*Sorry this is so short guys. I had to work a double shift and missed alot of the feeds*

Josh and his crew (Chelsie and James) seem to still be thinking that Matt and Natalie are dating in real life and he tells Sharon this and also that Sheila might be someone’s step mom.

Natalie talks to James and she decided Sharon can’t be trusted and is sneaky and if there is a split vote she wanted to vote for James to stay now. (We all know that Natalie is just jealous because Matt admitted he made out with Sharon. Natalie talks to Josh and he just stokes the coals by telling her that Matt was hiding from her.

Natalie confides to Sheila saying her gut tells her to vote Sharon out. Sheila said she felt the same way On another feed Josh tells Adam that Sharon said that she was gonna put up Adam and Josh next week.

Matt and Natalie go to Bed Room to talk. Matt says if Natalie wants to vote her own way he won’t have her back later. Matt the proceeds to lie to Natalie for 5 minutes about him hiding in the HOH bath room the first time. Natalie is afraid of being humiliated on television. (ed. You need a time machine to go back to week 2 for that, honey.)

Mate talks to Sharon in the WC and she says she won’t put him up next week if she stays.

Quickie show recap

Ryan and Josh have a secret alliance for this week. Matt puts down Natalie in front of other in the HOH room and she storms off. Sheila, James Sharon , Chelsie and Josh go to comfort her and Josh thinks that they should go to Ryan and strike a deal that if he put Matt he will be safe for 2 weeks. Natalie then runs straight to Matt and tells him. Josh tells Ryan and Ryan tells Josh he already knew and that Natalie had leaked the information already.

Time for the Veto Competition called Color of Veto and hosted by Matt.

The players were Sharon, Chelsie, Ryan, Adam, Sheila and Josh. It was a giant astro turfed, pool table type in which the one that sinks the cue ball closest to the veto wins. Each round someone was eliminated and got to pick a prize, which was theirs unless someone who scored higher wanted to trade prizes. Sheila won the Veto first. Sharon won the motorcycle and traded for the Veto. Josh got a letter from home and kept that. Adam won $10,000 and traded it to Sheila for her motorcycle. Chelsie got the slop pass and traded Sharon for the Veto. Ryan won the infamous Jentard and traded Sheila for her 10 grand and leaving her with the unitard. (ed. which she ROCKED)

Everyone (James, Sharon, Josh, Chelsie) gave Ryan a 2 week immunity promise if he puts Matt up. Sheila wants to go after Josh/Sharon/James and Chelsie. Sheila told Ryan not to backdoor Matt and that he need to stick with Matt and Adam.

Veto meeting called to order and Chelsie saves herself and Ryan shocks the house by putting up James! End show.
The house is in a big frenzy, promising votes, lying about votes. Adam explodes and tells everyone to vote the way the want to. He is just tired of all the lying and BS going on. The conversation flip flops all evening and I feel like pulling out my hair. I’m just glad Amanda is coming back tomorrow! LOL Beuno!