9 am
Houseguests are woken up with an Irish jig around 9 am. Sheila tells Natalie in the WC that she plans to backdoor one of the other side next week if she wins HOH. Sheila is angry with the “others” for dissecting her character behind her back that can be seen by her son and family. She says that she has already accomplished fame outside the house and when she leaves the house, she’ll still have it, but the others are looking for it and they are jealous of her. Then she starts talking about wishing Dick was in the house so that she could cheer him on while he tore apart the others. She thinks that the people are cowards that they won't say these things to her face that they are going behind her back.

Ryan goes to lay in the hammock and Sheila joins him. She tells him that they have to stick to their plan because Natalie totally trusts him and if he wins HOH to do what he needs to do because she doesn’t owe them (J/J/C/S) crap. She claims that no one is going to break her, because she has raised a child and she isn’t going to let those punks think they are going to knock her out of the game. Meanwhile, Sharon tells Josh that Matt denied everything about the BJ’s and Natalie to her.

Sheila goes and talks to Adam. She claims that Natalie is good at this game. She says that they have the numbers going into this HOH competition and that they have to get power back and win the next 3 HOHs. She said that Natalie isn’t loyal to her because she tried to throw Adam under the bus when Sheila was on the block. She says that Matt has to go because Natalie always goes to him for his opinion and that he is the puppet master. She makes Adam swear on something that he wasn’t going to vote her out. She said that she already voted her best friend out and she won’t do that to Adam. They plan to keep the votes the way they are (to vote Matt out). Natalie practices using the croquet mallet but gets worse the more she practices.

The screen to the backyard won’t go down and they wanted an indoor lockdown so they called a lockdown in HOH. The lockdown gets called off an hour later. Josh tells Chelsia in the storage room that when he catches Sheila, it’s not going to be good. He then tells Sharon that Sheila is working with the other side, and not to trust her.

Matt asks Natalie and Adam how his chances are looking and they reply not good. Adam advised Matt to go off on James and Josh because he’s going home anyway. Natalie says that it’s their time to win because God is on their side.

Sheila confirms to Sharon that she is voting out Matt because it is better for Natalie. Natalie is hoping for a miracle and Ryan thinks someone will be voted back in. Matt says that he hopes to hear the siren and Ryan says that he’ll vote Matt back in. Adam pushing Matt to yell at James and Josh again. Matt says he doesn’t have it in him. Natalie tells Matt that he’ll get the soap opera job that he wants because people love them and they will get the jobs they want. Matt claims that he is the reason that Sheila wasn’t put up on the block when Ryan was HOH while yelling at Sheila and Chelsia and that he is no different than Ryan. Chelsia says that he is annoying people and she doesn’t like how he plays.

Adam and James talk strategy about next week. James says that he hopes one of those three win because they won’t do anything against Adam and he tells Adam that he knows Sheila is playing both sides. Adam claims he never had a side and agrees that Sheila’s been playing both.

Matt and Ryan talk about their girlfriends, and parents splitting up. Then they switch the conversation to coke in Vegas being weak. Natalie tells them that she has a feeling the siren is going to go off again and that BB is going to save Matt because he’s probably their favorite. Matt and Ryan say they want a concubine in the jury house. Natalie asks what a concubine is and says that she’ll be one. Natalie says that she has only been with 4 guys in 28 years and that all matt has to do to get the money is be with her.

4:30 pm

Chelsia and James talk about pimples and Josh comes in and complains about Sheila. He calls her a piece of poop. He apologizes to Chelsia for being grumpy. Josh tells Sharon, Chelsia and James that they need to have a study session in HOH to go over everyone and stuff about them. Sharon comes out and the four say that they aren’t going to campaign when they are on the block against one another. Sharon says she is done with Matt and Natalie lying and the fact that Matts stories change every time.. Chelsia finds it funny that Natalie isn’t cooking anymore. Josh makes the point that whenever Sheila says “That’s interesting” she will run back to the other side with that info.

Josh and Ryan talk outside. Josh told Ryan he’s not going up no matter which 3 of them get HoH, they're after other ppl. They discuss that the HoH, will probably be mental and the croquet will probably be for PoV. Ryan's not happy with Nat's campaigning for Matt and lying that she's doing it. Josh suggested Ryan speak with Sharon and Chelsia.

Sheila tells Matt that she can’t trust him. Matt claims that he is the better player and that he will do whatever he has to do if he has 3 votes, to get the 4th. He begs her for the vote telling her that he can protect her. Sheila says that she doesn’t know how she is voting when Natalie asks her. Matt offers he a deal that she can put him up next week if he stays this week. Matt says he wants a fighting chance. Matt claims he would have kept Sheila if she were still on the block. Sheila tells Matt that if he can get Sharon to tell Sheila that she is voting for him to stay, then she’ll think more about it. Sheila tells him that he needs to work James because he is the only one that can flip the house now. Matt gets up and heads outside where Ryan and Adam are lifting weights.

Natalie tells Sheila that James is threatened by her.

Josh, Sharon, James and Chelsia plot in HOH to tell Matt that Chelsia is mad at James about him letting her be put up last week and that she’ll vote to keep him. Sheila and Adam will switch to keep Matt, so it will go 3-3 and James will break the tie to kick out Matt. This way, Ryan will see that they will flip to keep Matt and have Ryan get mad at the other side. Chelsia is going deep cover to infiltrate them and to get ready for conversations on mermaids and rainbows. Chelsia promises that she’ll be with them (Josh, James and Sharon) but she won’t talk to them much. They promise that they won’t talk bad about Chelsia. Josh tells her to offer anything and do whatever because everyone’s word is shot in this house anyway. Sharon tells her to fake tears with Natalie and push James away. She leaves to go downstairs to begin her role and Josh tells her to not lose too many brain cells. They say that they’ll be able to tell if it works because Matt will start acting cockier.

BB gives the houseguests a cake with all their pictures on it and beer for making it to the halfway point.

Josh goes to the sauna because he is upset. James checks on him and tells him to pull it together. Josh is worried about the plan. James says he thinks it will be find but at worst, they can hang out in sequester. James leaves and heads outside. Matt follows hi and immediately starts campaigning. James tells Matt that he is getting upset at Chelsia because she isn’t telling him how she is going to vote. Matt claims that Ryan wouldn’t have kept James last week if it was 3-3. He says that he never lied about voting to bring James back. Matt says that he just wants to stay and win a prize and he won’t put James up if he stays. James says that he has 36 hours to make up his mind in the event of a tie and he isn’t going to tell either of them how he’ll vote. Matt asks James if he is influencing people and James says just Sheila because she runs and tells Natalie everything. Matt pleads by saying that James has punished him enough because he made him cry on tv and let his mom down. James tells him to just get the votes and he suggests he gets higher than the split.

Chelsia and Ryan talk about where her vote may be. She said she doesn’t know what she is doing yet, but they shake that if she votes for him to stay, she won’t be put up or backdoored.

Matt tells Chelsia about his conversation with James and Chelsia starts playing her role by saying that James never told her he told Ryan to put her up and that James wouldn’t hug her when he came back into the house. Matt is receptive and says that James does want to separate from her. Matt says that if he has Chelsia, he can get Adam. Matt says if he goes, he can tell Natalie to leave Chelsia alone and she will. He claims that Sheila will vote for him if he says he has another vote, but he won’t say who it is. She says that she never told Josh or Sharon how she is voting and they just assumed that she was going to get rid of Matt. He says that he is starting to gain a little hope. Chelsia tells him that Sheial is the most powerful player in the house because she is the swing and she keeps changing her mind. Matt tells her that he won’t say her name to Sheila but just tell Sheila that he has the votes. Matt is nervous that Sheila will run upstairs and tell James that he has another vote. He’s going to wait to talk to her. Chelsia goes inside to eat and Matt talks to himself saying that America doesn’t want him to leave and he isn’t leaving. He isn’t going to throw POVs and he’ll hang for 14 hours if he has to.

9 pm
Matt goes and tells Natalie that she needs to work Sheila, because if he gets her and Adam’s votes, he’ll stay. Natalie gets excited. James is laying on his and Chelsia’s bed and tells Ryan that he and Chelsia got in a fight and he doesn’t know how she is going to vote anymore. He makes Ryan nervous and says that he has a lot of thinking to do because he didn’t think he was going to need to break a tie. Ryan says that he would really appreciate it and that he isn’t gunning for James, but would judge it on a week by week basis after this week. James leaves and tells Josh that he has Ryan panicked over who Chelsia is voting for.

Chelsia lets Josh and Sharon know the plan is in effect. Meanwhile, Sheila and James are in the HOH room trying to figure out where each is voting without telling each other who they are voting for. After she leaves HOH, she tells Matt that she is going to keep him. Matt says I love you and thank you. Matt tells her he has another vote and that he is planning on moving to his own bed next week.

Sheila and Natalie talk in the boat room about how James doesn’t mind if they put up Josh and Sharon next week and about how they need to win back to back HOHs. Sheila tells her that Natalie and Matt owe her for saving Matt again and they are excited that Matt won’t be along on his birthday. Sheila tells Natalie that she told Matt that if he stays, he needs to change beds and they need to separate because the minute she left Adams bed, no one knew where she stood. Sheila tells Natalie that she has Adam’s back but no one knows because they sleep separately.

Natalie, Matt, Chelsia and Ryan talk about the jobs they think the houseguests all have outside the house. Everyone but Chelsia thinks that James is a porn star because of his size. They think that Natalie is an NFL cheerleader and she lets them believe it. She then goes onto say that she has had one one night stand and the other three people she has slept with were boyfriends of hers. Matt offers Natalie a one hour massage if he gets off the block. The group heads inside and James heads downstairs, and there is an uncomfortable silence between James and Chelsia. He leaves to go back up to HOH and the rest of the crew goes to bed.

James sneaks down to wake up Chelsia and they go up to HOH. James says if everything goes to plan, it’s a split house and he evicts Matt. They rehash the plan and both believe it Is working. James says he needs to handle Josh and Sharon because he doesn’t want Josh hanging out with Chelsia so he’ll keep Josh in check. Chelsia tells James that she lied to Matt saying he was more her type than James and so the two laugh about it and kiss. He tells her to get in a big blow out fight with Sheila right before the HOH competition so that Sheila will be rattled. He says that it is key that Chelsia wins HOH this week. She wants James to put shoutouts in his HOH blog tomorrow for her and she’ll do the same for him. James says that the DR wants him to keep Matt because he was questioned interrogation style about him and they told him that he should have compassion for him. Chelsia says that Adam and Sheila suck but it would be stupid to get them out too soon but that Natalie has to go because she is strong. Feeds cut away to the sleeping houseguests when James and Chelsia start making out. She heads back to her bed around 4 am and all the other HGs are none the wiser.