8:30 AM
Josh is up and motivating about a half hour before the wake up call. He talks to himself about his plan to break down Sheila before the HOH comp tonight.

Josh assures Ryan that he is safe.

Shortly after, Sheila says to Ryan “Oh you're packing?” He says, “Yea… AGAIN!”

Sharon gets some help from Natalie in feeding the Guinea Pigs; they seem to recognize its feeding time by their little Guinea Pig squeaks.

Sheila and Natalie are getting along notably well this morning.

11:00 AM
Sheila tries hard to tell Adam to vote out Matt. The best she gets out of him is, “I get it, I get it.” (ed. That wasn’t a ‘yes’, Adam).

We learn the wake-up music was "Love to Love Ya Baby" by Donna Summers and possibly an Abba song too.

Natalie makes note that Josh will probably vote for Matt to stay and Sharon will follow. She thinks it will go 5-1 or maybe even 6-0 for Mattie to stay. (ed. She really wouldn’t do well in the Joker’s Grab Game this week.)

Up in the HOH, Chelsia is complaining to James that he gave her a hickey on her chest. Josh gives her make-up tips on how to cover it up. Sharon joins them and relays that Sheila and Adam were talking nice to each other, and that their 'fighting' is an act, they're probably together.

An HOH lockdown is in progress and we get an audio leak of BB staff doing a run through of the HOH comp in the backyard. Julie can clearly be heard practicing with them too.

1:30 PM
Lockdown is over. Chelsia starts vacuuming duties while Natalie, Josh, Sharon, James and Adam are having lunch.

Sheila says she loves James and they should make-out before she goes.
Matt shakes James’ hand and says "Let bygones be bygones, man"

2:30 PM
Josh begins to antagonize Sheila again and she responds, "Come and fight me like a woman. Come and pull my hair and slap me. I've never backed down from a fight with a woman." All as she heads to the DR to tell Allison G. that something needs to be done. Ryan thinks she might try to stay in the DR until the live show. Matt says he doesn't think Josh should be bringing her son into it.

When Sheila emerges she tells Josh he's going to be called to DR. Josh says he doesn't care. They continue to argue and BB does call Josh to the DR. Sheila tells Matt that it is illegal to bring a minor into it. This triggers Trivia on the feeds that last until the live show is over.

Live Show Recap
They review the events leading up to Matt being the replacement nomination.
Julie joins us and calls it was a week of ‘What goes around comes around’.
Matt breaks down crying to James. Still crying Matt runs into Nat who is also crying. They share a hug and we hear violin music.

Adam tells Matt he hasn’t anything bad to anyone. This energizes Matt into a confrontation campaign to those he thinks are voting him out. He mixes this up with some begging and pleading to the same people and it may have actually worked on Sheila.

When Julie talks to the houseguests she calls out James for breaking his word to Matt. Natalie says it was a hypocritical. Julie wants to know from the Bible buddies (Ryan, Adam, and Matt) how tall they are in Cubits.

Julie reveals the mystery box would have been Alex. A show of hands reveals it would have been a tie vote if they would have known.

Instead of the private Julie/HOH conversation, there is a ‘where are they now’ segment with the Donatos where Dick drops more names in 10 seconds than Shelia has all season.

Julie gives the nominees a chance to plead their case. Ryan would like to stay to right what he has done wrong. Matt had been humbled and would like the same chance.

Chelsia, Josh, and Sharon vote to evict Matt. Next Natalie, Adam, and Sheila vote to evict Ryan. The tie breaker goes to the HOH and James votes to evict Matt. He gives quiet good byes to everyone and Natalie walks him to the door.

Outside with Julie, Matt says he’s devastated, he took part in a crime but was wrongfully accused. When asked about Natalie, he says she’ll be a lifelong great friend but there is no relationship. He gets mostly nice good bye messages and with that he is off to the jury house.

The HOH comp is called ‘On Guard’. Two at a time, they face off to guess which evicted HGs made the DR statements read by Julie.
Chelsia vs. Josh – Josh loses
Natalie vs. Sheila – Sheila loses
Chelsia vs. Sharon – Sharon loses
Adam vs. Natalie – Natalie loses
Chelsia vs. Ryan – Ryan loses
Chelsia vs. Adam – Adam rings in early and wins!!!!

Before signing off Julie lets us know that Evel Dick will be returning to the house this week with a very special wake up for the house guests.

7:00 PM
When the feeds return there are folks having conversations everywhere. Adam asks James for help with his HOH. James says to do what is best for Adam... and have fun getting called out by Julie.

Adam goes to pack stuff to get ready for his HOH room. Josh stops by, Adam tells him he didn’t want to win. Ryan gets Adam alone too and Adam says he’s sticking to the plan of putting up Sharon and Josh and back door James. Sharon stops by and offers to have bible sessions with him if he wants.

James and Chelsia discuss not sleeping together for appearances.

Elsewhere Sheila and Natalie are seemingly very happy. Sheila thinks Josh will be quiet this week.

Later Natalie and Chelsia have a serious conversation in one room while Sheila and Sharon have a serious conversation in another room. (ed. I was on quad view at the time. It was quite the experience. Thank goodness for the updaters). In a nutshell Natalie was telling Chelsia quite confidently that one of her side was going home while Sheila was telling Sharon how rude Josh had been to her while she never talked bad about Josh’s personal life.

8:00 PM
Natalie takes a moment to gaze at Matt’s picture on the memory wall. Ryan joins her and she tears up and says she’ll be bored now; she has no one to chase in the house.

Some folks finally get around to talking about the mystery box. Chelsia says people probably voted for him because they wanted to see more of him, without Amanda.

Elsewhere Josh lends a sympathetic ear to Natalie. He also makes mention that Julie has never asked him a question.

A little later Natalie and Ryan strategize about the numbers and staying on top of Adam because he is easily swayed. (ed. Hmmm, I’m wondering if Adam would take a two week deal.)

9:00 PM
ShoToo Crawl: Matt was evicted from the Big Brother house tonight, [breakdown of the votes] It came down to a tiebreaker vote by HOH James to send Matt to the jury house, In tonight’s HOH competition it came down to Chelsia and Adam, Adam is the new HOH.

Adam got his HOH room just in time for the Showtime viewers to see. He got a ton of pictures with various family member and pets and a nice letter from his family. (ed. It was posted in Media if you want to hear him read the letter). He also seems to have gotten an abundance of baby food, a bible, and a Jay-Z CD, The Blueprint.

Sharon, Josh and James strategize on a way to get at least one person ‘from the other side’ on the block this week.

After a break to go down for the rest of his stuff, Natalie encourages Adam with suggestions of who to put up. Sheila stops by and asks for a beer, but Adam does not share. Adam is moving HOH furniture around so he can do desk-like interviews with everyone one on one. It wasn’t long before BB makes him put everything back though.

When it’s down to Adam, Ryan, and Natalie in the HOH, they get down to some serious nomination talk. One feed is dedicated to Natalie and she seems to be having her own conversation much of the time saying things like “Oh do that, do that! Oh that’s even better, do that, do that.” She gets in some ‘We are the good people’ lines in as well. Adam seems to be thinking some combination of James, Chelsia, Josh and Sharon.

James is the first interviewee. He tells Adam he doesn’t care who goes up as long as it’s not him. Adam promises not to back door him.

10:00 PM
They are informed there will be a competition at midnight and to look nice. Everyone is getting ready throughout the house. They seem to assume it is a food competition until they learn it is ‘mystery event’ and there is some speculation of a ‘Sheryl Crow like’ reward.

Josh gets the next interview with Adam. He pleads his case but doesn’t have to go too far before Adam tells him he is thinking of putting up James and Chelsia.

Josh goes down and tells James everything that was said, but must have been referring to another ‘interview’ because not a word of truth was coming out of his mouth.

Natalie gets downright snippy with James saying, “I have a pretty good idea how this weeks gonna go and I know I'm safe and you're gonna need my vote and you won't get it."

Not long after Natalie tells Josh that James and Chelsia are going up and James is the target. Josh immediately relays this conversation to James, but again he recalls a completely different conversation than the one we just heard. (ed. He’s really having memory issues tonight*cough cough*).

11:00 PM
While Adam is in the DR, Chelsia announces to James and Sharon that she just wants to get drunk, have sex and go to bed. James is agreeable and asks if Sharon would like to join. She replies, “Why not (rolling her eyes)... I'm not doing anything else.” They want to get to know the real Sharon.

Josh has a private but loud conversation with Sheila. They are being nice with each other about all that has happened.

We get Flames at Midnight for the mystery competition.

1:00 AM
The comp appears to have been a movie night. Sheila and Josh are known winners at this point.

Most everyone has a conversation in the kitchen about what everyone’s dirty little secrets are, since they know Allison’s (professional gambler) and most had seen or heard about the ‘dirty little secret’ promotions before they were sequestered this year. Natalie says she’s not allowed to talk about being a professional cheerleader anymore.

2:00 AM
Most everyone is getting ready for bed. Josh is now sleeping with Chelsia. James is now sleeping with Sharon. They joke about not touching each other. Everyone else has a bed to themselves. Chelsia makes gesture to meet James in 10 minutes.

Chelsia gets out of bed and wastes time in the bathroom until James finally shows up. Chelsia is worried about James’ dirty little secret. He covers his mic but we hear him say it is about him having sex with guys. She is scared and he tells her he is joking and goes to walk away. She calls him back for a goodnight kiss. They eventually head back to their beds, but both seem a bit restless before they finally go to sleep.

So, did Adam try to throw the HOH comp by ringing in early? Or was he smart enough to know that there was only one female name that had not been answered yet and carefully used a process of elimination to get the right answer? Let the debate begin!

Sadly, I have to relinquish the Wednesday recapper duties (just took a new job). Nicole89 has cheerfully volunteered to pick them up and I know she will do a fine job. I wish you all a fun and action packed rest of the season! And as always, thanks to all the folks that give the extra effort in posting updates and media clips. We love you all!