Joshua, Amanda, Allison, Sheila, Alex and Sharon spent some quality time out in the sun. Natalie, Matt, Chelsia and Adam join them and they all reminisce of the fun they had the night prior. Natalie said she didn’t remember a bunch of what happened, however remembered quite a bit of the details. Matt told Natalie that she has to be the one to campaign against Amanda and Alex because he can’t and gave her tips to bring up to Josh and Sharon while in the storage room exchanging batteries. Joshuah and Sharon whispered back and forth about how they both trust Amanda over Allison.

Ryan, Matt, Adam and Alex weigh down the blow up basketball hoop for the pool on one of the deck side tables to play a game of HORSE. Then they lifted weighs and Natalie and Amanda joined in while in their bikini’s. Matt pulls a muscle in his shoulder. An outdoor lockdown was called. After an ab workout, Adam Amanda and Alex played pool. Ryan and Chelsia lounged in the pool, and Sheila, Joshuah, Natalie, James and Sharon lay in the sun. Allison and Matt continued to lift weights. Sheila continues to think about the Hudson Valley Virus which played a role in the veto competition. She thinks that it means that once evicted, they have to fly to NY for the early show. Lockdown was over at 2 and Matt starts working Allison for her vote to stay in the house. Allison tells him that she is sold to save Matt and Natalie and that she’ll talk to Ryan tonight. Matt used the fact that Amanda made up songs and made fun of Allison to help sway Allison.

James tells Sharon, Joshuah and Chelsia that he wants to be on Alex and Amanda’s team for the food competition next week so that he can throw it so they won’t have a chance next week either. He said that he’d want to go and get the pickles, salsa, sugar, and all the other stuff they can put in the slop to mess them up more. They said that Sheila is freaking out because of being on slop. They want to get rid of the coffee to mess with the other teams because they are all dependent on coffee- especially Sheila. James plans to gut the house of coffee on Tuesday night and to wear his Mexican hat and call it the Boston tea party. They are all trying to figure out how to sabotage the other teams. Josh got burned up while lying outside.

Josh and Chelsia talked to Allison about how she was going to vote. They are all talking about what they want or what deals to make. Allison said she still needs to talk to Ryan about how they are voting. Allison says that Sheila isn’t a threat since she is just there to promote her book. She is scared that Alex and Amanda will get HOH and return to their shady ways.

After their talk, Allison ran down the bathroom and told Natalie the entire story. James tells Chelsia and Josh that he’ll talk to Ryan since Allison claims that he is making the decision but they figure out that she’s working the floor and will be making the decision, despite what she says. Josh tells James and Chelsia that he has hidden all the pickles and all but one bag of coffee. James tells Josh that he needs to tell Amanda that Allison cut a deal with Matt and Natalie and needs to find out exactly what was offered so that they can pit the two teams against one another. Josh leaves to find Amanda. Chelsia is scared about the votes, she wants Matt and Natalie gone because they are going to be gunning for them hardcore. She isn’t intimidated by Amanda and Alex, but is by Matt and Natalie. Chelsia said that Allisons eye contact was too strong and very paranoid.

Allison tells Natalie that they have to get HOH. Natalie says that she can’t tell Chelsia and James that they are gunning for them. Josh tells Amanda that Matt has been working Allison hard for her vote and tried to get the ball rolling in getting drama started between Amanda and Natalie. Natalie told Matt that he needs to talk to Ryan and Allison is going to talk to Ryan to get them all to agree. Sheila, Matt and Natalie all pinky swear on their votes and their deal.

Ryan and Allison finally talk. Allison tells him that Josh has let the whole POV win go straight to his head. Ryan thinks they should align with Matt and Natalie. He said that he doesn’t trust Josh and Sharon at all and doesn’t know how much to trust James and Chelsia. They are planning on telling everyone that they’ll vote Matt and Natalie out but then they’ll vote Amanda and Alex out. They’ll have 3 out of 4 chances to be safe next week. They trust Matt and Natalie more than they would Amanda and Alex. Matt has promised Allison that he would never them up. Matt and Natalie are willing to align with them to the final 4. Allison and Ryan are proud of themselves for moving around well and having the numbers. Allison tells Ryan to make deals with Matt because he is intimidated by Ryan. Allison thinks Matt is more malleable whereas Amanda and Alex are not. Sheila and Adam make Allison nervous because Sheila is so crazy, but for the time being, it’ll be worth it. Allison wants James and Chelsia gone next week because they’ll be pissed. Ryan says he feels bad because James and Chelsia and Josh and Sharon voted for them to stay, and he is going to need to think about it. He said that if Josh and Sharon win HOH, they are going home. He thinks the safe route is to get rid of Matt and Natalie, because they’d be completely switching alliances.

Ryan talks to Matt at the pool table and explains his position. He told Matt that they are the swing vote and trying to figure out what to do. Amanda and Alison were talking in the boat room and Alex came in and said that he is staying true to his word and if Allison and Ryan want to keep them there that’s fine, but he isn’t campaigning against Matt. Amanda promises Ryan that if Amanda and Alex win HOH, they won’t put up Ryan and Allison. Matt promises Allison that if Allison and Ryan are on the block and Matt gets the POV, he’ll use it to save them. Allison pinky swears with Matt to be the final two couples. Ryan tells her that Amanda promised to not put them on the block but Alex and Amanda are the safe bet, and you have to gamble to win.

Ryan heads up to the HOH where James, Chelsia and Sharon are and stutters over questions that Chelsia and Sharon ask him because he is trying to cover for his plan to vote out Alex and Amanda.

Sharon tells Josh that the only way they can win in the end is against Chelsia and James because they have backstabbed their entire alliance. Matt tells James that he and Chelsia are not Matt’s top target. Amanda is paranoid about getting voted out and Matt doesn’t say anything to the otherwise, but tells her not to worry.

Josh tells Chelsia and James that he is still waiting to find out if they can destroy food from the DR. He said that food has to be stored in the kitchen or storage room, so they can’t hide it in HOH. Matt tells Natalie that she needs to lay low and not draw too much attention to herself (like she had the night before). He said that he’ll handle the game talk.

The houseguests find dental dams and Matt walks around and keeps sticking his tongue through it. He starts trying to lick Sheila’s ear and she turns and they touch tongues. Sheila gets a strawberry flavored one and they kiss each covering their mouths with the dental dams.

James finds out that he can’t hide the coffee and pickles because they replenish them every day. Josh and Sharon try and fill condoms up with water to have a water balloon fight, but BB tells them to stop. Instead they use the mini basketball and protein shake containers to set up a bowling lane.

Natalie tells a story of why her boobs produce milk. She had an abortion at age 19 when she was 2 months along after her boobs started to get big, so they deflated. She got pregnant again at age 23 and found out the day before her boob job, so she got the surgery and aborted the baby two weeks later.

Matt and Amanda spent some time in front of the memory wall and Amanda tells him that if the vote is 3-0 that Matt and Natalie are staying. He said that he doesn’t know what Sheila and Adam are doing because they are wild cards. He and Adam discuss that they need to get Josh out and are planning to call it Operation Queen or Operation Fairy. They talk with Natalie and laugh that Josh and Sharon think that Matt and Natalie are going home because Allison and Ryan are lying about their votes. Matt wants to go off on Josh once they put Josh up on the block. They think James is upstairs watching them on the spy screen and decide to go to bed.

Everyone sound asleep by 3 AM.