Big Brother Recap 2/23/08
The margaritas might be the only virgins in the BB house! More chaos and fights!

At 9:30 am Big Brother woke up Allison to go to the DR and see the doctor. After that announcement the house seemed to stir and all seemed to wake up. General chit chat. Amanda discussed her visit to the hospital the night before and that the doctor said she had bad convulsions and that she would be sore and has a headache today. She also said she does not have good insurance and that trip to the hospital will cost her some big bucks.

Josh and Sharon discuss the POV and decide that the best thing would be to keep the nominations the same and to keep Ryan and Allison because they would be easier to beat at the end. Sheila said she feels sorry because Nat and Matt were only suppose to be the pawn and not go this week.

Alli keeps talking about her trip to the hospital blah, blah blah, how she almost died etc. She did show some of the others where she keeps her epi pen incase it ever happens again.

Shelia corners Ali in the bathroom and begs her not to use the VETO and put her up Saying the same thing over and over (I’m 45, yeast infection, single Mom, needing the money) . Really Shelia get a life and quit the begging.

At about 1:30 pm they got the hot water back. All immediately celebrated by taking showers.

Josh corners Amanda and tells her he is not using the VETO and that he will work the votes her way as long as she does not tell anyone. He also said that she should be grateful and promises him that if they got HOH next week they would not nominate him and Sharon. She agreed.

Here is an example of Shelia today. All she did was repeating the same things over and over.
Adam says no one wants to see drama.

Shelia: You say whatever what you want to say, but I’m not stupid, but people do want to see drama. This is real what’s going on between you and me. Don't kid yourself. IF people don't want drama, then they won’t turn on TV.

Adam says something and then Shelia says why you always have to disagree with me. We're not the only ones in drama in this house, you and I ... if we weren’t' here, this house would be boring, we are the entertainment. You are... the guys love you.

Adam: The girls love you?

Shelia: You don’t understand what my life was like in high school. I never had friends. Girls beat me up, I never had girlfriends, it’s hard to have girlfriends. My sis was educated one I was the one who dated football players and parties. You know what I mean?

Adam: I know what you mean; and then he yawned:::

Shelia: I thought Ali liked me, she might not like me now I cant change that. I truly think Amanda likes me. You can't make everyone like you and that’s another thing you are missing in this game. I did that coming in here and eventually someone kicks you in the ass and pushes you out the door.

At about 7:15 the promised margarita party started. They all got goofy sombreros and a piñata and of course a margarita machine. They drank their margaritas out of bowls since they have no drinking cups this week. After breaking the piñata Nat took one of the tattoos and had Amanda put it on her butt. Her exposed butt and thong is sure to be seen on TV this week. Of course they complain about the margaritas not having enough alcohol in them and how nobody got buzzed off them. James gets naked and walks around with the piñata covering his junk which everyone thought was hilarious. Nat joined in the fun and took her shirt off and put her sombrero over her boobs. Guys started hooting and hollering. Chelsea then helps Nat put tattoos on her boobs. Nat then puts some smiley faced tattoos on Chelsea’s nipples!

Matt and Natalie have a little spat. Nat is upset because Matt said he doesn't like girls who are "outgoing" matt clarifies and says that for him personally he wouldn't go for a girl that got naked and put tattoos wherever.. But that he loves her personality, thinks she is one of the most fun girls in the house, would definitely hang out with her outside the house.. He kept saying sorry,

Nat then talks with Ali saying she is sick of Matt and how she is sexually deprived for the past 9 months and now stuck with him. Ali said that he put up a wall because he really likes her (ok Ali get a clue). Shelia interrupts them and said that Matt sent her out to check on Nat because he said she was crying. Nat said she was not crying but just upset with Matt. Meanwhile Josh was ease dropping on this conversation the whole time. The other girls join in and comment on how Matt always flirts with them and thinks he can have any of them. Sharon said that he has been kissing her ass because he wants her to use the VETO on him.

Nat then confronts Matt and she calls him out on flirting with every girl here and then knocking her for being free with her body, Matt responded with he did not want any drama and that she was correct in what she was saying and he was sorry. She calls him out about kissing her at night, he doesn't deny it but moves to a different subject.. She also calls him out about him flirting w/ all the other girls.. she wants him to stop acting like she wants his "nut sack" ... Matt doesn't want to argue, keeps apologizing, she keeps bringing stuff up.
Mat then said physically I am attracted to you, I would f*** you right now, emotionally, I don't want to be emotionally attached to anyone in this house. Emotionally I wouldn't go for someone who put tattoos on their boob, I go for the more conservative type.. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.. I realize I'm going home for this..

Adam and Ryan want to work on saving Matt and Nat now (this changes every hour!) Adam made Ryan a bagel after midnight. (I thought he was on slop).
All houseguests were fast asleep by 1:30 after a brief make out session between James and Chelsea in the HOH room.

What will Sunday bring the VETO ceremony where it won’t be used? More Nat wanting Matt, More Ali and Amanda claiming they almost die and how sick they are blah, blah blah!