Big Brother Recap March 15, 2008
James wants to shake the house up, Naive Nat is playful and Adam slithers away again!

Big Brother woke everyone up at 10:15 for the day. Matt immediately brags to his “Bro’s” that he didn’t even have to kiss Nat for her normal 2-5 minutes before she performed her task on him last night. They head out back and start practicing with the large croquet set. (possible for a future competition).

By 11 James is whispering to Chelsea that he may use the VETO and put up Adam. He then said that he might put up Matt too. That the only two people he is telling is Josh and her so if there is a leak he will know where it came from. Josh joins them and he tells Josh his plan to remove Ryan and put up Adam. James said that he thinks Adam is playing them all.

Not 10 minutes later Josh asks Ryan if he wants to play pool (something they both comment on that they have never done so far in the game). Josh whispers to Ryan something during the game (undoubtly that James is going to save him)

Shelia also starts right in by throwing Adam under the bus, she again babbles to Sharon on how Adam lies to everyone and should suffer on the block with her.

Josh and Ryan finish the game and James comes over and asks Ryan to play. While they are playing James tells Ryan that he is taking him off the block. Ryan asked him what the catch will be, he said nothing to just watch his back.. James then said Ryan broke his trust last week by voting him out. Ryan said his lips are sealed.

Ryan and Josh hug in the kitchen because James is saving him.

Shelia asks James if she can talk to him in the HOH. Shelia being Shelia goes on a rampage about Adam, going on and on about how he and Ryan went off on her yesterday and how much Adam should be on the block. James has a hard time following her, finally tells her to calm down that she was not the target and was not leaving. She left, Josh and Chelsea enter and he again tells her how crazy Shelia is and how he wants to put up Adam and send him home. Josh left HOH and headed right to Sharon.

Josh told Sharon the plan and Sharon tells him that Ryan was a bigger threat and that James was probably just testing them to see where a leak to the others would come from. Josh tells Sharon to be quiet (like he is lol), and to go with the flow.

Awhile later, James and Chelsea were in the HOH and James said that he wanted to get rid of Matt this week that it would take a lot of balls but he wanted to get rid of him. He said he thinks he wants to take Shelia off (because he can manipulate her more) and put up Matt vs. Ryan. He wants to make sure Sharon will be on board. Chelsea said that Nat will flip and lose HOH and they will win again. Chelsea goes and gets Sharon. James tells her the plan, Sharon wants Matt gone, thinking Nat would be nothing without him and that he is the glue that keeps that group together, and she told him that if she got HOH next week she would put up Nat and Adam. Sharon tells him it is the best thing he can do. James said then let’s do it and shake up this house! James admitted that the Diary Room planted the seed of getting rid of Matt to him.

Sharon then leaves and finds Josh and tells him James’s plan. James approaches Adam and tells him that everyone is throwing him under the bus about not voting him back in the house. Adam swears he voted him back in. James then said that he was going to shake up the house, and Adam responded that he was with him “bro”.

Shelia and Nat have a conversation in the storage room. Sheila tells her that James said he was going to shake up the house. Nat said that he would never back door her or Matt because he promised her he wouldn’t. Shelia said she wants him to put up Adam for all his lying etc.

James and Matt played chess and Matt asked him right out if he was going to put him up. James said no he wasn’t. Matt won the game.

Once Matt left Adam asked him what was wrong, Matt said he didn’t’ know that it is just the Big Brother house. He then said he had a feeling that James was going to put him up. He then asks Nat to talk to James and reiterate again that he promised he would not put him up. After Matt left her Josh came over and let Nat go on and on about how paranoid Matt is about James putting him up and that she believes that James would never go back on his word. Josh let her believe she was right. Nat then said she had a new respect for James since the HOH competition, how he keeps his word.

Matt, Adam, Ryan and Nat play hide and seek. However Nat is the only one that hides. They sat on the couch and had trouble counting to 50. Then they would not even look for her for awhile. Nat loved the game. The boys just played along.

After a round of hotdogs they all head to bed. Some more movements were spotted under the covers of Nat and Matt’s bed. Ryan again sleeps on the floor like a dog.

What will tomorrow bring, will James really put up Matt? Will Nat freak out? How will the house divide? Will the DR save Matt? Who will bring James down?