BB9 RECAP- Thursday 02/28/08

Another Day, Another Fight

9:30 AM – 12 Noon

The first house guest awake this morning is Shelia. She talks to herself about how different this season is from the past and speculates if there will even be a jury or if America gets to vote for the winner. Josh and Sharon discuss strategy to make it to final two and consider trying to make a deal with Natalie and Matt. They want Natalie and Matt to go, but not before Allison and Ryan. Joshua displays a general dislike for Allison and continues to talk smack about her a majority of the morning.

BB gives the household wakeup call and everyone wakes up and begins the day with breakfast. After the events of last night, BB is not in a good mood and it is apparent by the way everyone’s demeanor.

Shelia, Natalie, and Allison discuss how Matt treats Natalie and they all agree that he is very mean to her. Ryan tried to throw the lesbian thing in their faces last night and Shelia and Allison have a laugh about it, saying it was “so last week”. Allison does her morning ADL’s as she talks to Chelsia. She states that she isn’t f’ing around anymore.

Ryan, Chelsia, Adam, Shelia, and James exchange random banter and discuss Adam and Shelia having sex. Everyone is waiting for the next food competition.

Joshua and Allison get into another argument and continue bickering. He tells her he can’t wait to send her home. There is a lot or name calling and cursing and Allison tells him that the producers told him that he had to stay five feet away from her, but she gets all up in his face.

12 Noon – 2 PM

Just before noon, Sharon asks Josh to get everyone (except for Allison and Ryan) together for a house meeting. Everyone gathers and Sharon asks them what they have to do to get Allison and Ryan out of the house. They all agree to evict Allison and Ryan using Matt and Natalie as the pawns.

Elsewhere in the house, Allison continues to talk smack about Joshua and trashes CBS for good measure. She can’t believe that the producers would allow the situation to continue (ED: it’s called ratings sweetheart).

Shortly thereafter, there are flames and trivia as the houseguests compete in the food competition.

2 PM – 4 PM

When the feeds return, the girls are dressed in green outfits and the boys are wearing overalls and they are in an indoor lockdown. Matt cuts his hair (again). Josh, Sharon, and Chelsia are in the HOH talking about nominations. Josh rehearses his nomination speech and tells Chelsia that her key will be second “just because”. Chelsia says that Allison is so mad that she might win POV out of spite. Josh doesn’t appear to be too bothered with the idea. If that happens they will vote out Natalie and Matt and get them out next week.

Allison extends an olive branch to Joshua. Allison throws Shelia under the bus and says that the whole lesbian story was Shelia’s idea and she wanted to tell everyone the truth the next day. She doesn’t like the way that Shelia is playing the game. She apologizes for what was said this morning, and then asks him why she is so upset with her and tells him that he is her favorite person in the house and she adores him. Allison then tries her hand and throws Ryan under the bus as well, saying that he has never been her partner. She is doing a lot of double talking concerning who she and Ryan want out of the house. Allison is claiming that she wasn’t the one that wanted Amanda and Alex out of the house and if someone would have told her they wanted her vote for Natalie and Matt to leave they would have had it. Allison practically begs them to keep her and tries to make a deal to take them to the final two. Josh replies that he is exhausted with the whole thing. He isn’t going to fight anymore but he didn’t appreciate Allison starting all the drama and saying that he said things that he didn’t. He claims that the producers played back the video with him in the Diary Room to see if he actually said he wanted to slit her throat and it wasn’t on the tapes. If he would have said that he would have been kicked out of the house. Josh also tells Allison that it was he, and not the producers, that came up with the 5 feet rule.

Allison refuses to let it go and continues to press the issue. Sharon calls her out and reminds her that she said the same thing to Ryan last week and she has been vocal in the house about coming after Josh and Sharon, which Allison denied. Allison blames her indecision on being pumped full of drugs at the hospital. She is adamant that she heard Joshua say that he wanted to strangle her/slit her throat and claims that Josh and her are hearing two different things in the Diary Room. Allison then back-pedals again and says that she never thought Josh was really mad at her and he was just pretending to be mad. Allison rehashes the events that led up to the fight and thinks that it started when Sharon confronted Allison about calling her a B*tch, and Allison confronted her about talking about Ryan and her. Almost the entire time, Josh is trying to sleep and Allison keeps waking him up (ED: LOL!)

BB breaks up the love fest and calls Joshua to the Diary Room (ED: Thank goodness!). Allison asks Josh for a hug and he lets her hug him. She asks for a real one and he relents. As he is leaving, she tells him to play off the whole conversation and she will pretend to Ryan that they are still the targets. After Josh leaves, Allison asks Sharon if it was Natalie that told her that Ryan and Allison were coming after Josh and Sharon and Sharon said yes. Allison almost slipped that she tried to make a deal with Natalie but stopped herself. Allison reminds Sharon that they will vote however Josh and Sharon want them to before she attacks Shelia again. Allison thinks that with her and Ryan and Josh/Sharon in the house that they will dominate the game.

4 PM – 5 PM

Chelsia and James enter the HOH after Allison leaves. Chelsia is entertaining the idea of keeping Ryan/Allison because she is afraid of what Matt and Natalie will do if they stay. James flips out and asks if they have been smoking crack! James tells them that when Allison left the HOH she was smiling and has been telling the whole house that Chelsia is saying that Josh/Sharon and James/Chelsia are going to be the final 2. James and Chelsia have a small argument and Chelsia leaves, angry with James for calling her out.

Chelsia leaves the HOH and confronts Allison about the final two statement. Allison denies it and laughs it off like it is nothing. Chelsia confides in Allison that she is pissed and can’t trust anyone in the house. Allison agrees and says that she hates everyone in the house too and she has Chelsia’s back. Allison takes the opportunity to reinforce getting Matt and Natalie out and together they discuss how things would play out if Allison and Ryan were to stay.

Chelsia announces to the whole house that she never said anything about wanting in the final two. Adam and James say that they heard Allison say it. Ryan chimes in that what Chelsia said was misinterpreted. Frustrated with the whole thing, Chelsia gets in bed.

The lockdown is over. James, Adam, and Matt are outside talking. James is filling them in that Allison is trying to flip the votes to get Matt and Natalie out of the house and she has succeeded in making Chelsia mad at him. Matt tells them that Allison did the same thing last week. They compare notes on Allison’s game play and how the house will vote. James confirms that Matt is still going up, but that he is safe and won’t vote for them to leave.

Josh returns to the HOH room and is still talking about Allison. Sharon fills him in on what happened after he went to the Diary Room and tells him that she isn’t sure who to believe. It appears that Chelsia got to her a little, and she tells Josh that she is scared of Natalie and Matt. Josh gets upset and says he is tired of everyone talking about getting Matt and Natalie out and that Allison is diabolical and is the scariest person in the house. He tells Sharon that he is going to tell Matt/Natalie and Allison/Ryan that it is up to them to fight it out for the POV and that he doesn’t want it to be Allison and Ryan in the Final two with them. Sharon agrees that the final two has to be them and James/Chelsia. Natalie rings the door bell to the HOH room and Josh agree to be careful what they say to her. They tell her what Allison said earlier. A little later Shelia also joins them and tells them that it was Allison who came up with the lesbian story and she (Allison) got mad at Shelia for ending the charade without talking to her first.

Outside, the other guys are talking with Chelsia about the final two comment. She said it the other night when she was drunk, but she says that it didn’t come out the way she meant it. Natalie returns from the HOH and tells Adam that Allison was trying to blame everything on her. Ryan is cooking dinner and Allison tells him to play “buddy” with Josh and deny that they are trying to get them out of the house.

5 PM – 7 PM

Natalie and Matt argue about what Allison has been saying and Natalie’s faults. Natalie is upset because she thinks Matt thinks he knows it all. Matt tells Natalie to tell everyone she doesn’t know when they ask her something and that she messed the game up for them. He thinks they are being nominated again because Natalie talked to Josh and Sharon in the HOH room. Natalie tells him that she can’t lie and manipulate and they were going up anyway.

Matt talks to Josh and tells him that he doesn’t tell Natalie anything because she is easily swayed by others in the house.

7 PM – 9 PM

And the nominations are…..Matt/Natalie and Ryan/Allison.

James, Matt, Chelsia and Adam talk in the bedroom. Chelsia tells Adam not to pick his nose in her bed and he says he won’t, just as James picks his nose and eats it. (ED: EEWW!!) They discuss the difference between a unitard and a leotard. James changes into a green unitard and the feeders get full frontal nudity! James says he will wear it the rest of the show rubs himself to make himself hard while everyone laughs at him. James prances into the kitchen where Shelia and Allison are. Sharon must have been watching on the spy screen because she pops her head out of the HOH and tells James he is crazy. James lies on Shelia (with a hard-on) and is rubbing on her while she laughs. Ryan claims that he isn’t gay, but he can’t help but look at James’ goodies and Shelia agrees and compares it to a train wreck where you can’t look away.

The boys share a smoke in the backyard. James gets called to the Diary Room and Ryan says that no one is on slop this week. When James returns from the Diary Room he tells them that he can’t keep the unitard and he has to take it off (ED: BB has NO sense of humor today).

Natalie cooked steak and asparagus for dinner. Everyone enjoys it and is chatting as they eat. Adam referred to someone as a r****d again (Ed: If he only knew how much trouble he is in) and Natalie said that more people should be so that they would appreciate things more.

James and Chelsia share the sauna. They talk a little about the POV competition and then make out. Josh and Sharon talk in the hot tub. Josh doesn’t know how the people in the summer BB stay in the house for so long; he is ready for it to be over. Sharon thinks the POV is going to be physical.

Ryan/Adam/Matt/James/Chelsia talk smack about the other houseguests. Shelia joins Josh and Sharon in the HOH and tries to distance herself from Allison. Shelia promises she won’t use the POV and will vote with them. Sharon says that she is concerned that Matt and Allison will work together for the POV. They all talk about Allison and Shelia hints that Adam has been throwing competitions. Josh says that if Allison is voted out he will throw confetti when she leaves. Shelia tells them that she feels betrayed by Allison and she was prepared to stick with her until the end but now she doesn’t even want to talk to her. They try to guess what the new twist is going to be. They think couples might come back but be paired with someone new.

9 PM – 11 PM

Shelia, Josh and Sharon are still in the HOH. Shelia says she is thankful that Amanda opened her eyes and figured out that Amanda was talking about her behind her back. Shelia reiterates that she is finished with Allison. Josh tells Shelia about the restraining order and Sharon agrees with everything that Shelia has said. Shelia thinks that Natalie is naïve, but that Allison is the one that needs to go home. Sharon tells Shelia that once they get to final four everyone will have to play on their own.

After everyone leaves the HOH, Josh and Sharon talk about being targeted if they win three in a row. Sharon isn’t threatened, but Josh is afraid that they will appear too strong. They agree that whatever happens, Matt and Natalie can’t win the next HOH. They talk about the upcoming twist and think it will happen right after Allison and Ryan leave the house.

Natalie, Allison and Ryan are in the sauna. Natalie keeps telling Allison how smart she is and Ryan says he wants Shelia and Adam to be nominated so they know what it feels like. Shelia is called to the Diary Room and when she returns she tells Adam that Allison has to go home. Adam tells James that Allison is already campaigning with Natalie for a vote against them (Shelia and Adam).

The boys (except Josh) hang out in the backyard and Matt tells them he trusts Natalie the most in the house because she can’t lie, but he doesn’t know how she passed the psych test. James is outside in his underwear and Matt is in awe that James is comfortable doing that. Matt pulls Natalie aside and tells her not to spend time alone with Allison since the whole house wants Allison out.

Everyone is hanging out, being silly and enjoying fresh chocolate chip cookies. Allison and Ryan play chess.

11 PM – 1 AM

Allison is trying to talk to Shelia. Shelia doesn’t feel well. Allison does most of the talking and is complaining about losing the HOH competition and being on the block three times.

Meanwhile, Josh has started round however many of the Allison bashing in the HOH room. He makes fun of her clothes, hair, and clumpy mascara for at least ten minutes. He turns off the lights, but continues to talk.

Hopefully, Shelia is asleep because Adam is pleasuring himself next to her (facing in opposite directions)(ED: Double EEEWW!!). Natalie walks around studying the house and then reads the Bible in the living room. Natalie joins Adam outside while he smokes a cigarette and they talk about the POV. They agree that Allison needs to go home and not win it. Natalie tells him details about the house that might be useful. Adam uses the bathroom, washes his hands and gets a bag f chips while Natalie goes back to reading the Bible. Adam joins her and she reads Joshua 7 and Matt 7:7 to him. Then they go to sleep.

1 AM – 7 AM

Josh wakes up briefly to get another pillow. Everyone else is asleep.

Nighty-nite little guinea pigs.