The house starts stirring around 9-9:15am BBT this morning. on the agenda for today?
Scheme, HOH Pics and Blog and Goodbyes.
Sharon's up and feeding the guinea pigs.
Oatmeal is the choice for breakfast.
Let the scheming begin after all it is the day before eviction day!

Matt's feeling confident today, Ryan, not so much. Matt's saying he has 4 confirmed votes.

Josh sugests a debate tonight between the nominees.

Matt admits that he doesnt think Nat is a Bad girl any more “I'm not as annoyed by her as I used to be.”

Sheila says people are afraid of her because she has the power to flip the whole house, shes on a power trip basically and this last all day. Trying to flip flop between keeping Ryan and Matt, of course everyone is catching on. Sheila: I'm gonna vote how I wanna vote! Doesn't matter whether Matty stays here or goes, you're still a strong competitor. Ultimately, James needs to make the decision.

Sheila: They're gonna put me up every week to try to break me... Go ahead. I'm not flipping this time. i'm not doing anything for anyone. I'm doing this for myself.

Ryan: “ I have a weird theory... I wonder if James and Chelsia are trying to get lined up with Matt and Natalie and make an alliance with them...”
Matt: “Yesterday I was hopeless. Today I have hope. People came up to me yesterday. If I get HOH I'm goin' straight after one person: Josh.”

Josh is planning a severe attack on Sheila for tonight or tomorrow during the live show. He plans to attack her son, and he's warning the others to expect it... though he's not saying who it will be or specifying what. Just that it's going to be very bad.

Josh: My game is getting better. Amanda was just the warm up. I am gonna annihilate Sheila... Her game, her son, everything.

Josh has it figured out. Right before the HoH comp, he's going to tell Sheila and Natalie that which ever one of them wins HoH is going to have either their son or their mother destroyed on national television and for the upcoming week on the feeds. So, it's up to them to decide which is more important: the HoH or their loved ones?

Josh gets called in to the DR and comes out talking about a 5 foot rule, (ed. He probally has to stay 5 feet away from anyone he goes off on)

Josh: I have been formally warned.

Shelia keeps talking to others about Josh and how she's not afraid of him. She will fight him, and will blow up in his face and tell him he's a coward. But won't attack his sexuality. He (apparently) fears her, because he :knows” she can flip this house. And that's more powerful than an HoH or a PoV any day. And she says That's why she's the strongest player in this house... (ed. Yes....)

HOH picture and blog time, James wants to go up to Shelia and take a picture of her wrinkles and tell her his whole blog is going to be about her.

Matt and Nat talk about what she needs to do if Matt leaves tommorow; Stick with Ryan. Work with James if she has to and then go after Josh... Adam and Sheila are always on the fence.

Late in the night around 2am BBT James decides to shave his ahemm.... private parts. Chels and him have quite the laugh about what to do with the hair etc.
All houseguests are in bed by around 2:30am BBT.

The Tuesday show!

The show was not very action packed. But we do see how “POV” was spelt with the blocks in the GP cage. The competition was to transfer 2 blocks at a time from one end of a balancing beam into a tube at the other end. If you drop one or fall off you are disquailified. Matt falls off first, then Ryan, then Chels, then Sheila drops a block. James and Josh are left. James transfers all 500 blocks first to win the POV. “And that is what they call a Clean Sweep”.

After the POV competition we see all planning and James trying to find out who the last vote for the Mystery Guest was. First believing it was Adam but then Sharon confirms it was indeed Matt. So as they gather for the ceremony James lets both Shelia and Ryan to make a speech about why they should stay. Shelia goes on about a new lease on the game and Ryan does the usual. James says that he is going to use the veto. He is going to save Sheila, to which she starts crying and asking if hes kidding. Still crying she thanks him. James then says that he is going to have to replace on of his nominees. He is going to replace Shelia with Matt. :o He says that he is nominating Matt because of the votes and how he felt last week. Nat of course begins crying, and she expresses thats shes very mad because they did make a deal. Revenge.

Which houseguest will be evicted from the BB house and who will be the next HOH? Find out at 9pm EST/6 BBT March 19/08 on the live show.