Big Brother Recap March 22, 2008
Deals, Deals and More Deals … will any of them hold up???

The house awoke at 10:15 by BB playing music unlike the previous morning when Evil Dick clanging the pots and pans. They decide to have a pool party and all got dressed and headed out to play in the pool. Nat starts right off saying she was not going to take anything personal from now on, and how much Matt misses her and she will win HOH.

The houseguests lay by the pool and all behaved themselves and had fun. BB did kick Adam out of the HOH at 2 PM saying he would have no access to it for 4 to 5 hours. Hey had to set up for the movie that some of the houseguests had won earlier in the week.

Adam and Nat have a little chat. Adam really wanted to go to the movie. Nat could care less. They discuss next weeks HOH and how crucial it is. They agree that they need James out next. Nat also said she believes that if one of them (Her, Adam, Ryan or Shelia) do not get HOH that she will be the target for next week. They try to figure out the next HOH. Nat seems to think that it might be about the house. She told Adam she had every book memorized from the wall leading to HOH. That she knew what history books were there, what Shakespeare books were there and the 19 encyclopedias.

At about 4:15 the feeds returned to flames for about 15 minutes, when they return we find that there is popcorn all over the living room floor. We hear that Chelsea won a trip to Vegas and will be able to stay in a high roller suite. The trip is worth 21 K. Exactly how it was won was not talked about something about it being in her popcorn box. Chelsea, Shelia, Josh and Sharon then went to the HOH to view the movie “21”. Nat, James, Ryan and Adam just hung around waiting for them to return. They talked about tomorrow being Easter, Nat wants BB to hide eggs with prizes in them, Adam wants a big dinner and Ryan wants a ham.

Nat and James have an interesting conversation in the kitchen. James told Nat that what Chelsea did to her was stupid and he did not want to be associated with it. They then agreed on a one week deal, not to put each other up. They agreed to watch each others back. Nat and James agreed. Nat said they still had to go around hating on each other so the others did not know. Ryan and Adam sow this going on from the backyard and guessed they were making a deal. James said that he will go for Adam or Ryan and she had to go for Josh or Sharon. Nat agreed. Ryan and Adam discuss Nat and James and they knew from looking at them that they are cutting a deal.

A bit later Adam asked Nat to run the massage balls over his back and then casually asked her what her and James were talking about. Nat said that James apologized for evicting Mat and then said he had nothing to do with the Chelsea fight the previous night. She never mentioned the deal they made.

Once the movie was over, James asked Josh who he had side deals with. At first Josh said no one, but then said that both Adam and Ryan has his back but no official deal or anything. James then asked Chelsea how bad she wanted to stay in the game, She said she wanted to bad. He then told her to go barter with Adam, tell him she will give him her trip to Vegas worth 21K. She jumped right up and went to the DR to see if she could. Once she returned she said she couldn’t give it to him but could bring him along.

Chelsea approached Adam and asked him what he wanted to keep her in the game, She then tells him that she will take him to Vegas with her, that she wants to stay bad. She tells him all he would have to do is put up Shelia or Nat. After she left Josh went over to talk to him, he again said she wanted to stay bad and that Shelia was not worth 21K and it should be Nat he boots out. Adam said he had to do what was best for him. Adam did not take the deal. He did not believe that Chelsea would own up to her end once the game was over.

James and Chelsea have a conversation. Interesting, James said that “THEY” told him not to evict Mat (THEY are the Diary room). The DR said he was making a personal decision and not a strategic one and he should think about his action.

Nat and Shelia talk about who they would put up next week, Nat casually said that she would put up Sharon and Josh and back door James. Shelia did not react (was she even listening??) Nat then proceeded to go on and on about poor Mattie! She believes he was evicted because he was so good looking! Shelia said she would not mind seeing Adam leave. Nat then came clean with Shelia saying she was not a Seahawk cheerleader. Nat said it was fun making up the story. Shelia then said she does not trust Ryan or Adam, and Nat said she had to trust them for three more weeks. Nat said that they think she is dumb but she just pretends to be dumb.

Chelsea again tries to offer Adam her trip and he said that she would need the votes; she said she would get them if he put up Nat or Shelia. Adam said he wouldn’t do that because that was his security blanket. Adam ended the conversation with Chelsea saying he did not want to be HOH ever again.

Once everyone was in bed, Chelsea and James get pretty hot and heavy in the bathroom. They pretty much have sex on the bathroom. Josh got up and walked in on there “session”. While James was still on top of Chelsea, Josh starts talking to James (lol) and takes a seat next to them. Chelsea frees herself and goes into the WC. Once she comes out, James makes the comment that now she is even wetter! James then tells Chelsea that the he asked the DR if they could have sex in there, the DR said yes as long as they could see their heads. Chelsea and he have a heavy session, and then Chelsea heads to bed. James headed outside and picked up some. Then he went to the SR and got some food, He decides to eat the left over candy from the movie. James then sits there and looks at his reflection in the appliances in the kitchen, he was making muscles etc. He makes himself some baked tomatoes with cheese. As they bake he makes us some pretty funny faces into the camera. After he munches his tomatoes, he studies the memory wall for a while. He then studies the guinea pigs for a bit before heading to bed.

What will tomorrow bring? Will Adam take the trip deal? Will Nat keep her word to James? Will Chelsea again freak out once the POV ceremony is over? How come Josh is so safe and hated so much? Will the Easter bunny visit the compound?? We shall all know in a few hours! Happy Easter Everyone and Thanks to all the feed posters at Joker's you’re the best!