9:00 AM - Let the Flames begin!
After a brief look at the flaming fireplace we see several of the downstairs folk’s getting ready in the bathroom while Chelsia and James appear to be sleeping in.

Sheila and Adam are bantering while Matt is packing in one room. Elsewhere Amanda is checking out her thong in a mirror. She spends a considerable amount of time adjusting the back of it (ed. I don’t get it. It’s a thong. It’s either in or it’s not!)

Breaking news of the morning: There are cups back in the house!

While ironing in the Storage Room, Alex says to Matt that Amanda’s treatment toward Allison the first two weeks is costing him the game and the people of America will see that it was Amanda’s fault.

11:00 AM – All house guests in lockdown in the HOH
Nobody speaks for a long time until Natalie says “So this one time… at band camp…”

Lots of random chatter follows along with intermittent Flames.
They wonder if anyone has 'gotten any' in the house. James offers up that he masturbated in the HOH bathroom.

Matt comments to Natalie that the pants she's wearing are totally camel and total wedge. Natalie replies, “You have to stand out somehow.”

James says he can't wait to meet Chelsia's parents. They're gonna love him! He says he's the prize catch for parents.

Chelsia recounts a story of being chased by a homeless person asking for 10 cents (ed. She does not mention that now she’s being chased by a homeless guy over a matter of 10 inches).

They all get into the classic debate of cats vs. dogs.

2:00 PM
Josh and Sharon have Allison in the storage room. Ali is upset with them and Josh is upset with her from last night’s conversations. Ali tells them she is not going to bat for them and as of now it looks like Matt and Natalie are staying. Then she leaves the room. Sharon goes into Sharon motor mouth mode to convince Josh to suck it up and kiss Allison’s butt so the votes will switch and it keeps them safe next week. Josh is not going for it saying he’s not afraid of Allison and that Sharon shouldn’t be either.

2:30 PM until Live Show
The feeds go from Guinea pigs to Flames and finally the ominous Trivia.

Live Show Recap
Julie reviews the medical emergencies. Alex is shown saying he won’t campaign. Matt says in DR that he will do what he has to do to stay in the game. Allison is shown trying to sell the house on getting Matt and Natalie out.

Julie talks to Sheila about her fight with Allison. She says she has learned to keep some things to herself. Julie compliments James for being on the spot when Amanda fainted and everyone applauds him. When asked about slop Sheila says it’s the best diet she’s ever been on.

The Spotlight Segment is on James and Chelsia. Friends that are interviewed think they are free spirits. The two of them are shown being very cute together in the HOH.

Next the traditional HOH talk where Julie calls out James on breaking his word with Matt. She asks Chelsia if she has any regrets. James says he is stuck in a house with materialistic people that he hates.

Alex and Amanda are evicted by a 3-0 vote and the hugs and tears go into full swing. In the exit interview Julie calls out Alex for not campaigning. He thinks they were nominated because of Amanda but got evicted because of him. Amanda says she wanted Alex to campaign but hoped the others would respect that he kept his word not to.
In the good-byes, Allison blasts Amanda. Josh used his to apologize to Amanda and her family for things he said. Matt vows revenge to Alex.

The HOH Comp was called ‘Words of Love’ and pertained to the love quotes pictured around the house. It was elimination style question rounds with the girls competing first. Sharon goes three for three and takes out Allison, then Sheila, then Natalie. The guys go next. Ryan eliminated himself with an incorrect answer then Josh gets two in a row to take out the other two guys. Since both Sharon and Josh won there was no need to have a head to head girl vs. guy round and Josh screams his head off in jubilation.

Julie drops a bit of intrigue letting us know that next Wednesday the evicted couple will get a surprise no one will see coming.

6:00 PM - Feeds come back
Ali told Matt they're here because of her. If they win PoV they have to take her off the block. Ali complains to Matt that keeping them here has screwed her in the game.

Josh, Chelsia and James hug about the HOH win.

Ali tells Ryan she buzzed in right after Sharon and knew the answer, but Sharon knocked her out. Ali said Josh got into her face, Ryan said to keep egging him.

Sheila and Natalie are saying Ali is now turning everything around on them and has talked mean about everyone. Sheila tells Sharon she will go up as pawn but would rather vote out Allison and have Allison know she did it.

7:00 PM
Josh telling Natalie and Sharon he got in Ali’s face but would never hit a woman. Chelsia says Alli told her that she was going to get josh kicked out because he got too close.

Josh gets called to the DR and on the way asks Allison if she got him kicked out and starts to whine like baby at her.

Allison goes to the bathroom with Ryan and claims Josh threatened to slit her throat and swung the HOH key at her. She has a breakdown crying and saying her family must be mortified. She gives a graphic description of how her Dad and her brother would kill Josh. Ryan keeps saying don’t let him get to you. This is what Josh wants.

There was an audio leak on Josh in the DR saying he hears that Alli feels physically intimated.

Later, Josh, Sheila and Natalie are laughing in a bedroom because the DR told Josh to keep his distance because Allison thinks Josh is nuts and sincerely wants to kill her. He has to stay 5 feet away from her.

8:00 PM
Sheila, Sharon and Josh whisper in the living room. Josh is making fun of Allison's eyelashes. Josh tells Sheila that he doesn't want her (Sheila) to go. Josh says they have this thing call "Operation Gardener" (to get out Allison) because Allison plants seeds around the house by gossiping.

Outside Ryan asks Adam to use POV on him if he wins it so that they would control the vote and keep them and Matt/Nat safe. Matt comes out and Ryan explains this plan to him.

The HOH room is open and everyone but Allison go to see it. Sharon and Natalie want everyone to be nice to Ali so she doesn't leave. She’s afraid Jen or Amanda would come back. Josh says Ali said she was going to take a tape of the show and sue him.

Allison says unless there are serious repercussions on Josh, she will walk out. Chelsea says the whole house went off on Josh and told him it was a bit much. Alli is also upset at Sheila’s answer on the show tonight. Chelsea asks who was there when Allison was threatened. Ali says no one.

9:00 PM
The ShoToo Crawl reads:
Amanda and Alex were evicted from the Big Brother house tonight by a 3-0 vote, Josh is upset with Allison because he thinks she swayed the votes, Sharon and Josh are the new HOH couple, Chelsia and James are happy and feel safe with Sharon and Josh as HOH, Tomorrow is the nomination ceremony,

We see the houseguests are off slop and everyone has pizza. Josh and Allison are sitting across from each other at the table and there is one feed dedicated to each of them.

Matt and Chelsia steal away to the Storage Room and Matt gives her a piggyback ride. He says she is heavier than he thought. She comes right back with, “I just had pizza”. He sits her on the counter and starts to kiss her. She doesn’t resist but doesn’t let it continue for very long and they head back out to the others.

Outside Matt tells Adam and James that he watched Amanda start this fight between Allison and Josh the other night.

In the massage room, Allison confronts Sheila about what she said on the live show about their fight. It was a very odd conversation. Neither of them made too much sense, mainly because Allison would stop the conversation every time Sheila started to get loud.

Chelsia and Natalie take the washtub to the shower to do the towels. At one point Chelsia stands in the bucket and walks around like she is stomping grapes.

10:00 PM - Inside lockdown
Sheila leaves the massage room and Allison tells Ryan she is crazy. Ryan says “We are in trouble”. Allison thinks the only reason Josh didn’t hit Amanda during their big fight was because she held him back and now wishes she didn’t. She says she has a restraining order on him in house. She has zero clue why Josh went off and Ryan says “Because he feels we were playing him and we kinda were”.

Up in the HOH Josh is making fun of Allison in great detail about her lack of boobs and making fun of the dress she wore. Sharon is laughing. Josh reveals he has been secretly hiding people’s things everyday. They go full blown into HOH power trip saying they run this house now and they are in charge of everything.

11:00 PM
Allison, James, Chelsia, Sheila, Adam, and Matt are in a bedroom discussing possible future twists. They worry about the Hudson River Virus and how that might have something to do with it. Sheila suggests maybe Evel Dick is coming back. Everyone agrees that he would rip Sheila up and Sheila is surprised they think that.

Out in the Hot Tub Sharon and Natalie listen to Josh denying that he threatened to slash Alli's throat. Sharon tells Ryan that Ali confronted her earlier. Ali said Sharon was calling her a bitch and Sharon denied it ever happened.
Regarding intimidatin Allison, Josh says "I hate to say it, but I really just took a page from Dick's book, and it worked." Natalie says, "Dick has a book?"

Ryan leaves to go talk to Ali about the earlier confrontation with Sharon.

Alli told Ryan that when she confronted Sharon about calling her a bitch, she admitted it. Ryan said “She told me she didn't say that” and Ali goes to confront Sharon. Ali goes to the HotTub but she didn't mention the bitchy comments specifically, just vaguely refers to the earlier conversation. And then Josh and Ali go at it again.

Ali's goes to the DR

Sharon, Josh and Adam tell Ryan that Ali did not come out to question Sharon. She just wanted to see if they were ok.

Alli comes out of the DR and goes to bed. A confused and slightly pissed Ryan goes to confront her. He keeps saying that she didn’t go out and do what she said she was going to concerning the Sharon Bitch stuff. Ali keeps saying that she did confront Sharon but she seems to be mixing up which conversation she is referring to. Ryan makes a mocking gesture and leaves as Allison flips him off and tells him that she was wrong about everything nice she ever said about him.

Ryan tells Matt, Chelsia and James that Ali's been lying and he’s not sleeping with her tonight. He and Matt open up the sleeper sofa so Ryan can sleep there.

Chelsia goes to talk to Ali to talk her out of leaving the game.
Chelsia then goes to tell Ryan about her conversation. Ryan is fed up and says he won't speak to her until she apologizes to him. Chelsia tells Ryan the complete lesbian story, how they were married, had an adopted son and that the story built and lasted for 11 days. Ryan's is shocked. He said Ali told him to do damage control because she lied about being a lesbian but didn't tell him about the details.

A slumber party breaks out in the middle bedroom with everyone except Sharon/Josh and Allison. They are being very playful until Natalie starts up with Matt. The usual story of she wants to talk and he doesn’t.

Up in the HOH, Josh puts on a CD and does a very entertaining dance that included wearing a tiara and singing and dancing with a stuffed toy. Well worth a look in the Media Forum if you missed it.

1:00 AM
Allison called Matt into boat room. She's not going to apologize to Ryan; he has to apologize to her. Matt offered to be a mediator. Ryan joins them and eventually confronts her about the entire lesbian story. Allison puts all the blame on Sheila.

Downstairs Josh takes Allison’s key off the wall, drops his shorts and rubs it in his butt crack. (ed. Not sure if this was meant to get back at Allison or if he was just horny).

Natalie and Matt go to the backyard and have their standard argument.

Ryan continues to voice his displeasure with Allison in the bedroom. Allison counters with the “I saved us the 1st week” defense. Ryan says no “I saved us, I got Chelsia and James on our side. We're not here because of you. We're here because of me.” Ryan leaves as she yells “I'm glad I'm not in a relationship with you.”

Matt tells James and Ryan about his fight with Natalie. Adam comes out and let them know Natalie is inside crying under the covers and wants to go home.

Meanwhile Josh is on a roll. He has Allison’s bowl and is painting a negative 6 on it. He puts something about her boobs on it too.

Sheila joins Josh and Sharon in the HOH and they go over the lesbian story. Sheila says they started it together but Allison took it to a whole other level with all the details.

Matt and Natalie have grabbed a blanket to go chat it out in the hammock.

We see Josh putting Allison’s bowl in the Storage Room and is washing the key that he ‘abused’ earlier (ed. With all the flames this evening, it’s a safe bet this has been at the direction of the DR).

About this time we see that Allison was using nail polish to put something on Josh's key.

2:00 AM
Matt gets in bed with Chelsia and James and pretends they are having a threesome for the cameras.

A real voice calls Josh to DR. He says, “Oh no! This isn't gonna be good.” When he comes back to the HOH, Sharon asks what happened. Josh said he can’t talk about it but everything’s fine. He says a he has a gag order.

Everyone seems to be in bed and nodding off just before 3:00 AM.

Can this house get any stranger? Will Big Brother have to impose a kindergaten nap time? Will ‘operation gardener’ take root, or will Allison be successful in her efforts to get Josh the boot?

As always, a big ‘Thanks’ to all the updaters and also for all the folks putting up video in the Media forum. Pretty much all the wildness from the day is already posted there!