All Shook Up and No Where to Go

7 AM – 11 AM

All the little hamsters, err house guests are sound asleep until Josh and Shelia are lured from slumber land. Josh wanders around the kitchen and Shelia makes a cup of joe. Shelia is in great spirits since she can eat food again. Ryan wakes and joins Shelia where she tells him that she has been living through other people her whole life and realized she was doing the same thing in the house by waiting on Natalie to win HOH for her. Ryan doesn’t seem all that interested in the conversation. Unbeknownst to them, Josh is listening intently in the doorway. James is next to awaken and asks Shelia if there is a food competition after getting himself a box of cereal. Everyone is complaining that they are sore.

In the backyard, Josh fills James in on Shelia’s self-discovery and James, Josh and Sharon rehash the events of the last 24 hours. Sharon thinks that Adam was voted to keep James (ED: Yep, and he already told James that too!) Shelia joins them in the backyard and Josh calls her out on some of the things that she has said in the house. She admits that it was Josh that made her realize that she was using other people to get her through the game and said that no one owes anyone else anything in the house. She realizes that Matt and Natalie won’t save her and it is up to her to play her game. Shelia leaves to go talk to James about her astounding realization on how to play the game.

11 AM – 3 PM

TV announces that nominations are today.

Everyone is up and milling around the compound. Shelia joins James and tells him the same thing she told Ryan and Josh. She says she isn’t going to piggy-back off anyone else in the house again and blames falling off the ball on being on slop. James is laying it all out there and basically telling her that he is putting her up for campaigning to get him out of the house. He also warns her that of someone is taken off the block; the person they are closest to is going up to replace them. He is out for blood and taking names! He ensures that Ryan is going home and he will do whatever it takes to win the POV.
Adam thinks that he is going to be nominated today, but Matt assures him that he isn’t. Everyone is very low key and pleasant this morning. The girls compare battle scars from last night’s competition. Everyone is in the back yard taking it easy. Shelia tries her hardest to win back Natalie’s trust by throwing everyone but Matt and Natalie under the bus. James tries to get into Matt’s head. James talks to Sharon and Matt about trust and tells them that he knows who he wants out this week and he doesn’t want anyone to change his vote. He wants to get revenge for his eviction. (ED: Hell hath no fury like a biker boy scorned).

The house is separated into two groups in the backyard. Shelia, Natalie, and Ryan lie on the loungers and talk about random things. Matt, Sharon, James, Chelsia, and Adam also talk about nothing in particular. Adam asks James where the worst place he ever slept was and James said a dumpster. He tells them a story about how Wal-Mart dumpsters are the worst because they pour bleach on the bags to keep people from dumpster diving. Matt and Ryan complain about being in the house and being bored. Matt said that he is envious of James and Chelsia and wishes that BB would have hooked him up with someone (ED: umm hello? BB did you idiot! You just don’t want her).

3 PM – 6 PM

The houseguests are really low-key today. Lots of sleeping going on. Ryan, Matt, and Adam talk about nominations in the backyard. Ryan hopes that Shelia is the one that is nominated with him. Ryan is still ticked that James is back in the house. Ryan asks Adam if he would use the POV to save him if he got it. Ryan tries to make a deal with Adam and points out that he gave Adam a motorcycle and if he doesn’t get POV and gives Ryan his vote they would be even. Chelsia joins Ryan and Adam outside and tells them about her tampon problems.

Shelia is lying on the bed and Ryan joins her. She tells him about the conversation she had with James earlier about playing her own game. (ED: She must have forgotten that she has already had this conversation with Ryan once today.) Ryan is there but not really listening. He replies with a lot of “uh huh’s “and “I knows”. Matt joins them and whines about being lonely in the house. He complains that he likes to have someone to cuddle up to and he doesn’t have anyone like that in the house. He says he and Natalie are friends but it isn’t the same. Shelia points out that Natalie is loyal to a fault to him and would do whatever she had to do to save him. They are both a lot like little puppy dogs with their tails between their legs, saying that they regret playing off of other people and not playing their own game.

James lets Ryan know that he is nominating him for eviction. They have a heart-to-heart and agree that they want the battle for power to be over. James tells Ryan to play for POV and if he is still in the house next week then he deserves it. James says that he isn’t going to listen to what Josh tells him and that he has no plans to backdoor Ryan. If Ryan takes himself off the block, he will put up the person that he is closest to (ED: I am assuming Matt) since that is what Ryan did to Chelsia and him last week. James tells Ryan that he is sorry that Jen wasn’t the one to go back into the house. Ryan says it is ok; he would be screwed if James or Jen came back into the house since he would still end up being a target. Ryan throws Matt and Natalie under the bus and tells James that if he stays that he will help break up Matt and Natalie. James says that he is willing to screw Chelsia over as well and he got backdoored because of greed.

Meanwhile, Josh is again standing outside the door listening to the conversation between Matt and Shelia! After hearing the conversation, Josh joins Natalie and Shelia and tells them a revised version of the conversation. He tells them that Shelia is crying and upset because Natalie didn’t include Shelia in her deal with James (which is the complete opposite of what was actually said). Based on what Josh is telling Natalie, Natalie doesn’t think that Shelia’s apology earlier was sincere.

6 PM – 8 PM

And the nominees are…. RYAN and SHELIA!

Matt and Natalie discuss who is expendable in their alliance and agree that they will vote for Ryan to stay. Matt thanks Natalie for the deal she made with James to keep him off the block this week.

Ryan and Shelia talk about being on the block and James’ wish that the POV not be used by the other houseguests. Shelia is freaking out a little and keeps rattling on and on about the only people left in the house are the losers. Shelia says she will not turn on Ryan this week. They think that Jen was the mystery house guest in the box. Chelsia comes into the room and Ryan leaves. Chelsia and Shelia continue to speculate who was in the box. A short while later, Chelsia leaves Shelia alone to ponder her demise.

In the kitchen, Chelsia, James, Natalie and Sharon talk about Shelia’s reaction to being nominated. Chelsia points out that only three people didn’t vote for James to come back in and Shelia was one of them. Natalie and Sharon make dinner (chicken, cheese tortellini, salad, and bread) and Chelsia joins James in the HOH room. Sharon asks Natalie why she made a deal with James. Natalie thinks that Josh should be the nominated next week since he is the only one that hasn’t been on the block yet. They don’t think that Ryan would get the final vote because if what happed with Jen in the house.

James asks her how the conversation went with Shelia and Chelsia told him that there wasn’t anyone else in there so she had to stay in there and chit chat for a little while. Earlier, James told the house that it was Jen in the box but in reality he doesn’t know who the Mystery House Guests is either. Adam, Ryan and Matt are resting and reading the Bible.

Everyone except Shelia, who is still in the Diary Room, eats dinner together and gives Matt a hard time for being so tired and out of it. They make fun of Shelia’s epiphany.

8 PM – 10 PM

Ryan and Adam talk about the books of the Bible. Sharon joins Josh in the bedroom and they talk about next week. They figure they can either win HOH next week, or throw it with the assurance that they aren’t going up. Chelsia is also in the room. They decide to get in the hot tub to continue strategizing. Sharon and Chelsia agree that they have to get Matt out of the house if the POV is used. With James returning to the house, it gives their alliance a chance to over throw the other side and take over power in the house. Josh and Natalie join them in the hot tub since they are on lockdown outside.

Ryan, Matt, Shelia and Natalie are in the KT getting beer and wine. Natalie saved Shelia some dinner. Adam asks Shelia if she was crying in the Diary Room and she said she was because she is on the block. After getting the beer and wine, BB called an outdoor lockdown and everyone was told to go outside.

Natalie, Josh and Matt return to the house when the lockdown is over and notice that POV is spelled out in the guinea pigs cage using their blocks. Shelia looks at the Memory Wall and says that everyone is getting voted out as couples.

Natalie tried to help Shelia study for the POV competition saying it is going to involve four colors or other random ideas. She tells Shelia that she knows that if the nominations stay the same that Ryan is the one that is going home this week. After a brief pep talk Natalie leaves to join the others in the backyard.
Natalie complains that all Shelia is doing is whining when she should be studying for the POV competition. Adam asked what else Shelia was saying and Natalie told him that Shelia is mad that James is back in the house. They talk about her Penthouse covers and say they can’t wait to get out and look at them and they bet that she was hot back in the day. James says he feels bad about her and her son and Natalie says that she will probably nominate her again next week if she gets HOH.

Shelia is left alone to talk to herself and ponder the meaning of the blocks in the cage. She thinks that the POV will be a puzzle of some sort but she doesn’t want to over think it. After cleaning the kitchen, she returns to her bed room where she cries and tells her son that she misses him.

Chelsia and James play together in the hot tub.

10 PM – 11 PM

Adam leaves the backyard crew to check on Shelia. Shelia is in the bathroom sobbing and saying that she wants to go home. She gets up briefly and then heads to bed. Just as she undresses and gets in bed, they call her into the Diary Room. Shelia is not a happy camper.

James and Chelsia continue to get frisky in the hot tub. James unties Chelsia’s bikini bottom and throws it across the yard. She gets out and runs around the pool half naked. Josh reminds Chelsia that BB After Dark is on now too! James points out to the group that Shelia is the strongest player in the game right now due to her being a floater and such a good liar.

Ryan studies the guinea pig cage. Natalie joins him and points out that there is a nut in the middle of the cage and maybe they have get to the POV in the middle of the puzzle.

11 PM – 1 AM

Josh and Sharon talk about throwing HOH to Natalie, but then realize that Josh would still run a good chance of being nominated. Matt and Ryan play a riveting game of chess. Everyone plans to wake Shelia up with a fake POV 30 minutes after she goes to bed. Adam doesn’t want to do it, but everyone else overruled him. Josh barges into Shelia’s room and yells POV and everyone rushes outside. Shelia puts on her unitard and stumbles outside. Everyone tells her that James was just sent to the Diary Room for instructions and they are waiting for him to come back. When Jams comes out he tells them they have to wait for further instructions, but can’t keep a straight face and bursts out laughing. Shelia laughs and is a good sport about it and heads back inside when she is called to the Diary Room again.

After the prank everyone gets the munchies and is in good spirits as they snack. Adam feels bad about the prank, but everyone else is laughing about it and they all realize that Shelia is still in the Diary Room. A while later Shelia exits the Diary Room and goes to the bedroom. Chelsia, Sharon, Jams and Josh got to check on her. Shelia informs them that she doesn’t have to wear the unitard anymore. She is in good spirits and laughing along with them about it. Everyone, except Chelsia and James, are together in the pink room and being really silly.

1 AM – 2 AM

James is in bed with Chelsia for their night time playtime.

Everyone is winding down and lights are starting to go out as the house guests begin going to bed. James can be seen playing pool outside by himself. A short time later Adam joins him for a quick game of pool before it is lights out for everyone.

What will tomorrow hold for the remaining BB 9 contestants? Will James’ nominations stay the same or will he be forced to break an alliance yet again? Will the house change its mind and decide to keep Ryan for another week? Will Matt finally start being nice to Natalie and start to appreciate everything that she is risking for him? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of As Big Brother Turns…..

Thanks as always to the tireless live feeders who do such an awesome job tracking the house guests ever word and movement.