Thanks to House Calls, many feedsters were awaiting the arrival of Evel Dick from BB8 to host the POV comp. In Jokers media forum there is a web chat between ED and this years evicted HG, Amanda where ED gives us the heads up that the comp will be very similiar to BB8 croquet POV that he won when he and Dani were on the block together.

6:37am There is an audio leak where we can hear ED talking and coughing. And we wait......
10:34am We see ED walking back & forth on stage on House Calls briefly. And we wait...

11:36am Feeds are back and James has won the POV. In the front BR James consoles Chelsia somewhat, she is almost positive she will be going unless they can convince Adam to put Sheila up. (Ain't gonna happen...but they can dream.) They talk about Dick waking them up with pots and pans the same way he woke Dustin up in BB8. (There is a vid of this in media). ED scared Josh pretty bad, Sharon wasn't really phased by it.

In the kitchen Sheila, Nat Ryan and Adam are sitting at the bar and Sheila has a small breakdown of some kind about Adam not commiting to put Josh up. She tells them if she would have won she would have pulled Chelsia off in hopes that Josh would go up. There is more talk about the comp. It was the shot for shot croquet game where they had to drink nasty stuff...the comp seemed to be in James' favor and a few HG take notice of this fact. Here are some of the things they had to drink:
wasabi, catfish, cabbage and rootbeer, Big brother Blood, Pig with something, Ridiculous hangover had antiacid in it, Tea and tonic, Chipotle. Adam said that he should have had another shot but ED wouldn't give it to him because he dribbled a little on his shirt. (Anyone smell a lil favortism?).

After Josh & Sharon talk Sharon agrres to offer herself up to protect Josh (WAKE UP Sharon...dontcha just want to scream at her?) Sharon goes up to HOH and tells Adam that she is “OK” with him putting her up against Chelsia. If Adam will help her she will make this a very easy nomination for him. She is telling Adam that James wants Chelsia out of the game and that Josh will just freak out and is too paranoid to be put on the block. It will cause the house less drama and be an easier week for the house with her on the block and not Josh. (Why, Oh Why?)

Laying out in the backyard tanning Chelsia starts in on Nat, saying how badly she wanted Matt and his crooked eye out of the house. She said she's going to go to the sequester house and screw him. Nat says, "Yeah, like you would want to screw someone with a crooked eye?" Nat said, "I love Matty and I love his eyes." Chelsia said, "He hates you." Nat says no he doesn't. Nat says he never did anything to anybody in the house. Chelsia, "Oh yeah, nobody."
Nat is silent now as Adam and Chelsia continue to talk. Then Chelsia begins ti rip Sheila apart. (Umm, did ya ever think they are votes?). Of course Natalie tellls Sheila everything Chelsia said.
Sheila gets PO'd but for now is just keeping it in her back pocket. Sheila is also playing the "I'm so scared Adam's gonna put me up" bigtime.

After the day's events and Sharon's talent of eavesdropping, she calls a meeting with Josh in the hotub. She is trying to tell him they are in a good position and they should lay low, throw HOH's. Josh gets PO'd immediately and tells her NO...he should listen to her but he is acting cocky. He said "Everyone is scared of James" Ok Josh, you are not James or "The Gay Evel Dick".


Sheila begins gravitating to the "other side"...I never really know what that lady is doing. It seems all HG's are already starting to have anxiety about next weeks HOH and who will be "going up". Sharon and Josh are still in the hotub discussing all scenarios. Chelsia and James hang out in the bed for the most part of the day. Chelsia is trashing almost everybody in the house. James jokes around with her a lot...she is laughing but you can tell she is faking the laughter.

Sheila and Chelsia talk in the WC, Chelsia knows they wanted her and James up together to ensure one of them would go. Sheila tells her that it's not wat she wanted, that no-one in the house listens to her and that people in the house treat her like sh*t. Sheila says people talk mad sh*t and that she has never said anything bad about Chelsia...This, of course, was after Nat told Sheila everything Chelsia said about Sheila earlier in the BY. She explains how she’s been playing the game wrong because she cares about people. Chelsia knows her connection with James is the reason she will be leaving. She still has hope but knows if Adam puts Sharon up then she's gone. Sheila says that she’s caught in the middle of a nightmare. (I think Sheila is working Chelsia for a jury vote here.)

Ryan tells Sheila while they are outside on the couches that he would like to talk to her about something they go to the boat room where he tells her that his grandad died today and he has a letter from his Mom telling him to be strong and stay in the game. Ryan doesn't want to play the sympathy card so he doesn't want anyone to know this info. He said that it could even be used against him. He reads the letter to Sheila and it will make you cry (sure there is a vid in media). His Grandad was 90 and he was very close to him all his life. He considered leaving to be with his family but the letter encourages him to stay. He was very quiet all day and he camera continued to zoom in on him as he lay in the it makes sense. (All Sympathies To Ryan & Family).

As soon as Ryan and Sheila walk out of the boat room, Josh pounces on Ryan and pulls him into the storage room. He is SO paranoid. He wants to know what Sheila was talking to Ryan about. Ryan told Josh it was just a personal issue with him and it had nothing to do with game. Josh is doubtful, of course.

Chelsia talks with James in their bed. She plans on ripping Natalie and maybe others before she leaves. She talks about being happy to get her "diet pills" when she gets out. James acts a little concerned and asks her if she really takes a lot of diet pills...she kinda blows the question off.

Around 8:30 they get B&W. Ryan and Adam work out in the BY. Chelsia, Sharon, Josh, Sheila & James hang out in the hotub. Natalie is up in the HOH. Chelsia's mood is getting weirder by the minute she is laughing like a hyena at things that are not remotely funny...ticking time bomb, I'd say.

Adam joined Nat in HOH and Nat is trying to get Adam to put Josh up and save Chelsia. She explains that Josh is playing with James. She thinks Sharon would be lost if Josh went home and would come to their side due to numbers and the fact that Sharon does not really trust James or Chelsia....yet, she trusts Josh. Ryan joins them in HOH and they discuss BD Josh. Nat is pushing for it, wanting Josh to leave.

A short while after the B&W is gone Chelsia is in the bedroom crying to James while holding her pink and black blankie. "This sucks, it's pathetic, life's a bitch". She tells James she is like Matt "crying with the snot". She did make fun of him and now she wishes she would have voted to keep him, along with wishing she would have taken the bike from Baller, not voting James back in etc, etc...blame, blame. She could have tried being nicer.

Meanwhile, Josh is working Adam and promising two weeks if he puts up Natalie and sends her to Matt for his birthday. Adam says but then Ryan will go then Sheila then my two weeks of safety would be up and I would be next. Adam says if the whole house is after Natalie then they can just go after her next week and it does him no good to nominate her this week. Adam says that Josh would never nominate James and Chelsia anyway. (Ain't gonna happen nnnkayyy Joshie).

11:55pm Chelsia's Breakdown

Chelsia goes up to Nat and asks her if she can pray with her, Nat says sure if your not just mocking me Chelsia says no, she just feels it would be right, then asks Nat what is the sixth comandment, then tells Nat "ahhh right...You can't be a Christian because you kill babies"
Nat says that God forgives and that she hopes Chelsia enjoys her last days in the house.
Chelsia yells at Nat that she's white trash and that she kills babies, yells to Nat that she's a C*nt and that now they'll see the real Chelsia come out...Nat tells Chelsia that America will just love her foul mouth. Sheila is laughing asks Chelsia what she's holding. chelsia says it's my rosary "cuz I'm a f*cking Christian, I don't kill babies" That one abortion is okay but two is a form of birth control and that's wrong...Chelsia yelling to Nat asking her if she wants to eat her smelly p*ssy
Chelsia...hide Natalie, hide, because I'm coming after you...Chelsia says that Nat keeps saying things happen for a reason, "well then when you got pregnant trailer trash, that also happened for a f*cking reason" Ryan is there agreeing with Chelsia. Chelsia tells Ryan she has so much more in her sleeve...
Joshua egging Chelsia on, she keeps saying she doesn't care because she's evicted. Chelsia asks Ryan if he knows his task when she leaves this house, Ryan says he does...
Chelsia telling Ryan that Matt tried numerous times to do her, numerous times...that Nat is an idiot. Josh comes to KT and tells Chelsia she should and throw eggs at Nat.
Chelsia says Nat is not coming down from HOH...Josh says they can make her come down if they tell her that Her and Chelsia should talk like grown women...Chelsia laughs and says "yeah, while I squirt ketchup at her"
Josh says he'll throw eggs at Nat. James comes out to the kitchen and tells Chelsia that even though they are not working together whatever she does will affect him negatively in the house. Chelsia says she's evicted she doesn't care.
James tells Chelsia "do what you want to do but keep in mind there's people that are still staying in this house (him) and will be affected by your actions." Chelsia says she doesn't care, that she'll never have to see Nat again so who cares if she makes her cry. Chelsia says she's going out with a bang, she's making a name for herself, she doesn't care if America hates her, her true colors are going to shine.
BB calls Chelsia to DR.

Natalie and Sheila are in the boat room when Chelsia gets out of the DR. They hear her say "No abortions"...BB must have told her to leave that subject alone. Chelsia then comes in the boatroom and starts acting crazy, I mean slap goofy. She lies to Nat and tells her she F'd Matt in the storage room, then changed it to "He finger banged me". This girl is loosing it and she doesn't even know ho she's on the block with.

A short while later, she gets in bed with James and he asks her "How old are you?"...OUCH! He completely calls her out for acting childish and tells her that she is saying the same ole things. He tells her to stop with the baby stuff, that she is on national TV and how they are going to portay her on TV will be bad. She says she doesn't care but then lays there frozen stiff, not saying a word. He tries to hug her but she is unresponsive.

Meanwhile, in the boatroom, Nat tells Sheila that she would rather be in sequester with Matty. Considering she has been in that room with Sheila for a while now...she may be ready to DOR. Ok, I love Sheila but ya gotta admit...that woman can talk. Know That! nnnnkayyy

Chelsia goes out to the kitchen and ask Adam how/if she can redeem herself. Adam just shakes his head. Then mumbles something about putting Josh up but the look he gave her when she 1st asked said it all. Adam retires to HOH.

Chelsia crawls back in bed with James and begins to sob. He holds her while she cries and then they begin to have sex on national TV folks. And that concludes the BREAKDOWN of CHELSIA for tonight.

All other hamsters tucked in and I'm loggin off...don't care to listen to Chelsia & James going at it. G'Nite