BB wakes the HG at 8:00am with a Jay-Z's POV Comp today!


Adam is the funniest his morning, all other HG seem tired and somewhat worn (physically & mentally). They are all taking turns staring at the GP cage and of course Sharon has to talk to them in THAT voice of her's. (Is it just me?)
BB calls James in DR around 8:30am, BB is getting an early start on this one. Noone is talking about game strategy or life. There is a lot of staring at the GP cage. Maybe BB is piping sleeping gas through the ducts or the game is waering them all down. James is called in DR @ 9:51am then flames.

Veto players are: James, Ryan, Sheila, Matt, Chelsia & Josh. Natalie is hosting.

After finding out POV players, all HG drift one by one back to bed. Sheila lays in bed crying AGAIN, guess she is sad no-one is gonna "give" her anything in this game as in her life. Maybe BB is piping sleeping gas through the ducts or the game is wearing them all down. Chelsia gives James a massage with some Ben-Gay. James then goes in the back and offers it to the other HG to use before the comp. Around 10:40am BB calls for a lockdown, all gather in HOH. James tells everyone "Good Luck in the POV Comp then we get flames @ 10:49am.

10:52am-1:33pm Trivia/POV Comp


James won POV, he and Chelsia celebrate in the HOH. They talk about his winning streak, how crazy it is that he is still there, etc..
Sheila begins her ass kissing fairly quick, her and Jmes wee alone in the backyard and she tells him she would like to talk to hm when he has a second. He was then called to the DR. (I woulda neva came back lol). While he is gone the camera is on Sheila laying in the hammock. Maybe it's just me but she seemed so evilish laying there with a smirk on her face...she is up to no good.
When James returns here's a lil break down of the convo:
Sheila: Congratulations on winning the veto.
James: I'm not changing my nominations.
It could've ended there, but it went on and on and on and on...Sheila style. She throws her entire alliance under the bus. The only other part of the convo that was important is this: James: To be honest, Sheila, you are not the person I am after. If it goes to a split, I am voting Ryan out. Ha, James has Sheila's #.
Matt comes out in the backyard, sits on the couch and stares over at Sheila who is going on and on and on to James. He is probably staring in disbelief at how easily Sheila has flipped. He then goes in and tells Adam Sheila is working James "hahd". Shortly thereafter, there is an outside lockdown. There is general chit chat, pool playing, and laying around. When the lockdown is over Matt & James talk out at the hotub...Matt admits to being Mr. Paranoi James promises Matt that he is not going to BD Matt, they shake on it and Matt SO wants to believe him...but this is the BB house folks. Meanhile Sheila walks past Nat & Sharon in the pull out room as they are discusiing votes. Sheila reminds Nat & Sharon that she voted for them and she "expects the same in return". Nat tells her that it's a hard decision that she likes Ryan and Sheila...that's all it took...Sheila flipped OUT. She goes on and on and on to Nat & Sharon. Nat finally makes her escape and r uns like a mad hatter to the backyard.
Sharon & Sheila work each other in the boat room. I'm not gnna lie I couldn't bear to listen to these two long...basically, Sharon wants Sheila to join their side as 5th (yea, real smart) & Sheila wants everyone to protect her from everything.
In the yard Nat, Chelsia Josh & James talk about playing a prank on Sheila every night...funny stuff.


At 6:50 Josh has a note from BB saying to meet in LR...freak out moment...flames. When feeds come back it seems Allison Grodner has reprimanded the HG for their cursing. HG are talking about cussing, it's a habit, it's not good for live shows and they alll need to watch their mouths. Josh & Sharon lay in bed and talk about how they are gonna win the game. Everyone is laying back in bed except Nat & Chelsia who cook steak, mac/cheese & baked potatos for supper. All eat at the dinner table and even do "the wave" except James who is doing some hard sleeping locked away in HOH.
After dinner in the bathroom, Ryan asks Sheila about her playing the $10k card against him...One question and Sheila totally flipped out. Everyone in the house could hear her being really loud about nothng really. Ok, BB then gives them W&B...Sheila hogs the bottle of red and has another breakdown out at the hotub. Chelsia & Josh were cornered there for a half hour and both wanted to shoot themselves listening to She-bot go on and on and on. Sheila then turned to Adam for protection from her own craziness and when he didn't come through she was P'd even more. Everyone is trying to stay away from She-bot. Matt & Ryan play a game of chess. Sheila to the DR for a few hours, I think. Poor DR people...LOL
Everyone is in bed. In the pink BR Nat wants to pleasure Matt, he refuses. Adam & Ryan rip on him , telling him he should do it... it is his duty as a man. A lot of joking. Matt tells them to shut up and go to bed. Adam leaves the room soon followed by Ryan. They tell Matt they are giving him his privacy and to take Nat up on her offer. Out in the kitchen James has come dowwn from HOH. He is hurting bad from the HOH comp. Adam and Ryan fill him in on Sheila's meltdown and Matt refusing Nat. Matt soon joins and there is just general chat and laughter. On a serious note Ryan tells James if he survives this week and gets HOH he will surprise people to prove a point and james says we'll work it out. James just doesnt want to be lied to. Ryan knew when james came back that he was going straight for him. Ryan has nothing against him and if he survives this week, its squashed. James wants to show that 5 people ***** him. He wants to show that the only thing they have in the house is their word. Maybe talking with Ryan will change James' mind...who konws?
By 2:45 am all hamsters tucked in.