The POV ceremony is held, and more lying and fighting.

The houseguests wake up at 9:30 to Hungry Like the Wolf. Josh tells Natalie about baptising the water and blessing the house.

Sharon tells Josh she can't keep information from him. Sharon tells Josh that James came to her last night and told her that Matt and Allison have a secret alliance and the house is going to fall 1 to 1. James told Sharon he didn't even tell Chelsia this information. Josh asked Sharon how James knew. Sharon said Ryan told James while they were out smoking. Josh figures out that this is why Allison is working James/Chelsia for their vote, to make sure it's 2 to 0 in Ryan and Allison's favor. Sharon said James suggested forming an alliance with Matt but keeping a secret alliance with James and Chelsia. Sharon tells Josh that she can't trust Matt anymore after Matt told her he hasn't been making any alliances, when they've figured out he's making alliances, with pretty much everyone in the house.

Sheila bad mouthing Allison, to Josh & Company, in the kitchen. Sheila and Josh talking about how desperate Allison is. Sheila saying how hypocritical Allison is, for being against the house orgy, the other day, but now is making out with everyone (well, James and Chelsia) for votes. "Pathetic" "Hypocritical" "Disgusting" Etc. Chelsia says to Sheila, "I'm not going to vote for someone because I made out with them." Chelsia calling Sheila out, on talking sh*t about Allison, behind her back, but not confronting Allison, to her face. Chelsia goes into the backyard, ranting that Sheila is ranting and raving, about Allison. Allison hears and asks for specifics. Josh and Sheila are expecting Allison to come storming in, any minute. Sheila saying "She can come in here, I'll tell it to her face. Un~f*cking~believable." The guys in the backyard don't want the drama in the backyard, they're relaxing, keep the drama elsewhere. Allison goading Ryan in to go, and defend her. Sheila, "I am ready to evict her ***** ass right out the door." Josh and Sharon in HoH, eating breakfast. Josh saying they should keep their distance, from Chelsia, if Chelsia goes off. Sheila gripes about Allison the bathroom to Natalie and Ryan. Josh says, "Oh my God! Why can't I evict this beast!?" Josh and Sharon wonder if the couples are playing as one, why would James not tell Chelsia, and why would he request Sharon not tell Josh?
Ryan tries to do damage control with Sheila. "That woman has, like, serious f*cking mental problems." Allison says about Sheila, to the backyard crew. Ryan goes back in the backyard. Allison wanting to know what Sheila and Ryan talked about. "Oh, she has no idea what I could do to her right now." Allison tells Ryan, about Sheila. Ryan tells Allison to talk, to Sheila. Ryan's not really into drama, and being mediator, because he doesn't know what was said, by Allison. Allison's a little irritated that Ryan can't do damage control. Chelsia asking Allison to bring Sheila outside, so they can all watch the drama. Allison confronts Sheila, in the bathroom. Allison saying she's made out with James and Chelsia lots of times, it's not just recently, for votes.
Allison asks, "Why do you care?" Sheila tells her, "I don't care. You're right. Do whatever you want. It just bothered me. You don't know me. I don't know you. You're grasping at straws. I think you're grasping at straws. I'm just trying to have a good time in this house. Allison says, "I just don't know why you're starting with me this morning. Allison calls Sheila pathetic, and insults her parenting. Allison saying she didn't want to kiss everyone in the pool, and didn't kiss Ryan, because she respects Jen. Allison says, "I haven't touched Ryan!" Sheila snaps back, "Because Ryan wont touch you!" Allison says, "I respect Jen!" Allison leaves the fight, and goes into the backyard, to recap everything, to the people in the backyard. Sharon reports back to Josh, what was said during the fight. Sharon mocks Allison's respect for Jen. Josh sends Sharon back out, to spy, some more.
Adam tells Sheila that they need to keep calm in the house. Natalie says people will see right through Allison. Adam goes back to the backyard, saying that talking to Sheila, is like talking to a little kid. Sheila now in HoH, recapping for Josh and Sharon. Sheila just says that Allison wants people to like her, that's why she's making out, with James and Chelsia. Sheila thinks it's disgusting, that someone would do that to get votes. Josh agrees.
Ryan and Allison still think Josh and Chelsia are going up, now. They think that Sheila and Adam will be voting, and will vote, against them. Ryan says, "We're totally *****, now."
Ryan and Allison in bedroom conversation, about fight, with Sheila. Ryan says, "You shouldn't even have gotten into that arguement, with Sheila." Allison asks, "Who me? She did that on purpose. The only option, is to remind Matt, to remind Adam, about the F3." Ryan says, "This shouldn't have gone on today. There should be no drama, today. Now we are f*cked. We are totally f*cked." Allison says, "She did it on purpose. Think about it." Ryan says, "You shouldn't have said anything." Allison says, "You can't blame this on me, again." Ryan says, "You should never.... We are totally f*cked, now." Allison says, "Oh well. I don't know what to say. I just went in there, to talk to her, and she started screaming at me." Allison now talking about how Sheila accused Allison of kissing everybody, for votes. Allison said that had nothing to do with it. Ryan responded by saying "we are screwed now. It sucks". Ryan left bedroom, and Allison changes into a bathing suit. She opened the door to other bedroom, to see if anyone was in there. Ryan confronts Allison again. Ryan lays into Allison again, about getting into fight with Sheila. Ryan told Allison that she needs to make things better with Sheila. Ryan asks, "Do you realize that?" Allison says no. Ryan tells her, "You have to f*cking talk to her and be nice to her if you want to or not." Ryan walks into backyard, as Allison walks away, and Allison says in earshot of Ryan, "Unf*ckingbelievable".
Allison heads to HOH. Allison in HOH. Allison denies using the word asinine. Sharon gets mad and calls her out, on saying it. Sharon tells Allison not to call her a liar, she knows what was said, and she doesn't feel comfortable, with Allison going around, saying she didn't say things. Allison says if she did say it, it was from anger. Sharon doesn't care why it was said, don't make them look like liars. Now, Allison talks about how much she'd want Sheila to win. More backpeddling, about calling Sheila asinine. Chelsia comes in HOH. When Josh let her in, he says "I'm just listening" Allison says she was disgusted by the pool thing. Allison denies saying things. More about her kissing Chelsia, a lot. More arguing. Sheila and Josh staying quiet.
Chelsia and Josh talk, in the HOH bathroom. Chelsia reassures Josh that she and James are still with them. She wanted him to know that they would still vote Allison out. You can hear very loud arguing from the HOH bedroom. Josh relating what's been being said to Chelsia. Chelsia explaining why she said something to Sheila, earlier. That it bothered her that Sheila was talking sh*t, then pretending to be Allison's friend. Chelsia again promising that things are good with them. Chelsia leaves HOH. Allison and Sheila still arguing. Sharon is sitting on the bed watching them. Sheila tells Allison that whenever Sheila tells her something, Allis puts her down, and treats her like dirt under her shoe. Sheila telling Allison that Allison has been telling people not to trust Sheila, and that Sheila's a liar. Allison says she is truly sorry, if Sheila feels that way, and that was not her intention. That this was a game. Allison says it is not logical to think that she would purposefully make her feel that way. Sheila said Allison sends off mixed messages. How Allison said she didn't sign up, for this, and then Allison goes off, and does something that people may be offended by, too. Basically calling Allison a hypocrite. That Allison comes across as being prudish but doesn't act that way in house. Allison said she is not a prude, but it's not her, to do it in front of other people. Ryan enters HOH. Sheila gets up to leave and says she isn't going to be tag teamed. Ryan says he wasn't, he was just coming to talk. Sheila and Ryan say they're good. Sheila leaves. Ryan and Allison leave HOH. Allison apologizes to Sheila, but wants to talk more. Sheila says she really doesn't want to talk about it any more.
Matt is telling the group in the kitchen that his girl is a good girl. "She's like a dog" He says she listens and does what she's told. He is talking about Natalie sleeping through the drama.
Ryan and Sheila in kitchen and Ryan is trying to smooth things over with Sheila. Sheila just keeps saying that they are cool. Sheila says that she cares about Allison, but she does things that are out of her character. She got to know her, and feel she is somewhat of a prude, but then she goes around making out, with Chelsia. Ryan says, "She's just coming out of her shell a little bit." Sheila talking about she is scared about going up on block so she understands how stressful actually being on the block, must be. Allison comes out of the bedroom, and joins Ryan and Sheila in kitchen. Sheila says, "I want to eat. If you want to talk to me then sit here with us. You critized me, on things, that you are right about, and I will respect that, and take that criticism. I'm not one who isn't open to that even though I am 45." Allison says, "But there are so many great qualities about you, but sometimes it's hard because I'm trying to communicate. Allison says, "This season is very different from other seasons. It's almost like a Real World scenario." Allison talks about how she isn't prude, and has kissed other girls like Chelsia in the past. Sheila says that is fine and she must have read her wrong. That Allison can do whatever she wants, to do, in this game, and she took it wrong.

Sharon and Josh in HOH, getting ready, for POV meeting. Sharon talkng about how ridiculous Allison is, and how pathetic Allison is for looking at Josh, like she's a lost puppy. Sharon said she doesn't feel sorry for Allison at all. Sheila called to DR. Sharon said, now they are getting Sheila to talk about the drama.

James, Matt, and Adam in backyard, smoking. Matt told Adam that chelsia wants to vote out Allison and Ryan. Matt said there is going to be a lot of fighting in the next 2 days. Matt said he's just going to keep his mouth shut.
Natalie and Allison in bathroom, prepping, for veto meeting. Allison says, "I just feel like I can't be myself, with Ryan, no matter what I do." Natalie says "I have the same problem with my partner because he thinks I talk too much." Says she at least talks about cool stuff, because the guys only talk about sex and farts. Allison says, "Oregon is beautiful and if you ever want to talk to me about it I will listen." Natalie says, "If you notice, half the time, I do just sit there and listen to what other people say. But I feel like I can't just be myself, but I'm going to be myself no matter what other people think. That's why they cast me." Allison says, "That's how I feel too and when I compliment people it's genuine." Natalie is agreeing that Allison's compliments are real when she gives them. Natalie talking about how others say she is Chatty Natty. Ryan and Sheila in and out of bathroom, so Natalie and Allison stop talking.
Around 12:30, we get flames.
At 1:10, we get the feeds back, and everyone is hugging. Adam and Sheila are Matt and Natalie's replacement for the block.Adam saying its going to be a long 2 days, Ryan corrects him and says 3 days. Ryan says Sheila will start to wig out Matt and Alli in kitchen Matt asks "Are you nervous?" Adam says, "I don't know what to think anymore. Ryan told me not to talk to anyone in the house, but you." Sheila is saying that now she doesn't have to listen to Allison, anymore because she will have no need for her. Ryan says he knew he was going to be in this position, so nothing has changed. Ryan asking Matt if he thinks he can get James and Chelsia. Matt says, "I don't know."Allison just told Natalie, in earshot of Chelsia, that she was really glad it wasn't Chelsia, picked to go on the block against them . Chelsia said, "Yeah, me too". Adam says he's bummed he's on the block .Matt called to DR He says his mind is already made up, Adam asks if he's going to keep him, Matt replies that he's about to find out.Matt says you know I have your back though.

Cut to Josh, Sharon, Sheila, Natalie in backyard. Sheila saying that it makes he sick that she saved her the first time. Sheila thinks its amazing that Ryan is such a nice guy, and he's forced to do damage control. Sharon saying that she heard Allison say that she was going to go in there, and be the most manipulative person in this game. Sheila talks about how Allison talks down to her, like she's trash. Natalie says she stuck up for herself really well. Josh and Sheila talk about how Allison crossed the line, because she brought Sheila's son, and Josh's boyfriend into the conflict, talking about what Allison does, when she's caught in a lie She talks to them like they're children and says things like "I adore you" and "you know I would never say that."
Josh and Sharon denying being in an alliance with James and Chelsia. Sharon saying if they were in an alliance with them, then why does Allison think that she has their vote??? Says it would be another week of hell, in the house, if Allison stayed, they need another exorcism. Natalie says the evil will be gone, come Wednesday, says Allison's gonna work Matty Natalie says "He cannot stand her." Natalie says Matty said he doesnt care if Allison is from where he is, he will vote her out, he couldn't care less. Natalie saying we haft to get the evil people out Natalie saying that she's going to give Allison the silent treatment. Sharon says she went off on Allison, because Allison called her a liar.They talk about the veto ceremony. Allison tried to comfort Sheila, and she was like "Are you kidding me?" Natalie tells Sharon what she and Josh did last night (doing "exorcisms" on places Allison has been. Sheila saying that Allison denies being a prude, but she really is. Sharon says that she does all of that because she is so insecure, that if she was so secure she wouldn't care if people talked sh*t about her clothes, then they continue to rip on her clothes .
Josh, Sharon, Natalie, and Sheila in backyard. Sheila says Allison says you [Josh/Sharon] are in a alliance with James and Chelsia. Sharon says to think about it, if they were, why would Allison think they would vote for her? Talk about last night and tinfoil hats like the movie Signs.
James tells Chelsia that if Matt and Natalie vote for Allison to stay, then try to deny it, and put on James and Chelsia, they will break down Natalie, and make life hell.
Sheila saying that she was Allison's friend, and trusting her was the biggest mistake, that she's made in this game. Natalie says that when she leaves, that no one will give her a hug goodbye. Sheila now talking about how Allison got mad, about the comments Sheila made to Julie Chen last week. (when Sheila talked about friction in the house between Allison and Sheila) Sheila said a couple days ago, that she was not expecting to be called out, by Julie, and just said what came to mind. Natalie asks to come up to HOH, to hide from Allison. Sharon says OK. Sheila says if she doesn't get evicted, this will never stop, its a vicious cycle. Sharon tells her to watch what she says, Ryan is right there. Sheila talks about Allison saying things about Sheila's son, and Josh's boyfriend, is low, and not a part of this game, she's stooped to the lowest of the low. Sharon says she's the one trying to make this game personal. Sheila says she's just going to ignore her, thank you Joshuah, you did me a favor. But the hole in the wall, between the rooms is going to drive her crazy listening to Allison try to get James and Chelsia's vote. Natalie says if she does that, she will throw up on her face. What can she eat, that's really gross, when it comes back up. Everyone says slop. Natalie says she and Matt were scared their POV would be taken away, before the meeting, because BB via DR made it sound like "the siren" was going to go off during the night, last night. She said they prayed so hard it wouldn't happen. (ed. BB told the HG's that when they hear a siren they have to all gather in the LR for instructions - no one knows what this is about. Possible connection to Hudson River virus)
Matt and Adam playing pool in BY...both agree that Allison has to go and want to go to Final 3, with Josh. They both also agree that it's best for one of them to get HOH next time, put up both James and Chelsia and Josh and Sharon, and they can vote out James and Chelsia.
Allison tries to get Ryan off the couch to go campaign for votes. Ryan is against bothering others, right now.
Sheila talking to Natalie, outside. Natalie confirms to her that Matt and Natalie will put up James and Chelsia and Josh and Sharon, if they win HOH.
Allison is talking to herself while doing laundry "Take your tarantula eye and wallflower looks and go..." keeps repeating many of the things Josh said to her, in the fight, 2 days ago. Allison wrings out the clothes that were on shower door and heads back outside she adds them to the clothes in the dryer.
Sheila and Natalie say that "No one else did it - you did it." refferring to Allison. Sheila states "If you are not on the block, why would you cause so much chaos?"
Allison talking in the mirror, while Adam next to her, cleaning his ears out. Allison says the only thing that really gets her, is Sheila. "She really gets to me." Adam says "Tell me about it. She is the worst." Allison says she cannot wait to hang out with him, on the Jersey shore. Adam says he hates Sheila. Allison says that Sheila flipped on her, and she promises that she has nothing against Adam. Sheila and Natalie still talking. Adam brings Natalie a blanket, and Sheila tells Adam she still loves him. Adam says "I hope so." Adam tells them that he told Allison not to campaign, because she doesnt want to see his bad side. Says that Allison said she wouldn't. Says he told Allison that he doesnt want people yelling at her, all the time. Sheila tells Adam to just behave, and not go crazy. Adam tells them that Allison told him she hopes they go far in the game, and Sheila says "that was nice of her." Natalie tells Sheila that they have nothing to worry about, and Sheila says she knows that she and Matt are solid. Natalie talking how Chelsia put her and Matt up on the block. Sheila and Natalie still talking about the game, and hear them mention Amanda Talking how if Jen and Parker were still there, they would be in Final Four. Natalie tells Sheila that if James and Chelsia vote for Allison and Ryan to stay, in house, then they will have a target on their backs. Natalie knows she and Matt are voting for Allison and Ryan, to leave so if the vote is 1-1 then the house will know James and Chelsia are the other vote.
Matt/Adam talking about how the votes are going to fall. Matt doesn't think they've seen the end of Jen/Parker.Now Matt thinks it's going to Alex/Amanda who come back. Adam agrees because they don't need Parker antagonizing the cameras.
It sounds like the vote is going to fall 2-0, Allison and Ryan go home. If Natalie's telling the truth, that she and Matt are voting to evict to Allison and Ryan, and Josh and Chelsia are with Josh and Sharon, and want Allison and Ryan gone, too, then it's 2-0.
Sheila gives love advice, to Natalie Sheila gives Natalie advice on how to attract Matt. That Sheila says Matt was raised by a single mother, so that means she doted on him, so he's looking for a woman, that is more reserved. Sheila tells Natalie she should tone it down, a bit. Sheila tells Natalie that Matt probably has some anger issues, too, because he didn't have a dad, or siblings, around. Sheila tells Natalie to step into Matt's shoes, and see it from his point of view. Sheila says the more you don't bug Matt, then the more he'll come toward you. Sheila tells Natalie just to do her own thing, and Matt will come around.
Adam tells Matt that he was one of the business men behind the show, The Apprentice, and how he was part of the creative team that designed all the challenges, such as the lemonade stand challenge. Adam tells Matt that if Allison and Ryan win, they will be targeting Matt. Adam and Matt speculate again, about if someone will be coming back, into the house. Matt talking about James and Chelsia scheming in the corner, and Matt says the way to get to James, is to get to Chelsia, because "he loves that girl".
Adam and Matt talk on couches in backyard. Adam says, "Someone is coming the f*ck back." Matt says, "Yup. Where did you think they went?" Adam says, "Well, after New York, they probably got laid up and they are chillin".
James and Chelsia in hammock Allison comes out, after cleaning the bathroom and says, "I just raped the bathroom. You can eat off the floor." Chelsia jokes, "Are you trying to get votes because you can clean?" Allison says, "We've been in the position of people needing our vote and needing the vote of others. Obviously we would like your vote." They are talking about Matt's game play. James says that Matt is a co*ksucker. James says that he's a f*cking roofer, and that's all he's going to give him credit for. James says he doesn't want Allison to be pissed at them, if things don't go their way. Alli talking about how Matt really really really knows he is in the house because Allison and Ryan saved them. James saying that Matt is playing from all angles. Allison believes that Matt will vote to keep Allison and Ryan in the game. She is absolutely sure he will. James said he and Chelsia are playing their cards really tight on this vote and they are not going to tell either couple what they decide. Allison really working James and Chelsia, telling them they are the best couple "hands down" in the house. James telling Allison that she is really going to get f*cked on this one. Allison tells James and Chelsia, that Josh has been acting insane, and everyone in the house knows it. Allison says she knows she's been involved in the arguments but she said, "Should I just take it when someone calls me a c*nt?". Alli telling James and Chelsia, that they are not going to win at the very end because of Ryan's relationship with Jen outside of the house. Allison SWEARS that Matt will vote for Allison and Ryan to stay. James tells Allison "All game playing aside, just enjoy your last couple days here". James and Chelsia asking Allison again, not to take it out on them, if things don't go her way. Chelsia said, "You know we love you". Chelsia and James said that anything can happen in the next couple days. Allison went back into house. Alli and Chel in bedroom. Allison says "I just want you guys to know that everyone wants to be here." Chelsia says, "I know. It just sucks because we need to know how Matt and Natalie are going to vote. We don't want to base our vote off theirs but we don't want to stand out either, if we don't vote the same way."
James heading up to HOH, where Josh and Sharon have been camping out. Josh woke up, and said he is afraid of Matt, and Josh told James he heard Matt tell Adam they will go to Final 2, together. James said, "No f'*cking way!" James told Josh that Matt owes alot to Allison. Josh looked horrified and said, "Does this mean this is going to go down to the very wire?"
Allison and Ryan in backyard. Allison says "I told James and Chelsia, that Matt was going to vote for us to stay, but the vibe that Matt is giving up is really scary. You have to talk to him." Ryan says, "Yeah" Allison says, "Do you really really really trust Matt?" Ryan says, "Yeah, I do." Allison asks, "Then why is he acting like he is playing both sides, right now?" Ryan says, "I don't know." Allison says, "I feel so bad about Adam, because I really love him, and it sucks. He came up to me in the bathroom and told me how much he hates Sheila. Whether you believe me or not that she turns things to the nth degree." Ryan says, "Mmmmhmmm" Allison says, "I have walls up, and everyone tells me that, but when the walls break down, I am a different person. Everything thinks that I'm a f*cking liar." Ryan says, "Uh huh." Allison says, "I can tell you right now, that Chelsia, wants me here. But the way Matt is acting, is putting so much doubt in their mind, and I don't want them thinking that." Ryan goes back to playing basketball.
Josh making fun of Matt's lazy eye and how it goes nuts in the morning which is why no one talks to him in the morning. Josh saying that his eye only has 4 positions. Josh, James and Sharon just ripping Matt apart and talking about how his pant legs were rolled up 3 times this morning. James said Matt spends more money on his hair products then his education. Josh wants the siren to go off while Matt is deep in sleep because he can't function when he wakes up. Sharon asked James what went down between James, Chelsia, and Allison. James said it was just kissing. James also said he masturbated, too, but that was it. Josh, Sharon, and James still in HOH, still game talking and speculating. Talking about how they think America is involved every week, in some sort of voting, because BB involves America, every year. Josh thinks America will be doing the voting, next week. Now they are talking about which houseguest won in each season. Josh said he is not worried about the siren anymore. Josh said maybe it is a competition, to win a vaccine to get them to Final 2. Josh really believes it will be some sort of vaccine.
James tells Allison and Ryan, that Matt is telling HoH, they're voting to evict Allison and Ryan.
James to DR, they forgot to shut off his mic and we can hear him say. Sheila and Adam were put up as a pawn, but the house may turn, its gonna be up to me, and right now im gunning for Allison/Ryan to leave.
Ali told Ryan she doesn't trust Matt, and she's seen James and Sheila talk and he was telling her they're staying. Ali - Sharon was laughing at me at the table, like I care what they say about me. J/C aren't gonna vote our way if Matt doesn't and he's not telling them. You have to get Matt to tell them how he's voting
Allison tells Natalie she needs to talk to James and Chelsia, and tell them how Matt and Natalie are voting. Sharon and Josh in HOH and Josh sees Natalie is at door, and says, "Why can't she just leave us the f*ck alone?" Natalie says, "I just got some very disturbing inforation." Josh asks, "What?" Natalie tells him, "Allison asked me if I was still voting for her and Ryan, and I said yeah, just playing along ya know, and then Allison told me that James and Chelsia will be voting the same way, we'll be voting. So someone needs to tell James and Chelsia, how we are really voting." Josh says, "I'm not worried about it. As long as we got your vote, it's fine." Natalie tells Josh and Sharon, that James and Chelsia are voting Sheila and Adam out so there must be something going on between Allison and Ryan and James and Chelsia. And Allison told Natalie that James and Chelsia will be talking to Natalie about it. Natalie just told Josh and Sharon that Matty for sure wants Allison gone/ Natalie goes on about Chelsia kissing Allison, and giving her the time of day, she doesn't understand it, says its disturbing. Josh is probing Natalie for what Matt is thinking Josh asking when they talked about it and what was said. Natalie says that Matt likes Adam more, she likes Sheila more, etc. Josh says that he trusts that Natalie and Matt will make the right decision. All he needs is 1-1, and she's going home. Josh saying that Allison is going to campaign, all day, tomorrow. And on Tuesday, they will blog and take pictures, do good-byes. Natalie wants to look on HOH camera to find her, but she's in the bedroom and the HOH camera is just 3 rooms. Josh says as long as you guys vote to kick her out, she's going home. Natalie says she can't do anything at all to change our minds. Sharon is going to be sneaky and sit out on the balcony and listen while she reads the Bible. Natalie is paranoid but she doesn't know better. Natalie's telling Josh and Sharon that she doesn't like Chelsia because Chelsia didn't give her a straight answer when Natalie asked her what her and Josh were whispering about in HoH bathroom (while Natalie was listening to music in the next room). Natalie's suspicious and says that that kind of behavior will put Chelsia and James on the block, next week. Sharon is reassuring Natalie that Josh will send Allison home because he cannot tolerate her anymore.
The houseguests received alcohol around 8:30. Natalie is almost crying because she almost didn't get any, Ryan goes to console her. Natalie said if she's HoH next week, Chel is going up.
Matt and James argue. James tells Matt that Natalie will be verbally abused, and broken down. Apparently it started because Natalie freaked, that she wasn't being given alcohol and Chelsia told her she would get less cause she is light weight and Natalie stormed out mad, so now James is telling Matt that he and Natalie are one, and James can only be nice, for so long. James is giving Matt major attitude, telling him that James' vote is no longer so secure to vote out Allison. That this is a thinking game, and people need to think. Matt jumps to Alllison's defense, and says you shouldnt break people down, Natalie is sensitive and James shouldnt go after her, in that way, and James says I didn't say I would do that, but if you wanna get physical for this girl which would be great cause that would give james the money. Matt says if he would have known he was playing as couples, he wouldn't have signed up for BB. Says he can't stand Natalie.
Natalie still complaining about not getting as much booze, as everyone. Sheila is in the sauna, talking to her. Matt told her to go talk to Natalie and calm her down. Sheila explains, that Natalie's not really mad about the beer, but mad because Chelsia was whispering, to Josh, in HoH. Natalie thinks Chelsia and James are trying to get Josh to flip.
Matt now tellign everyone Natalie is just irrational. It was WW3, in DR, cause he won't give her a massage. Telling them all that Natalie going off on Chelsia probably isn't because she's mean. It is because shes emotional. Matt also says sorry to James that he said he would hit him and James says no one will give you 500 k. You have to fight for it. Matt says, about Natalie, "I'll make her cry every night, myself, just to toughen her up."

Allison tries to convince Chelsia, again, that Matt is keeping her. Chelsea says, "I am just done, with this, for tonight." and says will let Ryan talk to James and then says Ill just say one more thing Josh doesnt have to be scared it is not like I am nuts or anything. Chelsea told James that they are afraid vote will go 1-1 and no one will ever believe who was the vote to keep Allison.
Matt, Sharon, and Shelia outside doing some serious talking. Matt is telling Sheila that he will break down James, because James wants to break down Natalie. Matt is now planning to be all over Chelsia, to get to James. Matt says Chelsia isnt his type. Sheila talks about James.
Natalie and Josh in HoH room, talking about James. Natalie tells Josh she isnt worried about James plan to break her down. Josh swears on the bible to Natalie, that Allison will be going home, no matter what.
Adam, Chelsia, andJames in backyard. James tellin Adam that Matt wants to know how he is voting, says he has some kind of deal, with Allison. Said thats why she kept Matt and Natalie, they offered a deal.
Allison and Ryan playing chess. Allison telling Ryan, "Just kill me for the 8th time."
Sharon and Josh, talking about the vote. Telling Josh about how James and Chelsia are acting. Josh say's why are James and Chelsia acting like this. It will hurt them next week. Talking about Matt saying he will get to James buy putting the moves on Chelsia. Sharon is making gagging noises about Matt thinking he is the great looking guy, of the season and thinks the producers cast him as the hot guy. Sharon says, this place is going to hell in a handbasket. Glad I am part of it.
Sheila & Natalie talking about James. Sheila and Natalie talking about James threatening to get to Natalie, and break her down. Sheila says both James and Ryan are bumming cigarettes from Adam cuz they are out. Adam just tells people what they want to hear. He should be hiding his cigarettes from them, but he wants them to come to him. Natalie says if James tries to break her, then Jesus will redeem her, because, she is a believer.
Sheila & Natalie agree, if they get HoH this week, then James and Chelsia are up. They talk about the Bible.
Matt & Ryan talking in the backyard, about James. Matt says he doesnt trust James, especially after what he said to him, today. If he wants to call my girl schizophrenic and *****, say about my girl. Ryan asks, "Does he know she is?" Matt says, "No, but if he's gonna say that about her...." Matt talks about how James' weak spot is his girl. The look on his face, when they were in the pool, and when Matt kissed Chelsia. Next time they have beer/wine guess who he's gonna make out with. I don't wanna mess with a kid's heart, but if he's gonna f*ck with my partner, he's f*cking with me. Ryan says, "I'm gonna have say ***** to him. I might say to him, I know you want Matty out of here, we can work together. But its just purely strategic, I have your back." Matt says, "Strategic, like me and Chelsia." Matt says, "I'm gonna follow her around, and just talk to her." Ryan laughs. Allison comes out, and yells over to Ryan "You OK?" says something about beating her 8 times and went back inside. Ryan says bitch in a low voice. Matt asks Ryan who he'd want out first, him(James) or Josh? Ryan doesnt know. Matt & Ryan discussing the cigarette situation. Ryan tells Matt he told James that he requested more cigarettes, and he thinks he'll get them. Matt asks how he's gonna get by, without them, Ryan says doesnt know. Be on edge. Use the patch. Sharon comes outside, and game talk ends. They ask about her breakup with Jacob. She tells the long story, part of the way through, Matt is called to DR, and he says, "No way! I wanna hear this story." but he goes, anyway. Sharon tells how she found out Jacob cheated on her multiple times. It's a very long story. Matt returns from DR, to the backyard, and Sharon retells the breakup story for him. Matt asks, "Was she hot?" Sharon says, "Well..." Matt asks, "Was she hotter than you?" Sharon tells him no. Sharon continues the story, about how she texted, and then she called the girl, and they compared notes.
Natalie and Matt, now alone in backyard, talking game. They discuss James and Chelsia. Natalie says boy they really flipped. Matt asks Natalie what she thinks about James, how could he hurt James. Natalie says he's homeless. Matt says no. Matt keeps asking her to see if she can figure it out. She does. Oh, I know what you're going to do, you're going to flirt with Chelsia. Matt says You know why I know, that bothers him. You remember the pool? Sharon even saw it. I am gonna make his life a miserable hell. I'm gonna make him cry. Rub it in. I wanna prewarn you is it ok with you if I do that. Natalie says uh huh. Matt says Only if he fu*ks with you, I'm gonna do that. We're friends. We like each other like friends. Natalie says James is an idiot, why would he flip like that. Matt says Did you see how mad he was when we won POV? They haven't won anything. Alex gave me the idea to do that. The only way you're gonna win comps... they know we're stronger... they way they want to win is to make us against each other, get in your head. Make you cry cuz they know when you cry it makes me miserable. Natalie says I only cry cuz we are partners and I want to be close to you. Matt says We're working on that. Natalie says If he does anything, I'm gonna say Thank you James, Jesus be with you, now you're just bringing on the blessings. I'm gonna drive him crazy with the Jesus stuff. Matt says When we're 4 of us together, I want you to be nice to him all day, stay on his ass. I'm not gonna kiss Chelsia, I know that will make you mad, you know how they cuddle, if he gets up, I'm sitting down and cuddlin on her, and when he comes back I'll say Whats up your girl likes me huh? Natalie says they will laugh. Matt says, I told him, they put me in here for a reason. I am an asshole and I'm not one to be fu*ked with. Nat says something about Chelsia and alcohol, Matt says she was joking with you. Natalie says The thing that pissed me off earlier she tries to be secretive about her vote. Matt says thats their right, to be secretive, about their vote. Natalie says When I'm right THERE. Matt says Who gives a f*ck. Nat says she's scheming with Josh so we're gonna be the odd vote out. Matt says Who gives a f*ck. Josh isn't HoH, next week. Matt says Allison and Ryan think we're with them right now. You gotta make em think that keep acting like that. Make it like we're just pretending we don't like you. Natalie says I just say I dont want her hounding me all day. Matt says, If they win, we have them. Natalie says Adam needs to quit giving James cigarettes. James will be miserable. Matt says That plan is ALL in the works right now. I already talked to him. Now Matt says he's going to start making James life hell, starting after HoH. Matt tells Natalie that even though they'll never have relationship and they don't click that way, he will always defend her if someone treats her bad or talks bad about her. He's not like Ryan. Thats the plan.
Adam cleaning table area by counter top and random talk about game and how suprising that Alex put Parker up. Matt says that Alex truly believed people would vote to keep him here. Matt says he was told that if he did use the POV that game that James and Chelsia would have gone up. Matt talking how Alex got mad and didnt want it to be a 2-2 tie when Parker and Jen were on the block. James at table and the other three at the counter. Matt talking how Alex owns Eastware DJ company? James talks how the 9-11 payouts were huge and Matt says he didnt need the money. Guys talking about how Amanda was falling for Parker and talking about how thier first nights were in the house. James said he kind of got the cold shoulder and Adam chimes in that he really had it bad the first night. Talking about possibility of Jacob and or Neil having something to do with the vote. Ryan said that Jen got to the semi-finals last year for BB and she has applied for 5-6 years. Matt asks if she was in L.A. last year too and Ryan says no. Talking how Parker put the microphone in Sheila's face saying "America will know you are a liar" and now Adam and Matt talking how Parker was on strike, and cameraman goes to Parker's picture on the memory wall. AFter that, it is random chit chat, until they all are sleeping, at 3am. Good night, houseguests!

Show recap
The show starts, and we see how Josh and Sharon won HOH. It shows Josh, after winning, telling Allison she is giong home. Everyone is somewhat surprised that Josh is acting so angry at Allison. In the DR Allison states that she is not putting up with Josh. Ryan says in the DR that he has no respect for Josh. Josh then says in DR that he hates her because she lied about being gay, and she has never been through the experience of coming out, so that is why he is so angry.
After commercial, Allison cries, and tells Matt that she is tired of it, and cannot deal with it. And lays a guilt trip on Matt and Ryan.
Josh and Sharon get their HOH room, and Allison refuses to go up. Sharon tells them who is in her pictures, and then becomes angry that they include a picture of her and Jacob. Josh gets a tiara, and is thrilled. Matt thinks it is perfect for Josh.
Josh tells Sheila, Adam, Sharon, and Adam in HOH about why he is angry with Allison. that even though Sheila had said it too, Allison took it too far. Then Josh tells Ryan about the lie. Ryan is stunned and angry. He is upset about her putting a target on them, as a couple. He goes to Allison and asks her why she did it, and says she doesn't care. That it was only a joke. He calls her manipulative, tells her no one likes her, and that she is a liar.
After commercial, we see Matty and Natalie in bed, and he kisses her, but then pushes her away. She talks, in DR, about how she hates how he treats her, and that a guy has never treated her this way, and that she hates that he has this wall up.
Food comp time is a competition where the houseguests have to gather up enough food, to equal their partners weight with asparagus. Each team is playing for a different food group. The whole house has to work together on this one. They lose carbs and a feast, which was Matt and Natalie's assigned food to try to win.
After commercial we see Natalie draw a picture of Josh with nail polish. Then Josh and Allison have another comfrontation about why Josh hates her. he refuses to talk to her, and walks away, and goes to HOH. Sharon then tells Josh to talk to the other houseguests about what his problem is, with Allison. Meanwhile Ryan tells Allison that this is her fault, adn she acts as though it is no big deal. She asks him to be her partner, so they can be on the same page at all times. Matt says in his DR that he is glad they want Allison and Ryan gone, but he doesn't want to be the pawn. Allison asks Ryan to go talk to Josh and Sharon about why he hates her, and Ryan won't. Allison then goes to HOH and talks to Josh and asks him why he is angry with her. He tells her that he is angry about her elaborate lies about being gay. Allison says in DR that she didnt' knwo it would hurt Josh that she lied. She claims that she never meant it to go that far, and that it was never meant that way. She says she will do whatever they want, and that she loves him. he tells her she has nothing left to talk to her about. He hugs her and in his DR, he says he will never forgive her.
After commercial Allison says that she knows that she and Ryan will be going up on the block. Adam says that he is worried about being a pawn, even though he knows that HOH Josh wants Allison out. James says that his mission last week definitely could put a target on him. Matt says that he feels that the house thinks he is strong, but he is weak, mentally, because Natalie is not all there.
Teh nomination ceremony starts, and Josh and Sharon pull out Adam and Sheila's key. Then James and Chelsia's keys are pulled out. Sharon says they picked Natalie and Matt and Allison and Ryan because they are the strongest couples in the house.
Matt is furious, and Ryan is upset that he is on the block because of Allison. Allison says that she cannot wait to win the veto and rub it in Josh's face. Josh says that Allison messed with him in the wrong way, and that she is gone.