Hoppee Easter! Happy Easter!!

The houseguests get up, at 9:45 in the morning. They do random morning rituals. They talk a bit, about what is being aired on TV

Chelsia and Josh ask for eggs and egg dye. They boil the last three cartons, and while they talk about it, James becomes angry and says he eats eggs, everyday, and doesn't like hardboiled eggs. Chelsia tells him, she is sorry.
Josh and Ryan talk about Chelsia's Las Vegas deal, she offered Adam. Josh calls her creative and crafty. Ryan says its tempting and worth thinking about. Josh says he wants to stay, but she had to win POV. Ryan says if he wins HOH, next week, Sheila is going up, for sure, and he doesn't know who else, and then, mentions Adam, is a possibility Josh thinks Adam looks a little scared, and he'll put up Sharon, because, its easy. Ryan says he's only worried about James, putting him up, next week. They talk about Sharon laying low, and not trying, right now, and she let go of disco ball, because, she didnt want it. Josh says Chelsia is going, 5-0, and James wont even give Chelsia a sympathy vote.
Houseguests get a lockdown, and Chelsia mentions that James is bitter over the eggs. Sharon says she is going up, and Josh says he doesn't think so.
We're back, from flames. Adam & Ryan playing pool, one said "He's pissed." Inside, James tells Chelsia, "Well someone knows I'm gunning for them now."
Chelsia says it just goes to show Adam is playing game, alone, and he's been humiliated, on national tv, and did nothing, about it, so, thats fine.

Natalie says one of us three, have to win. Sheila says you think.
James tells josh that he feels bad for Chelsia, but it was him or her.
Chelsia tells Ryan she's not gonna spend her remaining time crying, begging, and moping, thats not her, andshe is going out with a bang. Chelsia says she wishes she had James' vote, but he's playing, the game, for himself, and people will see that.

James tells Chelsia that there is still a chance, and she tells him that she knows the house wants them split up.
Ryan and Adam shoot pool, Ryan tells him he thinks the girls are trying to align. Then says "Just speculation".
BB puts large Easter basket in SR, They got a candy making kit, Chocolate Easter bunny, jelly beans, alot of eggs and color kits, marshmallow chicks.
Chelsia says maybe she wasnt here to get the money. Sharon says if she got any money she'd give ten thousand, to her church. Ten thousand, to her parents, and buy a car, for her little brother, and herself, etc.
Chelsia begs them to evict Natalie/Adam, next week. Talks about who would put who on the block next week. Josh thinks Ryan would put Sheila up. James is hoping he will get to play, in the veto, just in case. They think Josh or Sharon will win HOH, next week.
Josh and James in hot tub, talking about possibility of double evictions. Says they need to win HOH, both times, that week. Josh talks about he and James go to final 2, that he thinks James would win. James disagrees. Josh encourages James, says they only have 5 more people to get out.
The houseguests dye eggs. Josh and James hide booze that was left in the store room.
James says "I hope you guys are proud of yourselves that you wasted 3 cartons of eggs" Natalie says it's not a waste. James wants to throw the eggs at people. Josh warns James that throwing an egg at someone might get you the "5 Foot" restraining order.
James and Adam talk, in backyard Adam tells James it sucks, for him, that he has to win every competition, or he will put up, on the block, because he's strong. James and Adam agree that the last two weeks that they both won, weren't a good strategic week, to win HOH.
They also agree that being HOH sucks, the positives don't outweigh the negative. James says he hopes Ryan or Natalie win HOH. He says he's fine with just winning POV's.
James, Josh, Chelsia and Sharon talking about how Adam is a little b*tch They all say they hate "them" (Adam, Ryan, Sheila and Natalie).
Adam and Ryan talk in backyard,about how they have a 2 in 7 chance at $500,000. They say this HOH is crucial and then they laugh about how they say that every HOH is crucial. Both talk about Adam saying he hates James. Ryan asking why is he so weird? Adam tells Ryan that James said that if Adam is on the block next week he is the one that decides if it's 2 to 2. Adam says he was basically trying to threaten him but he says he will flip out on James. Ryan laughs and says he wants to see him flip out. Adam says with Jimmy out, our chances double. Adam keeps repeating that Jimmy needs to go home. Ryan says Jimmy needs to go back to homeless.
Chelsia starts talking about how she is going to have sex with Matt, in sequester. She crushes the Easter Eggs. Josh, James, and Sharon think Chelsia has lost it. James and Josh come to the conclusion that Matt is Sheila's son, and she denies it. She cares about Matt, but he's not her son.
Josh tells Sheila, in the bedroom, that Chelsia is crazy, and is not gonna let it rest. Sheila laughs and says she knows. They both laugh, Josh wants more details about her, and Matt. Sheila says that Matt is not her son, that he's not related to her, he's not her son. Josh asks but there is a twist there? Sheila says sort of implies a 'yes', but she says she can't tell Josh about it, she has to ask first. Josh asks why she has to ask and she says because there are things "they" {DR} don't want them to talk about without permission. Sheila goes on about all the things her and Matt have in common. Sheila tells Josh not to trust anyone else in that house but Sharon. Josh steers the conversation back to how amazing it is, that a Mom/Son are in the house. Sheila says why is that amazing, Dick/Daniele made it on the show. Joshua says it's still amazing. Sheila says why, Matt's not in the house anymore. Josh says "but you are, and you both might be in the jury..." (laughing) Sheila says Natalie will eventually turn on her that she can see it...Sheila tells Josh that he doesn't need to go off on people anymore, that the numbers are getting smaller and there may be a double eviction soon, Josh says he's done going off on people. Josh back to talking, about Matt. Sheila gives information about Matt's life. Josh asks how she would know that, Sheila says she thought he knew that stuff too. Josh keeps insisting that Sheila is Matt's mom, she keeps telling him she's not, she's not the twist. Josh is not buying it, he's sure Matt is Sheila's son. Sheila keeps denying it, then giving him more "inside information" about Matt...Josh: Sheila, your son is scary Sheila: I know! His mom is crazy too!(more laughs) They continue gossiping and laughing.
Around three am, James and Chelsia have sex..*thud*. After that, everyone is asleep.