Big Brother Recap March 20, 2008

The couple targeted. POV anticipation and Mattie, Mattie Mattie all day long

Big Brother woke the house up by 8:30. Josh immediately corners Adam and TELLS him not to Back Door him! Adam said that he and Sharon are a strong couple, typical Josh then offers all the other members of his alliance, anyone but him. He told Adam that they all slept in different beds last night to make it look like they are not couples anymore. (Adam slept with Sharon and Josh slept with Chelsea). Josh then tried to convince him to put up Shelia, saying the whole hose wants her gone. Josh then asked Shelia what would she do if Adam but them both up (Him and her). Shelia of course, freaks yells over to Adam that she hopes that it won’t happen, and she tells Adam to do what he has to do, but she won’t be happy. (like her happiness is what Adam lives for). Josh leaves and Shelia tells Adam that she has been mean to him, but has apologized. Adam then told her he never said he was going to put her up and told her to calm down.

Shelia leaves after telling Adam he has to do what is best for Adam not anyone else. James then comes outside and proceeds to tell Adam how much he hates Shelia! James then offered t make Adam breakfast (wipe that brown off your nose please too James before cooking anything). He cooks scrambled eggs and bacon.

Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

The house then goes into lockdown outside, so everyone went outside. Shelia immediately corners Nat and tells her she has to talk to Adam and tell him not to put up one of “their” side. She told Nat that he is thinking of putting her up. Shelia a then tells Nat to have Adam put up Ryan if he has to, he won the money all ready and should leave. Nat told her that she trusted Ryan and he would never back door them. Nat then tells her that she has talked to Adam and she is trying to convince him to put up Josh and James. Shelia said she wants to believe her about Ryan, Nat said trust Ryan, she is sure 100% that he would not put up either of them.

Of course...Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

After lockdown, the house guests all went inside to see the new smaller table, typical BB reaction to the small table, oohs and awws etc. I am sure BB got some good TV footage of them.

James corners Adam and boldly said to him that if he puts him up he wants to know WHY!!!.(maybe because Adam wants to WIN the money James) Josh then joins them and that conversation ended.

Again, Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

Sharon chatted with James and Chelsea and said that if any of them end up on the block it is because Nat convinced Adam that the couples need to be broken up. (an eye for an eye, isn’t that what Ryan said last week to Matt). James said they are all couples, Sharon responded that it was different, that Chelsea and James love each other and Nat loved on Matt but her and Josh had no love, just playing. (What is the difference?)

Nat spent a good amount of time in the afternoon talking to Adam about the nomination. She convinced him to put up Chelsea and James so that one of them was sure to leave. Adam agreed finally. Nat kept saying that he had to do it for Matt, that James will be pissed but oh well, and that Matt will love it if James is the one booted out next and walks into the sequester house.

Did you know that Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

James talked with Adam and said that Adam would look stupid if he put him up because he (Adam) voted him back in. Adam said it was tough, that he was a strong player,. James told Adam that he was never a target (guess you missed the show last week James, the one where you woke up and told everyone you were putting Adam up, that he was sneaky and playing both sides, hit rewind buddy).

Chelsea talks to Adam she said she thought that he should put up Josh and Shelia, one from each side and let the house decide,. (Yup, that is what their side did last week right).

James was so cocky that he even told everyone that if he gets evicted this week “THEY” will just bring him back into the house. He said this really cocky and like daring Adam to put him up.

Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over. Over and Over

After the nomination ceremony and an extended “Flames” session on the feeds we see that James and Chelsea are nominated. James is pissed and told Ryan that he will get revenge. He then tells Chelsea that BB wouldn’t let him do anything, that he tried to put his shaved pubic hair in the mouthwash and BB stopped him. (yuk!)

Chelsea asked Shelia if nominations stay the same who would she vote for, Shelia said she is not telling anyone anything that she will keep it a secret. Chelsea then told Josh that she was going to tell Nat that once she got to sequester she was going to f*&k Matt, so that she votes to keep her in the house.

The house guests were put on inside lockdown starting at 5 pm. Looks like a big VETO ceremony set up for Evil Dick to host.

Did I tell you yet… Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

Later that night we find out that everyone but Ryan and Nat will play in POV. The houseguests thought the POV would be that night, they all primped and put on their make up and sat around bored waiting around. Sharon dawned her lucky clothes (the ones she had on when she won the last POV).As she was getting dressed James whispered to her that she needed to throw the POV to either him or Chelsea. James then told Sheila that one of them will be off the block tonight, and she will be going up!

Josh and Chelsea had this conversation in the storage room while waiting for the POV.
Chelsea tells Josh how can she campaign to Josh against James. This sucks so bad.

Josh: you're staying James is going no question. If it’s James and I, James would go. If it’s me and you, I don’t know where the cards would fall to be honest.

Chels: It would be me. I would go. They're trying to break up the couples.

Chelsea: Would you leave them the same?
Josh: I think I probably would
Chelsea: For your safety it would probably be the best.
Josh; It’s a bad situation, because you know, you're holding, if there's any way to turn it around, get them to backdoor Nat or Sheila..

Josh then said that they could probably convince Adam to put up Sharon if Josh wins and takes her off. Then they could vote of Sharon and keep James.

Yup, again… Nat talks of Mattie. She kept repeating his name over and over.

James and Chelsea discuss sexual favors to stay in the game. Chelsea said she was cast because she said that she would do sexual favors to stay in the game. James said he would throw the POV to her for a BJ. They joked about it for awhile, and then James said it would be a $500,000 BJ and it would be a joke in every bar.

By 1:30 everyone gave up waiting for the POV and was in bed. James got up for a bit more and wandered around the house, he then went back to bed. I believe that Nat was heard mumbling Mattie over and over in her sleep.

Wait until tomorrow with their wake up call at 5:30 from Evil Dick (as he stated on house calls). Will he bang the pots and pans? Will he swear, cuss and spit? Who will he rattle the most? Who will win that POV? How many times will Nat say Mattie? Should be a good day in the compound!