BB wakes up houseguests, tells them to prepare for POV comp. Alex, Josh & Allison are in the kitchen talking about Nat’s striptease last night. James stands in kitchen drinking a V8 with boxers on shivering and listening to Alex and Matt talk about how pumped they are for the comp. Alex has two stripes painted on his face with nail polish, warrior style. The DR starts calling people in, starting with Amanda. Meanwhile, Sheila confronts Allison in the BR about how she feels like Alli has had a different attitude since she got off the block and came clean about not being lesbians. Nat comes in while they are talking and interrupts asking for their votes in case her and Matt don’t win POV. Alli & Sheila comfort her telling her she is not going home, the house wants Alex & Amanda gone. Then they turn the convo and discuss who they think James & Chelsia would put up if either couple wins POV. In the next bedroom Matt is laying on the couch listening and Sharon is eavesdropping through the hole in the wall. Back in the kitchen, Alex is sitting at the bar drinking his protein shake while James leans over slowly eating triscuits with his mouth open sorta taunting Alex about being on slop and on the block. Alex heads for the living room (probably to keep from knocking James’ teeth out) and is soon joined by Ryan and Amanda on the couch.
10:23-10:36 Flames
Natalie is stretching in the bedroom and telling Matt that they are gonna win this, she is willing to do anything. Matt tells her to let him get in his zone (in other words, leave me alone). Amanda and Sharon come in talking about what to wear for the comp.
In the storage room Allison is telling Josh how Sheila is driving her crazy and how she is off her game. Josh is telling Alli she needs to get away from Sheila. They discuss if Sheila goes up on the block how she is really gonna freak out. Josh thinks it will be entertaining to watch Sheila breakdown. Josh then goes in the bathroom and tells Chelsia he will vote however she wants. She wants the votes to be 3-0 (ummm power trip) and tells him it’s cool and raining outside so he goes to change into sweatpants. Can’t get a whole sentence without flames right now.
Allison and Chelsia are in HOH she is telling her that Matt & Nat are stronger and they should be the ones to go. James comes in and she tells James, he says one has to go he doesn’t care. Josh comes in making fun of Sharon reading the Bible and how she is not dressed for a comp. He says he loves her but she is in her own “Biblical World”. Adam then comes in and Josh continues to bash Sharon’s Bible reading. James says I hope they are prizes today. Chelsia says she won’t take the prizes, she wants the POV. Cut to Sheila & Alli in Sauna, Alli says from a strategic standpoint she is gunning for Matt & Nat to leave. Sheila & Alli confirmed they are not playing in POV so Josh & Sharon are playing. Sheila says she didn’t want to play anyway. In the HOH, Josh is listening to music and Adam is telling Chelsia that Sheila is upset because Alli isn’t being friendly towards her. Chelsia tells Adam that Alli was just up there telling her how much she loves Sheila. Josh talk about his boyfriend at home and how much he misses him.
In the back bedroom Nat & Amanda are talking about the comp Amanda tells Nat not to give up, no matter what. Nat is reading the Bible and telling Amanda how God is going to give them strength and James will lose because he doesn’t believe in God. Sheila comes in and they start discussing how man James has been. James asked Alex if he wanted him to pack his bags for him because if he doesn’t go home this week, he will be leaving next week. They cannot believe how mean and cocky he is being. Amanda walks out for 5 seconds and Nat tells Sheila that her being nice to Amanda is “all an act for their vote. Cut to HOH, Alli is campaigning for Matt & Nat to go this week. Adam just confirmed he is the host of the POV comp. Adam tells them he would rather have Matt in the house than Alex. Josh says the votes need to be 3-0 …NO sympathy vote. As soon as Adam leaves Josh starts in about how Adam is shady and he doesn’t like it that Adam is playing both sides. Then he starts bashing all houseguests while watching the monitor in HOH. (kissing HOH ass uuughhh). James is starting to stress that things aren’t gonna go his way. They discuss every possible scenario in the book.
Cut to storage room, Matt & Alex are discussing how they have to win, they don’t trust Alli. Matt says he shouldn’t leave cuz he is the best looking guy in the house next to Alex. They regret not taking Parker off the block. Matt tells Alex he hates James & Chelsia and if he stays he is gunning for James. They discuss who would vote for them if one comes off the block. James comes in and Matt says p***y, James says not much losers, Matt says at least I’m not a loser in real life homeless bike rider mofo. James is fueling the fire every chance he gets. Alex & Matt are getting more & more pumped. They go into the kitchen and Alex is holding the cross from Ground Zero where his father died. He starts talking about what happened 9-11 with Alli, Ryan & Matt. His father was in the first tower above where the plane hit. He spoke with his father at 8:48am for the last time. Natalie comes in and wants Matt to read a verse out of her Bible. She found a verse in the book of James that she says is really deep. Matt reads it, says that’s great, Chelsia reads it…no comment from her. James reads it and laughs. She never specifies what verse it is. In the back bedroom Nat & Sheila were bashing Alli until Alli walks in then the convo turns to Sharon and Jacob and general talk about relationships and men.
Now in the kitchen they are all tired of waiting on BB and then Chelsia says well it may not be POV, they just said to pick players. Matt turns to her and calls her a bitch right to her face(gotta love him). Alex gives in to his hunger and eats the pickle he said he wasn’t gonna eat before the comp. James goes up to HOH to lay down, Chelsia soon follows. They talk a little about who they are in good standing with, Chelsia telling James that Matt called her a bitch. Alex & Matt join the girls in the back bedroom and join in the relationship convo.
Allison leaves the room and goes into the bathroom her and Josh talk about how they cannot stand Sheila much longer. Josh wants to see Sheila go on the block “for sh*ts & giggles”. They then join Ryan and Adam in the front bedroom. In the back bedroom all have cleared except Sheila, Nat & Matt. Sheila tells Matt not to trust Allison. Alli walks in and there is awkward silence for e few seconds then Allison tells Sheila she is gonna get SO much exposure for her book and they start chatting like they are BFF again. Allison & Ryan are checking out the guinea pigs vaginas, saying they are huge. Ryan tells Alli about his Pit-bull & Pug. Alli asks him if his pitbull is a “hairdog” ????? Adam is called in the DR, everyone cheers hoping it means the comp is about to start. Adam comes out and said it was CBS mobile. Ryan (a smoker) is getting a little stir crazy due to the lockdown. Adam tells James that BB said it would be about an hour for POV comp. James & Chelsia lay back down again. Nat & Sharon are in the bathroom chatting about Sheila and Allison. Nat says that Allison has betrayed Sheila. Nat said Allison spread the word about Sheila’s yeast infection Sharon tells her no, that’s not true. They saw the monistat box in the trash and that’s how the house found out. Nat tells her there is a lot more to it but she doesn’t want to talk about it until after POV.

3:24pm -5:00pm

Feeds are back and it looks like Josh & Sharon won POV. Josh goes up to HOH and hugs James. Chelsia and Sharon are in HOH too. They say that "they" were right behind them...it was so close (the comp). Josh saying he's still out of breath from falling and losing his breath during the comp. They're saying the comp was awesome and bad*ss.
They are not going to change the vote. But they are not going to tell anyone because they want Sheila to sweat. They also want to see how Alex and Matt continue to act, and see where the rest of the house is as far as votes go
Josh to Amanda: If I was you, I would not worry. I won't say what I'm gonna do, but don't worry. He leaves and Amanda goes back to crying as she is dying her hair in the sink.
Adam goes up to HOH and asks what's going to happen. James says he doesn't know what they're going to do. Adam says he thinks they should stick to Operation Condor. James says they're still thinking about it...(he's being a little evasive..not telling Adam about the possibility of N/M leaving). James tells Adam not to worry about it...Adam says just to let him know so he won't be stuck in the middle. They leave HOH to go get pizza.
In the kitchen, HGs are eating pizza...some eating slop...talking about how cool the comp looked...says the comp advertised Jericho.
Sheila and Nat are whispering in one bedroom. Josh is in the next one trying to listen to them.
Nat/Sheila talking about J/S using the veto...getting rid of Ali.
Nat tells Sheila that Ali is spreading the stuff/talking sh*t about Sheila's yeast infection...
Sheila seems upset with Ali...Nat encouraging her to turn on Ali...
Nat saying she's going to confront Ali about everything tonight. She says she's going to call her out...call her a "two-faced b*tch". Sheila says SHE'S going to call Ali out.
Amanda joins them and Sheila says Ali is going down...calling Ali a "f**king b*tch"
Josh is in the next room (there's hole in between them)...looks like he's listening to them.
Amanda is saying they shouldn't go off on Ali today...Sheila agreeing...not yet.
Sheila keeps saying she doesn't care...it's f**ked up...talking sh*t on me....
Nat/Sheila now think they should tell Che/James that Ali is talking sh*t about them so they'll nom her and Ryan as a replacement. Sheila says she has to get to them without Ali knowing.
Ali and Ryan in HOH with Che/James. They're talking about Sheila getting crazier.
Ali says taking out M/N would take away a possible ally from Sheila/Adam.
Meanwhile in the SR Sheila is ranting to Matt about Ali. She's fired up...saying Ali screwed her...called her an actress. Sharon is outside the door listening!!! Sharon Runs off and heads to HOH to let them know. Sharon says the sh*t is going to do down...Sheila is flipping out to Matt. Sharon is out of breath and limping saying she thinks she twisted her ankle running up to HOH to tell them. Sharon says Matt is gonna come up and start stuff. James calls Matt "disgustingly aggro". Sharon saying she heard Sheila call Ali a liar through the hole in the wall between the bedrooms.
Meanwhile, Matt has gotten away from Sheila and is in the bathroom.
Adam tells Sheila to go talk to Ali since she's already starting sh*t. She's looking for Ali. Josh is telling her to chill...so is Matt. Sheila says Ali better stay away from her because there will be war. She goes to Nat and says that there will be war if Ali comes around.
Now the 2 of them are talking...Sheila is upset about Ali talking about her having a yeast infection again....says she saved Ali's ass...should have saved Jen/Parker instead.
Ryan says noone should say anything about Sheila. Ali says that she knows Sheila will attack her as soon as she goes downstairs. Ryan says he's not going to tell N/M anything...he'll point out they voted against him when he was on the block. They say this week is going to be nuts...Chelsia says it's so much time. Ryan says he wants HOH so bad next week...says they are due. Chelsia says she hopes they get it. James says they all need to stay really cool because it's going to get really aggro and mean in there this week.
Nat goes to Matt in the sauna and says she wants to go off on Ali. Matt says no, she's not...not while they are on the block. Nat says Ali is talking sh*t...Matt asks who told her that..."does her name start with an "S"? Matt says yelling at someone while they are on the block will send them home. Sheila comes in and starts repeating the rants about Ali
Sharon is reporting to HOH again. She’s telling them that Nat told her there was a traitor in the house (Allison).Ryan tells Ali he has her back. Sharon says it's going to be a screaming match tonight. James says for everyone to be careful what they say back. Sharon tells Ali that Sheila is blaming Ali for the talk about her yeast infection.
Josh is asking Sheila why she's so hostile. She says it's because Ali said she had a yeast infection and other things. Josh suggests that maybe Ali is putting distance because they looked too close. Sheila isn't buying that. Josh seems to be finding this entertaining...he's laughing.
Sheila: She's not my girl (Ali). Don't call her that. Shame on me. I'm 45 years old. I'm gullible. Josh asks if she feels used. Sheila says yes. Adam asks Sheila to please keep it civil when she talks to Ali.


Josh comes up to HOH and says he just got his ear ripped off by Sheila. He says Sheila is pissed off...and it's bad for Ali...says Sheila is telling everyone her game plan.
Josh says Sheila is telling everyone about the plan to get M/N out because of the slop thing. Ali says she never told Sheila that...Adam was there and must have told Sheila.
Josh says everyone downstairs is mad at Ali...they think Ali has lied to them and used them all
Josh tells them about how the others asked him to use the veto and get Ali/Ryan put up. He laughs at this idea. Now they're calling Adam a f'n b*tch. someone says they knew they couldn't trust him. Josh tells Ali he's scared for her downstairs. He says it's like beauty and the beast. Ali is the beauty and downstairs is full of beasts. He also tells them that the people downstairs think C/J and R/S are an alliance. Ali says she's just going to go talk to Sheila. Josh suggests she wait for Sheila to approach her. Ali says she can't do that...and heads down from HOH to confront Sheila.

Ali goes in the back bedroom where Sheila is laying in the bed….
Ali: "I never told anyone you had a yeast infection!" Sheila: "Yes you did!!"
Sheila: You kiss everyone's a** in this house but I know how you really feel about everyone.. You are backstabbing me! You told everyone I was an actress!
Ali: You WERE acting! A lot of people say you are an actress..
Sheila: I was doing it for you! Why did you tell everyone that?
More arguing.
The other HGs are listening to the argument from the next room.
Ali tells Sheila that she's being "absolutely pathetic"
Ali and Sheila continue to yell at each other. Rehashing many things...the acting...being betrayed...yeast infection...Sheila saying Ali talks sh*t...Ali saying she's making things up...lots of repeating themselves
Ali asking Sheila to tell her who she's talked about except from a strategy standpoint. Sheila won't, but says the cameras have it all.
Ali: Can you shut your mouth for one second?
Sheila says she may not have Ali's education. Ali: Who gives a F about my education. Why do you keep bringing it up? More yelling...more about the yeast infection. Sheila says Nat and Amanda said she told them about the yeast infection.
Ryan joins the convo...Ryan says Ali never said a word about the yeast infection.
Ryan now yelling. Adam yelling too. They are both upset with Sheila.
Sheila: You know how to manipulate people.
A: I have relationships with different people in this house and you tore those down.
S: Amanda and Natalie said that you told everyone in the HOH room that I had a yeast infection.
A: No, I did not!
Ali calling for Nat, Amanda, or Ryan to come in and say that Ali didn't say Sheila has a yeast infection. Ryan sticks up for Ali. Sheila tells Ryan that Ali talks s**t about Jen.
Ali: If I said anything bad about Jen, I already told Ryan about it!
Ryan: She tells me everything. I don't understand why you're going behind her back.
Sheila: Tell Amanda and Nat to come in here. Adam, you're my partner why aren't you defending me.
Ali leaves. She briefly confronts Amanda, but Amanda doesn't admit to saying anything.

Ali says she knows Nat wants to talk to her. Matt says she doesn't. Nat says it's all cleared up now.
Allison now starting with Natalie - all while Chelsea sits upstairs and listens.
Matt telling Nat to not listen. Nat says she won't fight. Matt keeps telling Nat not to fight. - "Nat, go to your room!"
Nat says she just wanted to know about the N/M comment...it's all cleared up now.
Matt continues to try to get Nat away from the fight...make her stop talking "shut up!"

Ali and Chelsia go into HOH. They laugh and jump up and down, then hug each other.

Matt telling Josh/Sharon that the Alli/Sheila fight was staged and he's lobbying them for their vote.

Matt: "I'm not involved in this fight about yeast" "I have nothing to do with this yeast"
James says it's a done deal. It's too bad they had to go back on their word, but it worked.
Now Sheila and Amanda are arguing about who told who about the yeast infection. Nat/Amanda say Jen couldn't have told it because she was gone...

More talk about Ali lying and saying stuff about everyone...she never says what Ali said, but is adamant Ali said stuff about everyone.
Matt is trying to convince Sharon to use the veto
Sheila says she just found out who started it. She says Amanda told Nat. Sheila apologizes. She says Nat admitted that Amanda was the one who told her about it.

Sheila says she knows she screwed it up for herself...knows Amanda made it up...started all that. Sheila says she shouldn't have gone off like that...they hug.
More hugging. Sheila asks if Ali will accept her apology. Ali says it's OK...she's tired and is on slop. Sheila crying now. She's still upset about Ryan and Adam yelling at her...especially Adam. He comes in and she tells him not to talk to her.
Ali and Sheila are still making up...hashing out what was said.
Amanda and Sheila alone. Amanda maintaining that Ali was talking about Sheila's yeast infection. There's a lot of she said...I didn't say...I only heard this....
Now Sheila is worried about the yeast infection being talked about on the TV show.
While Josh listens through the hole in the wall.
Sheila saying she just came on BB to promote her book deal
Ali is running laps in backyard
Josh, Chelsia and James are in the HT. Sheila is still going on and on in the bedroom. Matt and Nat are there with her and Amanda now....more of the same things being said...
Adam comes in...Sheila is still mad at him...yelling "it takes 2 people!"

6:33pm Nat yelled for the guys, which came running in from outside, they rolled her and she started gasping for breath and shaking. Ryan was yelling for someone to hit the panic button
She went into convulsions then we got trivia
Before Amanda fainted, she was complaining about being hypoglocemic or Low Blood Sugar or Diabetic one, not sure how to spell the first one.
Then she met up with Nat and continued to tell her that she needed food, or sugar. And that she had been trying to get into the DR.
Then she fainted, when they rolled her over she started having convulsions, or a seizure.
Ryan yelled for someone to hit the panic button. We got alot of trivia and jumps back to the house, and when the panic button finally worked we get trivia.

Expect it for a bit folks.
before Amanda fainted as Chelsia was coming in the house she said "I guarantee Amanda's just being dramatic cuz she hates being on slop...I guarantee it."
7:19 feeds came back for a few seconds, showing chel in HT, Adam laying on LR couch Alex walking around
Chelsia and Sharon outside at HT. Sheila talking to Nat in bed. Seems Matt tried to ask the cops about game scores
Ryan in sauna, Alex, Chel, James, Josh in HT, Sheila walking around. Alex saying hitting the panic button is what called the cops.
Amanda's no longer in the house. Sheila was asking will Jen or Parker come back.
Apparently something happened to Alison as well. Alex is talking to the people in the hot tub and backyard talking about how he didn't recognize Alison when he came in and her face had come it in hives, her lips swelled up so she couldn't speak well and was crying and upset.
Sheila: You saved her Josh by pressing that emergency button. They were thanking you... You seriously saved her.

According to Chelsea, regardless of Amanda/Allison in the house or not, Operation Condor is still in effect.
"Amanda is coming back, anyway"
"I didn't know until i saw her.. she's fu*** dramatic anyway"
James says it really scared him. He says she (Amanda) felt lifeless...was shaking at one point...her head, legs, jaw locked.

Chel said she thought it was fake at 1st because Amanda is so dramatic. James said it never crossed his mind.
James says he feels numb. "Everyone is still in, like, game play mode...like what the F, dude?"
James says Adam pissed him off for talking about game stuff right after Amanda's episode. James saying it was the last thing he wanted to think about then.

The Paramedics asked Sheila…What gave Allison an allergic reaction?
Sheila responded by saying she ate a peanut.
Sheila also claims that Adam tried to prevent her from telling the paramedics.
Sharon: I don't think we should win HOH next week.. Josh: Oh I think we should!
Sharon: but that will be 2 competitions in a row. It will make us look strong.
Josh:If it comes down to a tiebreaker vote..we decide who stays. I guarantee next week will be a tie breaker vote.
Sharon - I just don't want the blood of M/N on our hands they are on balcony
Adam - If I were playing single in this game, it would be different. Matt agrees in the kitchen
Sharon says she feels bad because she told Nat she was fine,now everyone's changing their minds. Josh - that's why you shouldn't say that
Matt asked Adam where his lady is. Adam: my f’n hag? my ball and chain?
J/S in HOH with C/J, M/R/A playing pool

Josh Sharon in kitchen still discussing how this should play out
J/S in kitchen discussing HOH next week and whether or not to throw it.
Chel and Sharon are cooking supper
Matt - Chelsia you cook? C - F off, I love to cook.
8:22pm Alex is in his bed, Nat is laying down with a headache, Sheila outside laying on the couch.
C/R/S/M/A in kitchen discussing Amanda -may have to be on regular food or slop pass
Sheila comes in and says she couldn’t sleep and she doesn’t know how to turn the fire off outside
Sheila asking for Tylenol PM again.
Sheila - if I would have told him I were coming here, he'd have talking me out of it.
Sheila says an actor in Karate Kid is her son's godfather (didn't catch name)
Alex now teaching C how to work the stove - after she cooked.LOL
Sheila says he will be at wrap party if she can bring friend
Chel's flipping out because 'the oven f***ing sucks, it's not even on!
Sheila said Billy was his name (Billy Zabka)
Ryan to Josh - don't think you should use POV
Ryan - break up M/A and A/A and then get Shelia out next week
Josh and Ryan in massage room, Ryan hoping he doesn't use the POV, and they now have the perfect excuse to put up Adam/Sheila next week against A/A.

In the bathroom Matt & Sheila are talking about his ex, Sheila says she hasn’t been happy 1 day in the house and what you have to do to win the money and if it’s worth it in the end. Sheila said she’s upset that Adam didn’t defend her at all during the fight with Ali. Sheila saying she knows she alone in this game but M has a partner

9:01pm Now everyone's in the kitchen but Nat, talking about how few people there are and this will be how it feels after Wed eviction

josh couldn't wake James, so chel went up and came back down to tell everyone. James is passed out with huge pool of drool around his mouth

Everyone except Natalie & James are in the kitchen eating dinner. Natalie & James are asleep.
9:09pm Josh said to Alex and Ryan least you'll have the beds to yourselves tonight
Matt saying he's gonna stay in LA and give it 6months then go back to Boston if things don't work out. Sheila's encouraging him. He says if he doesn't do it now he never will, because he'll get back into his old life with his friends. He wants to eventually settle down and have a kid in either Boston or New York, not out here.
Alex joins them, says what happens just makes ya think
Josh, Sharon, Matt in massage room discussing whether Allison or Amanda will come back.
Adam and Ryan are doing the dishes.
9:42pm We got a brief glimpse of everyone in DR and producer saying Amanda and Alli would be back later and there was flowers the HGs requested for them
Natalie is up in the kitchen, but she is really sick with a bad headache, a fever and no appetite.
Josh/Sharon in bathroom, J - we're not here to make friends S - I shouldn't have told them, I won't do that again. Nat - came in, thinks she has a fever. Josh picking zits. S - suggests ice on forehead.
Chel's is making a 'card' for them on a napkin with fingernail polish
Matt's making something too. looks like 'Welcome back"
Chel's says "Get well Allison and Amanda"
James is with Nat in bathroom. Josh got the advil getting nat her bowl
James said he heard that 1 of them is coming off the block and there's a swing vote that will keep them both here and then they'll. Nat - what???

10:01pm Amanda's back , she has a ziplock bag with pills in it. She says she wants to lay down but they told her to eat some peanut butter so Alex makes her a peanut butter sandwich.

Matt is in the bedroom with Nat and Sheila now he is on his way to find a bucket or something for Nat to throw up in. He is heading to the DR to get Nat a stronger medicine than Advil. Sheila asked him to get her some Tylenol PM...
Sheila's crying S-matt's nice to you he cares about you Adam is a piece of crap. I want to go home
Now Sheila is crying her heart out to Nat saying that she should not have left her son. She should of asked her sons godfather his opinion on it and he would not have let her do the show. Matt interrupted them and now they are telling him what else to ask for in the DR. Sheila tells him to say she hasn't slept in two nights and needs the Ty-PM.
Sheila's gonna beg the producers to let her sleep on the floor she can't sleep next to Adam
Sheila tells Nat she hopes Josh uses the POV on them and she goes up
Sheila says she wants out of her misery...she wants to be on the block and gone. She said she has done enough, she has put on a face for TV and that's it, no more. She can not stand Adam anymore. She says she is 45 frickin years old and can't deal with all the high school, juvenile BS. She wants OUT.
10:17pm Allison is back, she says she is flying high on meds. She tells Alex they want to know what was in his slop that she tasted. She said the Doctor will see her tomorrow and run tests to find out what she is allergic to. She said she is thankful it happened in the BB house because she could have died. She is saying how great the nurse is that works at CBS. Ali says she's on a lot of meds and is kind of out of it. She tells them about her throat being completely closed and being given an epipen. She says the Doctor told her she could have died if she hadn't been in the house and gotten a quick response.
Alex confirming how swollen Ali was when he saw her in the DR..how she couldn't talk. She says her tongue was swollen. Ali and Amanda are both saying how good the people in the house are (the medics/nurse). Ali says they are so quick. Ali is saying she was embarrassed about how much her face swelled.

Sheila talking to Natalie and said that Josh won't look her in the eyes, and she doesn't know how Adam won the pysch tests to get into the house. Matt waiting to get into DR. he told nat he's not sleeping with her tonight incase she's contagious
Amanda - "we're done talking about each other" to Sheila and Allison
Sheila - about Adam: "He says ugly horrible things to me. ... I've put up with more abuse from him in my life time and I'm 45 years old. I'm serious. I don't want to be here."
Ali - "We need to remember this is a game."
Sheila, Amanda, Ali, Ryan and Josh in boat room talking
Sheila wants to talk to Alison (producer) about changing the slop back to PB&J

10:53pm Sharon,Alex,Josh,Ryan,Adam are outside playing pool, Matt soon joins them.

Sheila told Amanda and Alli she would take Evel D being in the house any day over Adam she say's she understands ED. Amanda says "Really"? Amanda hasn't heard Adam say that many nasty things to Sheila. Sheila said that Adam said to her one night "don't you take that f'n blanket off me b*t**." Amanda gasps and covers her mouth in shock.
Enter Sharon to the bedroom now with the girls. Sheila now repeats to Sharon saying she can't take it any more, she wants out etc. While Sheila tells all this to Sharon, Amanda is telling Alli separately how sorry she is..she says "I mean it, I'm really sorry."
Sheila is going on and on about how her family is probably in shock and that BB needs to stop Adam from doing what he is doing. Now Sheila says "well, if everyone wants us to go we'll go. Do I wanna go?? NO! of course not...." while she was talking Amanda and Alli got up and said they are going to wash up, they are exhausted...they give her a hug and get the heck out! poor Sharon is now alone with Sheila.

James says he thinks Sheila is bi-polar. He says Adam says she's on "crazy person meds"
Matt and Adam are talking about the possible future talk between Adam and Sheila. Matt tells Adam to try and get along...they have to live together right now. Matt says everyone knows she's (Sheila) crazy. He tells Adam to do what he does with Natalie and just let Sheila talk while he pretends to be listening

Ali was helping Amanda get stuff out of her hair, until BB called her to the DR, so Matt took over and Alex is watching
Ryan - we had 2 hospitalizations today what's tomorrow Josh - tomorrow's a death we'll bury them in the backyard
Alex and Amanda want to go to bed, but Sheila and Adam are still in there. Matt said kick em out cuz he's sleeping in there too in case Nat's contagious.
Ali is out of the DR and gave Sheila a baggie of pills(Tylenol PM?), Sheila continuing her 'talk' with Adam
Josh asked Sharon to go kick them out of the boat room, so Alex, Amanda, and Matt can go to bed
11:51pm Ali and Ryan in bed Ali - Sheila is losing her mind, she's not the person I knew the 1st week
A- I don't want to waste this week on her what do you want to do R - she can wait another week
Ali to Ryan - TY for sticking up for me in there. They're laughing about Sheila washing her underwear in the sink.. and Ryan later when they were dry putting them on Adam's head.
Ryan said we're in this together, he didn't want Jen back. He started with her (Ali) and wants to finish the game with her. Both are going to sleep. Ali - night josh i hate you (referring to Sheila's earlier comment that Ali wanted Neil and Josh evicted the 1st week) Ryan you can not say ANYTHING to her(sheila) about this game anymore. Ali - OK, how could she do that to me, cuz I really liked her.
Ryan - sorry it just sucks for you. Ali - I can handle it one more week, but next she goes up. - Ryan - night. Ali - night.

Adam in kitchen eating. James and Chel in HoH talking. I think everyone else is asleep.
James - I won't want to be in this game with anyone else but you. Well, maybe Josh, but I'm not gay.
James - matty wanted josh out. Matt is a homophobe. James repeating some of the things Matt said to him. Matt called him 'a real c*ck sucker'.
James thinks Josh lucked out with Neil leaving and getting Sharon. Chel says yeah cuz before it was always 'lets get the gays out'. James eating pretzels. Chel asks him if he wonders if what they see on HoH screen is the same as internet feed. J-for $40 that would suck.
ways drools in his sleep. He said no, so she shows him where he drooled

Adam was outside smoking alone then went in and is talking to Ryan &Ali. Asking for advice how to deal with Sheila. Ali - says he's a good guy.
Ryan - night bro.
Adam enters his bedroom, tiptoes over to his bed, gets undressed and Sheila says what's that noise(it's the camera following him).
Sheila - no screaming yelling, you do that with the boys.
Adam - yeah ok night.

12:34am Matt gets up, get’s himself some water walks around the house, stares at the guinea pigs for a bit then heads back to bed. He then proceeds to “take care of himself”.

James went to boarding school for middle school, where you were a suit and tie
James said that he took a test for this college prep type school and he lived there for three years. He was the poor kid, with everything paid for who got in. He was treated well there he says. He says they were all really rich kids.....

12:51am Matt sitting up in bed, thinking maybe listening??

James and Chel are bouncing from topic to topic, how they grow up, getting to know each other. James tells Chel when he first saw her he thought she was a lesbian
James and Chelsia making out with some small talk thrown in... James says this makes for good tv and "It's for our fans Chelsia!"
James and Chels in bed, finally turned out lights. James asks Chels if she doesnt like kissing, because she turns sideways to kiss. Chels is concerned that with the lights off that it would look like they were having sex.
Chels: I told my parents I wouldnt do that.
James: How old are you?
James offers to go ask the DR for permission. The two talk pillow talk. And talk about Big Spoon and Little Spoon. How James likes to pee sitting down, and be the little spoon. Chels thinks James lacked something as a kid and now just wants to be held.
James asks Chelsia if shes republican or democrat. She doesn’t know. Asks who she would vote for.. She doesn’t know.. Maybe Obama. But she hasn’t followed much of anything cause it all takes soo long.
James continues to ask questions.. Doesn’t it feel nice not to have your phone for 15 days. Neither of them have thought of their phones either.
Chels is a Facebook user.
James is a Myspace user.

4:26am James & Chelsia in HOH - looks like she is asleep wrapped in her blanket & James got the sheet with a pillow longways between them - cute hamsters
Lots of snoring going on lots of sheet rustling too - tossing & turning in their sleep...WOW can some of them snore.
G’Night Hamsters