fish. Amanda replies that she never got into the water. (ED: LOL!).

Amanda tells everyone that nominations are today, and Shelia is confused on how it works since they just evicted someone. James, Chelsia, and Sharon discuss nominations in the HOH room. Sharon assures them that Natalie said she wants to go up against Alex and Amanda because she thinks they can win the POV and assure the votes for Alex and Amanda to leave. James is worried that Nat and Matt will give Alex and Amanda a pity vote like they did Parker and Jen. Chelsia says to just tell Matt and Natalie that you guys rock and we hope you are still here next week. James recognizes that Matt is going to be pissed!

3:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Allison had an asthma attack and had to see the doctor. Natalie, Sharon, Allison and Josh are in the bathroom. When Sharon walks into the room, Allison whispers to Josh that they (Sharon and Josh) are a great team because they can keep a secret and are playing smart. Josh doesn’t say anything in reply.

Josh and Chelsia talk in the HOH bathroom. She tells him not to get offended that his key isn’t pulled first. Josh takes another opportunity to rag on Amanda. Chelsia acknowledges that she will be nominated next week. James asks Chelsia what she thought of the kiss last night. She seems embarrassed and said she didn’t know what to think and it wasn’t just because she was drunk.

James and Matt talk about possible nominations. Matt says he doesn’t want to be put up but will understand if that is what they decide to do. James lets him know that he doesn’t want Matt and Natalie to go home. Matt knows that they are going up and brings up that he thought they had his word. James points out that Matt/Nat gave Jen and Parker the pity vote. Matt tries really hard to get James to say who he is going to nominate, but James refuses to say. Matt reminds James that using pawns never works. James tells Matt about the Shelia/Allison lesbian story. Matt says that it would explain a lot if it was true. Matt asks James and Chelsia if they are having sex, and Chelsia responded that they used the whole bowl of condoms last night (ED- I LOVE this girl!)

Amanda, Natalie and Allison talk about Shelia. She is flipping out and taking it out on Allison. Shelia told Amanda that if she is put up, she is going to go off on Adam.

After everyone leaves HOH, James and Chelsia cuddle (and kiss a little?) while discussing nominations. They discuss if they are playing the game the right way, and James asks Chelsia “Are you getting emotional Ms. Evil”.

5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Nominations take an hour and a half. When feeds return Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie are nominated for eviction. Everyone is relatively calm considering nominations were just announced. Natalie tells Sharon that Alex and Amanda can not win the POV in order for them to stay in the house. Adam tells Matt that he has his back, but Matt points out that Adam said the same thing to Parker. They shake on it anyway. Natalie latches on to Matt and tells him he needs to spend more time with her this week (ED: Has someone gotten attached?). Matt said he would try.

Now that she isn’t nominated, Shelia is vowing to be nicer to Adam. Shelia announces that she has to wash her panties because it is that time of the month (ED: TMI!) and Amanda and Matt both tell her that peroxide will get the blood out.

James and Adam talk about Shelia and her yeast infection in the backyard. Adam tells a story about getting a yeast infection from his girlfriend when he was younger (ED: Eww! Eww! EWWW!!)

Matt and Alex think that if either of them wins the POV that Josh and Sharon will be out up based on the order of the keys. Amanda thinks that if Shelia and Adam are replacement nominations that they will be the ones to go home but Matt isn’t so sure. Matt says they are on the block because they are strong players. Amanda tells Shelia that she isn’t going to be sad that they are nominated since they have made mistakes in the game. Shelia thinks Amanda should fight if she wants to stay.

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Natalie tells everyone about her first time. They start calling Adam the “Muffin Man” because of the story he told about his girlfriend. Amanda says that she knows that they are the target because Chelsia pointed out in her speech that she doesn’t get along with Amanda. Josh comments about Jen’s “Skank Rash” just as Ryan walks by and everyone laughs, including Ryan. Shelia thinks that Allison has an attitude now that she isn’t on the block. She is really irritated and lets Alex know how much she is annoyed by Allison. She goes on and on about how Parker and Jen had to go because they lied about Jen and Ryan’s relationship (right after Alex found out about Allison/Shelia). Amanda and Matt try to make a deal with Shelia to save them if Shelia/Adam wins POV.

Matt tells Alex about the fake lesbian story (ED: Word is slowing getting around the house isn’t it?). Matt and Alex decide that someone needs to always be around Shelia and Allison to see if the lesbian story is really true. Alex, Natalie, Shelia, and Matt continue talking. Matt says that he thinks there is still one more couple in the house.

James, Ryan, Chelsia, Sharon, Adam, and Amanda talk in the HOH room. They continue to dwell on Shelia’s yeast infection and exchange random conversation about protein drinks, HIV, marriage, and jewelry. Adam claims that he was a real-life pimp but now works with kids.

Allison and Matt talk in the kitchen. Allison says he has her vote since both Amanda and Alex have crossed her. She tries to talk Matt into telling Ryan that Jen isn’t good for him and won’t be hot in a few years. (ED: Does someone have a crush?) Allison brings up that she has $112,000 in student loans so she deserves and needs the money just as much as anyone else.

9: 00 PM – 11:00 PM

Everyone leaves the HOH so James and Chel can go to sleep. Shelia says she is avoiding Adam because he is grumpy from being on slop. Shelia and Allison talk about Jen and Ryan. Allison is still pointing out how bad Jen is for Ryan. Ryan asks them how bad Jen really is, and they tell him she is an a**hole. Allison says that it is awkward being friends with Ryan and not liking Jen and Ryan acknowledges why some people don’t like Jen.

They guys are talking about the “Jack Shack” but can’t remember any of the details. Alex complains about the slop. Adam makes a comment about Jen’s picture being first so she is going to win, then they laugh.

11:00 PM – 1 AM

Ryan leaves the bedroom and Allison tells Shelia that Ryan plans on asking Jen to marry him when he gets out of the house. Sheila replies that love is blind. Ryan has a cigarette with Adam and comes back to bed. When Ryan returns, Shelia leaves. Allison and Ryan talk about Shelia dating Scott Baio and she tells him that she thinks Ryan can do better than Jen. They have a long discussion about Jen. Allison really lays it on thick stroking his ego and telling him how great he is, etc.

Amanda calls James out questioning all the things that he claims to have done over the last three years. Amanda and Natalie talk about POV. Amanda thinks Natalie should have used the POV last week. Natalie says that if Shelia/Adam wins POV that they will take one of them off the block. A few minutes later, Amanda is crying alone in bed and praying to God that she win the POV (ED: Not again this season  )

Natalie makes a deal with Matt. In exchange for her doing a faux-strip tease for Matt and Adam, Matt has to cuddle with Natalie for two minutes. Chelsia and Amanda decide to stay and watch, but Amanda covers her eyes. Alex asks Amanda if she is a virgin, and she runs away to the bedroom. Alex follows her to talk to her.

James carries Chelsia from the sauna room to the HOH.

1 AM – 2 AM

Matt, Natalie, Shelia, and Adam have a discussion about Amanda and the nominations.

Alex is talking to Amanda in bed and it appears that the thought of her being a virgin excites him. He is rubbing himself in the dark over the sheet while they talk about what they would do to win the POV. Alex asks Amanda repeatedly if she is a virgin, but she won’t answer him. He keeps harping on it, and Amanda ignores him and keeps talking about the game. He asks her if she ever wants sex, and she says everyday and says she likes to give head. Then she flips her hair in his face and Alex yells at her. Then they go to sleep. A little later, Alex wakes up with a start saying that something is up and fusses at Amanda saying she is moving the bed. Apparently, Alex talks in his sleep.

James and Chelsia make out, giggle, and play fight. Chelsia asks James if hooking up with her is a task from BB? They talk about ex’s and Chelsia’s roommate for awhile before going to bed.

2 AM – 3 AM

Everyone is asleep downstairs. Ryan and Allison are lying on their back facing each other. It looks like Ryan’s arm may be on Allison’s leg. Adam gets up briefly to go to the bathroom, grabs a snack, looks at the memory wall and heads back to bed. Up in the HOH room, James and Chelsia decide they HAVE to win POV, so they can make a deal with Amanda/Alex and remove them from the block. Then they would replace them with either Sheila/Adam or Allison/Ryan, getting everyone to vote off Natalie/Matt If they are able to pull it off not only would they blow the entire house apart, but Amanda/Alex would owe them and Sharon/Josh already owe them giving Chelsia/James another week in the house.

3 AM – 7AM

James is awake and chewing on his feet in the sauna room because he has no clippers (ED: That’s gross). He sneezes several times, blows his nose and goes back to the HOH to bed. Everyone else is restlessly sleeping.

What will happen tomorrow? Who will win POV? Will everyone figure out that Allison and Shelia aren’t lesbian lovers? Will the nominations remain the same?