9 am- 1 pm
BB wakes the houseguests up at 9:30 but only Sheila, Natalie and Josh actually get up. Joshuah talks to himself asking how he signed up for this voluntarily and makes fun of Natalie, Matt, Sheila, Ryan and Adam. Natalie and Sheila complain about Josh. Natalie said that she should go to the DR and get James and Josh kicked out, but Sheila tells her they wouldn’t because they didn’t hurt her. Natalie claims that her moral beliefs will not go out the window.

Josh tells Sheila that it’s crazy that Natalie acted in the fight with Matt because Matt really can’t stand Natalie and Matty is working her for info and he spun his treating her like crap and she believes it. He tells Sheila to let Natalie know that Matt was NOT kidding and puts her down all the time.

Sheila and James talk about their lives outside while tanning. Sharon tells Josh that Natalie reminds her of Amber from BB8. Sharon goes outside to lay with James and Sheila and Sheila tells her that she thinks the Matt and Natalie fight was real. More HGs start rising and join everyone else out in the BY for some sun. No one talking game, Sheila talking about rents in LA.

Matt, Adam and Natalie confirm that they want James gone this week, Chelsia next week and Josh the week after because they want him to suffer. Josh lays in bed crying while reading his letter from home again. He gives himself a peptalk about how there is only 6 more weeks left. BB calls an outdoor lockdown around 1 pm.

1 pm- 6 pm
Sharon tells Sheila that people are going to start going after the floaters. Sheila acknowledges that she is a floater and that she needs to win. They say that Natalie is sticking with Matt and they need to get the girls numbers back. They say that everyone has made it clear that no one wants Ryan to win because of Jen. Sharon says that Matt and Natalie don’t deserve the money because they have backstabbed and lied. Sheila tells Sharon that she likes her, but won’t have anything to do with Chelsia because they crossed the lines. They mention that James and Chelsia aren’t laughing and playing around anymore.

James tells Natalie that he doesn’t care for Matt. Chelsia says that Matt has told her everything that he’s said about her. Natalie claims that she and Matt are good actors because Josh couldn’t believe they really like each other and it’s all been a charade. James then goes over to talk to Sheila and Sharon to talk about how Natalie played everyone. Matt confirmed that Natalie went back and told him everything. He also said that not all the fights were staged. James tells Matt that he is willing to cut Chelsia, especially for 500K. Matt says he can’t trust James because he chooses sides. Natalie comes in and starts talking and Matt tells her to let the grown men talk and she shuts up. Matt says he has a lot of thinking to do regarding keeping James. Matt tells James to go upstairs later to talk.

When they do talk, James says that Matt didn’t say anything because it was a choice to set him up. Matt replies that they came up with an ill plan. James says he’ll do whatever they want to stay including reading the bible or sleeping with Adam. James says that they aren’t playing as couples anymore and Matt replies that everyone is still sticking with their partners. Matt says he feels that if he were to keep James and James won HOH, that he would turn on him. James offers to switch partners with Matt and he won’t care if Matt and Chelsia sleep in the same bed. James wants to play in more competitions so he can win some prizes and that Sharon isn’t campaigning. He claims he’ll throw HOH if they are worried about him winning it. James tells Matt about Operation Crooked Eye.

Ryan whispers to Josh in the backyard about James flip-flopping and Josh says we have a problem. Josh gets up to leave and says “we are being watched.” Josh asks Sharon who she told she would put up Adam and Ryan if she got HOH because Ryan just told him the same thing and she claims she only told Josh and that she hasn’t told anyone since last night- when she told Sheila earlier that day.

Sharon tells Josh that Sheila, Chelsia, Josh and her could control the whole house and needs to let Ryan know that she was never gunning for him. Josh goes inside to get some iced tea and Sharon asks him to send Matt out. Matt is in HOH with Ryan and he told Ryan that James isn’t offering anything. Matt says that keeping James is not a good idea, but Ryan said that Sharon is trying to get rid of them. Matt replies that it’s too bad that they are two steps ahead of her then. Ryan says that he doesn’t want to give James a chance to turn on them because he won’t turn on Chelsia because he loves her.

Sheila tells James that they wanted to break up the 4 (James, Chelsia, Sharon and Josh). She tried to explain to James that he is not with Matt, Adam and Ryan and points out that it was Josh’s idea to backdoor Matt, but James is the one that is paying for it because it’s personal with Matt. He tells her that they look at Sharon as a weak player and as a floater. James tells her that from day one, he told Adam that he had his back and he’s proven that.

James tells Chelsia to vote him out if she has to. Chelsia says that it would suck to have James campaign against her later on. James just asks if they can hang out. James says he doesn’t want to be “that guy” for he last two days. Chelsia says she doesn’t want to be embarrassed by James next week if he votes her out next week. They cuddle together in bed and she wipes her eyes a couple times.

Matt tells Sharon and Ryan that Chelsia is going to want to backdoor him. Matt asks Sharon is she is even a little bit nervous and she says yes but everyone seems to have their minds made up and she isn’t going to keep bugging and bugging. Matt and Ryan compete to see who can hold their breath longer underwater. Ryan wins even though he is the smoker.

Natalie heads over to Matt outside and he chastises her for bragging about the “fake fight” strategy. Natalie accuses him of talking smack about her to others. Matt asks Ryan for corroboration that he hasn’t talked smack about Natalie and tells her not to trust others and they’re part of a crew. Matt tells Ryan that Natalie is worried that they will make a deal to keep James. They say that they’ll target Chelsia instead of Josh next. Sheila joins them and asks if James is going. They both agree. Sheila wants credit for opening Ryan’s eyes to save Matt. Natalie says that they all need to Jedi train together.

6 pm- 2 am
Sheila tells Matt that Sharon is playing them. She says that Sharon is stupid and not a threat and that they have to get Chelsia out. They talk about how Natalie did nothing and she will take the bullet for Mat. Boys out in the backyard discover a new basketball hoop and start playing. James says he isn’t giving up to Chelsia and Josh but the last thing he needs is the money because it’s a lot and he doesn’t think it would be for the best.

Sheila and Sharon talk about BB8 and all the houseguests and what they thought of them and the competitions. Matt and Natalie study in the backyard, asking questions about how many laps it takes to swim 15 miles in the pool. Matt, Ryan, Natalie and Adam talk about how the next HOH is important. They think it will be questions about evicted houseguests. Chelsia and Josh dye parts of their hair pink and then eavesdrop on the others. James tells Sharon that he has given up and tells the three others that Sheila told him his eviction is personal.

Matt and Ryan speculate that if anyone were to come back it would be Allison. Ryan says that if she comes back Josh will be scared. Ryan is worried about Josh for next HOH and calls Sharon an idiot. They say that Chelsia won a weak HOH and Josh and Sharon studied all day for hours during lock up for their HOH. Sheila tells Natalie that if they win, it’s going to be Natalie and Matt going up on the block. Sheila tells Natalie that she told Ryan to keep Matt. She says that Chelsia saved herself with her veto and threw her partner under the bus.

Josh and Chelsia rinsing hair dye out of their hair. Josh and James can’t believe how spineless Sharon is. They talk about how Natalie tells Matt everything. James and Chelsia talk about their first kiss and Josh tells them they have to have an amazing goodbye kiss.

Sharon lies to Ryan and Adam outside saying she wouldn’t say her nominations if she were to win HOH next week especially since she is on the block and it’s 2 days before eviction. She later goes and tells Josh that she is getting nervous that she needs to win this HOH because they don’t trust her anymore. She thinks Chelsia is setting her up, but Sharon actually told Sheila that she wanted to put up Matt and Ryan.

Sheila and Natalie talk in HOH about Chelsia and how stupid it was when she went up to Natalie and asked her to smell her crotch. Sheila thinks it is disgusting that Allison hopped into bed with James and Chelsia and what a foul mouth Chelsia has. .Ryan joins them and says he doesn’t believe Sharon. Natalie wants girls put up on the block and Sheila tells her not to bring her name up when Natalie talks to Sharon.

Josh, James, Chelsia and Adam talk about how Sharon is nervous she is losing votes. James is glad that he and Chelsia aren’t on the block together. They tell Josh that Sharon was the original target because he didn’t know. Adam says he doesn’t know what he would do if he wins HOH, possibly put one of them up against one of the other group. Chelsia says that Ryan will realize he made a mistake and James pipes in that he won’t if someone promised him final two. They go on to talk about how nasty Natalie is and a bunch of other gross things.

Matt joins them in the backyard and after a little chit chat, James tells him that he would really appreciate staying but he isn’t going to suck balls to do so. Matt denies that he has gotten any play from Natalie in the house. Matt asks if James has talked to Natalie and he says that he isn’t giving James any hope but asks if he has. James replies that he told her he was sorry for the pickle thing, but if he does talk to her, it would be like in one ear out the other if it even hits a brain cell in there. He jokes that he is going to pray with Natalie tonight to see if he can become a born again Christian in a day and a half to see if then God can make him stay. He says that he’ll throw HOH for two weeks. Matt says that that is a good offer. Matt and Ryan say that they caught Sharon in a lie earlier and it was funny to see her squirm. James asks whether or not he could get Chelsia to make them a deal, would they go for it. Matt says that Chelsia doesn’t like him. James tells him about Operation Crooked Eye. James calls Sheila a big shark just swimming in the waters. James begins offering 3 thrown HOHs. Matt calls Sharon a quiet weasel. Matt tells James that he’ll probably see him next week in sequester.

Sheila tells Natalie about the Matt and Sharon make out sessions and tells her not to say anything because they’ll know that Sheila told. Natalie wonders why Matt is making her look like an idiot and doesn’t understand how Sharon could make out with someone she isn’t attracted to. The ladies talk about who got sex the most recently in the house and who has been having a lot of alone time with themselves. Sheila thinks it is rare for people to meet on the show, because Eric and Jessica had no chemistry last year.

Ryan and Adam go in and tell Sheila that James knows he is going home and that they told him the girls are mad because of the pickle juice incident. Adam goes back outside and James tries to work him for his vote and Sheila’s. Adam says he’ll talk to her, but he isn’t promising anything. Matt joins Ryan and Sheila in the bathroom and says that James is just throwing stuff out because he is going home and that they don’t need to question Matt about where his vote is going.

Chelsia convinces herself that Matt and Natalie are a couple outside the house and he gets mad at them because they talk trash about her in front of him. James then suggests that Matt is actually gay with Josh. James says that Chelsia should align with one of them and mentions Adam. James tells Josh that everyone calls Sharon America’s most boring player. Josh says she will be livid to hear that. Josh tells James that he heard Adam tell Sheila that all the guys said they were all voting out James and she doesn’t have to worry. Josh, James and Chelsia think Sharon told Matt about the plan to backdoor him. Chelsia asks if she can truly trust Josh and he says of course. They agree that they can only trust each other, not even Sharon anymore. Chelsia convinces Josh that Matt and Natalie are dating outside the house. Josh figures out that Sheila ratted them out. Adam leaves the back yard to go tell Ryan that they were all paranoid and when he goes inside, James immediately says that Adam is playing both sides.

Matt joins Natalie in the sauna and tries to get him to admit to making out with Sharon. He lies and denies that they didn’t kiss in the HOH room. Matt coaches Natalie to say that she doesn’t care if he is kissing someone else because he’s not her partner or her boyfriend. Matt tells her that she is still her partner, his Agent 009, and that she’llget her massage later. Matt leaves and heads outside and tells James that his chances are looking really good right now and that he almost got screwed right now. He isn’t going to tell them why but James is looking good compared to the most boring player in BB history. Natalie ran up to the HOH and tells Ryan and Adam about what just went down with Matt.

Matt, Natalie, Adam and Ryan talk about more possible twists. They think that Eric was a lame America’s Player, but James would have been great and gone crazy with his tasks Adam, Ryan and Matt go outside to play basketball and they become paranoid that everyone knows each other in the house. Feeds die down as the HGs head to bed.