Big Brother Recap March 1, 2008
Ali please shut up…….. You’re scaring away the Aliens! BB House goes nuts (literally)

Big brother let everyone sleep in this morning and didn’t wake them all up until 10:30. Everyone got up and did their morning routine. Ryan and Matt chat and Ryan believes that he has a better chance of staying if Josh and Sharon put up James and Chelsea rather then Adam and Sheila when they use the VETO. Matt disagreed and said he had a better chance against Adam and Shelia.
Nat seems to believe that since she started reading the bible she has and visions, like she had visions of winning the VETO and it hanging around her neck and it happened! (Here we go, watch out St. Natalie is lurking among them now!)

Ali starts the day running. Her mouth and whining never ends, all day she chats with people wondering why Sheila wants turned on her, why she was her friend, how Shelia lies blah, blah blah. She does this with anyone who is alone and will listen.

Here is some news that inquiring minds want to know: James tells Adam what he has to cover up w/ band aids on his tattoos he said under the brawny tat it says c%nt, and on his arm is mother f'er.

Shelia and Ali talk in the sauna, same old stuff. Ali wants to know why she distant herself from her which Shelia said that Ali ignored her once she was off the block then started the same old stuff on her poor Shelia kick… I don’t have the education as you and that she had a tough life and she is tough but the game gets to her and that it is mote then such a game. Sharon and Adam sit and listen to them two cry and whine.

After a brief lockdown outside the houseguests go inside and find an envelope on the table. They all stand around and read the letter it said: Houseguests, I have an important announcement. Sometime in the coming weeks you will hear a distinct sound over the speakers...when you hear this sound (insert alarm sound)you must all gather at once in this place and wait for instructions, and be aware, this could happen at any time...expect the unexpected, BB"

Everybody excited, Allison and somebody else hoping that it happens today. Others sure it will happen while they're sleeping... Sharon speculated that someone was coming back and that the season would be as long as always, Josh thinks that the season will end on March 25th.

After the group breaks up and Ali again grabs Ryan (poor Ryan) and told him to work to get James’s vote like to bribe him with cigarettes or something and she said she was going to offer him a weeks pay.

Then the princess Ali again (I swear she never stops talking) cornered Nat in the bathroom and said that she does not think BB will let them evict her because of the drama she causes with Josh and they need the drama.

James told Ali that for cigarettes and $750.00 she would have her vote. Ali said she would have to sleep with Adam to get the cigarettes.

Ali even confronted Josh. This is that conversation: Alli told Josh that she doesn't understand why he's so angry at her. Josh said that Alli has being stirring up stuff from Day 1 and that her standard gossiping has to go and he doesn't want it in the house anymore. Alli asked Josh to give her an example because she doesn't know what he's talking about. Alli saying she doesn't remember half the stuff people said she said. Josh told Alli that she is going to the jury house so go!

Alli telling Josh that she is very forgiving and he doesn't understand how Josh flipped on her so quickly. He told her that she is very manipulating. Alli went on about how she doesn't understand why Josh is so hateful toward her. He said the house is telling him (Josh) to stay away from Alli so he is honoring their wishes. He said he could call her out on so many lies right now.

Josh said that its pathetic Alli is trying to set up Sheila with her father. He said that he can't understand why anyone would want to go out with "a creator of a beast like you." (ed. LOL)

Matt and Sharon in HOH, laying in bed talking, Matt says he won’t even touch Natalie, not even sleeping in bed. They’re talking about the deal Alli tried to make with James and laughing about it. Matt says it’s illegal to do that. Matt says he can’t wait to get HOH if he ever gets it. Matt slowly moving closer...says he thinks Sharon and He are the strongest couple in the house even though they’re not partners. Now they’re discussing the POV. Sharon tells Matt that Josh said, 'seriously why is Ryan here? He does nothing but eat, sleep and ***** in the house

James was sitting with Ali and Chels in the LR and he is begging BB to ask him to go to the DR. He says "BB you haven't called me into the you not like me?" Ali chimes in that she has spent more time in there than anyone and that she has been part of all the drama in the house. At that James gets up to ring the DR bell and they announce "The DR is closed and we will let you know when it is available again."

Ali chats all day, really trying to figure out who will go up, what the vote will be and telling people she does not lie. Here is an example of something she said to Shelia: Ali - no one ever yells at me in my real life, I never get into arguments.

Matt finally told Ryan to tell Ali to keep her mouth shut. Ryan hunted her down in the boat room and they have this discussion: You're saying different things to different peoples.
Ryan - i think we can get James' vote if we tell him we have Matt's.
but you have to keep quiet.
Ali - but josh is starting it.(she will never get it!)
Ryan - but don't talk any game.
Ali - I want to talk to you about we are partners in this game. Ryan - I’m not going to take on the whole house.
Ali - but you have tooooo.
Ryan - stop stirring sh!t.
Ali - you have to step it up then. You have to understand that everyone notices you don't stand up for me.
Ryan - don't talk to Josh anymore. watch what you say. I’ll have your back if anything gets brought up that I know isn't true.
Ryan - lay low no drama.
Ali - I did not realize how much sh!t talking would go on. I thought it was all about votes falling into place. So much sh!t gets talked and I take it personally.
Ryan- You just have to watch what you say and don’t' trust anyone. Stop taking $hit about everyone.
A - I'm not ( I rolled my eyes again, how more blunt can he be)
Ryan - I believe you then I hear stuff from Nat who never lies and I don't know what to believe. you always contradict yourself. don't be talking to Nat about how she feels about Matt then offering to hook Matt up with someone in front of Nat.
Ali - people are intimidated by me. I know you don't believe that because you just rolled your eyes.(I did too!)
Alli makes Ryan promise he'll have her back. He tells her to stop talking behind peoples back. That it's not necessary. Alli said she doesn't talk $hit behind anyone's back. Ryan said, alright. She said, I haven't -- you don't believe me. He laughed and said OK. (Ryan deserves the award for this one)

Chelsea and James start to really chat about their relationship. They discuss how much they really like each other and how they would and should date outside the house. They kiss for awhile and James said he wished he had more to offer her outside the house.

Nat/Sheila/Josh in HOH Sheila said Ali is blown away that people in the house have turned on her. Sheila telling them how Ali keeps saying she (Sheila) deserves the money. Josh said he has 5 dollars in his bank account and he needs it too.

Josh is saying that Ryan is done and knows his days are numbered. Josh said Ryan has accepted the fact they are going home but Ali hasn't. Josh said it's scary that Ali is beginning to believe her own lies and manipulation. Sheila said that if you tell too many lies you forget all the lies you tell people.

Nat and Josh say that Ali is mentally sick. Sheila told Josh that Ali said he was bi-polar.

Chelsea and James invite Ali to come play in their bed with them. They laugh a lot; some kissing sounds are heard from under the covers. However Nat takes this chance to run to Josh and tell him that Ali just gave James a hand job for his vote! Josh in turn wakes up Sharon and tells her about the hand job/vote situation. Then he tells Sharon and asks to use her Precious Moments bible because they (Him and Nat) are going to go around the house and bless it. They get some water and walk around the house praying trying to get rid of the bad karma (this is too much). They pray to stop the evil from coming back (the evicted house guests). Chelsea joins them and Josh blesses her too saying she needed to be blessed since she messed around with Ali. Nat put-on the POV necklace and Josh blessed it while kneeling in front of it. James casually walks by them stalk naked and watches the blessings going on. (Is this like a Seinfeld scene or what). They go outside and pray some asking God to get rid of Satan (Ali), they blessed the hot tub then Josh just out of the blue said ok now I need something to eat. (lol, too funny). While in the kitchen satisfying Josh they decide to make aluminum foil hats to keep the aliens away from their brains (like in “signs”) they put tin foil over the POV medals for protection. Josh then told Nat he believed they made it a safe place (meanwhile on the other feeds you see James and Matt jerking off!) (I tell you this place is a nut house)

James, Matt and Adam join Chelsea, Nat and Josh. Josh tells them what they were doing, and the guys brag about their accomplishments, James was naked wearing only a dirty sock over his thingy. All declined the aluminum foiled hats except Chelsea who put the stainless steel salad bowl on her head!

Everyone heads to bed except Josh. He finds some time to pray while in the hot tub. He asks for patience, his job when he returns home to be still there and to get through this week. He understands that he has broken commandments and wants forgiveness. After he gets up and roams around the house. He finally get into bed at almost 6 am and tosses and turns until he finally falls asleep. What a night!

What will tomorrow bring? Who will Josh and Sharon put up to replace the POV winners? Will Ali shut up, will Josh have a mental breakdown and who will shut Sheila’s whining up? Sure hope Aliens don’t’ invade the compound they are almost out of holy water!