9:32am BB wakes the Hamsters playing "Strangers in the Night" and "Eye of the Tiger". Everyone mills out of bed and begins getting ready for the day/comp. Up in HOH with Sharon, Josh is wearing a crown and talking about how he's going to rip Alis heart out, take a bite and throw it away. Alli seems to have her game face on and is walking around telling anyone that pretends to listen how ready she is for the POV. Matt paces a LOT of the morning. Josh thinks that Alli & Sheila will "tear each other apart" when they are on the block together and is looking foward to it. Just anxious waiting and general chit chat about the movie "Swingers", Boston (Alli is telling HG's they should visit), getting around New York, etc..


Josh is freaking out because A/S are playing in POV, he wanted J/C to play. Sharon trys to cam him and heads downstairs. Allison brings up Alex to Sharon and tells her AGAIN how "adorable" they were together, that Alex totally had a crush on her. Sharon reacts with what I would say " a lil blushing" (I think she liked him). Sheila chimed in about how great of a guy Alex was, that she was attracted to him...he cooks, cleans, looks good & loves his Mama=perfect guy.
Josh tells Matt that if he and Sharon win the POV, they are taking Matt off the block. This seems to calm Matt's nerves some but he is still nervous. Sheila & Nat have their morning "Hate/Dont Trust" Allison session. Alli & James talk about shaving their heads, breaking their hands to stay in the game. Alli said she would break her hand, Ryan said he wouldn't. Nat & Sheila pray together massage room.

3:55pm-5:50-Trivia/Pov comp


Matt & Nat won POV. Everyone besides A/R & Sheila celebrate up in HOH. Sheila putters round the kitchen while Alli goes on and on about how close she was to Nat...Ryan finally says "It doesn't matter, we didn't win it". He looks so sad. Alli does her rounds running her mouth telling people she has Matt's vote, she only needs one more. She doesn't get the meaning of "keep it to yourself" at all. A short while later she is crying in the bathroom asking Matt to help her. Nat cooked for everybody and they all have a sit down dinner except Ryan. He said he wasn't feeling well. BB gives them B&W and before long Alli & Chels are making out in the hottub...work for a vote?
Meanwhile Matt makes a mad dash to HOH when he learns Sharon is there alone. They share a short make out session together...Sharon is on to him though, he ain't foolin her one bit. Alli tells Ryan that has a bunch of "dirt" that she could tell about Sheila. He tells her not to play that card yet, he will see what he can work out (poor guy). James and Chels did " a lil something" in the sauna. Ryan and Alli play chess. Matt & Adam are in bed. It seems everyone is tired from the days comp and stress in general. When Alli & Ryan go to bed she mentions something about Matt using the POV on them instead of himself (Yea, right...that's gonna happen Alli), Ryan says nope that's not happening but he does seem in good spirits...considering his circumstance.

1:40am Night Hamsters.