Big Brother wakes up Ryan at 6:15 this morning to move out of the HOH while the others sleep. (ed. Guess they needed some extra cleaning time to get all the crumbs). He goes to sleep on the floor in one of the bedrooms.

8:00 AM
Sheila appears to be the only one heeding the first wakeup call. It takes another half hour before the rest of the house comes to life. We learn that Adam got up in the middle of the night for a snack and fell victim to the spraying sink nozzle prank that Ryan had set up.

9:00 AM
James finally begins to stir as BB begins calling the people to the DR one by one. They speculate they must be voting already.

James and Chelsia get some cuddle time in. He interprets that he is leaving from a dream Chelsia had last night.

Natalie spends some time quoting from the bible while she and Sheila make commentary on the readings. Sheila brags about flipping the house this week.

11:00 AM
The HGs are in a lockdown in the HOH room talking about their pets mostly.
Josh notes that he has lost 17 pounds.

12:30 PM
Lockdown is over and everyone scatters. Sheila and Natalie talk politics. Sheila wants Obama or Hillary to win but thinks that McCain will.

Folks come and go through the Kitchen as we are amused by the growing pile of dishes in the sink.

Josh speculates about the vote with Sheila while she takes on the pile of dishes. He thinks it won’t be 6-0 and but can’t seem narrow it down any further. He intimates if its 4-2 he knows that Sheila and Natalie have lied. If he gets HOH he's going after the liars. He asks her if she is nervous. She says she probably should be but she’s not.

In the Storage Room, Josh relays his conversation with Sheila to Chelsia. They say they have to win HOH today or one of them will go home.

Josh does the Josh dance while looking at himself in the bathroom mirrors. He does a few muscleman poses then leaves to go help Sheila with the dishes.

2:00 pm
Adam goes to use the bathroom and knocks so loud on the door it would have scared the crap right out of anyone that was in there. (ed. The only room in the house where that actually would be a good thing).

2:30 pm
Everyone is heading up to the HOH for lockdown and we go to Trivia until after the live show.

Show Recap (Long – feel free to skip down to 6:00 PM)
Julie recaps the week and reminds us about an evicted HG to return tonight. Several clips are shown of the fall out from James being nominated.

Then we see another set of clips showing Sharon telling Sheila about Matt kissing Sharon in the HOH. Says he is a bad kisser. Shelia is blown away (ed. probably because she thought Matt would be a good kisser). Then Shelia tells Natalie; Natalie gets a gut feeling (ed. called jealously) to get rid of Sharon. Shelia encourages her. James comes in they shake on a plan to keep James. Then Natalie goes to tell Matt everything. Matt denies and first tries to placate her by offering to vote out Sharon then gives her an ultimatum; she is either with him or against him.

Julie talks to the house guests. Matt says after the Veto meeting his emotions showed.
Natalie says nothing has changed between her and Matt since the couple twist ended.

Julie showed them clips of Sheila vs. Jen (BB8) in the unitards side by side – Everyone thinks Sheila wore it best.

We get to see clips of the evicted house guests talking about the chance to come back. Julie meets them in front of the house. Jen is surprised that Ryan is not there w/Allison. Julie asks Allison a question and Audio goes inside the house (by mistake and we get to hear Matt talking about using the bathroom). Julie explains the mystery box and announces that Parker was second and Alex got the most votes. And we get another audio error of Natalie talking inside the house.

By a Vote of 5-1, James is evicted and no one moves from their seats except Chelsia. Once outside, Julie makes note of it and James responds he told them to stay seated beforehand. He thinks Sheila is the best player making moves but staying low key. He really likes Chelsia and he’ll do what it takes outside the house. The only good bye message was from Chelsia, very emotional, says she is surprised she connected with someone like this. James says he loves her a lot. Julie calls him on it and he says it’s a different kind of love. When told about the possibility of returning, James says he might crap his pants. Julie tells him to keep it clean.

Siren goes off, HGs assemble in the living room as we watch for what seems to be too long a time and we finally go to commercial with no explanation.

Julie informs them of the mystery box and that they have to vote to keep James or take a chance on who’s in the box. Julie led a brief and awkward question session with stunned HGs not knowing what to say or when to say it. Julie has to shut them up when Chelsia and Josh start campaigning to keep James. DR voting shows Ryan, Matt, and Sheila taking the box, the other five HGs vote to keep James. Commercial.

The box in the living room opens up and it’s James. They go nuts; audio is cut from all the swearing. And almost immediately they have to go play HOH.

HOH is called Big Brother Disco. Everyone (including Sheila still in her unitard) has to grab the chain of a suspended disco ball with their feet on a small platform. Once everyone is situated they are hoisted into the air and the whole rig rotates and moves in different directions. Occasionally simulated champagne is sprayed at them.

Julie asks James how he feels and to keep it clean. He’s glad to be back around those that voted him out. She tells him that the vote was 5-3 for him to come back against the mystery person. As they pan out to sign off we hear James using the F-word while speaking to the other HGs.

Well it was a ‘live’ show and they did have to cover a lot of ground, but what a mess. Multiple audio errors at key moments, very awkward exchanges between Julie and several HGs, the prolonged look at the HGs after the siren was turned off where I am pretty sure Julie was supposed to be saying something to us and topped off by a twist with a possibility of a tie vote with no explanation of a tie breaker, not to mention the fact that America voted for a HG to return and it didn’t happen. I have a feeling there was a not too pleasant conversation between Julie and Grodner after that show.

6:00 PM
When the feeds return we learn that Adam and Josh have already dropped out. We learn that competitors are allowed to squat down. Matt appears to be struggling and Natalie is talking a blue streak.

Matt jumps off after 36 minutes complaining about his ankles.

Sheila tells James she voted for the mystery box hoping Alex would ‘get a fair shake’. She also tells James he has the right to do anything to her, since she lied to his face. Sheila show signs of struggling, complains of feeling sick and eventually drops after 56 minutes.

James and Natalie go back and forth on who wants to win more. Natalie lets him know she voted for him and takes credit for being the swing vote that brought him back.

7:00 PM
All going strong, especially Natalie.

Ryan admits to James that he voted for the mystery box.

Matt tells Natalie if she wins she might get a massage. Natalie prays.
James says I have no reason to get down unless I get hit in the head. He is moving around a lot. Chelsia saying they need to make it more difficult because its boring. Nat says “Why is everything about balls around here? Now I'm on a ball.”

Matt gives Natalie some encouragement.
Nat says to James "you're the last surviving male on the balls". She tries to convince him she is playing this HOH for herself. She hasn’t won yet, she wants pictures. James says, "I just got back into this house. It's gonna take an act of God to get me off from this"

Ryan called Adam an idiot for bringing James back, and Matt said he was going to yell at Natalie for keeping James. Ryan wonders who Natalie could have possibly not wanted back in the house.

Josh was talking to Adam saying Natalie would probably put up Josh or James and Chelsia.

8:00 PM
James says, “This is epic. They just want to win HOH, I just want to win my dignity back.”

Adam yells encouragement to James several times.

James said his heels hurt. Natalie said she was on her toes. James says that feels much better. Matt heard this, got up and went inside.

Sharon complains her arms are numb and finally drops out at 2 hours, 26 minutes. All tell her she did a good job.

Natalie tells James and Chelsia, "Just for the record, you guys are not my target this week". James says he doesn't care. Natalie tells them she's going after Joshuah because of how he attacked her. James says he doesn't want to be back doored; that he's back and he has the feeling nobody else will get that same break he just got.

Inside Sharon says she didn’t want to be too sore for the food comp. Josh explains to her that others were trying to trick him into voting her out so she would be mad at him. She seems to accept this but after making sure he knew she was hurt the way things were happening. BB "Sharon, please put on your microphone". Sharon: I'm sorry, I'm paralyzed!

Matt tells Adam, “The drive in that girl is me. She will stay up there.” (ed, Arrogant, but true in this case).

Matt telling them there's a fully stocked freezer. Chelsia says she'll eat her heart out, be bulimic and do it all over again.

Just before 9:00 PM we see Flames but can hear Ryan instructing the remaining players that they can no longer squat and have to remain standing. Chelsia is looking a little tired, James looks fine, but fidgety, and Natalie continues doing different poses and looks very strong.

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: James was evicted by a vote of 5-1, Chelsia was the lone houseguest to vote to save James, But in a twist a mystery box was brought out with the names of the previously evicted HGs, The 8 remaining HGs then had the choice of voting for the mystery HG or James. Ryan, Sheila, and Matt voted for the mystery guest while, [Everyone else] voted to bring back James, James returned to the house by a vote of 5-3, The mystery guest America choose was Alex, which is still unknown to the houseguests.

Chelsia falls at 3 hours, 12 minutes. She is cursing and not happy. Everyone tells her she did a good job and they try to warm her up.

9:30 PM
James notes his fingers are beginning to blister. Camera shows his feet are not very stable. Shows Natalie’s are steady. James says “We’ll go 7 hours then make a deal.” Natalie agrees.

Chelsia yells encouragement to both James and Natalie.
Matt and Ryan tell Natalie she’s going good.

Sheila talks to Adam inside, “4 hours. I don't know how she's doing it. It's James's ego that's making him stay up there. Natalie's going to get this. She should get it, she hasn't had HOH yet. But neither have we. We need to get it soon. James is holding on for dear life.”

James is offering another deal to Natalie. Ryan and Matt are telling her he is tiring out, that is why he wants to make a deal. James says "I will wait, I feel like I need to just do it myself."

Just before 10:00 PM the rig seems to be getting more aggressive. Natalie’s chain begins spinning in circles, one way then the other. James is continuously changing positions.

10:00 PM
Josh tells James, "Just let her put me up, if she wants to put me up.” James responds, “I want to see how long my body can go on.”

James says he was looking forward to "going to sequester and just getting drunk, now I’m hanging from a disco ball!"

Natalie tries to convince James he would be wise to take an offer before he drops accidentally.

Natalie is showing signs tiring. James, Chelsia, Josh and Sharon promise she is safe. She says she is feeling sick, but won’t drop without a deal that Matt is safe too. James tells her to vomit and hang on then. She looks very pale. Finally there appears to be an arrangement to keep her and Matt safe and she drops after 4 hours, 24 minutes. She begins to vomit on the ground and others come to help her out. James is walking around by himself (ed. looking pretty strong still) before Chelsia comes over to hug him.

James tells Matt he is keeping his word, Matt and Nat won’t go up.

When Natalie gets to her feet, Matt hugs her and tells her she did great. She is crying. James also comes over to hug her as she continues to cry for some time.

BBvoice (Mike) telling them they did great, tells Natalie to drink some Gatorade slowly.

Inside lockdown is called. Matt says you get a massage later. Nat’s eyes are still filled with tears and she is whimpering.

James says it was weird walking inside walls and multiple rooms upstairs. He was blindfolded, but said it was huge, amazing. He goes to take a shower. Says his back is killing him.

Josh reconciles with Natalie about things he said about her mother before.

James tells most everyone in the Kitchen how he was blindfolded and led
upstairs. He didn’t ever think they'd vote him back in. He came in thru the SR and then got in the box that was in the LR. Chelsia said they all had to run in the boat room for like a minute. They heard many people come into the living room. James confirms this. James says he is going to go ask the DR for Nat’s pictures. That is all she wanted and he has already seen his. Nat deserves them. James tries to get in the DR and the ‘voice’ says it is unavailable.

11:00 PM
James says to everybody he doesn’t want Chelsia sleeping in the HOH. This was after an earlier conversation between James and Chelsia to make sure Ryan gets the cursed bed.

James and Josh say Ryan should have taken the 2 week deal.

James asks Matt if he and Natalie had something prior to coming into the house. Matt says NO. He says he is indebted to Natalie. He owes her a massage. He didn’t realize just how much Natalie really cared about him till now. He doesn't think some of his closest friends would cut a deal like that for him. (ed. Matt did eventually give her a ten minute massage while Ryan was in the room complaining about his situation).

Matt leads Sharon and Josh to believe he was not the third vote for the mystery box (letting them believe it was Adam).

Elsewhere, Ryan and Sheila wonder why Adam and Nat voted James back in. They seem to realize they will be nominated.

Natalie is teary in the massage room talking to Josh about how Sheila was the one that switched the votes back to get James out. Josh suspects Matt is the third vote for the mystery box returnee. Natalie thinks it was Adam. Josh tells her if it was Matt, he better come clean sooner rather than later.

Sheila tells Ryan, "I thought I was playing a great game until tonight." (ed. She was) They discuss Adam being a floater and that he dropped out so fast, smoked a cigarette and ate some pizza. She says, “Everybody can kiss my red unitard ass. I’m a 45 year old single mom. (ed. Well at least she’s getting more colorful about it).

James tells Chelsia that he told Julie he loved her and Julie said “after 35 days?” Chelsia tells James that the look on his face after he emerged from the box made her not want to touch him. That he seemed to be a man a mission.

James gets the key to the HOH room. He got a very nice letter from his mom and his sister. People clear out quickly and he tells Chelsia he is pissed at Ryan, Adam and hugely at Sheila.

1:00 AM
Ryan is sleeping on the floor between Matt and Adam. He notes that last night he was chillin in the HOH bed.

Matt and Adam have a unique conversation about the bible (ed. I think they may have even broken a commandment or two in the process.)

2:00 AM
Everyone's in bed but James, Josh and Chelsia in the kitchen rehashing recent events. Ryan's the target and they'd like to keep Sheila as the pawn and to torture her. When they bring up Matt and Natalie, Josh says, “Leave them to me - I'll get you my pretty and your little dog too.”

We go to Flames but still have audio in the Kitchen. Immediately everyone busts out laughing and we are confused. It would seem that a producer called for Josh to go to the DR and it startled them all.

James and Chelsia discuss how to develop stronger ties to Matt & Natalie. They head up to the HOH. James tries to get Chelsia to have a beer with him. She refuses because he only got two. James says, “Two beers! What are they doing to me?”! Chelsia says, “Umm last time you got HOH!” We get Audio over flames of a producer asking James to cover his tattoos with bandaids. Chelsia runs downstairs to get some and James re-reads his letter.

They get hot and heavy and look like James is going south on Chelsia when the feeds go to Flames and then to sleeping houseguests (ed. What’s up with that?)

We hear a complete DR session with Chelsia about the days events. It is well documented by several posters in Updates and the Youtube is posted in Media if you want to hear it for yourself. It ends with the DR reminding her there are condoms downstairs.

3:00 AM
Back in the HOH, Chelsia tells James about the condom comment. And then they rehash the day’s events. They spend a lot of time talking about Sheila and her betrayal. They are still not sure if Matt and Nat are a real life couple. James mentions that they can break up Adam and Matt if Matt continues to let Adam get blamed for the mystery box vote. They kiss for a bit then Chelsia heads to her downstairs bed. Everyone else is asleep.

FYI, I forget exactly when, but much earlier Josh had laid out for Adam about the vote count and that Matt says he voted to keep James. Adam went back to James and Chelsia and exploded that he was the vote to keep James. At the same time Josh laid it out to Matt and that someone was lying. Adam came out on this conversation and Josh made sure to say it while they both were there. They both say they voted to keep James (ed. Of course we know that Matt is lying).

So, Ryan will be the target and Sheila the pawn. Does that mean that Sheila will be the one going home? Will Matt come clean about the mystery box vote? Will we get flames for the next three days while BB trains a whole new Audio staff?

Updaters and Media posters were on top of it all tonight. Thanks a bunch!!!