As the clock hits 9:30am BBT, another day in the BB house begins. The ladies of the house are bikini clad today as a result of last Wednesdays HOH competition where the majority of the houseguests said they would rather have the girls wear bikinis for 24 hours. Josh tells Amanda while they are getting ready for the day that it is a sure bet that it is 3-0 for Alex and her to stay. The houseguests are all prepping for the Veto Ceremony and not much else is said.

Around 12pm the Veto Ceremony is held, we get FOTH but when the feeds return we find out that the Vet had not been used by Sharon and Josh. Alex and Amanda and Nat and Mattie agree that they aren't going to compain against each other.

Nat talks about how she wants to win just one HOH before she leaves the house. We also find out that she worked at hooters before. (ed. Not too surprising) Some houseguests dye their hair and talk about some missing objects from the house, boat paddle and some other objects. Shelia also makes it known that she wants her plastic surgery done by Dr. Will (ed. Lol) and we also find out that slop has 15g of fat per serving. (ed. Pretty boring day in BB land)

Sunday's show was very dull and not very eventful. On the show they had the nominations in which Chels and James put up Alex and Amanda and Matt and Nat. They also aired the food competition which was kind of fun to see. The premise of the food comp. Was to fill up the other teams nets full of fish in order to make it too heavy for the person holding it to hang on to. The backyard was totally transformed into a swampy, fishy mess complete with two boats representing the two teams. They were split into the green team and the yellow team. In the end the green team lost which was Amanda/Alex, Shelia/Adam, and Chels/James. But C/J don't have to eat slop because they are HOH and have full food privileges.

On to the exciting part of the day, 8:45 BBT BEEEEEER!

It all starts with a good old lap dance session. Nat and Chels give the boys some lap dances. Which is only the start of the entertainment these girls are going to give tonight! After Chels and Nat proceed to make out in the living room. After the fun inside dies down they all decide to go in the pool. Josh grabs Chel and puts her on his shoulders and Matt does the same to Nat and they begin to have a chicken fight. BB promptly tells them to “Knock it off”. When they get down, Chel and Nat apologise to their families for making out, and then do the only logical thing....make out again. This begins the make out “orgy” that would continue for quite some time. Here's the breakdown;

-Josh/Chels/Nat “I wanna make out with a gay guy!” “Me too!”

During all of this kissing action, Amanda, Ali and Shelia are inside watching from the window “Not judging” but making snide comments. Chels says “Happy Birthday Daddy” into the camera. Nat says that she just doubled the amount of people shes made out with, and all in one night! Nat going on about how they are all friends with benefits nothing more. James was asked if he'd ever do gay porn, he says “I don't know” (ed. Interesting....) Shelia tells James that she will make out with him before they leave the house.

After all the fun the houseguests shower and hang out a bit. This is when a little bit of game talk begins. Josh saying to James that he wants to evict A/A now. James tells him to sleep on it. Matty says that A/A would put up Josh/Sharon on the block if they won HOH. The guys start talking about Alex and how “by the book” he is. “Still lives with mom and grandma, owner of deejay company, father left him $$, and he said he'd give Matt a job if he came out.” James and Adam didn't think he owned the company, but Matt insists that he knows its Alex's. James talks about how he thinks in the end BB will be like “Money or Soulmate?” and they will have to choose. Matt says Nat will say forget the money I want Matty. As another day in the BB house comes to a close, the houseguests speculate how much longer they will be in the house, and if they will bring anyone back to make it a longer season.

What will Monday have instore for the houseguests and how exactly will the houseguests feel when they wake up and remember just how many people they each made out with last night.... Stay tuned.